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  1. I loaded 50B with full APCR for keks...thats probably why i got punished, lmao
  2. by balance he means retardely balanced tanks such as maus, type 5, anything with mega high clip size/alpha/pen/armor p much
  4. Type 5 Heavy 1) can oneshot them 2) is immune to them from front
  5. You can drop down Sheridan derp's rof to 15,8 seconds with everything on.

    It also has significantly better accuracy than T49 (0.53 VS 0.60) and better aimtime. If it has good bloom then its literally sanic O-Ho

    fucking glad i rebought T49 :D 

  6. One proposal is to bump O-I Exp and O-I tiers higher, find replacement for tier 5 slot and then modify O-Ni into tier 8 premium. That seems to be best option in order to create true Jap heavy premium. Or like you said use some kind of Chi-Ri variant as heavy but id rather see that as minibranch starting from Chi-Ri (there was planned to be further improved chi-ri aswell as "Chi-Se" or something like that with 105mm gun, stronger engine and sloped upper plate armor).
  7. THAT TITLE...I THOUGHT YOU WERE TALKING ABOUT JAP HEAVIES, I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE RELATED TO THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, this kind of weeb shit should stay away from this game. And unlike Khongzong or WG fakes it doesnt even seem like it "would be" historical (yes WT E100 is retarded but atleast that AA mount existed so it "would have been real"). This thing literally looks like a cartoonish toy tank. Sorry.
  8. Lorraine is noticeably faster, has better depression, much better gun handling and faster intra-clip reload, and since it has smaller clip it has faster reload. 50 100 has...bigger magazine (but much more unreliable; it will rarely hit and pen all 6 shots anyway), and instead of practically having "no armor" it has trash armor. Ummm...yea? The Somua SM thing looks bad though
  9. It costs 10 700 gold, so its much more expensive than all other T8 med pref (expect T-34-3). I think i pass tbh, since i already got Ravioli too, even tho admitely it seems like great a tank.
  10. Just rebought it. I actually like it, it started as frustating but then i got pretty nice spotting games, also penning E5 ass for 950 is pretty satisfying Now lets hope Sheridan gets improved gun stats on derp... (o-ho reload and bloom pls )
  11. Buuuuuuuuuuut removal of arty IS a good and simple solution... Seriously, i did some research and thinking and its actually legit true that arty removal would be the best option in order to actually fix the game (first step of fixing problems). However, ofc arty can be reworked into much better direction than the abominations that are the current arties.
  12. It also doesnt go 40 nor have dank DPM, but M6 does have -10 dep Isnt Liberte with shittier gun, no real cupola weakspot and pref mm a better comparison?
  13. Depends really, considering its april fools it might (and likely will) be sold on ultra-expensive package...
  14. https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2017/03/29/more-wot-asia-leaks/ " 1. 5th Anniversary Event – Mutant 6 will be on sale on 1st April only (once and only time) " For SEA faggots, you got nice news incoming, though expect it to be part of super expensive bundle. I assume this will likely happen on other servers, too. Typically they have sold Pz II J in april fools but looks like they are selling Mutant this time. Fun fact: they were planning to sell limited amount of Type 59s, but their idea was rejected, so apparently they are selling Mutants instead. Also as extra note, it is possible that Defender will be never sold again. How surprising... @User is gonna be pissed out, they are giving pubbies one rare tank after other...