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  1. IIRC that is CN server exclusive, too 2.1k base DPM is still very low for tier 8 TD, especially considering the 390 alpha, but it still balanced. It compensates that for great acc and aim time, good mobility and somewhat okay (but not great unless using -8 depression) armor.
  2. They are part of bootcamp training mode. There were things like tier 2 LTP and tier 2 SU-76I (lol) with deflated HP pools. Nothing special really.
  3. LFP buffed by 30 mm and lower side armor to 150 ---------- Also they analraped Batchat: 105mm gun is gone and 100mm pen is buffed to 252/278. Wow. Worse alpha, worse magazine potential and longer overall time to empty the clip. But the worst thing, the 278 gold pen. The clip reload is 34 now though, and it FINALLY has HD model but still. They said in their RU forum topic that they do this "to make it more different from 50B"...but it wasnt even close to 50B clone to even begin with, so it doesnt make any sense in that regard like 30B change did (atleast that is more or less a Leo 1 clone). Also they fail even on that, reworked bat is actually closer to TVP than current bat is to 50 B.
  4. Source: http://forum.worldoftanks.ru/index.php?/topic/1902610-переработанные-французские-танки-на-супертест/#topmost (russian) AMX 30 and AMX 30 B As currently they are more or less identical to Leopard PTA and Leopard 1, they get readjusted so they become bit different. 1. Turret armor gets significantly increased 2. DPM and dispersion on move gets buffed 3. Accuracy and penetration gets nerfed (0.34 and 249, respectively). AMX 30 armor buffs: AMX 30 B: French TDs (tier 8-10: 1. Tier 8-10 gets autoloading 120 mm guns, as already mentioned. Foch 155 gets renamed to Foch B, and gets 6 round 120 mm gun. 2. Side armor gets buffed to prevent overmatching. 3. On tier 8-9, the mobility gets changed so its similar to tier 10 (nerf?). AMX AC 48: AMX 50 Foch: AMX 50 Foch B (formerly AMX 50 Foch 155) Apparently, they will soon announce changes to "vehicle his transfer to HD quality is waiting for a very, very many players", which very likely is Batchat 25t. To be fair, I dont think it really needs changes, but we will see. Looks promising actually, only complaiment that they are absolutely throwing historical accuracy out of window, but whatever I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. For a moment I thought that, too. However, I got told that the max bloom is buffed at same time as the traverse speed gets nerfed. Slower traverse = better effective bloom. They have never listed that stat before, though, so it indeed caused alot of confusion. Im still surprised how they didnt announce any changes to derp gun or 14cm (nerf for former, buff for latter).
  6. The problem with Jap heavies is how WG decided to balance them. The O-Ni and O-Ho never existed (note: they are not WG fakes however, they have bit complicated history), and Type 4/5 armor were also purely created by WG, leaving the O-I only tank in the line (lowtier non superheavies doesnt count in this case) with historical/semi-historical armor. The problem is the armor design: WG went in, took this, and used it as basis for all Jap heavies, assuming they are all related to the O-I (which they probably are, Type 4/5 might be reworked version of O-I). This obviously causes problems. Another problem is guns. Derps are bad for game, but you cant just remove them; you need to do something for other guns. Tier 6-10 derps are the best guns on the entire line, with tier 8-10 having basically only 1 viable gun and that is the derp gun. Especially the O-Ho would become so terrible that Tiger II and Caernarvon would look good if derp gets removed, as that gun is the strongest point of the tank (its armor is good but worse than most jap heavies, is pennable by most same tier heavy AP way more reliably unlike lets say Type 5). Even with 10cm that has gold O-Ho would be still probably worst tier 8 heavy, as even with gold the 10cm would be just "bad" instead of floor trash like it is now, on overall pretty shitty platform. I did write rework proposal on TAP few weeks ago, this is TL;DR version of it: - downtier lowtiers - uptier O-I to tier 7 and buff it (HP, new gun option, mobility etc, basically O-Ni with worse armor but better guns) - add new tanks to midtiers (there are candidates, we just dont know really anything about them YET, some of them are just improved versions of type 95s while atleast one of them is apparently a 30-50 tonne heavy that would fit to tier 5) - rework O-Ni and make it premium tank - give O-Ho 127mm gun with poor DPM but good pen and alpha, also give it less depression problems than derp gun, give gold for 10cm and buff gun handling - remove derps on type 4/5 - buff 14cm pen to 259/302, buff DPM and accuracy slightly - rework armor layout so that they have weakspots but non weakspot areas are stronger, nerf side armor on type 5 - Alternatively make armor worse but make 14cm guns even stronger, basically something like between a HT and TD guns, making the tanks like huge T30s that are slower and has worse turret but better DPM, gun handling, stupidly high HP and better hull armor. The 14cm guns would be potentially unique, you just need to adjust them (overall buffs).
  7. 220 cupola armor would rape the tank, though. Huge cupola shouldnt be a weakspot for such a massive and slow tank that wouldnt even wiggle properly. LFP weakspot that is comparable to E100 expect maybe marginally stronger would have been fine, though.
  8. You mean pre-buff, because tier 10 is now probably the 2nd strongest tank in the line (O-I Exp is still more broken though it is not even close as brainless to play and it did get hurt a bit for no longer meeting tier 3s which were hilarous to rape, tho tier 4 gets similar fate anyways so whatever), i assume? - tier 7 is alright - tier 8 is keks, but tier 8 mm is aids - tier 9 is cancer to play so if i chose one to skip its this, also the grind is stupidly long
  9. http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/633648-920-supertest-of-rebalanced-vehicles/page__pid__14441243#entry14441243 O-I Exp loses 10cm gun, gets mobility nerf but gains armor buffs. O-I gets rear armor nerf O-Ho gets 250 - 260 mm pen gold ammo for 10 cm, tho with the current MM the derp should be still no doubt better gun Type 4 and Type 5 gets mobility changes (not sure how, it isnt specified but probably buffs), and the driver hatches in front become "weakspots". No changes for derp guns in sight, but we will see. Armor changes: O-I Exp: O-I's ass armor: Type 4: Type 5: Will update the topic if we get more specific changes. -------------------------- My thoughts: I wouldnt call those proper "weakspots" on Type 5 as you will still need gold more or less but its better than nothing. Also if they dont buff 14cm and/or fix (remove) the derp gun on Type 4/5 im kinda pissed, but hey, WG is actually trying to fix their game by giving tanks fucking weakspots, what the fuck is this, 2013?. Did Murazor get fired? Just when I quit WG announces stuff that actually seems promising. Brilliant.
  10. Decided to uninstall this shithole game.

