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  1. Dunno if this will change your mind, but I only put camo before repairs on light tanks... Repair >>> other ghetto skills.
  2. Today got 2 times frontally penned by tier 6 Type 58 medium china tank.............. RNJesus?????
  3. Thanks... I'm still struggling to do these two ^^ So close so far away from Obj. 260.... although this award "heavy" is nothing compared to OP Maus and Type
  4. Sweet These replays helped me a lot!
  5. Got penned frontally on Sand River by Skoda tier X thru my turret by APCR with 300++ m distance. Cupolas are also cancerous.
  6. Looks like HD i.e. better (tho it looks almost the same as 430 sometimes haha).
  7. Man... This is a free country, do whatever you want. If you feel like holding a flank to gain more victories, do so. If you wanna farm some dmg and show your fancy WN8 to others, do so. Don't overthink, just enjoy
  8. To be honest, IS-7 at the moment is one of the weakest the weakest tier X heavies. These are the facts: The smallest HP pool of 2150 - just recently e.g. Maus got a buff from 3000 to 3200 HP. The worst gun handling, especially the aim time. Unreliable penetration, even with APCR 303 mm. And the most annoying fact after #1, #2 and #3: it has the shittiest DPM
  9. Hi everyone. I have a rather weird request: Is there someone willing to platoon but speaks Dutch? I'm learning Dutch in my free time so feel free to contact me and play a bit. Groetjes iga1811
  10. What about IS-7's DPM buff? I'm f****ing serious
  11. IS3 kills tier 8 meta. IS3 is a tier X heavy with less HP.
  12. Thanks guys! I'm missing only few missions to Obj. 260
  13. Which heave tank is the best for "kill 2 heavies 2 tiers higher than your tank"? Which heavy tank is the best for "kill 1 enemy vehicle 1 tier higher than your tank by ramming"? I have a wide choice of: KV-2, O-I, IS-3, T34..... Thanks
  14. The proof is the fact that all the people I know got roughly 30% better armor use koef.... HD model