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  1. iirc they were going to change it to 150/100, same as KT, but after patch it was still 150/120. I do remember a lfp nerf in the patch notes but I assume they reverted that change because the tank was...not stellar.
  2. Nope, the lfp now is the same as it used to be. It went from 120 upper/120 lower to 150 upper/120 lower.
  3. Until rank 15 I played 90% S conq, 10% 5a. Since then I've branched out more into tanks I prefer playing (read: STB, which obviously isn't that great of a choice for someone who cares about getting ranks). @dualmaster333 is right that Type 5 and VK72 are fairly strong - when the people you're trading with are more likely to pen you than not it helps having hp and alpha to work with. In addition the concept of just holding a position is very important in ranked and in that case the alpha serves as a deterrent.
  4. I've gotten Steppes a couple times and a notable change I've observed there is the addition of raised areas with bushes/trees at each end of the 9-0 for TDs (I assume). The north in particular was also changed a bit, elevation between the low road and the rest of the flank was decreased and you can play additional angles there against people trying to push low. I'll get some screenshots if I get the map again.
  5. Recently grinded through this - grinding? ha, tank is overpowered. The combination of frontal armor and speed makes it so you can bully an absolute ton of tanks, often without taking any damage. The few tanks that can pen you you just play normally around. The gun handling really helps, it's basically a fast conqueror that doesn't get autopenned by tier 7s when not hulldown. Finished the grind in 57 games with 3955 dpg/72% wr, and that's after tilting both down a good amount. Tank is just so comfortable. Also I used the 120mm.
  6. R N G

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      It didn't matter. Looking at the gif in ultra slow-mo and it looks like the HE shell would have stopped mid-air even if it didn't get RNG'd because of the timer.

    4. Tman450


      E S P O R T S READY

  7. internet is a utility that for some reason is not treated as such, hence why some regulation is essential
  8. When they see the purple camo
  9. Top turret is ugly as hell.
  10. Festive
  11. What an absolute munge, would be a-ok with anyone offing him somehow. 

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      @DHP He's actually serious. 

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      That's fucking hilarious. I'm not going to lie, I thought he was holding a dildo during the "ruin memes" bit until it turned out to be a toy light saber.

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      ... and it is now done.... he's just a lackey for VZN that fucked us all...

  12. Hello its me ur adz
  13. Interesting but imo a medium, say E50M or STB will prove more useful than a light in the majority of situations. Obviously your setup works very well, as you've proven, but I like the added survivability and damage-dealing capabilities mediums offer over lights are well worth the lesser speed/camo especially considering the map pool and preponderance of tanks that lights struggle to damage.