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  1. I 3-marked, and got to 100% moe with the 152mm.
  2. ping? where you at?

    1. TheChang


      I played for a bit yesterday, just have been busy.

    2. CraBeatOff


      We miss you on G ts! Please come by!

  3. If you're above them, by all means shoot it. If not, I personally haven't found my T49 able to aim for such small things. I'd just shoot at the gun mantlet and splash into the 45mm deck.
  4. Could you gif a section in here where I one-shot an RHM please?

  5. I use AP to more reliably pen the sides of superheavies/casemate tds, and for shooting tanks with armor that are farther than ~200m away, as AP has much less pen drop off compared to APCR. For example, on fisherman's bay north spawn, I'll go to the E7 bush next to the house to spot their heavies crossing into the city, and load AP to pen their sides. You have to lead quite a bit more, but I've found AP to be more reliable at that range than APCR. APCR has 184mm of pen at 500m, whereas AP retains 223mm.
  6. I got my first tier 10 3-mark! q8DS4tn.jpg

    Thanks goes to all of you here. I lurked around wotlabs for about a year, and then finally made an account when I wanted to ask a question that seemed to have not been asked yet. I love all that I've learned and continue to learn, and appreciate all the work and content you all have contributed. 

    Special thanks to @CraBeatOff for taking time to platoon with me, being patient with me, teaching me things that I still strive to learn and master, and especially for introducing me to my favorite tank in the game, the glorious T49. You've helped me enjoy the game so much more than I could have on my own.

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina



      alot of people have trouble 3 marking the Bat (it was one of my most frustrating 3-marks), so that's quite an accomplishment.

    2. CraBeatOff


      Good job and you're most welcome!



    1. monjardin


      Chode$tar sighted!

  8. Your replays are always enjoyable to watch, but T49 replays are particularly gratifying!
  9. T92 is 3-marked!


    1. CraBeatOff


      Nice work. Since they rereleased it my mark has climbed to 97 or so. Many credits, much crew.

    2. TheChang


      So rerelease must've lowered expected a bit. Cola helped a ton it seems. I had those two 4k dmg games, followed by a few 5-6k combined and got to 94%. 2-3 games later I had it. My favorite tier 8 prem if I'm honest. I don't care about being in tier 10 games in this, which is a nice change from most of my 8's.

    3. kreigermann



      I got to 93.8% then a city map rotation and a streak of back to back blowout loss games happened. :( 

      Now rebuilding from 92%

  10. You know you're getting better when you start 3-marking tanks on accident 


  11. I give away hp like Santa gives Christmas presents. I'll be playing with Crab, he goes to check if I have the hp to do a push, then asks me why I only have 5% hp left after 5 min...
  12. That first shot was beautiful. I personally like to use the bush that was right next to you on your right in front of the rock, just in case someone has good view range. I don't want to be lit until I fire. 1. I agree that you moved away from south too early. Falling back was a good idea, but leaving was not imo, especially because there was no obviously better option. You had free shots on the AMX M4 51 as he moved around, (at 13:26) and you could've seen on your map that the VK 45.02B was coming. If there was no armor coming, by all means leave, but when you have tanks coming, it's best to slow the enemies push, make them pay as much as possible without losing any hp yourself. 2. You definitely should not have poked on that T-34-3 until he had moved out of cover and you were loaded. You would've been unlit, and he would've been in the open. Once you knew he was aware of you, you definitely don't poke, especially on someone in cover. Like you said, you could've used those hitpoints later. 3. I personally would try to expose as little of my tank as possible on that ridge in case I do get lit, so I don't think you needed to move up more, I doubt it would've made much of a difference. On your second shot, just aim for the middle of the tank when you're that far away. I think you're 3rd shot on him after checking for the T-34-3 needed to be aimed longer though. I think you're trying to hit areas where it will do more damage, but when you're that far away, you just need to hit so aim middle. 4. I don't think you needed to rush the T95. He was low enough hp that you just needed to hit 2 shots and you took the hit from the Jpanther for it. If he had more hp, then yes go for the butt pen. But, if you're going to rush the T95, don't break your tracks and waste your rep kit for nothing! If the jpanther had tracked you and you missed him, you'd be dead! Also, moving straight forwards or backwards doesn't disrupt the aiming circle very much on the T49. You could've slowly backed up and let the aiming circle get a little smaller. 5. I think you should've used the bush next to the rock to wait for that T-34-3 instead of poking around in the open. If no one was coming around for awhile, then start poking around. Otherwise, you would've had a free shot on the T-34-3 as he came up. 6. If you're talking about aiming at the T34 after you poked up, I disagree simply because he might have snapped you and that'd be the game. You maybe could've gone to the right a bit so that the ground was a little more flat, but as for aiming in the T49 when you're going to snap shots, you aim before you poke, which is what you did. I think it was fine. 7. Good play going around and off the bridge for that AMX on cap. You could've aimed it in more before poking like you said, especially because you knew he was there and there was time. You don't want to give him a chance to turn, and have your butt pen turn into a side non-pen. Good clean-up, even if it did bug me that you were going for cap points. Overall, good game. Hope to see 3 stars on that barrel soon!
  13. A santa hat would add color to my life
  14. Even more impressive that he built his crews before boosters were a thing
  15. This was with a 1hr 50% credit booster.