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  1. leggasiini

    1.1 Update

    Remember the 279 is not the real 279, its the 726. WG just renamed it to 279 ”early” purely to increase hype or so, so people are still like ”OMG ITS THE 279”. Patch itself looks good, I would say by far the best patch introduced in 2018; it’s just lack of balancing like said a couple of times already that is sad. There are so many tanks that are left behind and some tanks are still OP or just cancerous or both (430U, super conq, Type 4/5, bobject is still stupid, swedish TDs also deserve to die in a fire, etc etc and none of those seem to be reworked anytime soon). Polish tanks are really interesting and doesnt seem bad for the game or gamebreaking or anything, so thats a good thing. 60TP looks so cool and super fun to play, Im really excited, but you know me and how I love goofy and autistic looking tanks with bigass guns. Could be a go-to pubstomper for me thats also not a bento-box xd. Some of the midtiers seem bad, though, but rather that than powercreep tanks. Anyway, I will do a line review, as I will rush through it right from release day, just like I did with Swedish HTs. I’m just copypasting the one I will post on both official forums and Reddit, so I see no reason to not to add it here as well, even if...it’s a bit silent around here nowadays I have said it for long time but new tank lines is always a great addition, AS LONG as they are not gamebreaking, and these tanks are not gamebreaking. I have to be honest, since Italian patch, WG has actually done a good job with new tanks, especially top tiers. Object 277, Progetto 65 and now 60TP are all unique tanks that are strong and fun but still balanced and not cancerous. MAAAAYBEEE Murazor not being the balancehead anymore has to do something with that, hmmm... I have to say, that does give me slight hope when it comes to future tank changes. Bobject changes obviously werent the best possible, but Bobject isnt fixable, anyway. Just bring 263 back and buff it to bring it up to date. PM 2.0 is obviously cool, altho its maybe slightly dissapointing. Arta missions are obviously cancer, cap missions are fucking retarded too. Nation specific missions are cool...I guess? Reward tanks are not much more interesting than first campaign, though. Excalibur is dumb as fuck and seems interesting statistically, so I could have fun with that, but Chimera and 279 are just...ehhh. Chimera is a tier 8 and seems like just a trash version of the 50TP that is faster and 279 is just...as generic as HT could be, with retarded armor layout thrown in that is unfun to use and unfun to play against. Map changes and new maps...hmm. Province being gone from tier 8-10 makes this patch automatically decent, fuck that terrible abomination of a map and everyone who thought it would be a good design at tier 8-10 should be gassed. Mines changes wont fix the main issue of it in randoms, that is unbalanced hill, and it also doesnt change the fact that its just...ehh to play in hightiers, but maybe its a bit better now. Other map changes are...dunno. Glacier is still a fucking huge joke, I felt 0 gameplay differences. I cant say much about new maps yet. Studzianki seems...okay? Pilsen also seems better than OG incarnation, but Minsk seems like Highway mashed with Stalingrad/Kharkov and is basically a map in which EVERYONE goes to that one corner into the most bigass corner corridor fight ever. Minsk has potential to be...awful. But I will never judge new maps before they hit live, because I actually made a huge mistake that Gaycier would end up being a good map, even though its absolutely terrible. There are still shithole maps like Fishermans Bay and Fjords, sadly, although they are apparently changing the latter AGAIN in supertest, in which they actually seem to be touching the north area that was problematic. Who knows. Now with Murazor no longer being the head, maybe the game could at least go into better direction instead of even worse. If only they fixed the tank balance, maps, retardproof armor + premium ammo and probably the main issue, 3-5-7 MM, maybe this game could be great again. But I guess thats good to be true. Meh. I’ll just enjoy the game when I still can (yes, im masochist, but I assume everyone knows that already) and then when its finally time I let it go. But im not worrying about that yet, I want the 60TP first.
  2. leggasiini

    Polish Tier 8 Premium (Project 51)

    Im not the right person to ask. I personally prefer this over Skorp, altho I dont like the Skorp in the first place. Skorp is obviously better at farming damage, though.
  3. leggasiini

    Tier X Polsky - the Levandowsky

    Wouldnt surprise me if test server was coming soonish since line is scheduled to come around Gamescom, which is coming in slightly less than a month. It looks so goofy, I want it
  4. leggasiini

    Polish Tier 8 Premium (Project 51)

    Its very strong when played right but its not idiot proof like defender 440 alpha with -10 depression on sides, lmfao
  5. leggasiini

    Obj 277 - Just a worse 5A?

