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  2. Id still wait until they get actually released because they said in past that 59-patton, 121B and wz-111 were all supposed to be CN exclusive These two seems to be CN server exclusive though. I mean, tier 9 prem and that tier 8...its just disgusting, its like literally SU-122-54 but with better armor (20% thicker AND more sloped lmao) and tier lower. Maybe we get the actual line but who knows. Chinese TDs werent my most wanted lines anyways (the tier 9 box thing and 113 td looks cool but latter is probably Obj 268 V2.0 so i am okay if i dont get to play it). No, both of them has -6 IIRC
  3. Doesnt 13 75 and SP I C stay on tier 7? Tho its irrelevant because Batchat 14t (or whatever it was called) is literally AMX 13 75 V2.0 and HWK 12 is bit fatter SP I C that is faster...and doesnt have autoloader, so yea
  4. Remember the very original elimination thread? Tier 10 was the first elimination. However, its been almost year since we did it. But, why we are retrying it in first place, you might think? Firstly: there have been several tanks buffed, nerfed and added, and secondly: just for science to compare the results. This is the elimination list of first tier 10 elimination: The list probably would be bit different; i think Type 5 and Maus wouldnt get dropped as early, or E5 would win it, as an examples. Tier 10 LTs are coming next patch so i probs should have waited for them, but it would take another two months before we could retry this as we would need to wait about month or so to see how they actually perform, so here it is anyways. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Increase the best tank on the list by 1 and decrease the worst tank on the list by 3. Each user is allowed to do this a maximum of once per day. When a tank hits 0, it is eliminated. You must explain your choices, even if very briefly. Highlight your increase with GREEN and your decrease with RED if possible. If you cannot use colors, use BOLD for your upvotes and ITALICS for your downvotes. I'll keep track of what tanks are remaining and in what order they were eliminated. Remember to make sure you are copying the latest list before posting. Remember to upvote the BEST tank and downvote the WORST, dont downvote because the tank is too good, you hate it due to certain person etc. Troll votes will get rejected. Lets begin. First poster, copy paste this list below, others copy paste the last poster. 121: 20 113: 20TVP T50/51: 20Foch 155: 20AMX 50B: 20Batchat 25t: 20AMX 30B: 20: 20Jagdpz E-100: 20Maus: 20E-100: 20Panzer VII: 20Grille 15: 20E-50M: 20Leopard 1: 20STB-1: 20Type 5 Heavy: 20Centurion AX: 20FV215b 183: 20FV215b: 20FV4005: 20 T57 Heavy: 20T110E4: 20T110E3: 20M48 Patton: 20T110E5: 20Object 268: 20Object 263: 20T-62A: 20Object 430: 20Object 140: 20IS-7: 20IS-4: 20Kranvagn: 20Strv 103B: 20 Elimination order: FV4005 Foch 155 Object 268
  5. So, they are now selling it (just checked prem shop) for just below 40 euros. Its like UDES with 1/3 worse mobility, its fatter and has completely locked gun but it has armor that works against some meds and patriots and it has bit more DPM. Yay? Will any of you pick this thing up?
  6. When Type 5 came, it was shit. Shittiest tier 10 heavy. Maybe shittiest tier 10 altogether. It got buffed. Barely changed anything. BUT THEN... 9.17.1 arrived. WG gifted the Type 5 with not only neat armor buff, but also completely "balanced" derp gun, capable of doing 600 at Maus and setting it to fire when shooting at mantle! 100% balanced!!! How to: zero to hero in one patch. Discuss about our derp overlord here. ps: Made new thread, "actual" appreciation thread, not just bashing thread for former shittiest/one of the shittiest tier 10. I felt like type5 deserved it.
  7. There is apparently no true official topic dedicated for Maus. As from @DHP's request, there is now Maus appreciation thread. Given how ridiculously strong the tank is i think it was good time to make it anyway. I dont have Maus yet by myself, but im looking forward to get one. Still at Tiger P(ee)
  8. But anything is superior to french TDs
  9. More like directly superior version of Obj 263 line
  10. according to wotexpress tier 9 is a premium too... and the line or atleast these premiums will be CN exclusive afterall So far it seems like there will be two BS premiums AND THEN a line on top of that. I expect the line itself to constist TDs based on heavies (113 TD at top with two WZ-111 TDs before and possibly some sort of Chinese ISU or other shit like that but we will see). I dint know what to say...
  11. bwahahahahaha https://vk.com/wotclue?w=wall-70226354_638909 - The WOT Super Test continues the testing of China's PT-ACS Recall that a full-fledged branch and prema are prepared for them, exclusively for the Chinese region exclusively! About this we wrote about a month ago. WZ-120G FT (PT-9, China, Prem). All these models were ready in 15 year. For sale. * Crew of 4 people. WZ-120G FT is a self-propelled installation project based on the Chinese medium tank WZ-120. Work on the new machine was carried out in the early 60's. The project provided for maximum unification of units and units with a base tank. The work on the car was curtailed in favor of other promising projects. Prema 9 lvl will not, they said ... -------------- This is most dumb but hilarous shit i have e v e r seen. Not only it is going to be CN server exclusive after all, it is also not just a regular line, but so far it seems like its going to be line made of premiums! buahahahahahahahaa!!!!!!!!!!!!! unless premium status is placeholder but it seems pretty weird. That or these are premiums and a line is still in our sights...lmao tier 9 premium WG feels so lame and tame compared to retardness of Konzhong or whatever it is lmaaoooo
