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  1. Youre right. I was a bit nostalgic as I miss X3N4's replay packs Ill check some random replays, twitch is fine but not good enough if you wanna focus on only 1 tank.
  2. Where can I find newer M48/M60 replay sessions? I feel like I'm not understanding the real power of Patton...
  3. Sometimes I still wonder how the hell IS-3 has so good turret bloom values......
  4. IS-7 130mm -> 490 alfa
  5. I play it like a pro - brawl, hull down and full HE loadout
  6. For those who wanna see the replay: http://wotreplays.eu/site/3923600#erlenberg-iga1811-is-7
  7. https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/clan-wars/global-map-campaign-op-gambit/ Found this...
  8. Can someone be so kind and share some links / info about the next campaign? Thanks
  9. Got it. Played 50 games. Hate it. This is by far thr worst tier X heavy and/or medium. I guess I need to play it more passively (kemp bush).
  10. Similar thing happened to me, Ive completed thr mission but server went down (but after thr game). Ofc when I retourned, the mission was not completed. I reported it, WG replied that the server was down and it's nothing they can do about it...
  11. One of the worst tier X heavies, but looks nice with the new camo:
  12. GG. I will wait for the new patch anywayz
  13. I've done it with T29. Hull down against tier 8s and GG. Depends also against who are you playing i.e. worse players will shoot you constantly in your turret
  14. Good job, you're almost there. I'm in the same situation except I managed to do 3 260 missions. Just gonna wait for the new patch and ignore these missions until then