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  1. I was able to recruit the compensation female crew member on NA this morning. Has bia and one free skill. (It's the same as what you'd get from the missions)

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    2. TheChang


      Tons of bugs with the personal missions, so they're giving compensation. Which was bugged at first as well ironically.

    3. king_spaniel


      @TheChang Did you send in a support ticket when it wasn't working (yesterday)?

      ok, i just logged in myself and it works - the crewmember has bia + 1 100% free skill finished.  Also, I didn't send in a support ticket, for those that were wondering

    4. sohojacques


      I had no idea why she turned up in my garage. But if this is what we start getting for WG fuckups I’m happy for them to keep making them. Has made recrewing my M46, after moving it’s crew to the M48, an easier and much cheaper affair.

  2. It would be true if they were distributed evenly. Which they're not.
  3. So the thing with x5 events, is that it brings out a lot of players who only play during the x5 events after they get an email from WG telling them about the event. So x5 events or holidays bring out a lot of players who, at worst don't know the game at all since they only play a few times a year, or at best are out of the meta. So this is the biggest reason why people say that x5 and x3 events or weekends are bad for win rate because you can get these players on your team that are worse than the average player who is learning the game without taking long breaks and forgetting everything. For me personally, I didn't have any problems, I actually 3-marked 2 tier 9s on Friday and Saturday during the Veteran's day x5 event, and I haven't ever 3-marked something higher than tier 8 before then. So some games you might see a player or two doing some dumb things, but you just get whatever use you can out of them. If they are yoloing, you can hopefully get vision info, or punish their players who are out of position that are trying to shoot them. The problem is when your team is made up of these kind of players, and the enemy team is not. In my experience, you just play the same as normal, watching your map for your team's choices and deployment, and play accordingly. You have people making dumb choices all the time when it's not x5 though, so you just kind of expect it more-so than usual. TLDR; There's more poor players during x5s because of inexperienced players, or players who have grown inexperienced because of long breaks since they only play during these events.
  4. I decided that, while marks are working, I'd better 3-mark the best tank in the game!

    T49 III.jpg

    1. CraBeatOff



      Whats that survival rate now?

    2. TheChang
  5. Got my first tier IX 3-mark!


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  6. Could you review another replay for me please? Did better hp conservation, didn't accept enemies engagement terms, and got to 94.8% on marks.

  7. Only similarity it has to a premium tank is that it can carry other German crews without penalty, and I believe it earns more crew xp like a premium tank. No extra credits though, especially for the T-55A and it's heat spam.
  8. Could you check this one out for me? Trying to get a feel for if I'm doing well or not.

  9. Purchased: 'T49' successfully purchased. Spent credits:  3,550,000.

    1. CraBeatOff


      Congratulations on obtaining THE BEST TANK IN THE GAME. You'll be granted an indulgence to grind the 152mm using the 90, but use those XP boosters to minimize your time in the valley of the heretics.

    2. TheChang


      Thank you Master. With each match I come running to glory, with my barrel thickening and shortening to perfect slapping size the entire way.

    3. Fulcrous


      Sith Lord Crab and young darth chang xd

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    2. TheChang


      I made it available by direct link only. I clicked on it and it worked, idk.

      Oh, here

    3. CraBeatOff


      well make it public!

    4. TheChang


      I copied the url from the url bar, I had to press the button that says replay link I guess since it's private

  10. I was trying to 3 mark it and got to 93% before marks froze. It's one of my favorite tier 9 meds. It was a good tank before, and while I don't really think of the changes it had as a buff, it's still one of the stronger tier 9s.
  11. I was grinding to the T49 and was at the T71, around 20k exp from the bulldog. 9.20.1 rolled out and I now have the T71 DA, and am 20k exp from the T69. I have to buy the T71 CMD, and start with 0 exp again to grind to the bulldog... Only sorta good thing is that I don't have to play the M7 and T21 if I felt like grinding to the T57, but I don't have any interest in the T57. @chode$tarz what do you do if your T49 is playing hard to get??

    1. dualmaster333



      But yeah, that kinda sucks. The T69->T57 isn't anything exciting these days so that's kind of a dead end route. Now you play the single shot T71...I'm not sure if that will be good or not?

    2. kreigermann


      T49 is love

      T49 is LIFE

  12. rip me


    1. Kolni


      Is it that much worse right now? :kjugh: 

      That tank was 4k DPG-able back during release, really surprised to see one guy over 3k now


      anyways, congrats!

  13. Channels is that never-used button next to the contacts button in-game. Just type-in the channel name and click join.