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    Spend free xp where?

    Object 277 seems strong, but yeah, it will take at least ~3 months before its here, so might as well grind the line instead. Definitely use the free XP for SConq line, so you can avoid the legendary shitter trio before the Caernarvon (which is rly good now).
  2. leggasiini

    Fjords 1.0

    Worst map in the history. Its extremely unbalanced AND its completely awful to play as well. I dont enjoy it even from the superior side. Most bad maps are bad because either they are unbalanced (Live Oaks) or simply just really shit to play in (Paris). Fjords, however, is both.
  3. leggasiini

    How to balance the 268-4?

    Its actually hard to nerf properly while keeping it unique. Nerfing the top speed to 40 is too much because then it becomes another super boring turretless assault TD. The top speed is fine, however, the fact how reliably it hits is stupid as hell. The pen is also fine; dropping it too low makes the tank completely ass to play (nobody fuckinf plays the Foch B due to that). IMO this is the way to go: - nerf reverse speed from 23 to 13-15 - nerf engine power from 1500 to 1100 (just below 15 hp/ton) - nerf side armor significantly; make entirety of it 80. Reduce the angled sides on front of the casemate from 220 to as weak as possible so they are easily pennable from the side but are not pennable from front - reduce rangefinder armor from 250 to like 120 (same as OG 268); its super small so it should be so weak that you should be able to autopen it when you hit it - make LFP of the LFP like 20mm thick so its an autopen (again, a really small weakspot) - nerf dispersion on moving/turning by like 30%, or even more, but keep the fast aim time - in return, make the UFP like 150mm thick so u cant pen that anymore and makes the armor layout much less awkward. In general it is a super stupid ”weakspot” because it basically relies on RNG and on your angle compared to the 268v4. RNG weakspot that relies on gold spam is an awful concept, and not really necessary anymore if you have two easily pennable (but smol) weakspots. Buff casemate armor by 20-30mm to make sure its not HEAT spammable. Not like it matters anyway as nobody shoots there, but its just to make the armor layout more consistent. The playstyle stays as the same even with all of the changes, but you just cant play like a braindead moron anymore. The cupola is now penned by everything it faces, so yoloing and facehugging like a baboon doesnt work anymore. Or well, it does, but you’re not invulnerable like you are now against many targets. People will still panic when they see the Russian version of Thomas the tank engine yoloing full speed towards them. Reverse speed and side armor nerf makes it actually really vulnerable to be flanked. The reverse speed should be shit, so it actually gets flanked easily. Gun handling is still good even with massive bloom nerf, because the aim time is still amazing. The bloom nerf simply means that it cant snapshot on the move anymore. Engine power nerf means that it wont reach the top speed as fast as it does now. It’s mobility is still a strong trait of the tank, but it no longer should be able to outpace medium tanks like it does now. It accelerates much slower than it does now. The armor layout is much more consistent now, and has two obvious weakspots, not retarded RNG HEAT spam weakspots. Basically, the reverse speed nerf, side armor nerf, bloom nerf, armor layout changed to be more consistent, and the major engine power nerf means that the tank cant just rape everything like it does now. The playstyle, however, stays largely the same - it still has great yoloing/rushing capability, like it does now. The difference is that it actually needs much, much more support, and is completely fucked when its alone.
  4. Since the Type5 is not getting nerfed, I’ll wonder if they are introducing some super cancer superheavy with a derp gun...or they’ll rebalance 705A into a better Type5 :^)
  5. Apparently 277’s premium round is APCR So...350 mm pen APCR on a HT? LUL
  6. LFP is probably tougher, which means it probably roflstomps lowtiers better than 430U. It has 200 extra HP as well so there is that
  7. And in general the gun being flat out better
  8. That terrain resistance is exactly the same as the IS-7, I think, and it has roughly similar HP/ton. The IS-7 is not exactly super slow, anyway. I honestly think the speed is fairly reasonable. You need to consider the fact that the gun is very, very good on the Object 277. In fact, it might be one of the best guns of all HTs in the game, because it has literally everything. SConq doesn't have alpha nor overmatch potential. Not only the 277 has 490 alpha, overmatch capability and fairly good DPM, it also has good aim time, very nice base accuracy, quite solid shell velocity, good dispersion values and the best penetration of all HTs in the game. 265 AP is really nice and comfy, and 350 HEAT is very strong in current meta, especially on a reliable, hard hitting gun. The gun is so much better than IS-7's that it's not even funny. 5A's gun is also quite potato compared to 277's. We don't know the actual armor layout, but it seems to be much better than on the T-10, and probably better than on the 5A. It's not a real pike nose either; it's more like the egg shape hull of the US tanks. Due to that, it should be able to sidescrape better than the T-10 and 5A, and probably not be much worse on that than the IS-7. Hell, the turret seems very good as well (again, likely better than 5A's, unless the cupola is really, really weak and bigger than it seems, or if it has overmatch spots). And there is a chance that the entire side armor is 114 mm thick; in that case, the lower side armor would be better than IS-7's. The armor is probably not THAT much worse than on the IS-7. What I predict is that the 5A and IS-7 will both be better tanks for CW than this. 5A has -7 depression and DPM, IS-7 has HP and near-gold-immune turret (I feel like the turret of 277 will still be pennable on some areas, at least on cupolas). However, 277 has super comfy gun, and the armor and mobility seems good enough. It probably bullies lower tiers very well, and due to comfiness of the gun, is probably more fun to play than the IS-7 and 5A. So, with that in the mind, the 277 is probably a more fun pub tank than neither IS-7 or 5A. In fact, it should be a very nice tank for pubs, just because the gun stats alone. Will wait and see, though. Personally I would probably make the armor shittier but mobility better (by buffing resists), but I'm gonna wait until this tank hits test server. K-91 seems trash, though
  9. Object 277 actually existed, tho - one of them still sits in Kubinka today! But yeah, they should kinda give more love for other nations (where is muh Japanese TD line :v)
  10. It was meant to be a heavy tank IRL, so yeah... IIRC it had like 150mm side armor or something as well. I have no idea why they made this thing a MT. Probably a lack of candidates, I guess (STG with just enough buffs would have been a better tier X, I guess, but heyyyy that is already a premium so eh).
  11. leggasiini

