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  1. Tier: TD-8 HP: 1000 Max speed/Min speed: 55 / -18 km / h Hull turning speed: 28 °/s Horizontal gun turning speed: 26 °/s View range: 360 m Hull armor: 100 / 40 / 30 mm Alpha Damage: 320 / 320 / 515 Penetration: 260 / 320 / 53 mm Reload time: 12,5 s Accuracy at 100 m: 0,3 Aiming time: 2,0 s ------------------------- Tier 8 TD. The worst line in the game probabaly now finally has a crewtrainer that isnt tier 3 which is also not even available anymore.
  2. According to GF Q/As the French TD line will be buffed, with toptiers (tier 8-9) possibly getting autoloaders. Secret true reason of buffing them was to make people actually buy this premium, right? Tbh the game does not need moar autoloaders but whatever
  3. To 3 mark it, only reason Its the only Jap superheavy that i havent 3 marked I already tried after 9.17.1 but i ragesold it later. It felt terrible after playing Type 5 so much, but now with new mm, arty changes and the fact i havent spammed Type 5 games that much i would give it another go
  4. Type 5 is awesome, i love it. But what about Type 4 heavy? - Super flat armor like Type 5, however thin enough to get penned by same tier heavy AP surprisngly often? Check. - Cheeks that are 200mm thick, have ammorack behind them and negates tank's ability to anyhow sidescrape? Check. - Has Maus-sized ammorack inside? Check. - Super OP DPM that is worse than many T5 HTs? Check. - So slow that his brother looks actually sporty? Check. - Aims almost like arty? Check. - Arty's ultimate wet dream? Check. - Derp gun that has arty-like gun handling and reload? Check Basically: "how to make stronk tenk terrible tenk" What you think about this gamebreaking tank that definely doesnt attract 2 another totally not broken things (arty and gold ammo) to slaughter it ps: I have 50 80 higher DPG on my O-Ho than Type 4...
  5. Its definitely not good with 14cm still. Keep on mind that apart from lower side armor buff (which it cant use anyways), the 14cm Type 4 is practically unchanged, and before 9.17.1 it was among worst tier 9s in the game. The MM chages did help it, though, but i dont think its enough to make it still very good. I probably should consider to rebuy it, i guess
  6. Im now part of The Armored Patrol's crew


    Expect me to put up some articles there :doge: 

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    2. Nekommando


      Article request: Wildly different Finnish disposition to huge tanks with boobs or a flat fast 25 ton TD with no boobs: an explanation

    3. leggasiini


      Nah Finnish super-heavy tanks wouldnt make any sense in any way of world, Japanese and French designs are enough for me :^)

      Thoooough we could always make Finland a tree with just one premium (like Poland on WOWS with Blyskawica or what the fuck it is called). BT-42 as tier 5 derp light :^)

      But unless the thing above is done i dont want Finnish tech tree to the game. There arent even anything in archives, most likely. 

    4. Nekommando


      Eh, I was talking about how different in taste between Finnish players. We have you, then we have a certain person who shalt not be named

