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  1. There should be a crew skill that mitigates the effect or shortens the duration of arty stun. Is this a potentially good idea?
  2. Deliberate

    Object 268 V4 Supertest Nerfs

    Changes to the PW/T don't actually change the effective traverse on tanks with one engine such as Tier 10 tanks since the nominal traverse is already adjusted for engine power (normally the stock engine, but tier 10s have only one engine). The only things that would make a difference are terrain resistances and the nominal but since terrain resistances aren't changed the effective traverse is only nerfed by about a degree. If the tier 10s had a stock engine option that remained untouched while the top engine gets nerfed, only then would you see a change in traverse. Case in point: the 113 has the same nominal traverse and terrain resistances on all surfaces as the 5A but has 1.66 more HP/T. If engine power made a difference, it would turn faster but the effective traverses on all surfaces are identical.
  3. Deliberate

    The Untold Truth about the Somua SM

    I don't know what it is with me liking nominally mediocre French Heavies (I think the M4 54 is extremely competitive) but I've been finding this tank really excellent. For all you lose in mobility (and it's still fair in this regard, 37 kph, which it reaches on flat, is the same as the T110E5), you get an excellent gun. Holy balls this thing lays down mad damage. The gun handling, intra clip reload, aim time and 5 shots on a reasonable reload time just make this gun THE BEST tier 8 heavy tank gun, maybe on par with the Caernarvon. People compare this gun to a Lorraine gun but there's not even remotely any comparison. If you hit 2.5 damaging shots on average in the Lorraine, you hit 4 damaging shots on this tank per mag. The turret is small and the hull armour is pretty good at bouncing shots when you use that smexy -10. This thing has 90mm side! Side scraping is pretty doable in this. What I don't get is how this tank is actually pretty mobile. The traverse is good but it has 12.5 horsepower per ton and not very good soft stats and still can easily reach and maintain 37 kph.
  4. Deliberate

    AMX M4 49 Liberté

    see if you play on asia you get the nameless Kappa also TIL Lowe has 400 view range LUL
  5. Deliberate

    AMX M4 mle. 54

    5 more games today, all wins, 5.8k average damage. Holy balls this thing is the shit. Up to 4242 average DPG. Doing a full 1k more in this than in the tier 9.
  6. Deliberate

    Object 268 V4 Supertest Nerfs

    This is laughable At the end of the day, the problem with the 268v4 are not the small micro problems like cupolas, it's the fundamental problem that it's a broken concept. Wargaming want to nerf it to 'maintain its role as a fast breakthrough tank' but the thing is that a 'fast breakthrough tank' is just an intrinsically broken idea. Breakthrough tanks are supposed to be slow and reinforce the tanks which have occupied key positions first. No matter how you try to nerf it, as long as it's a 'fast breakthrough tank™', it will be broken. It may stop being OP but it will still be broken. Sure, you can nerf the cupola, you can nerf the gun and reverse speed but that's just going to make it more frustrating to play and not improve the game. Players will still be forced to just ignore Malinovka hill in a medium tank because that 268v4 is going to get there first and you can't deal with him. Look WG, you tried to introduce something unique, a fast breakthrough tank. It didn't work. You'll have to either take away the fast or take away the breakthrough. There's no other real solution. This is a lazy and malicious cop out. This is their way of putting on an image of dealing with the problem without actually dealing with the problem. These people are disgusting.
  7. Deliberate

    AMX M4 mle. 54

    Holy shit, I don't know about you guys but I'm enjoying the shit outta this tank. Maybe it's because I play on the ASIA server where there's more goldspam than the other servers so the M4 51 armour doesn't work but holy shit, the mobility, sick gun handling on the 130 (0.35 on a 130mm gun!) and the armour is pretty Kreygasm. One thing I've noticed is that it's pretty inconsistent where good games are great and bad games are ebola, but maybe I'm just getting used to the tank. First session, 18 games, just over 3.8k DPG. Had some bad luck with some bad teams at first (268v4s bouncing 0 damage) but dragged winrate up a bit at the end. Gonna see if I can get it more consistent and go over 4k.
  8. Deliberate

    The return of Province

    Can't make this map work I just can't
  9. Deliberate

    RiP 430 ver 2 (Super-Test Changes)

    This tank is already AIDS tier and somehow, somehow, they managed to make it worse gjgj
  10. Deliberate

    VK 72.01 (K) Failowe Appreciation Thread

    I don't know but I'm getting penned by in the bulge side spot still Better do some testing
  11. Deliberate

    Renault G1 or the G1R and oh my goddess, what have they done...

    50B is still good, Batchat is still great, 13 105 is fun as balls, so is the 30B French tier 10s are pretty nice. Hell, they'd be better than the Americans if it weren't for the Patton
  12. Deliberate

    Polish Tier 8 Premium (Project 51)

    It looks like there is no hull behind the front roadwheel from the side ala T95 so you might not be able to track and damage at the same time which makes it more idiot proof I guess
  13. That's exactly what I'm getting at. I totally agree that going 65 with paper armour in today's meta is not enough: the Leopard, the 30B are shit tier. I don't even dispute that such a tank requires a top tier gun to compensate. What I'm trying to get at is that if the changes I proposed are implemented, in the hands of a top tier player, the gun would be a top tier gun. See the thing about the autoreloader system is that the gun itself also scales with skill a lot. Most of the skill when playing a single shot tank like the Patton is positioning. You put yourself in the right position at the right time and you'll do well. The actual firing part is piss easy, simply click when reloaded. The actual firing of the gun does not scale much. A unicum isn't going to differ much from a blue player when firing the gun. As such, most of the variability in performance comes from the positioning. There are certain situations where single shot guns excel, but that means that you will suffer in circumstances where you would be better off with an autoloader. An autoloader scales slightly more. You manage your magazine with the ebb and flow of the battle. Reload when there's a lull in the action, expose yourself only when fully reloaded. You are responsible for positioning, ie being at the right place at the right time, but you also have to manage your gun such that you have a full magazine at the right time. If the times do not coincide, you're screwed. Overall though, most autoloaders operate on a per engagement basis, since most autoloaders unload their whole magazine per engagement, and that means you're still mainly relying on good positioning to pick each engagement. There are certain situations where autoloaders excel, but that means that you will suffer in circumstances where you would be better off with a single shot gun. But the autoreloader scales the most, since you don't just operate on a per engagement basis. You have the choice in an autoreloader and you must decide what will be the most effective course of action in a certain circumstance. While a single shot gun is forced to fire shot by shot and an autoloader is forced to unload, you have the potential to excel in all circumstances. This is exactly where your carry potential comes from, but that's conditional based on whether you position yourself at the right place at the right time, but also how you engage, and if you don't engage the right way, you'll be heavily punished. No doubt this tank will always be average on average, but that's because it's designed that way. It will be average for the average player, excellent for an excellent player and trash tier for a bad player. I'll gladly take this thing over a Patton.
  14. Better miss a single shot gun than one of three shots in the 13 105 which has the same accuracy But yeah I guess I can't judge until I play it