    IS-7 is very good at facerolling lower tiers but other than that, eh. Hulldown capacities are nice, but the 277 doesnt have that much worse turret, anyway (the cupola is smol and covered by BS spaced armor the optics provide). Gun is way worse in every metric as well. Pen is what hurts the IS-7 the most, though
  6. leggasiini

    Potential Swap Leaked from CT?

    Chi-Ri also has the 8.8cm for some reason... :thinking: IS-4 model is never seen before so it really could be a swap. Notice how the ST-I is also on its top config.
  7. leggasiini

    T-34 Shielded, What to Expect

    Seems really ehh. I’ll just get it for free, probably try to ace and then let it rot
  8. leggasiini

    Prognosis of 705A?

    Man I still miss him ;__; Pretty much. People whine that its bad but it really isnt. Its capable of carrying and winning. However, the gun is really aids so its not fun to play. The turret placement with -5 dep does not help, either. If the 60TP Lewandowskiego gets released the way it is, though, I dont see a big reason to play this over it. All the 705A has over it is better top speed (and ram capabilities) and being slightly better at sidescraping, but the 60TP has better turret placement, is better at hulldown, has a much better gun with dank HE and has more health.
  9. leggasiini

    I give up... (after 8 years)

    Not only they ruined scouting, they also made the maps more campy with billions of doublebush opportunities, making scouts useless but maps are also just campy. Basically unfun for everything except maybe TDs and arties.
  10. leggasiini

    I give up... (after 8 years)

    3-5-7 combined with shit balance, increasing power difference between the tiers is a problem, and if there is something that will make me leave the game, its that. Arty is cancer but its always been there and unless it becomes somehow worse (which wont happen cus arty was so much worse in 2013 and earlier) it wont be the main reason to kick me out of the game. I want to highlight a recent big issue - the maps. These days, the maps are overall FUCKING AWFUL. This game always has bad maps, but 1.0 made it MUCH worse - Almost every map just got worse. There are actually just a few, literally a few maps that are kinda consistently enjoyable (and even then, you could get cucked if you play certain tanks - two some of the best maps in the game IMO - Redshire and Himmelsdorf, can both cuck you, Redshire north spawn is aids for non-fast heavies and Himmels is bad for paper TDs and LTs that lack good firepower, tho every map should not be completely equal for every tank class). Here is a few of poor map designs: - maps that are basically a corridor simulator (mountain pass, abbey) - maps that are technically not too awful otherwise but becomes a shitfest the moment it has too many arties (prokho, sand river, steppes) - maps that are clearly unbalanced (mines, live oaks) - maps that are overly campy (malinovka standard, prok with a lot of arties, erlenberg (lol still a campfest, but hey, its different now so is fine!)) - maps that heavily favor one class and puts some of them at disadvantage (a lot of the maps, but Paris is a good example because anything that isnt a heavy sucks here) The worst maps, that I would to call ”the craptastic four” are combination of those traits mentioned earlier. Its fucking insane how these maps even got into the game. I almost want to legit kms when I get one of these maps. Here we go: - Fishermans Bay AKA Shittermans Gay: Such a joke, used to be alright but now its fucking terrible. City is even harder to reach and push without dying, 1-2 line is also harder to push without dying. Everyone just go middle and its literally abusing a hugeass lane of bushes. The moment someone spots you from an awkward angle, you’re screwed. It’s super campy, its super boring and unfun to play, and it becomes twice as bad with arties. Oh yes. - Glacier AKA Gaycier: This map is hilarious. You got the north flank, that is fucking garbage - if someone goes to middle, you get spotted and there is legitimately no way to avoid it and get shot at if you play a heavy and try to go to north. Not just that, you cant push from north because of the campers. So north is trash, just trash. South takes forever to reach and push, middle is a clusterfuck with zero arty cover whatsoever, the aircraft carrier makes things even more retarded. It results in a super poorly made campfest map with limited possibilities to push and you get shit on by arty 24/7. Its fun only when ur playing a tank that is fast, has turret armor, has gun depression and when there isnt a single arty and next to no TDs. And like thats never gonna happen. - Province: This map can go fuck itself and everyone who designed it can also go fuck themselves. Its absolutely horribly designed in every metric. Everything about it is bad - its campy AND corridory, its hard to push and do anything, capping is completely impossible, arties can shit on retarded spots where they shouldnt be able, both spawns have most retarded superbushes where you can hide anything reliably so pushing is impossible there, and its unbalanced. More often than not it lasts more than 13 minutes. Woohoo. - Fjords. Its unbalanced as fuck, even after the changes. Its super poorly designed. Its unfun with pretty much anything. Its either a super awkward corridor where arta can shit on (only place where it can even do anything, and that is when it positions correctly), a risky area in the middle that works from the better spawn anyway and a crossfire camp hell at the north. It has every shittyness mashed into one deformed abomination puked by a crayon eating mongoloid into a napkin. The only good thing about it is that it looks really beautiful aestethically. I personally get so triggered about the maps sometimes. If they keep introducing maps like the 4 I mentioned, I can see myself quitting the game sooner than I would expect. That and 3-5-7 is really fucking awful and at this point should be just reverted into old one with a few good thing taken like classes being matched against each other, arta platoons removed and limited to 3. Man I love this game, it would have such a fucking huge potential but the devs are retarded ;__;
  11. leggasiini

