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  1. Hello its me ur adz
  2. Interesting but imo a medium, say E50M or STB will prove more useful than a light in the majority of situations. Obviously your setup works very well, as you've proven, but I like the added survivability and damage-dealing capabilities mediums offer over lights are well worth the lesser speed/camo especially considering the map pool and preponderance of tanks that lights struggle to damage.
  3. Doing IS-6 even though I already have the regular one for 1) black jokes and 2) possibly trading it in for a T-34-3.
  4. No problems so far, I can't really compare it to anything but my laptop used to have trouble playing tanks while having a stream open in the background - which the 1600 has no problem with
  5. Have a bad picture of bad cable management, pc is up though!
  6. Gotcha, if that's the case I'll stick to what @Folterknecht suggested. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/flare_phoenix/saved/#view=HbNzMp <-Probably what I'm going to end up getting, decided to upgrade some things (1500x->1600, 1060 3 gb -> 6 gb).
  7. Honestly hadn't heard of M.2 before - while looking at parts I just sorted by ssd/hdd and picked accordingly. Are they really noticeably faster than regular ssds?
  8. Thanks reptile Not looking for another laptop, and a 1070 is definitely out of my price range considering I don't really want to skimp on other parts. I will take a look at your build but also don't really want to buy a prebuilt. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/bGX2XH <-updated
  9. Right now I play on an Asus x75a laptop (i5 3230m, intel hd graphics 4000, etc) which I've had since 2013ish. Basically I finally got fed up with playing everything on minimum/being slow/not being able to play things (pubg runs at about 10 fps) and am looking to upgrade. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/cjZQpb is what I'm looking at right now. Some notes: I do plan on picking another stick of ram in a month or two when I have some more money I don't intend to overclock a friend has recommended a 144hz monitor but I'm not entirely sold on whether it's worth the extra cost. If I do decide to go with it this is probably what I would go with: https://www.amazon.com/AOC-G2460PF-24-Inch-Gaming-Monitor/dp/B01BV1XBEI/ref=sr_1_5?tag=amazon0606-20&s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1461901857&sr=1-5&= live in the USA not going to cannibalize my laptop for anything as I'd still like it operable for trips and such pricewise this is pretty much the upper limit - if anyone has any ideas to bring cost down while offering similar performance they'd be much appreciated, I'm not experienced at all in building pcs That's it basically, just looking for advice on the build/where to buy from/etc. Thanks
  10. Missing one set of orders since I haven't completed 1 of the t55a arty missions with honors :thinking:

  11. I don't know if I've posted this before but I would like to contribute to this marvelous thread. This is my favorite T49 shot: