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  1. @CarbonWard Have you 3 marked any Type 5s? If so, what's the approx req?

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    2. CenturionofRome72


      @night1rider did it with the big gun and i remember it really broke the bank for him as well. Huge credit sink.

    3. leggasiini


      @flare_phoenix I 3 marked it with derp, thoh it helped that i marked it right after patch release when expected were lower but i have been still able to hit 92% recently without tryharding and without optics, so i dont think the req DPG is much higher than what i have recently.

      With 14cm its probably actually harder tbh. 14cm might be more "constinent", but in long run derp gets those lol crazy damage matches lot more, and the armor layout and health means it will always get atleast some damage off even if derp tends to fuck you over (and i know that 14cm fucks you over actually lot more, i have played the tank ~800 battles with 14cm and ~500 with derp). If anything, if you get those shit damage matches you can most of time blame the mobility, not gun (expect when 14cm starts bouncing everything). Lets also not forget that 14cm is dogshit against enemy superheavies, especially enemy type 5s

      Just make sure to spam shit out of gold HE. 100% loadout or go home. Literally no reason to run normal HE. Its credit sink for sure (i think i have lost more than 10 million playing it) but thats how it is.

      But yea, DPG req is more than 4k for sure.

    4. flare_phoenix


      Right now I'm using the big gun (3.6k/650 assisted 39 games in), with vents - I figure that the 14cm would need optics since you'd be losing that he tracking assistance that the howitzer gives you. My gripe with the 14cm is just how shit it is in dealing with superheavies.