    First Look at New Soviet Tier 10's (2019 release)

    277 has very, very nice penetration at 265 with standard and 350 with HEAT, and 0.35 base accuracy. Its literally the T-10 but at tier 10. Its also faster than the 5A ans probably can reach its speed better than the IS-7, so its overall the fastest out of the bunch. It has worse DPM and depression than the 5A, tho It should be very enjoyable to play cus it shares the exact the same traits as the T-10 that makes it enjoyable
  12. T-44-100 got a major buff *twice*, though, so there is that. It used to be quite ehh before the buffs. I actually personally prefer the T-44-100 over the Lorraine. Those two are the best T8 MTs I would say. Progetto seems like it could compete with good hands, tho
  13. leggasiini

    SU-152 Fan Club

    Except ISU no longer has the 122s the SU gets so if you are just grinding, its pointless to reaearch them.
  14. WoT’s 7th anniversary special is coming in a few days so my guess is that they are releasing it then. Reason why Russkies got it earlier is because their WoT anniversary day is on a completely different day, I guess. Just hold your horses, it will come.
  15. leggasiini

    Masochism thread

    Time to revive this thread:
  16. I have dreamed about 3 marking the TOG since they introduced MoE system. Back then though, I had like 1200 recents or something, so it was nothing but an impossible dream.

    Almost 4 years later...


    I have finally done it ;__;

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      Admire myself and produce autistic noices, obviously :>

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      Gratz man :poi:

      May I ask what are requirements for 3 marks on battleship?

  17. leggasiini

    Object 705...thread

    Dont see a thread for this thing, so here you go! I actually liked the IS-M, and powergrinded it to get this...thing unlocked and bought today. Its...weird: - 2k HP is nice - the armor is...wonky, but when positioned right, its immensely powerful. Got 9k blocked game on my 3rd battle :^). Its bit like Kranvagn except sidescraper version of it, but the armor can bounce something outside of its perfect position, unlike Kran lol - guns are...autistic as hell. 122 has very nice APCR velocity and good DPM with nice alpha and overmatch ability, but the HEAT sucks, its derpy and the APCR can feel powerless in terms of penetration. 130 mm is...autistic as hell. Nice alpha goes well with the HP pool, but 0.44 base accuracy is haHAA. Also its keks to roll for 370, and when your asking yourself ”why this gun exists”, you roll for 607 with the next shot... - its slow, but I dont mind that, also the speed is fairly solid when downhill Anybody else played this?
  18. leggasiini

