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  1. Didnt STA-1 just get gun dep buff with stock turret? It already had -10 with top one
  2. I and pretty many others hated it. That and Kranvagn generally were lot stronger on test server because retards let you just hulldown and unleash your magazine against them. You can sit in ridge and everyone will come at you. I hated EMIL 2, long intra + long magazine reload + awful gun handling + sluggish mobility made it pretty frustating to play.
  3. I see shitton of tier 7s with pref tier 8 (kv-5). As for other tanks, i typically see +/- 0 or +/- 1 matches; +/-2 are rare.
  4. It was indeed fucking retarded OP on phase 1 but they nerfed it pretty hard after that. Also i dont think WG is planning to buff it ever, its performing statistically fine. Its just unfun to play (like all top tier Swe heavies). Tbh Swedish tree was kinda failure. Both of lines has tanks that are both unfun to play and unfun to play against. There are few expections, but thats how it is.
  5. WZ weights 30 tons.
  6. 1. Sell it 2. Play something else and win more. 3. ???? 4. Profit.
  7. pls Do you really think we need another tier 8 soviet premium heavy? Shitty or not, id rather see tier 8 Soviet premium TD instead of tier 8 soviet heavy premium. This would be basically Defender V2.0 if it was heavy tank.
  8. Stats has been updated. Accuracy got bit buffed and turret armor became much better. https://ritastatusreport.live/2017/04/28/t-103-supertest-stats-2/ Tier: 8 HP: 1,250 Engine Power: 1000hp Weight: 63 t Power to Weight Ratio: 15.87 Speed: + 40 / -12 kph Hull Traverse: 30 deg/sec Turret Traverse: 15 deg/sec Terrain Resistance: 1.247 / 1.342 / 2.397 Hull Armor: 100/100/60 mm Turret Armor: 220/145/60 mm View Range: 380 m Signal Range: 730 m Crew: 5 Gun: 130 mm B-13 DMG: 440/440/580 Penetration: 258/307/65 mm DPM: 2699.2 Rate of Fire: 6.134 Reload: 9.781 s Accuracy: 0.345 Aim Time: s 2.21 Depression/Elevation: -8/+30 It now has bullshit 260 mantle and 220 turret armor. Its not invisible, but it used to be 100 before. So now we have slower Skorpion G with higher penetration, higher DPM, some kind of sidescraping ability. What the hell WG was even thinking, this might be the new powercreep king
  9. Tier:6 HP: 950 Engine Power: 650hp Weight: 57.02 t Power to Weight Ratio: 11.4 Speed: + 40 / -12 kph Hull Traverse: 26 deg/sec Turret Traverse: 20 deg/sec Terrain Resistances: 1.2 / 1.4 / 2.9 Hull Armor: 100/80/80 mm Turret Armor: 100/80/80 mm View Range: 370 m Signal Range: 710 m Crew: 5 Gun: 8.8 cm Kw.K. 36 L / 56 DMG: 220/220/270 Penetration: 145/194/44 mm DPM: 1885.4 Rate of Fire: 8.57 Reload: 7.0 s Accuracy: 0.38 Aim Time: 2.3 sec Depression/Elevation: -8/+15 I dont even see any difference compared to Jap Tiger, so pretty blah. The only reason to get one is to get cheaper German HT trainer or if you are wehraboo/tiger fan/history fan etc. Waiting for updated stats of T-103...
  10. Its not the Tiger 131, it was just speculation if they will take that thing and reskin it. Unlikely, because that tank was very likely intented to be pref MM tank (it appeared to ST like 3 years ago)
  11. The russian tank buffs/changes are likely the main focus of 9.20 (or 9.19.1). I mean, they didnt give ST-I HD model in this patch, yet.
  12. Hopefully this feature gets introduced later on and they put T-103 into tech tree.
  13. Yea this and 74 were the most fun tanks in the line. I dont get the hate, i enjoyed this thing. Just dont play it with fucking 75 for christ sake. Do you want to have Strv 74 that is bigger, derpier, has akward gun location and -5 less depression for better top speed WHOLE TIER HIGHER???
  14. CONSUMAMBLE SALE THO, TIME TO WASTE MILLIONS TO ONIGIRIS AGAIN!!!!!!11 Can you trade multiple premiums for one tank? Would be ultra-awesome if T-103 comes into tech tree, would gladly trade Mod1 and several other lower tier prems for it I only know that you cant trade higher tier prems for lower tier prems. EDIT: shit its avaivable until 15th may
  15. Aka pretty blah. HT No VI is not as terrible anymore as it used to be after getting like 3 buffs but its certainly not very good, either.