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  1. Researched:
    Tortoise researched.
    Undistributed experience spent: 161000.
    Free Experience spent: 0.
    And it only took me about 127 games to do so (with boosters, platoon and occasional clan reserves)

  2. Purchased:
    'IS-7' successfully purchased.
    Spent credits:  5,185,000.

    "The instrument of doom..."

  3. If you're in Asia server and have the opportunity to, buy the Nameless. Otherwise, the overall consensus seems to be Lowe or Patriot.
  4. And every bit of extra EXP for playing in a platoon helps, as in my case in the AT-15 where it's not uncommon to be bottom tier and do less than 1k damage and there's a grim self-gratification when I do end up on the top 5 on the team (usually on a defeat) which might be less to do with my skillz and just goes to show how shit the team was
  5. WR also goes down when you play the AT-15 a lot as you try to grind your way to the FV215b (183).
  6. Finally!
    Sold: 'AT 7' successfully sold.
    Received credits:  625,225. 


    Researched: AT 15 researched.
    Undistributed experience spent: 92000.
    Free Experience spent: 0.

    Purchased: 'AT 15' successfully purchased.
    Spent credits:  2,252,500.


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    2. HowitzerBlitzer


      The AT 15 isn't bad, it's just too situational... Not on the map, but the teams.

      This team at Steppes didn't know where to shoot me from the front, they had to get around me to do anything. 


      In another battle I held off the east flank of Abbey alone from a Super P, T28, and BP, because they couldn't pen me easily. Team lost by the time I won that flank.


      I've yet to win any good games in the tank... It's when I'm being over run as I don't have to go to the battle, it comes to me.

    3. ThomChen114


      @HowitzerBlitzer I run this in a platoon whenever possible so that i can at least count on at least one or two tanks on my team to not be driven by utter retards. 

      Check this out though, skip near the end as I punish an IS-7 and later perma-track farm the T95 with the 20-pdr

    4. HowitzerBlitzer


      My client doesn't like replays for some reason, if I sort it out before the next major update I'll watch it.

  7. hold his hand, platoon up and put him in a KV-1.
  8. Shit Barn FV4005 line is slightly less shit now STG (Guard) new premium Obj416 with a bigger gun but no one cares And coming soon: Obj 416 line getting rewored Obj 263 line getting fucked FV215b (183) getting replaced with Tortoise/T95 hybrid French heavy-heavy tanks coming very soon No Chieftain
  9. Armored HTs and TDs will probably still hug the city, but the rest of the map looks both inviting for yolo scouts and a killing field for snipers
  10. 7 games in Lorr 155 50, with a Regimental School crew from AMX 13 F3 AM, and I get my Ace and finish SPG-4.3.

    Much skill!

  11. Purchased: 'M48A5 Patton' successfully purchased.

    Spent credits:  4,319,640.

    Let Freedom Ring (for 30% off)

    1. RC_Tank


      The M48 is my favorite tier 10 (that I have.) It just shits out damage, you can go from 1.5k to 4.5k in 1 minute (literally.)

    2. ThomChen114


      8 hours ago, RC_Tank said:

      The M48 is my favorite tier 10 (that I have.) It just shits out damage, you can go from 1.5k to 4.5k in 1 minute (literally.)

      I look forward to it. I'm planning on moving my Pershing crew to the M48, since I do want to keep the M46 and I rarely play the Pershing anyways (i have the T25P for that)

  12. Bomber Crew is surprisingly fun. Just don't do a corkscrew when someone's on the wing repairing the engine.

  13. maybe when the HEAT sizzles and the HE splatters becomes a blur. i'm excited to hear about the Centurion buffs, will have to wait a week before the red-head stepchild SEA server gets a taste
  14. Do other servers other than SEA also have idiots in WZ-111 or other top tier HTs firing nothing but HE?

    1. CraBeatOff


      played a game on Prok today scouting for a WaffleIV using the 128 and firing only HE. 

    2. Fulcrous


      I mean, you could be getting T10 TDs spamming HE. 270+ pen apparently not enough. Or Foch B's firing HE clips

  15. just realized no WoWp SEA server. RIP I do have a code via email from WoWp NA for some free shit if anyone is interested (can't guaranteed if it works but it's wasted on me)