    I used to enjoy this game quite alot until last 2 months, and especially last week. It has been nothing but complete shitfest and every single session have been extremely frusating and I cant find any form of enjoyment.

    The game is going down the shitter at amazing speed since last few months, and only becomes worse and worse. WG implements only more retarded premiums, P2W shit, refuses to implement stuff people actually wants (ESPECIALLY THE NEW MAPS, fuck HD maps, I know looks matter too but this game desperately needs more maps or atleast fix the completely awful, 100% unenjoyable shitter maps like Paris). And all thanks to the fucking mongoloid who became to the balance lead.

    Probably will come back some day if they do something, but until then, WoT and WG can go fuck themselves in the ass, and hard.

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      good, one less shitlord playing japanese heavies.


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      I've been off for 3 weeks. Well, bar the 1 ranked battle over the weekend for the lols. 121B is meta, i swear. 

      It feels fucking great. I'm not getting pissed off at other people, the rng, superheavies, etc (granted i never really dwelled on it long anyway) and am really enjoying other games. 

      I might be back for CW when the season starts but i don't see myself playing random/ranked battles.

  11. Or can we just design our own tanks at this point?
  12. Like Gehakte already said, WG creations like E-50M, T28 prot or even the WT E100, while ridiculius and unrealistic, atleast look like a tanks and would be at very least be some kind of obscure "projects" or "what if" kind of tanks. These anime tanks in return are not even realistic anyhow and look like they are not from IRL-style universe, but actual non-real tanks. And one of them (nameless) is also fucking OP, and OVERPRICED ON TOP OF THAT, making it also ultimate P2W tank and as retarded icing cake you cannot even swap the anime crew and no one told about that anywhere, so you cannot even use it as crew trainer. If this hits EU then I will probably say bye as well, and I am sure I wont be only one who will do that.
  13. Expect the thing is that if you look at color code, the 89 mm casemate armor is listed as yellow-green, yet on that picture its red. In tanks.gg, the casemate front is colored almost similarly as lower plate, aka yellow-green. The highest thickness, 225 mm, is coded red. The 2nd thickest part is 112 mm and thats yellow-orange. The HD CGC actually has 225 casemate armor.
  14. Cant wait to go hulldown against Defender, bounce it and pen its LFP with APCR I dare you to tell ANYTHING POSSIBLE that would introduce more salt than that