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  1. And thats the tier 9, I think. The tier 10 supposely is much more heavily armored
  2. On tier 10, definitely, because it gives the tank a niche. And an unique niche as well. With 120 its just a shitty Super Conqueror. On tier 9 will roobably use 120 because 127 is just 60k more XP to grind, and tier 10 is p cheap when it comes to XP cost. On tier 8 will use stock turret + 100 mm (TVP VTU, anyone?)
  3. Tier 8 looks like a massive piece of donkeyshitrrash, so looking forward to play it tomorow... Tier 9/10 looks fun, tho.
  4. I dont think it will be a derp gun tbh, I feel like it will be a weird result of IS-7 and Faillöwe having fun in a bed, so expect a gun comparable to the E 100. In fact I believe it will be very comparable to the FailLöwe, 152mm gun and rear turret. Will be kinda keks to see what kind of armor it will have, tho.
  5. It looks utter trash in its current iteration (bear with me in this one). By far the worst hp/ton in the game, twice as bad as Maus. Even good terrain resists it has wont save it, as it badly struggles going up any hills. Weakspots that are basically KV-5 levels on weak on a tank that has literalky twice as bad mobility or even worse, actually. Side armor behing tracks is 60 which means that if it angles more than 30 degrees fucking tier 6 mediums can pen the track with AP and then track AND damage the tank Turret is pretty far in fronr, sidescraping without exposing the side too much is not simple, reverse sidescraping with this slow shit...no The turret location would be wonderful for peeking corners but LFP is bit too weak for that Turret face is much bigger and flatter than VK 100 so with gold you can actually reliably pen it. And then it has no statistical advantages over the VK. The 4.6 HP/ton alone makes it just no no purchase for anyone with brain. However, it does not fit the recent policy of premium tanks and in general it doesnt seem anyhow logical statistically. It is about as much downgrade to VK 100 as pref mm tier 8s were to regular tier 8s back in day except it has no pref and we live on day where prems are treated as equal or even better than regular tanks. Because of that, you can be 95% sure they buff it. Im gonna laugh my pants off if they release it in this state.
  6. These armor buffs and new tanks like Badger are all just indirect buffs to the Type 5
  7. 62 500 XP. You need to research the long 90 mil, though, so there is that to keep on mind if you used the 105 + gold spam (like I did).
  8. Looks bit more useful now. Accuracy nerf stinks, but at least the gun has DPM now. Before the changes the gun had nothing going for it except base accuracy.
  9. Completely pointless as a tank, tbh. Im surprised that they havent updated its stats, because it is literally massively worse VK 100 with nothing interesting niche over it. Also 4.6 hp/ton haHAA If it was actually unique I would get it but ehh. I am pretty fucking sure they buff it, no way in hell they release it with 4.6 hp/ton
  10. Anyone have tank inspector for test server or have an account for tanks3dmodels websife or whatwver it is called?

    They have added ”vk 168.01 mauenbecher” on test server, I wonder if they have updated its stats

  11. ...so 263 and 268 V4 remains unchanged So they literally completely ignored the massive negativity by Russians towards this change? The line changes has gotten literally only negative feedback, literally, by Russians, the community that matters most for WG. Murazor has to stop eating thise fucking crayons 24/7
  12. Dont forget AMX CDA 105. Also fairly balanced. The WZ-120-1 is arguably a bit too good but its still a turretless TD so I guess its okay.
  13. One useful thing to note is that the view range is now so high that you can use vents now and get enough view range, even without using food, so this boosts accuracy so its not that much worse than the original one if using optics Top speed buff is cool, can do ram memes better than ever Dont rly mind the alpha buff/rof nerf. It is technically a buff tho because while not high, 180 is much better than 135 (or 165 like it has on test server), while the dpm stays the same. I would also have preferred just a raw RoF buff instead, though. Pen nerf really sucks ass tho because you no longer can pen a few things anymore, like the O-Ho from front, have a chance to pen Defender/Chrysler LFP, and IS-3 is now very unreliable. Bigish nerf in that regard. Overall ehh, its still unique but was more unique before and I hoped they would just have buffed the top speed and then the DPM a bit. Given that with the old stats the gun was literally top contender to be one of the most reliable guns in the game (seriously, tell me one turreted tank that has amazing accuracy + practically no bloom on turret rotation + insane aimtime + great shell velocity all combined together...), it wouldnt even need ultra high DPM, just like 10% more would have been enough.
  14. Maus also got a big gun handling and accuracy improvements as well. As for the OP... O-Ho :^)
  15. The AMX has actually quite good base accuracy, good gun handling and practically enough mobility to be considered as a heavium, so it doesnt actually have to brawl superheavies all the time. Type 4/5 14cm is shit accuracy, shit gun handling, shit DPM and shit gold pen all combined together on slow platform.