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  1. aye, i forgot to mention that, that's one of the few advantages the Charioteer does have over the Skorpion G, where you can actually reach at least 40 in the time it make take a Skorp to reach 30 one does not play the Charioteer in order to farm credits. Not least when i play it, and even as I carry just 5 premium HESH, each misses on those babies can really sting. As for food, i've got a bunch accumulated over time so that's one thing less sucking up my profits (for now) HESH used to be great, and while it's still quite enjoyable to dump one on a thinly armored tank, the premium HESH with 210 avg pen used to be viable against the face front of heavy tanks, and even on some at tier 8+. But that was before powercreep, when less and less heavy tanks had frontal weakspots to exploit, and even more tanks have more than 210 base front armor now
  2. Finally Aced, and got my 1st MoE on the Leo: i've persisted on using the 7,5 cm strv 74 gun, and it suits my playstyle on this tank. basically trying to keep at range, exploit the terrain as much as possible (easy to do since its a fairly low profile tank) to flank and snipe
  3. Fairly new to the Leo PTA, as per usual I'm grinding it the hard way by not spending the free EXP asap. Maybe later on I might, but not atm. playing this tank stock gives me PTSD flashbacks to my past grinds on Type 61 and M46 Patton w/ the 90mm guns. Thankfully I've got plenty of shekels to afford to carry a healthy amount of APCR once i do grind out and unlock the upgraded suspension, then i'd consider spending the free EXP on either the 105mm L7A1 gun or the 830hp engine. We shall see.
  4. the irony that it's considered the worst designed tank ever created i'd probably go as far as 2 mark it.
  5. the only thing i can learn from Jingles nowadays is nothing, at least nothing directly from him or by him. he's mostly featuring stuff from other players, and he does give an honest disclaimer whenever he features his own replays to not expect anything spectacular (Random Acts of Violence etc). but some of the stuff from other players are pretty decent
  6. because it was getting boring in the office apparently. probably taking a page from Drumpf's book, that any publicity is good publicity
  7. This tank can kick some serious ass when it has to:
  8. I don't doubt that. other than playtesting whatever new premium tanks/ships that he gets through CC, but he does instead just feature replays of other players from that have better results than he might achieve. he's not obligated to play WoT, and he seems to enjoy other stuff like WoWs, GR:Wildlands etc
  9. it's gotten so bad that Jingles is reconsidering going back to check out War Thunder WAR THUNDER! WG(NA) damn fucked up heads need to roll over there
  10. this has always been what the Chieftain felt like when I played on the Xbox in game events. It holds up quite well, when played accordingly.
  11. A thought just occurred to me regarding the current state of the game, and what it means for the Chieftain (if and when it is introduced to the game). Players have been clamoring for this thing ever since the British tanks were introduced, but perplexingly with the tier 10 having some experimental and non-existent prototypes, the FV215b and the FV4202. They replaced the FV4202 with the excellent Centurion Action X, but the FV215b remains. Now, the FV215b I'm sure has its utility and fans, and it does fit the role it was introduced in as a support heavy tank, reliant more on its firepower than its protection (though I believe it did receive some buffs in the latter department many patches ago) But with the recent over buffs to some of the super heavy tanks such as the Maus and Type 5, and more new super heavy tanks that share the WG trend of having little to no frontal weak spots, and the Swedish S tanks that can auto-ricochet 120mm caliber guns from the front, the FV215b has remained largely unchanged. Which brings me back to the Chieftain. If they keep the FV215b and introduce the Chieftain in a new British heavy tank branch, what role is it supposed to play? Will it just be another support heavy tank like the FV215b? Or will it be a heavy medium tank, better suited to roll along with the medium tanks (assuming it has the mobility to do so). With the proliferation of HEAT, it would be nice to get the Chieftain with the Stillbrew armor (perhaps as an elite/upgraded turret?), in order to improve its frontal turret armor protection and remain competitive. The only recent changes that I'd considered an upside to introducing the Chieftain now would be the arty changes, since prior to that the Chieftain would get rekt by a CGC etc with WG's massive hard-on for more super heavy tanks, I don't feel any enthusiasm for them to bring in the Chieftain. It'd probably end up getting stomped on by, what should be obsolete by-comparison, the Maus.
  12. getting back on track to the Charioteer, i've reset my crew skills to get BIA on them, and while there is some marginal improvements, it still handles awkwardly oftentimes that dank APCR just means the Charioteer can miss its shots faster, whereas on the Skorpion G you can watch that big fat shell fly and land a big ass hit on some poor sod who just happened to turn into your shot it's really hard to make full use of its "strengths" when there are so many weaknesses and threats it has to deal with 1) Skorp can go 60kph, the Charioteer barely reaches 52 kph. But yes the Charioteer has the better p/w ratio... 2) There are better moneymakers 3) By unusual you mean against paper tanks, then yes it does come in handy. But against some same tier and higher super heavy tanks, unless you had their flanks or rear, you either shoot at something else or hope 268mm APCR pen is enough (it often isn't), since there's no HEAT you can dab to win.
  13. it's definitely not a problem when most tier 8s nowadays is comprised of premium tanks on each team, right?

    1. sohojacques


      Paying $60 AUD  to be always bottom tier thanks to broken tier 8 MM, at least on SEA. Good thing they're OP.

      Schadenfreude feels good.

  14. when you plant a 15cm HE shell from an O-Ni onto the flat side of some dumbass in a full HP O-I and one-shot kills him

    because 70mm flat side armor doesn't do too well against a 15cm HE shell with 75mm penetration

    Image result for chris pratt memes

    1. leggasiini


      Back when Jap heavies were released and every T6 match had 3 O-I each team, i shot at enemy O-I from 400m and oneshotted him.

      I went complete "wtf???" as the O-I pointed his front directly to me. Thats when i learned that O-I has tiny, pixel sized weakspot above a track that doesnt even have visual model.

  15. Someone needs inform my Charioteer of this. had a game the other day on Fjords. I was located mid area in concealment shooting at enemy tanks coming down from the NE, being slowed down by some allies around the corner. M48 is the bigger, juicier threat so I shoot at him. APCR loaded. 268mm pen First shot, aimed at hull, no pen. Maybe it hit the angled beak. He turns his turret to the right, I can see his left turret side. Second shot. No pen. He is still focused on someone else, I still have his turret side. Third shot. No pen. i do sorely wish I had the replay saved. And beat whomever was in charge of balancing the Charioteer. that M48 btw went on to be bottom 2 or 3 on his team. But he had a lovely damaged blocked by armor total (in an M48!!!!!!) thanks to me.