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  1. Talking about Gasai, I wonder how he thinks about these buffs
  2. Without siege which is actually very nice advantage. Also it makes credits Maybe they finally put it to tech tree
  3. Its Swedish med in-game so Unless you are 1) Sabaton fan or 2) just a tank collector I would avoid this thing. There are no hightier Swedish meds, it is rather poor credit maker (as 20pdr has absoluterly horrid ammo cost/damage ratio, and its well...230 alpha med with current) and lastly satistically its uninteresting with no real novelty/unique/whatever value.
  4. I know, but should be still quite hilarous for first few weeks when people still thinks that it has no armor, and just imagine all those newbies...and it can sperm HEAT too, 360 every 8.5 seconds :^) Sure not as reliable as 105mm ap but your hull is better to actually aim it more reliably
  5. CDC was called TD IRL Strv 103 and I believe UDES 03 were designated as MBTs IRL Dont see the problem with Chieftain being heavy because the mobility and gun are more closer to heavy anyways
  6. Im not enjoying the tank even nearly as much as I used to. The new MM and powercreep really hurt her She will never ever leave from my garage but I demounted equipment and crew (will use on O-I exp, looks stupid fun after 9.20; sure it loses 10cm but 130-140mm effective front with derp with 8 sec reload or T67-esque 75mm? Yea boi)) from her for the first time which feels sad but thats how it is. Waiting for WG to fix the tier 8 MM so I can roll with her again. Now she can take a good rest
  7. 10cm is ok but I think derp is better, especially with the constant armor buffs everything is getting
  8. Is there even any actual reason to play E5 anymore when you factor Fatton buffs?
  9. Now Type 4's hatches are weak enough to get penned by same tier AP semi-reliably because they nerfed them same amount as with Type 5, even tho raw armor of type5 is thicker. Type 5's weaker hatch is in return still at best 50/50 chance against non-TD regular rounds when completely unangled at 100m range. Basically they nerfed Type 4 more than Type 5
  10. 0.19 bloom? WTF?? mfw type 5 heavy derp gun has almost as good turret bloom, wtf WG
  11. It also loses accuracy from T6. And lets not forget that the T6 is shit too. Gud line indeed.
  12. 2.8k DPM? wtf??? Caernarvon our ultimate lord and savior?
  13. Reading comments of latest DezGamez's video, lmao.

    I cant stop laughing because how many retards cry about ISU-152 losing the BL-10. Bloody fucking shit it still has 260 pen + 750 alpha + stupidly high DPM for that alpha and now it has +190 HP so its actually a buff if anything unless its in tier 10 match.

    So bots cry that ISU actually maybe need to aim. Do they seriously fucking think that 750 alpha + almost tier 10 TD pen + almost tier 10 TD DPM at tier 8 is good for game?

    WG's decisions are retarded, but the average playerbase is even more retarded so its understandable that WG always doesnt bother to listen.


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    2. SchnitzelTruck


      OH NO!!! ANYTHING BUT 17 PEN!!!!

    3. Marty


      I think most pubbies don't even realize that it's getting basically the same gun with small pen nerf. They hear "removed BL-10" and go apeshit, they must think it's now gonna be stuck with the 390 alpha gun :jebaited: 

      I also bet that more than 2/3 of the pubbies that babyrage about ISU losing BL-10 cried about it's alpha and called Russian bias at some point.

    4. SchnitzelTruck




      I also bet that more than 2/3 of the pubbies that babyrage about ISU losing BL-10 cried about it's alpha and called Russian bias at some point.

      It's only OP and Russian biased if they aren't driving it

  14. IS-3: 28 Object 416: 23Lowe: 36T26E5/Patriot: 31Rhm. Skorpion: 21 Obj. 252U/Defender: 32 + 1 = 33. Its annoying to play at times but the way it inflates WR ATLEAST 4-5% with no effort, no matter how retarded you are just tells how bloody powerful this tank is. Also, alpha is king.Lorraine 40t: 8 - 3 = 5. The worst one remaining. Fat + no armor + no HP gives it piss poor survivability, which is problem even with near-HT levels of firepower and near-LT levels of mobility.
  15. The best value for me is that fact its free garage slot and I have 30-40 unused slots, so... I have no interest in playing tier 3s, even less so because for next week everyone plays the same tank. pz2j would be nastier than ever because it pens these things no probs