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  1. IS-3: 24 T32: 9 Object 416: 25 UDES 03: 9VK 100.01 (P): 21Lowe: 26 T26E5/Patriot: 25 AMX M4 49/Liberte: 20Rhm. Skorpion: 19 + 1 = 20 It's everything I wish the Charioteer could come close to beingObj. 252U/Defender: 28 Strv S1: 15Lorr. 40t: 23Chrysler K GF: 12 - 3 = 9 Aside from being blatantly P2W, its cheese once you get to its sides or meet someone who's competent and not strapped for credits
  2. Checked, and yep the whole Murazor wishlist for Premium tank tree, smoothbore guns etc are fake news. Good job by Harkonnen. All the more important to stay vigilant and nip these kind of poison before it spreads. While discussions and dialogue should be encouraged, it should not be based on fake information, no matter how much we would like to such information to be true in order to justify our views.
  3. i haven't quite 3 marked the T71, but this thing was hella fun before the light tank changes and is still hella fun now pre-9.18 game
  4. as is the case with most tanks, particularly with medium tanks that are better equipped to deal with light tanks and the first step will often be to spot the thinly armored scouts. maximizing your view range will also make you less reliant on random teammates in certain situations.
  5. Which is amusing when you consider how much bullshit WG introduced ever since, the biggest culprit and epitome of their madness in the form of Japanese and German super heavy tanks because fantasy is better than reality
  6. IS-3: 21M26 Pershing: 17T32: 20Object 416: 21 AMX 50 100: 17 Emil I: 17UDES 03: 18 - 3 = 15, when the Strv S1 exists, theres no point in keeping this after unlocking the tier IX VK 100.01 (P): 17 Lowe: 22T26E5/Patriot: 20 + 1 = 21 because 'murica!AMX M4 49/Liberte: 20112: 11Rhm. Skorpion: 18Obj. 252U/Defender: 23Strv S1: 14Lorr. 40t: 21Chrysler K GF: 20
  7. This topic should be switched to the 'Conway Intoleration Thread'. I'd gotten the Conway on discount a month ago. This may be one of the worst purchases I've made. Calling it a tank is generous. The Conway was conceived into the game when stat balance was probably still a thing then. They needed to ensure the Conqueror and Tortoise would not be made redundant with this new tier 9 TD that packs the same gun on a Centurion chassis. And so they beat it to near-death with the balance mace (not the spray mace, the spiky medieval-sort mace). I'd compare this dilemma of the UK tier 9 120mm gun armed tanks to the balance/difference between the German tier 8 TDs: the Jagdpanther II, Ferdinand, and Rhm Borsig WT. But at least they got those three more or less right, and we have three distinct tanks that pack the devastating 12.8 cm gun (Borsig having the 150 aside). The Ferdi relies on its armor, the Rhm on its stealth and turret, and the JP2 with its flexibility and mobility. Then we get the Skorpion G. At this point, the Skorpion G is the epitome of WG's disregard, or the end of their self-imposed constraints, regarding game balance. And while plans are made to help the French TDs, the Russian TDs, the USA TDs having gotten speed buffs, and the Swedish pancakes in the game, no thoughts have been made regarding the British TDs. Because f*ck the British, according to WG.
  8. rather than scaling back the over buffed armor of certain tanks *cough* Maus *cough* Type 5 Heavy *cough* and the increasing proliferation of gold ammunition, WG is instead interpreting the medium tankers' whines and complaints as "we want armor buffs too because we also want to feel the love and attention heavy tanks have been enjoying and please keep throwing premium tanks at us since we love buying pixel tenks"
  9. Dat feeling when I research my 240th tank.

    What is it?

    BTW it was the WZ-120. Good f*cking riddance T-34-2.

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    2. lordawesome7


      tl;dr sell 34 2 before the on track


      you should sell it before the sale/on track

      the selling value is also lowered during sales, so i sell before or after an on track event to maximize profit and buy during the event to save money

    3. ThomChen114


      good point

      OR I could try to at least 2 mark it.

      why do I hate myself?

    4. lordawesome7


      honestly no point in MoE other then meaningless bragging rights and inflating ego (not worth the effort really)

  10. quite the opposite, because if you stay at tier 9 then you don't go to tier 10, play RB and burn all your shekels on HEAT and premium consumables and thus need to fund yourself with tier 8s. I can earn credits in the T-54. not in the 907 or 140. why do they think we've been sniping with the current defacto gun? remove bias much meanwhile, Maus and other SHTs can snap snipe you as you attempt to try to put into practice this "aggressive style" they are snorting
  11. it's just multitasking, for the most part, i'm predominantly a medium tank player. having the balance of mobility, protection, and firepower means that more often than not i will move around the map a lot where I may be needed (either to prop up a flank, exploit an enemy flank, etc), and I do have that option to do so, unlike most heavy tanks. while a medium tank often doesn't have the staying power (can't brawl for too long) of a traditional heavy tank, it's far better than light tanks and you can hold out to an extent and at least cause the enemy to delay the enemy advance. most medium tanks can snipe when needed, and i'd rather have the sustained DPM over the alpha damage that most TDs tend to rely on
  12. not everything in supertest makes it to live, right? that's sorta good news for the 30B, right? I don't have the AMX-30 or 30B yet, but I do have the STB-1. If won't be as derpy as the STB-1 can get in gun handling department in exchange for still having that commander's cupola, that could make the line viable hopefully.
  13. the premium light tanks were untouched by the light tank changes/nerfs, and thus remain very powerful and probably more so than ever the WZ-132 still feels the same as it has always been, as a very lightly armored but mobile medium tank. no longer being under the shadow of the T-54 ltwt helped a bunch to this
  14. you can stick around the middle by the bridge, alternate between east and west and help spot any cheeky flankers attempting to flank along 2-3 or 7-8 and help stop those. unless you have plenty of back up, be careful of autoloaders when trying to rush the hill.
  15. A, only if you are among the top tiers or have good armor and back up to match B, Because fair fights are for suckers. Particularly if you're a medium tank, avoid prolonged head-on engagements. C, what some may call a lemming train, this will only work if the team actually pushes. the longer the team gets bogged down on one flank, the harder it gets especially if most or all of the other flanks had been abandoned D, situational. espcially in obvious spots that some people may blindfire it, or spots were you can get isolated quickly. always look for that way out. E, again situational. if you're soft skin TD sure maybe. but you shouldn't be so narrow-minded or like roasted marshmallows too much F, adapt G, that may be true sometimes, but always keep an eye on the minimap and the bigger picture. what may be a successful duel between 1 or 2 tanks may not matter if you come out crippled and the rest of the team was wiped out.