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  1. So, they are now selling it (just checked prem shop) for just below 40 euros. Its like UDES with 1/3 worse mobility, its fatter and has completely locked gun but it has armor that works against some meds and patriots and it has bit more DPM. Yay? Will any of you pick this thing up?
  2. Type 5 is awesome, i love it. But what about Type 4 heavy? - Super flat armor like Type 5, however thin enough to get penned by same tier heavy AP surprisngly often? Check. - Cheeks that are 200mm thick, have ammorack behind them and negates tank's ability to anyhow sidescrape? Check. - Has Maus-sized ammorack inside? Check. - Super OP DPM that is worse than many T5 HTs? Check. - So slow that his brother looks actually sporty? Check. - Aims almost like arty? Check. - Arty's ultimate wet dream? Check. - Derp gun that has arty-like gun handling and reload? Check Basically: "how to make stronk tenk terrible tenk" What you think about this gamebreaking tank that definely doesnt attract 2 another totally not broken things (arty and gold ammo) to slaughter it ps: I have 50 80 higher DPG on my O-Ho than Type 4...
  3. 25x pleb HE, reeeee
  4. Type 5's 14cm still has 282 gold pen after 2 years and that gun has much worse gun handling and 0.07 worse base accuracy on a slowass platform, so... I really hope they buff the 14cm on Types some day, its still such s shit gun
  5. Super Conqueror is quite bad tbh so its not really only AMX's fault its poeercreeped before release lol. Like seriously, SC has notably worse bloom than Connqueror and its slower...
  6. Fucking hell, remember how E5 was considered as the best tier 10 in the game like less than year ago, and now the powercreep has gone so far that it might be in state of needing a buff. I mean, the cupola nerf came but the tank was already great with the shit cupola like it had before HD.
  7. 0.33 accuracy + 2.2 sec aim time + ok bloom though, it should actually be very decent. Its bit like Type 5's 14cm except it has 0.07 better accuracy (lol), better GH and its on a faster platform. Type 5's 14cm would indeed be way better if it was more accurate and on faster platform. The pen is still a problem, though. The 127 on tier 9 is horseshit tho, dunno why anyone would use it
  8. Nah, Cranevagina also has 390 VR. Same problem with Liberte, its shit sidescraper and so are these. Just angle the front from corners
  9. The gold pen on T8 is probably a placeholder. Remember thats the gold pen the tank used to have when it was leaked in 2016, but it slso had 257 AP or something. They did the ssme thing with the AMX 30s - they nerfed the regular pen but didnt nerf the gold pen - gold pen got eventually nerfed as well. No way this is intentional, especislly considering the fact its APCR. Looking at the normal pen, the gold pen is probably supposed to be like 240-250, which will be very shitty in current mm. The 100mm looks already better on that. Small gun is the best for tier 8-9 but for tier 10 the bigass gun is visblr because almost the same GH, very good acc and aim time for that gun and even the DPM is almost the same. 280 gold pen is super sucky, though. Atleast Type 5 14cm no longer has shittiest non-HE gold in its tier, though that is gun with 0.07 worse accuracy and slow as fuck platform.
  10. THE TIER 10 NAVAL GUN THO THE T H I C C UMMMM YEAAA ITS SOOO THICCC Liberte, Type 5 and M103 banged each other and this is the result I know what i am gonna grind next heee heee Also the stats are real, I was one who noticed them first among the TAP team, just didnt post cus I dont speak cyka blyat :^)
  11. https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2016/08/25/emil-i-emil-ii-pictures/ Tier 8, EMIL I Tier 9, EMIL II Essentially same design as Kranvagn, just earlier stages. Should also have -12 depression. EMIL II seems to have pretty big gun. Seems like they are bringing 15cm for EMIL II (and likely for Kranvagn too) after all, huh? I hope that gun doesnt have autoloader. Would be interesting if they had autoloader with smaller caliber and then single-shot boomstick. Expect stats to come soonTM. Im eagerly waiting for Kranvagn itself getting leaked
  12. Well consdering its nearly impossible to call some of the recent balance decisions on WoT any better than the utter retarded stuff that only a windowlicking oxygen-wasting crayon eater autist retard moron could do...
  13. It takes Batchat 10 seconds to do that damage, and there is chance you can somehow fight it or allies can kill it. With FV4005 all that happen in one instant.
  14. 203mm AP pen 240 alpha slow as fuck casemate TD...at tier 8. So you have slow as shit turretless TD that cant pen some same tier heavies from frontally at all with 240 alpha If you think thats good then yea its worth it Seriously, I never see one and when I see one its LITERALLY always useless pinata. I dont have it but looks so bad that I can say its not worth
  15. Im also quite dissapointed with the HP pool. Its almost the same as the Tortoise at tier higher. Then again, Tort has trash armor so it kinda needs it. This has much better overall armor layout, though that LFP means it now has to go hulldown. Its more a British E3 with less armor, better mobility (not much), better depression and instead of a boomstick it has ridiculous DPM gun.