    Tier X Polsky - the Levandowsky

    Yeah, I think that was it.
  12. leggasiini

    Tier X Polsky - the Levandowsky

    He is still part of the balance team IIRC, just doenst have as significant role anymore. I dont know, with weakspots, weak side, shit pen and bad mobility, this thing doesnt seem too powerful, but like said earlier, I cant tell too much.
  13. leggasiini

    Tier X Polsky - the Levandowsky

    Hard to say yet, the mobility seems poor and it has weakspots, and 317 HEAT, while workable, is still somewhat limiting. I dont feel like it will get toned down, it doesnt seem gamebreaking other than the fact the HE is kinda broken, and if it gets toned down, there is a risk of it becoming crap. Its quite unique and offers a new kind of playstyle, so it doesnt really have a direct competitor, except maybe the E 100, but even then this is more a hulldown vehicle than sidescraper. Pre-nerf 277 being too good was very easy to see because the tank was, and still is very comparable to the 5A. It was better than the 5A and 5A already is arguably toned a bit too high. E 100 in return is definitely not even close to be OP; its closer to be too weak than too good (the tank itself is balanced, but the powerlevel getting higher ofc makes the tank indirectly weaker and weaker), so it being overall stronger than the E 100 is likely not a bad thing in WG’s eyes. And like said, it wont powercreep the E 100 because the playstyle is different. E 100 has much better HEAT, too, so as long as it has that advantage, it should be fine. I can see HE getting nerfed to 950, but thats about it.
  14. leggasiini

    Tier X Polsky - the Levandowsky

    Maaan, so many times I wanted to make a thread but then always kept forgetting, glad someone went in and did one Armor layout (skip to 3:00): So basically: * UFP is super though, driver hatch however is 260 effective * LFP is cheese but well angled so maybe it could be autoricochet from right angle * entire side is 100 and it seems to lack Russkie bullshit space * turret is ridiculously tough * there is a hole on the mantlet but its probably when shot from at an angle instead directly from front * cupola is there but its smol * turret roof overmatchable by 152mm guns Armor looks solid enough. Thing is tho is that it has 2.6k HP + -8 dep + okay reverse speed + 750 alpha so armor not being perfect is fine. It also has good accuracy for that massive alpha, so 317 HEAT is not as much pain in the ass as on the 705A. It also gets dank HE. Hulldown tank with ability to spank good HE is scary, as that kind of thing will smack SConqs away from hulldown positions better than anything else. It seems slow, though, but thats fine. Even E 100 levels of mobility wouldnt be too bad, and this thing is supposedly still more mobile than the E 100. RIP 705A, this thing is basically just better, but then again, the 705A does have issues, so its not that bad. 705A has speed advantage...I guess? Visually it looks super dope but autistic at the same time. I fucking love it. I’m super excited for it. It seems very fun to play for me. Tier 9 seems super broken with 560 alpha and 2.5k DPM tho, but im pretty sure that DPM is a placeholder
  15. Cheek weakspot is a terrible concept, unless you make the front so strong that it reliably resists premium ammo when you angle your front on the cornerns. If you dont make the front that strong, we are on the absolute same situation as we were before the buffs. It works okay on the Liberte, but again, that thing has strong enough frontal to bounce same tier prem ammo when angled, and it has no frontal weakspots other than cupola so it also works on flat ground. Like already mentioned, make the UFP significantly stronger, remove the hull cheeks altogether (no arguments to defend this - not even historical accuracy, because the Type 4/5 hull was most certainly was more like the O-I without tits than a bigass Chi-To/Chi-Ri) make the mantlet absorb shots as well, make the cupola smaller but weaker (kinda like E75 cupola), make the spaced side less BS and make the LFP pennable.