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  1. leggasiini

    Murazor Q&A

    1 v 1 scenarios could kinda explain things. A Bobject can very well lose a 1 v 1 fight, because it still lacks a turret.
  2. leggasiini

    We Need More Russian Premiums (T-34/E)

    They kinda confirmed that PM 2.0 are coming later this year, probably around end of the year, tho
  3. leggasiini

    On Allchat

    I still miss it :v And I feel like the game is toxic as hell just as always, so...
  4. leggasiini

    Masochism thread

    Tier 8 definitely counts; most people consider it utter trash and way worse than the tier 9. Tier 10 is also a POS so there is that as well
  5. I have finally done it, haHAA


    am I the reincarnation of Satan

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    2. Wanderjar


      this is almost more cancer than arty

    3. leggasiini


      @Errants yes except for the O-I Exp which was marked before the changes

    4. Archaic_One


      :eww: congrats I guess

  6. I honestly dont mind if the gun is really, really absurd on this thing, like it is currently. Nerfing the accuracy or pen makes it just more like 5A and if anything makes it a clone of that. This thing should be extremely enjoyable to play with that kind of comfiness on its gun. I would just keep nerfing the armor before touching the gun, if this thing ends up being OP. I wouldnt mind if the armor of this thing was exaclty the same as the T-10, that gun is just so fucking good. Good contender for the strongest HT gun in the entire game. I honestly actually that the hull armor is bleh, for quite a few reasons, as well. It doesnt need hull armor with that turret, goodish mobility and an amazing gun, but knowing WG’a crayon eater department, it will have retardproof armor. The only thing that is kinda off is the premium ammo being APCR. It feels like that it should be HEAT instead of APCR. Just look at the pen, and even the T-10 has HEAT so it would make sense. 350 APCR is kinda overkill, IMO.
  7. leggasiini

    Renault G1 or the G1R and oh my goddess, what have they done...

    Most pointless branch in the game. Literally. At least Churchill GC unlocks a gun that can be used later on that line (which arguably night be useful cus alpha) and it gets extra points for its shittyness alone so it is a great masochist tank to 3 mark. The French branch doesnt even offer that. G1 R is bad, but its not complete mega trash like some other tanks.
  8. leggasiini

    We Need More Russian Premiums (T-34/E)

    Probably the first reward of Personal Missions 2.0. Makes more than sense, IMO. Its very fitting for that.
  9. leggasiini

    Spend free xp where?

    Object 277 seems strong, but yeah, it will take at least ~3 months before its here, so might as well grind the line instead. Definitely use the free XP for SConq line, so you can avoid the legendary shitter trio before the Caernarvon (which is rly good now).
  10. leggasiini

    Fjords 1.0

    Worst map in the history. Its extremely unbalanced AND its completely awful to play as well. I dont enjoy it even from the superior side. Most bad maps are bad because either they are unbalanced (Live Oaks) or simply just really shit to play in (Paris). Fjords, however, is both.
  11. leggasiini

    How to balance the 268-4?

    Its actually hard to nerf properly while keeping it unique. Nerfing the top speed to 40 is too much because then it becomes another super boring turretless assault TD. The top speed is fine, however, the fact how reliably it hits is stupid as hell. The pen is also fine; dropping it too low makes the tank completely ass to play (nobody fuckinf plays the Foch B due to that). IMO this is the way to go: - nerf reverse speed from 23 to 13-15 - nerf engine power from 1500 to 1100 (just below 15 hp/ton) - nerf side armor significantly; make entirety of it 80. Reduce the angled sides on front of the casemate from 220 to as weak as possible so they are easily pennable from the side but are not pennable from front - reduce rangefinder armor from 250 to like 120 (same as OG 268); its super small so it should be so weak that you should be able to autopen it when you hit it - make LFP of the LFP like 20mm thick so its an autopen (again, a really small weakspot) - nerf dispersion on moving/turning by like 30%, or even more, but keep the fast aim time - in return, make the UFP like 150mm thick so u cant pen that anymore and makes the armor layout much less awkward. In general it is a super stupid ”weakspot” because it basically relies on RNG and on your angle compared to the 268v4. RNG weakspot that relies on gold spam is an awful concept, and not really necessary anymore if you have two easily pennable (but smol) weakspots. Buff casemate armor by 20-30mm to make sure its not HEAT spammable. Not like it matters anyway as nobody shoots there, but its just to make the armor layout more consistent. The playstyle stays as the same even with all of the changes, but you just cant play like a braindead moron anymore. The cupola is now penned by everything it faces, so yoloing and facehugging like a baboon doesnt work anymore. Or well, it does, but you’re not invulnerable like you are now against many targets. People will still panic when they see the Russian version of Thomas the tank engine yoloing full speed towards them. Reverse speed and side armor nerf makes it actually really vulnerable to be flanked. The reverse speed should be shit, so it actually gets flanked easily. Gun handling is still good even with massive bloom nerf, because the aim time is still amazing. The bloom nerf simply means that it cant snapshot on the move anymore. Engine power nerf means that it wont reach the top speed as fast as it does now. It’s mobility is still a strong trait of the tank, but it no longer should be able to outpace medium tanks like it does now. It accelerates much slower than it does now. The armor layout is much more consistent now, and has two obvious weakspots, not retarded RNG HEAT spam weakspots. Basically, the reverse speed nerf, side armor nerf, bloom nerf, armor layout changed to be more consistent, and the major engine power nerf means that the tank cant just rape everything like it does now. The playstyle, however, stays largely the same - it still has great yoloing/rushing capability, like it does now. The difference is that it actually needs much, much more support, and is completely fucked when its alone.
  12. Since the Type5 is not getting nerfed, I’ll wonder if they are introducing some super cancer superheavy with a derp gun...or they’ll rebalance 705A into a better Type5 :^)
  13. Apparently 277’s premium round is APCR So...350 mm pen APCR on a HT? LUL
  14. LFP is probably tougher, which means it probably roflstomps lowtiers better than 430U. It has 200 extra HP as well so there is that