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  1. Just to say... I got it few days ago and I like it. This tank's 340 cHeat ammo gives you something to fight against super-heavy meta these days.....
  2. 200 at least.
  3. Dont even consider WR or other statistics if less than 200 battles... especially if playing stock for the first lets say 30-50 games...
  4. This is the only SPG tree I userd to play when I started this game... Got to tier 8 that GW Tiger P piece of shayt tank and rage sold it... My question is: How the hell can someone even think of asking a question how to solo-carry?
  5. Lol I got that rare summer camo not knowing how I got it... Im so bad with those global maps, fame points, tier X award tanks, just too complicated for me
  6. Check replays subforum, too lazy to link it cuz Im on the phone now. Unfortunately he stopped playing like 6 months or so... His replays were literally guidelines: how to abuse T62-A turrent and farm like a boss... I mean 5 k+ DPG.
  7. Just watch X3N4's T62-A replay pack (5-20 games) and youll be way above 2000++ WN8.
  8. Hate this tank..... 50 k exp moar and bye bye this piece of sh***.
  9. Dunno if this will change your mind, but I only put camo before repairs on light tanks... Repair >>> other ghetto skills.
  10. Today got 2 times frontally penned by tier 6 Type 58 medium china tank.............. RNJesus?????
  11. Thanks... I'm still struggling to do these two ^^ So close so far away from Obj. 260.... although this award "heavy" is nothing compared to OP Maus and Type
  12. Sweet These replays helped me a lot!
  13. Got penned frontally on Sand River by Skoda tier X thru my turret by APCR with 300++ m distance. Cupolas are also cancerous.
  14. Looks like HD i.e. better (tho it looks almost the same as 430 sometimes haha).
  15. Man... This is a free country, do whatever you want. If you feel like holding a flank to gain more victories, do so. If you wanna farm some dmg and show your fancy WN8 to others, do so. Don't overthink, just enjoy