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  1. leggasiini

    Tier X Polsky - the Levandowsky

    Hard to say yet, the mobility seems poor and it has weakspots, and 317 HEAT, while workable, is still somewhat limiting. I dont feel like it will get toned down, it doesnt seem gamebreaking other than the fact the HE is kinda broken, and if it gets toned down, there is a risk of it becoming crap. Its quite unique and offers a new kind of playstyle, so it doesnt really have a direct competitor, except maybe the E 100, but even then this is more a hulldown vehicle than sidescraper. Pre-nerf 277 being too good was very easy to see because the tank was, and still is very comparable to the 5A. It was better than the 5A and 5A already is arguably toned a bit too high. E 100 in return is definitely not even close to be OP; its closer to be too weak than too good (the tank itself is balanced, but the powerlevel getting higher ofc makes the tank indirectly weaker and weaker), so it being overall stronger than the E 100 is likely not a bad thing in WG’s eyes. And like said, it wont powercreep the E 100 because the playstyle is different. E 100 has much better HEAT, too, so as long as it has that advantage, it should be fine. I can see HE getting nerfed to 950, but thats about it.
  2. leggasiini

    Tier X Polsky - the Levandowsky

    Maaan, so many times I wanted to make a thread but then always kept forgetting, glad someone went in and did one Armor layout (skip to 3:00): So basically: * UFP is super though, driver hatch however is 260 effective * LFP is cheese but well angled so maybe it could be autoricochet from right angle * entire side is 100 and it seems to lack Russkie bullshit space * turret is ridiculously tough * there is a hole on the mantlet but its probably when shot from at an angle instead directly from front * cupola is there but its smol * turret roof overmatchable by 152mm guns Armor looks solid enough. Thing is tho is that it has 2.6k HP + -8 dep + okay reverse speed + 750 alpha so armor not being perfect is fine. It also has good accuracy for that massive alpha, so 317 HEAT is not as much pain in the ass as on the 705A. It also gets dank HE. Hulldown tank with ability to spank good HE is scary, as that kind of thing will smack SConqs away from hulldown positions better than anything else. It seems slow, though, but thats fine. Even E 100 levels of mobility wouldnt be too bad, and this thing is supposedly still more mobile than the E 100. RIP 705A, this thing is basically just better, but then again, the 705A does have issues, so its not that bad. 705A has speed advantage...I guess? Visually it looks super dope but autistic at the same time. I fucking love it. I’m super excited for it. It seems very fun to play for me. Tier 9 seems super broken with 560 alpha and 2.5k DPM tho, but im pretty sure that DPM is a placeholder
  3. Cheek weakspot is a terrible concept, unless you make the front so strong that it reliably resists premium ammo when you angle your front on the cornerns. If you dont make the front that strong, we are on the absolute same situation as we were before the buffs. It works okay on the Liberte, but again, that thing has strong enough frontal to bounce same tier prem ammo when angled, and it has no frontal weakspots other than cupola so it also works on flat ground. Like already mentioned, make the UFP significantly stronger, remove the hull cheeks altogether (no arguments to defend this - not even historical accuracy, because the Type 4/5 hull was most certainly was more like the O-I without tits than a bigass Chi-To/Chi-Ri) make the mantlet absorb shots as well, make the cupola smaller but weaker (kinda like E75 cupola), make the spaced side less BS and make the LFP pennable.
  4. The only way to fix the Type 5 is to completely rework it. Simply nerfing it wont fix it - either it stays like it is now (broken, also OP if you spam full prem HE) or it becomes trash like it was before the buffs. Remove the derp or at least remove prem HE and alter the gun stats a bit, buff the 14cm, and completely rework the armor layout
  5. Looking at patchnotes from RU server, they replaced the shell with another one. Im gonna assume the 277 has HEAT now.
  6. 277 is indeed slightly comfier, but 5A is likely better overall now. DPM nerf is what I would have done anyway, but why did they have to touch the gun handling and accuracy? Gimme muh accuracy and handling back and fix the broken APCR by making it HEAT with 340 pen
  7. Conway’s 5.5 inch is technically real, IIRC its literally the gun from the Crusader SP with obviously unhistorical AP and HESH shells.
  8. Ignoring my fetish for ugly looking tanks which turns them beautiful for me, I think this thing is fairly ugly. Its like a Centurion but mated with a turret that is an uglyass fusion between turrets from the Conway and Black Prince, and then finally a naval gun or something being strapped onto it.
  9. The fucking APCR shell needs to get fixed by turning it into 340 pen HEAT. That alone would make it a lot more balanced. The gun is still ridiculous, but the issue is that it has an amazing gun and good mobility with fairly good armor. Worse than the IS-7, but better than the 5A. Nerfing the accuracy or handling too much turns it even more into a 5A clone. Instead, just keep trashing on the (hull) armor until the tank becomes balanced. I honestly wouldnt mind if it had the sameish hull armor as the T-10, as the gun is just so good. Armor nerfs also makes it more different from the IS-7, so there is that.
  10. leggasiini

    [Supertest] Excalibur, Tier 6 British TD

    No, O-Ho will forever stay as my wife :v But it looks so ugly that it’s really cute. I want it. I need it. With derp gun tho its a strong contender for the worst tank in the game as well
  11. Just gather the XP on the T-10 before the patch like I did. I will buy the 277 on the release day. Ez. Dunno, havent tried
  12. UFP is probably around ~240 effective at the center, but becomes BS when you hit the outer parts or when the tank angles, cus its very well angled and you can easily ricochet off it. Tested on training room, IS-7 can pen the UFP with AP. Basically the tank benefits from wiggling a lot. The UFP is probably like the front on the 907 - unreliable but troll as fuck. LFP is cheese, though. Shitbarn can pen it with HESH, and it was orange for T-44-100’s AP (although it never went through when we tested). LFP is probably around 210-220 effective. As for the other areas on the armor... cupola is like 220-230 I think, the turret can be ass to pen at range but close up you can pen the cheeks with 340 HEAT. 277 can pen the another 277 turret easily with APCR cus it seems to go through mantlet fairly easily. The side armor is...weird. Shooting the drivewheel can have a nasty effect of hitting the very well angled (from that angle) LFP, and thus not doing damage and just tracking the tank. On the other hand, I have gotten penned from fairly high angles which indicates that the lower side armor is likely 80 like on the T-10, maybe 90. Upper side armor is complete BS, though (feels like IS-7 levels of BS or im just ultra unlucky). Expect a bounce whenever the tank is not completely sideways to you. Ass is pennable by high caliber HE. Not sure if its pennable for Types cus those have shittier pen than other 15 cm HE at tier 10, but that is something to potentially watch out for, I guess
  13. When I use AP/HEAT, its not really bad. Just generic and average. The alpha still hurts at that tier. The HE is bullshit regardless.
  14. Its really broken, the HE was a mistake. Whenever you pen your HE, its like a T-34-85M with +400 DPM, at tier 4. GG Just fix the HE pen and its fine. It becomes generic, but it wouldnt be broken and it would be still decent. Funny how this thing is broken and tier 5 is a steaming pile of shit
  15. leggasiini

    P.43 or how to put a tier 4 tank at tier 5

    Its complete dogshit, worst tier 5 non-premium MT in the game, probably worst non-premium tier 5. Gun has 0 reseeming features, and its slow as hell. Moves like a fucking Chi-Nu Kai, and that thing is complete floor trash as well. The tank has only 1 thing going for and that is ability to bully lowtiers, stock tier 5s and pref tier 5s, and that is only when they dont fire premium or HE. Whenever that criteria is not filled, the tank is a tier 4 with tier 5 mm. GG