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  1. Play Difender/T26E5 or tier X - collect experience - pay money to WarGaming - exchange money (gold) to free experience - unlock skoda T50.
  2. So how did you manage to stack all them credits? I always tend to collect some, but then I spend all on 3 MoE grind or try hard full prem tier X Je hebt gelijk and of course, I agree with what you've said...
  3. What about Italian tanks? How would they fit in WoT? Were there enough to make a tech tree?
  4. I think you're wrong. Even with these eventual stats it cannot compete with e.g. the new Chinese tier X heavy. I'd say it remains the weakest tier X heavy. 10% DPM buff would make it competitive and anything above 15, 20% DPM buff would make it stronger than its competition.
  5. When playing Defender, 80% of the games are tier X, 10% tier IX and the rest tier VIII only. I decided to make a pause of this game for a while.
  6. Free exped it and bought T50. Thats what Ive done.
  7. Ok... played like 20 games per day last couple of days.... Tier 8 platoon... Never seen tier 6 (never been a real top tier).
  8. Exactly! This makes me hate playing tanks like this - everyone pens me This makes me hate playing against tanks like this - cannot pen them
  9. Just to say... I got it few days ago and I like it. This tank's 340 cHeat ammo gives you something to fight against super-heavy meta these days.....
  10. 200 at least.
  11. Dont even consider WR or other statistics if less than 200 battles... especially if playing stock for the first lets say 30-50 games...
  12. This is the only SPG tree I userd to play when I started this game... Got to tier 8 that GW Tiger P piece of shayt tank and rage sold it... My question is: How the hell can someone even think of asking a question how to solo-carry?
  13. Lol I got that rare summer camo not knowing how I got it... Im so bad with those global maps, fame points, tier X award tanks, just too complicated for me
  14. Check replays subforum, too lazy to link it cuz Im on the phone now. Unfortunately he stopped playing like 6 months or so... His replays were literally guidelines: how to abuse T62-A turrent and farm like a boss... I mean 5 k+ DPG.