    AMX 65t "appreciation" thread

    Heheey, its been years since I have made a thread here. ------- Dear fucking god this tank is a massive piece of shit. hull armor, haHAAA, nope, tier 7 HTs rape it with standard ammo from any angle, even tier 6 HTs can pen it (with AP) even tier 6 meds can just punch through it with gold... gun handling is fucking terrible, 3.2 sec aim time huehuehue the mobiity is a lie, it has mobility of the Liberte; hell, Liberte feels actually more mobile than this, the terrain resists must suck REALLY hard, goes like 30 on flat typical Liberte's shitter cupola 1450 HP sucks 300 alpha is not rly that good when the GH feels like something that has 400 alpha Funnily enough the stock turret seems to be way better than top one. The top turret cupola is Foch levels of huge, it has only -8 depression, less elevation, quite a lot higher mass (even worse mobility), and the turret is only 250 effective so tier 8 gold and tier 9/10 standard ammo can actually pen the turret, and its huge. For that it has more HP, bit better DPM, better aim time (still fucking bad), and 10m more view range. Oh and it can mount 120 mil tho I am uncertain of using that because that just means playing 50k XP more with this and it no longer has that BS 325 pen APCR. At least stock turret has very nice armor when hull down unless they shoot your cupola (but its not huge like top turret), and is a much smaller target, and has -10 depression. Small sample size (7 battles), but my DPG is only 1400, which is 350-600 (700 lower than the O-Ho) lower than my other tier 8 HTs... and Im afraid that RNG has actually FAVORED me (I hit utterly retarded snapshots and got top tier 3-5-7 3 times, only 1-2 tier 10 games). My M4 45 has almost the same DPG and we all know how great that thing is. Dear fucking god, did we really need a literal HT version of TVP VTU?
  19. leggasiini

    AMX M4 mle. 54

    Which gun your using? If your using the 120, thats the issue. I got 3.1k DPG with it and my recents are way lower than yours :v Its not amazing but I find it quite fun and its...playable. 560 alpha with solid mobility and rather reliable gun stats feels unique.
  20. leggasiini


    If yout think the O-Ni is insane, just wait until you get full gold HE type5 lmao
  21. leggasiini

    O-Ho Appreciation Thread

    You play it like a support tank. The derp is actually a very nice tool with current retarded mm and tier 10s. Being able to damage 268 V4s for example is something that literally any other tier 8 could only dream of. As retarded as it sounds like, let bulkier heavies take hits, and derp enemies whenever they reload or are not focusing on you. AP against certain tanks that you can overmatch like Object 257 can be extremely powerful (but risky) tool once mastered. Generally you dont rely on armor unless against lowertiers (in current MM? haHAA). Best way to use it is overangle and then have an ally, or a small obstacle and use it to hide your side. This also solves depression issues, but it takes some time to do it properly. The platform is quite shit but tbf it never has been good. Its all about that derp. My DPG in recent half a year is still 2050ish or so, which is higher than any other of my tier 8s. It can still work, it just takes a long time to get used to it (well I have played 3000 battles in total...) and you actually need to think in order to play the tank, unlike pretty much the entire the rest of the branch.
  22. :serb: 


  23. leggasiini

    Obj705A - No one really plays this?

    Thats a fair point, to be fair. I mean, 705A is not really a clone of anything, so I guess its something. I still want one...but jeez 0.44 base accuracy seems like somewhat aids at tier 10.
  24. leggasiini

    Object 268 version WTF were they thinking?

    E5 gets nerfed right before powercreep started, which seemed a reasonable nerf bur nowadays E5 sucks. Type 5 was a massive pos before buffs, being way shittier than the Maus, and then it became one of the best tier 10 HTs, and then they gave it the most useless nerf they have ever given to any tank. If anything, these recent armor changes has negated those nerfs completely because the Type 5 can damage all these overarmored piece of shits in situations where others couldnt. Funnily enough, the last time WG actually nerfed anything was the Maus and Type 5, and latter didnt even get an actual nerf. At this rate its more likely they just keep buffing everything to the 268 V4’s level instead of nerfing the 268 V4 cus LOL powercreep WG hasnt done almost anything properly recently tbh