  7. I would remove arty and lessen RNG a bit. After that i would rework Jap heavy line ...No worries, French super-heavy line would be high on priority list
  8. +0/-0 would be horrible. Nuff said. @GehakteMolen explained it rather well why in reality the +2/-2 is best possible option. What they need to do instead is to just tone tier differences slightly down. For example, difference between TVP VTU and Maus... thats almost as unfair as tier 8 heavy pawning tier 5s.
  9. https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2016/08/25/supertest-leo-partial-stats-pictures/#comments Tier: 7 MT HP: 1100 Max speed: 60 / 20 km / h Hull turning speed: 37 °/s Turret turning speed: 34 °/s View range: 370 m Alpha Damage: 300 Penetration: 155 mm Reload time: 10,9 s Accuracy at 100 m: 0,4 Aiming time: 2,9 s IIRC it has -10 depression. Full stats should be there soon. So...what you think about it? Imo it could be potentially pretty fun considering it gets very high mobility, -10 depression and meaty alpha. Seems like a tank that excels at flanking and hitting for 300 at sides, since penetration is poor. I wont have very high hopes for armor, considering very high top speed, possibly -10 depression and best alpha in its class (along with A-44). Accuracy and aimtime suck, but they are actually better than A-44 so as long as bloom values is not that bad i guess the tank should be just much better version of A-44.
  10. no siege mode is already a reason though other than that yea this is way worse
  11. Sounds indeed like Kanonenjagdpanzer V2.0
  12. And the reload. Im sure this gun was intented to be 390 alpha gun indeed. but they can into super-heavies... gib ARL Tracteur C and FCM F1, aswell as regular heavies like Char 50t, AMX 65t etc etc.
  13. FTFY remember that FCM PAK is not originally french design my threads are better
  14. French TD + KPJ, just realized l m a o
  15. Nah i would argue that Paytriot is still better Rear turret + -6 dep + tallish hull can be ass combo
  16. I think this one is most accurate statement so far
  17. Think slower, bit more armored STB-1 with much better acc and gun handling, and APCR as prem.
  18. Still feels horribly powerless after playing Type 5 Heavy
  19. They are probably planning to introduce Chieftain...but one of these: 1. It will be CW reward and complete trash. 2. It will be part of new heavy tank line which have practically unplayable tier 5-8 and tier 9 has unplayable stock grind. 17pdr at tier 8 probably 3. It will be tier 10 p2w cashgrab premium tank. Ofc with black paintjob. That being said, i guess #2 is most likely. They actually rumored about 2nd UK HT line at some point with Valiant and stuff like that but dunno. They are new lines for this year. Its strong candidate as one of the lines among with Jap TDs, 2nd French HT line, Swedish meds and new LT line (most likely for brits). IIRC they said somewhere that new nations are not coming this year (wotexpress and never got translated into either TAP or riturdstatusreport)
  20. You lucky bastards, atleast you didnt grind it...when it had: - only 14cm, no derp gun - 14cm had 1,5 sec longer reload - top speed was 20 - ...and due to terrible terrain resists, it struggled to reach even that
  21. xaxaxa)))))
  22. 750 alpha damage at tier 8 surely is balanced comrade)))))



    Feels good to mark it, my favorite TD in the game probably

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    2. nabucodonsor


      Yeah i discovered it by chance. The first time i tought i got lucky, but then i bounced a shot of a t95. I was laughing so much. No russian bias. Have you played the 704 yet?

    3. leggasiini



      Yea i have played 704 and i enjoyed it much less because the gun is same tier higher, and unless your getting shot at its exactly the same tank tier higher. I mean, 600 HP more is great extra, but 750 aloha is so much less special on that tier.

      268 got sold in less than week, got rebought few months later and got sold again like week later. 

      For me this line ends on ISU.

    4. nabucodonsor


      The 704 is different since it has armor to play with and it has way more survivability. It can be used for as an assault gun also but only for a short amount of time. The only thing that i would love from the isu is the fantastic mobility. If the 704 had the same speed it would be fantastic. Anyway the best tank of the line is the su-152. That thing is a monster

  23. There is tier 3, 4 and 5 TDs, but im too lazy to do seperate threads for them. Anyway: https://thearmoredpatrol.com/ HP: 580 Engine: 215 hp Weight: 11 tons Power-to-weight: 19,55 hp/ton Max speed: 60/-20 km/h Hull traverse speed: 32 degrees/second Terrain resistance values: 1,055/1,247/2,301 View range: 350 m Radio range: 615 m Hull armor: 15/10/? mm Gun: 9 cm Bofors L/53 Alpha Damage: 240/240/320 Penetration: 195/270/45 mm Damage Per Minute: 1877,1 Rate Of Fire: 7,821 rounds/minute Reload time: 7,671 seconds Accuracy: 0.307 Aimimg time: 1,82 seconds Depression/Elevation: – 10/+12 https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2016/09/19/supertest-ikv-65-alt-ii/ --------------------------------------- Looks very fun. 0.3 accuracy + nice aim time + 60kph top speed + -10 depression + 270mm APCR at tier 6. It can literally just autoaim at tier 8 heavies and just flat out pen it. Looks almost bit OP at current state, especially when compared to other tier 6 TDs, which tend to be rather mediocre apart few special cases. Then again, it seems to be fairly big and it has completely no armor, so i guess its balanced. It seems like a keeper if it stays like this.
  24. If you shoot HEAT you might as well go just for turret cheeks instead, or UFP if any bit of it gets exposed.
  25. Yea looking at the armor it actually doesnt seem as amazing. Its still immune to lowtiers though so its still very retarded, but the UFP is i guess around 210 effective. The 15cm seems like better gun tbh, because at least that alpha is complete BS and it has strong HE that can be useful even against tier 10 superheavies. O-Ho can do 300 to Maus if hit to turret front just right above hull roof, and this thing can hit there easier as it has 0.44 base acc instead of 0.54. With 128 this thing cant touch tier 10s at all and with 128 its overall worse version of VK 100, anyways.