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  1. Bumping my post from 12 months ago ^^
  2. THIS.
  3. To me honestly, the biggest issue is the max speed... Just crazy how fast this thang can go.
  4. Nazis can't sidescrape anymore.... Made-in-China WZ-1111111111111111-5a just cheats me in my turret at any angle.
  5. Good review, I agree with everything. On the side note, I really love that BIG CAPS style
  6. Well... This seems to be wrong to me...
  7. I don't get it... Can you explain it please? Let's say I want to see Bat-chat's 3 MoE requirements?
  8. Don't play E5. M48 is good, I love the gun handling, max speed ain't good tho...
  9. In comparison, the same effective armor would be even worse for AP (cHeat normalization values, only at 5 deg auto rikoshe). Overmatching works the same... So it really comes to a point that cHeat is better in like 90% of situations, the only 10% would be the first shot while sniping during climbing on Malinovka encounter hill ahha
  10. Lol what? Heat does not loose pen over distance... Don't really get what you're tryin to say.
  11. I'm looking forward to Italian tanks. Even tho they're not that great nation, still they deserve a place before Čehoslovačka and/or Sweden or so. The only bad this is if the tier X Leo would not have any armor... That would be a competition to Leo 1 for the most useless tier X med in today's meta.
  12. I'll add the most common EU setup: 2 x bet čet (sometime 100lt) 5 x wz 11111111-5a or type 5 the rest 907 1 sky cancer occasionally..
  13. I just bought this tank, is it worth playing? I find it obsolete nowadays..
  14. It doesn't.