  12. No this thing: Im pretty sure this will be tier 10.
  13. Stats: WZ120-1G FT Tier: TD-8 HP: 1100 Max speed: 50 / -20 km / h Hull turning speed: 42 °/s Gun turning speed: 44 °/s View range: 380 m Hull armor: 120 / 80 / 45 mm Alpha Damage: 440 / 440 / 530 Penetration: 248 / 330 / 61 mm Reload time: 9.8 s Accuracy at 100 m: 0,37 Aiming time: 2,9 s WZ120G FT Tier: TD-9 HP: 1700 Max speed: 47 / -20 km / h Hull turning speed: 38 °/s Gun turning speed: 26 °/s View range: 390 m Hull armor: 150 / 80 / 45 mm Alpha Damage: 560 / 560 / 660 Penetration: 262 / 340 / 65 mm Reload time: 11.9 s Accuracy at 100 m: 0,39 Aiming time: 3,2 s Okay, so: - tier 8 is...su-122-54 tier lower. With better armor. Lol??? - Tier 9 has 560 alpha, 2,8k DPM, fairly good mobility, probably actually worse armor than tier 8 lol due to sloping and poor accuracy. 1,7k HP and 390 view range tho, are they planning to globally increase health of TDs?
  14. Get ready. You wont believe this: https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2017/03/23/wot-wg-devs-considering-the-removal-of-the-artillery-class/ Yes. Thats right. WG is considering to... r e m o v e a r t y " On an official WG RU stream, the developers are considering the removal of the artillery class if the stun mechanics currently being tested on the Sandbox server are received negatively. "
  15. I misread it, tho why would they leak them on Wot asia facebook if they are CN exclusive...(asia and chinese server are completely different things).
  16. No, i mean that thing that got leaked like last summer. The one that is like 113 and ISU-152 fusion and gun that is like bigass obj 263 gun (152mm iirc)
  17. But seriously, 560 alpha on most likely very mobile TD? Could be fun, thats literally like smaller Object 263 on tier 9 with lot less armor, but i can live with that. We can assume the 113 thingy is tier 10? I want ittttttt, it could be potentially like "what obj 268 should have been". Guess my 4 skill chinese crew rotting on barracks gets finally real use!
  18. Holy fuck the latter TD is ugly in beatiful way, i love it! EDIT: They are coming to other servers too, the chinese server exclusive thing has been scrapped. I knew it! Tier 8 has 122mm, Tier 9 has 130mm with 560 alpha. Lol @ SU-122-54 getting power crept completely lmao Now, which of them is tier 8 and tier 9? I think the 113 thing is most likely the tier 10.
  19. I assumed its premium AP considering its naval gun, and those guns typically carries gold AP instead of APCR/HEAT, unless its specifically modified into a tank-gun like IS-7's and ISU-130's guns. SU-100Y and this thing carries literally a naval gun.
  20. KV-5 is hard to buff tbh without making it utterly broken monster, its very strong tank if played correctly. JT 88 and CDC i agree with though.
  21. The armor is still quite a difference because that side armor means it can (atleast somehow) bait shots, and it doesnt get overmatched either. Remember it has -8 depression, its still mobile for such a huge box and also has good view range. It also can mounts vents unlike Skorp so it gets even bigger DPM advantage Pls no more powercreep, maybe WG finally learned their lesson. At this point they should consider buff lots of regular tier 8s in order not to just keep up on the level of premiums but also to be less hopeless against tier 10s (t8 meds needs all around gun buffs, some of the T8 TDs are fine (AC 48, AT-15 and SU101 should get buffs aswell as T28 which is still trash after speedbuff). As for heavies, give caernarvon L7A1 with AP/APCR, buff Tiger II, make O-Ho's 10cm more viable + increase depression to atleast -3 all around on front. maybe there are few others too). The T-103 seems quite strong regardless with that nasty gun.
  22. 0.22 / 0.22 / 0.15 bloom it seems. Skorp has 0.25 / 0.25 / 0.15. Consdiering this thing has much slower top speed its gun handling will naturally feel better.
  23. O-Ni has bit better front armor than O-Ho but it has much shittier side armor aswell as cheek weakpoints so it literally cant sidescrape at all. It also trolls less high pen guns due to being literally a flat wall. In terms of protection, i would say they block pretty much equally tier-for-tier. O-Ni gets bonus on having better HP pool tier for tier so it might get one extra bounce just for that but overall armor is probably little better on O-Ho. However, O-Ho's derp is much better gun than either of O-Nis gun which is why its imo much stronger tank.
  24. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaanddd...

    im already tempted to come back


    I miss o-ho and type 5 too much :( and now that they are likely giving ability to swap Liberte into regular M4 49 i can now play that thing without my eyes bleeding.

    I just panicked on Sunday afternoon as i had so many things to worry about but now im starting to sort them out so im feeling better. Reason 2 is Type 4 Heavy, it killed me deep inside not just because how much it sucks but also because it destroyed my dream of 3 marking the line...

    Oh well. Today i dont have time to play anyways so i still got time to decide.

  25. You sure its APCR or it is premium AP like with SU-100Y? The fact it can actually (rarely but still) bounce a shot and being HE resistant compared to Skorp is also quite nice advantage. Im pretty sure i would prefer this over Skorp. The reason why it has 440 alpha is because SU-100Y has 440 alpha.