  16. Its still absolutely no doubt better than the IS-4. Seriously, look at the fucking gun of the IS-4 and how bad it is (T-10's gun is flat out better...), the mobility is better than the proper superheavies but still slow, and for having tier 9 gun (it's gun is not even really better than Defender's gun other than the penetration; the GH while moving is worse lmao) and poor mobility the armor feels so lame and lackluster in this powercreep meta. SC atleast has still pretty good gun, even if it is all around worse than 215b (tho that thing has insanely good gun so it isnt that big of deal, SC's gun is still acceptable). I would probably argue that its better than the Pz 7 and Cranevagina. That being said, its still kinda lackluster, though it mostly because of the massive powercreep at hightiers.
  17. Imagine retards getting that tank, yoloing your medium, blasting for 1750 and then dying. Its like satanic lovechild of T49 and WT E100 - it is fast enough to yolo most tanks in the game, and when it manages to do that it can potentially just flat out kill its target but because of its size and survivability it will just die. Yeah, the absolutely disgusting and retarded Type 5 that I still dont understand how the fuck it got even through balance department definitely needed companion for it. Might as well add the WT E100 back with 40% more alpha on its premium shells.
  18. With 3 sec nominal reload it would have similar gun as E25 when it comes to DPM but way higher pen than even a gold spamming E25, better gun stats, better velocity and most notably, it has a turret. It would be pretty damn broken, considering how insanely reliable the gun is when it comes to the accuracy/aim time/gun handling/velocity.
  19. Yea, the AFK panther looks pretty well balanced. The ELC EVEN seems to be too good though unless it has really absolutely horrible soft stats. Its like the old AMX 13 90 that has 1 less shell but better mm, better mobility, smaller size (this thing is about as big as the m56 scorpion...) better accuracy, faster intra reload, better aiming time and -9 depression...
  20. AFK panther might not be great but it should be quite fucken fun to play. 0.30 accuracy + 1.5 sec aim time + 0.04 turret bloom + 1260 m/s velocity + very high pen for LT (no gold tho). Thats gun will be one of the most reliable guns in the entire game, there arent very many guns that combines amazing accuracy with great bloom, very good aiming time and shell velocity together. And ofc the ram memes. Its effectively like old AFK panther that trades some DPM for better gun stats, that has full gold loadout for same price as standard ammo and 150 more HP. And it makes money. I would really love to buy it tbh
  21. Other than the Type 5 Heavy, the FV4005 will be quite alot better tank than the 183 after the buffs its getting, especially for skilled players. It literally will be twice as mobile, have -10 depression, more ammo and it has slightly better gun stats (not counting RoF). It does have that huge turret with paper armor but you dont rly want to get shot at on either tanks. 183's armor only helps against lowtiers, and thats the literally only thing it will have over post buff 4005, and you might as well drive the Type 5 if you want armored bunker with derp gun. Also its Swedish, not Swiss. Swiss means something from Switzerland. Why people even keep making that mistake?
  22. Then it continues even further: - Chinese: Type M4A2E8, literally E8 with slightly more health but 2x bigger fuel tanks and worse depression - Japanese: Medium Tank No. IV, E8 with a 150mm derp somehow jammed to it but bigger ammoracks - Czech: Skoda T-4, E8 with an autoloader - Swedish: Strv/M4, literally E8 with thicker turret because reasons - Polish: M4 "Kurwa", its complete clone of E8 with massive "kurwa" decals on both sides and painted as liberte levels of bright white-red camo
  23. The tier 10 is most likely AMX M4 49 Ameliore fused with the TCB turret. Given its Liberte with twice as thick frontal armor, huge turret and in general being big, expect it to weight +70 tons or something so it definitely wont be a fast tank. The gun seems big though, 130-155 mm? Its basically a super-heavy when it comes to armor, expect sides suck ass. Talking about super-heavies, maybe they finally add FCM F1 and ARL tracteur C with these
  24. When Type 5 came, it was shit. Shittiest tier 10 heavy. Maybe shittiest tier 10 altogether. It got buffed. Barely changed anything. BUT THEN... 9.17.1 arrived. WG gifted the Type 5 with not only neat armor buff, but also completely "balanced" derp gun, capable of doing 600 at Maus and setting it to fire when shooting at mantle! 100% balanced!!! How to: zero to hero in one patch. Discuss about our derp overlord here. ps: Made new thread, "actual" appreciation thread, not just bashing thread for former shittiest/one of the shittiest tier 10. I felt like type5 deserved it.
  25. y da fuq there is no ISU appreciation thread. This thing kicks ass. Platform is poopy but one word: BL-10. 750 alpha, 286 pen AP and 325 pen APCR, with still having good DPM. stronk balance comrade xaxaxaxaxaxax))))))))) Sold shitty Object 268 to get this thing back. Man i fell in love quickly, even though the trollcannon was worthy its name and trolled me first two matches. Having 750 alpha is just so awesome on tier 8. Its probably my favorite TD now (2nd after pre-HD Wolverine, i miss you ). One question though, what equipment you use on Stalin's ultimate super railgun platform? I use basic bushwanker set, aka rammer/binocs/camo net, but im considering to swap camo net for vents. Wont use optics over binocs because ISU has too low view range to reach 445 even with optics (i think?). RASSSHAAAAAAAAAAA