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  1. I cannot get a hold on how to win with this FV4202 for the life of me. 

  2. announced yesterday.
  3. I have a vanilla client and I am seeing the indicator change quiet a bit. Where the defender's and E75's LFP should have been green (t-54 heat) I instead got a yellow indicator but penned my shots.
  4. Welcome to the community.
  5. Not really sure what to make of it since I didn't play much.
  6. Thank you for the feed back! everyone my questions are pretty much covered for now! .
  7. Another question related to the topic. How do I break a chain of bad win streaks, because I have been losing around 50% of my games for the last 30 days and I have really no idea how to break this streak.
  8. That's the bad thing, I usually don't want to leave a teammate all alone by running away from a flank :/.
  9. Few weeks ago my winrate was up to 58% but my damage numbers and winrate have been dropping since. I've been trying to get back up to my previous stats for recents, but to no avail.
  10. I have gotten my WN8 up, but my winrate is still suffering and I don't know why. I don't sit back and snipe at the back of the map (nearly impossible considering that the tanks I play recently have bad aiming values) and I try to win games the way I know possible (ex.: firing on low health target, trying to hold flanks as long as possible if the team lemming trains) Any recommendations for this issue?
  11. Hello everyone, long time no see. I was wondering if I could request assistance in game from anyone on wotlabs to mentor me in wot. I'm trying to be better but I've noticed my games have been more and more inconsistent. I will have done 2,000 dmg one battle and 400 the next. I haven't been able to find where the inconstancy come from. I play almost every game the same way (aggressive). Nevertheless, I need some in game help if anyone can please.
  12. I'm a new player (3.5k-4k battles first account) I'm in a rut and unfortunately patients has never been one of my qualities over all as a person. I've learned so far by watching some of my clan members. But now I'm stuck I'm not getting any better or worse. I need some help please. NA server player.
  13. Im the Trojan warrior (silly name I know) Im glad to be here. also I came here in hopes for some advise on how to get better in wot.