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  1. IPS Chat was shut down as of the beginning of May. So...
  2. Anyone feeling generous/charitable, check out Solono's thread (linked).

  3. Many of those chemicals are very good for plants. Keep that in mind if you're into gardening.
  4. I don't think this game will be as memorable as something like Ocarina of Time. You can literally do almost anything in the game in any order, and I think that takes away a lot, for me. I like the mechanics and the world a lot, but some things just make no sense, like the shrines of trials. Why are there standalone self-contained puzzles like these scattered around the world? Why can't they be incorporated into some sort of larger structure like a dungeon, so that they would actually have a place in a Zelda game?
  5. I just finished the game. It took around 60-70 hours by my estimation, and there's still loads more to do. This game is everything I have ever wanted in a Zelda game, and that's not even an exaggeration.
  6. As you may or may not know, Solono is having significant financial difficulties, and up until now his anxiety has gotten in the way of asking for help (and that's why I'm posting it instead - with his approval). Here are some of the things he's dealing with: He is poor. His car is falling apart. He has various psychological issues that require medication that causes side effects. He has other medical issues such as kidney problems that make it hard for him to even walk. He cannot find, let alone do, normal work. His work in this community is his primary job. He's supporting his mother who is even worse off than he is. His application for disability payments from the state was denied, and it'll be about 3 months before he can reapply (Update: done, now waiting for the result). I've been helping with this stuff for a while now, but it isn't really sustainable for me, so that's another reason I'm making this thread. If you would like more details, you can PM @Solono. Mr. Badmin needs assistance, and you can help him by donating on PayPal (or by adjusting your Patreon pledge - though PayPal donations are preferred): All help would be greatly appreciated!
  7. I'm not going to be calling it Chat 2.0 anymore, since it isn't really a competition.
  8. Probably because my aggressive marketing campaign only lasted a week or two. Spread the word!
  9. About 12 hours ago, we had 29 online members. Also, Tatsumaki was added a while ago, for all your Skinner box needs.
  10. its a mystery maybe we never no
  11. Y'all need melodies. I came across this soundtrack recently and found it so great I played through the entire series (or at least the entries available on Steam). Darkest Night quickly became my favourite track, but when I actually reached the area of the game where it plays, I just wanted it to stop. Somehow still listenable outside of the game, even though it's very "gamey" music. I hold Super Paper Mario to have one of the best melodic soundtracks in a "recent" video game, and this one almost tops it, in my opinion. It seems to take a lot of hints from the SPM soundtrack. In fact, there are clear musical influences from lots of different games (Castlevania, Super Mario Galaxy, even possibly Ganbare Goemon/Mystical Ninja) throughout this soundtrack, which I find really fascinating.