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  1. Get ready to say goodbye to a lot of Korean players if things keep heating up.

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    2. Fulcrous


      What kind of man is dumb enough to mock someone who is willing to be on a suicide mission.

    3. Assassin7


      Trump is...

    4. orzel286


      Well, even if things go hot - nkorea can't win in any scenario. Chinese won't bother sending volunteers this time and the main concern is nkorean nuclear potential, NOT artillery aimed at seoul. It would've been easier 10-20 years ago, but since nobody paid attention there might be some short to medium range nuclear missiles or at least dirty bombs used.

  2. You mean my STB-1 turret won't get snapshot penned by a Maus from 450m anymore? If they decide to implement the hydraulic suspension for the STB-1, then it should only be fair to have the Russian medium tanks reload down to 3 rounds per minute
  3. WG might as well introduce variants of T-34s, KVs, ISs, T-54s etc from each different factory that built them, since iirc those factories produced them sort of differently. That way WG can keep this game going past 2020 Aye, WG's turnout rate from finding the doodle in their many prestigious military academy's mess hall into a video game ready battle tank is outstandingly quick and efficient
  4. My immediate thought when I saw the tier 9 French HT was of a French attempt at an M103
  5. Just recently sold the Nashorn and moved the crew to the St Emil. Holy cows I'm actually fond of the Ikv 90B now, at least it has the mobility, low profile camouflage and decent gun arc.
  6. keep that fire extinguisher handy onboard until your Conqueror crew is fully trained in firefighting. I find its more likely to have the ammo rack damaged from fore side hits, and a damaged fuel tank should be repaired when given an opportunity.
  7. There should be an in-game tutorial on how to play each tank class, cuz it's getting really annoying seeing the heavy tanks hiding behind the TDs and the TDs going yolo.

    1. SkittlesOfSteeI


      Playing tds yolo is the only way to play tbh

    2. MAJEST1C


      The pubbies probably still wouldn't understand. 

  8. But only after introducing the Chinese TDs, the Japanese super heavy tanks and Swedish autoloaders into the game. Now's a good moment to bring in a bunch of heavy baguettes.
  9. IS-3: 40 Löwe: 37 + 1 = 38 @Rin_ makes a good point that due to the size and design of most maps that it doesn't matter too much about its lack of mobility Patriot: 21 Defender: 13 - 3 = 10 Forced to go forwards or else will get shot by commissar. Also because the gun was calibrated by a dimwit.
  10. Posted on the WoT Asia FB page. We all knew this was about to happen (though there was some holdout belief it would be the Chieftain) Guess its sorta official? Note the asterisk.
  11. NO it might work in theory and IRL, but in World of Tanks medium tanks depend on mobility and flexibility if they did, it'd be the death knell of the STB-1, they might as well reclassify it as a "hybrid TD"
  12. *defibrillating this almost necro thread* STB-1 finally in HD in 9.20.1
  13. STB-1 getting HD model in 9.20.1!

    And also some other tanks or something idk

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    2. Fabunil


      More like "We have implemented the STB-1s historical hydraulic suspension, giving it a Siegemode like the hightier swedish TDs, the gundepression  will get nerfed to 5° while outside the siegemode which can be increased to 10° while in it.   The tank otherwise remains unchanged."

    3. nabucodonsor


      Dear lord if they do that @Assassin7 will kill himself

    4. Assassin7


      YAY HD

      Also, yes, I will kill myself if they dare to give it fucking siege mode and ruin it. 



  14. Stats, MoEs etc remain with the FV215b
  15. Not as long as WG offers new or updated tier 8 premiums who can handle themselves in the skewed MM, the STG Guard among the latest example of a big gun premium medium tank with better gun stats than most tier 8 mediums with few actual downsides (lack of armor is not a downside when it's compensated by a low profile and cyka turret) which can hold its own or at least be effective while bottom tier. as WG happily points out in their "how to" video, its gun handling is on par with the German Panthers
  16. IS-3: 38Löwe: 36 T26E5/Patriot: 23 + 1 = 24 Also funds my next tier X tankObj. 252U/Defender: 22 - 3 = 19 Can't see beyond my muzzle break!
  17. im still waiting to see Nebelburg for myself
  18. maybe with some of the Vickers tanks?
  19. wish I could someday see it in the steel.
  20. IS-3: 37 + 1 = Löwe: 40 - 3 = 37 *sizzle*T26E5/Patriot: 22Obj. 252U/Defender: 25 + 1 = 26 funds my next tier X tank
  21. all the pain throughout the UK HT grind firing piddly caliber guns is made worthwhile by that beautiful 120mm L1A1 railgun. if WG wasn't so biased to Russian and German super heavy tanks, the L1A1 should be the best heavy tank gun there is
  22. well, i can rest easy now that I'm guaranteed a free tier X tank since I missed out on the Foch B. here's hoping they'll be worth it though.
  23. so we can expect it to be a week or 2 later over here at SEA server :/
  24. answers the question of "what would a tier 8 SU-122-44 be like?"
  25. I've yet to churn the soil on Nebelburg. or for that matter, light a camp fire.