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  1. Yes, imo. Especially because it has 410 base VR. With a decent crew, you can already have "max" VR without optics. With vents, Recon, SA, and BiA, you're at 448 VR. Add Food, and you're at 465m - more than enough. Not only that, but vents makes the final accuracy of the aiming circle a little bit smaller, allowing you to hit more shots from range, which is very important for the 30B because it doesn't have as good of armor as other high dpm meds, generally meaning your preferred engagement range is farther away.
  2. IS-3: 41 Löwe: 40 Patriot: 12 + 1 = 13 My go-to tank for credits, getting off tilt, and pushing max xp games. Defender: 8 - 3 = 5 An overrated tank, only good against pubbies.
  3. Yes, the FV215b will be made into a reward tank basically.
  4. I think the worst thing about this is that the caernarvon is getting mega-buffed in the same patch(iirc), but I will have ground through and sold it already...
  5. I feel it's better against meds than heavies, as long as the meds aren't able to rush you.
  6. I'm pretty sure the 100mm ammo count is being buffed in 9.20. Imo, the 90mm is only good when you can't use anything else, i.e. the 13 90. And for the T95, you're so slow that dpm is usually meaningless. You have short windows where you can actually shoot something, and when those windows pop up, you need the alpha damage.
  7. I used the FV3805 with the stock gun to try to keep tanks stunned as much as possible. An 18 sec. reload is pretty nice! Completed the mission on the seventh try and now have the Obj. 260. Here's the replay if interested (lots of lag)
  8. Finally got the Obj. 260!

    Replays: MT-15 LT-15 TD-15 (SPG-15<- lots of lag in this one)shot_013.jpg


    1. FavreFan4ever



    2. hazzgar


      Congrats. I still need 3 LT missions, TD15, HT 12 and HT15 

  9. Yeah, I used the M44/HEAT for SPG-15.3, making it extremely easy. I'm kind of at a loss for what to do now besides spam the CGC running food and all prem and hoping for the best. Maybe platoon to get all tier 10 games for more exp.
  10. I've completed MT-15 and TD-15 with honors, and I'm on LT-15 and SPG-15. LT-15 I don't see being a problem at all with the T-100, and the only arty I have is the Conqueror GC. The first HT mission I worked on was HT-12 to get it out of the way, and I only recently completed it so I still have a ton of missions to do before I get to HT-15, so I'd rather just get SPG-15. The primary condition is: Finish the battle as top player on both teams by experience earned. Enable your allies to cause at least 3,500 damage to enemy vehicles by stunning or immobilizing them. Any suggestions? I don't know if I need a lower tier arty and just hope the assist comes while shooting higher tier'd tanks. I'm sick of arty, but I want the 260. Pls go soft with the arty neg reps
  11. When this new mm first came out I enjoyed it because when I was bottom tier in tanks such as the mod. 1 I still had a few tanks I could shoot without having to fire gold and not gain as many credits. This mm is nicer for when you are bottom tier, but is terrible because you are almost always bottom tier. I prefer the old mm because I'd rather have more games being top tier even if it means being nearly useless at bottom tier, than hardly ever being top tier and being bottom tier all the time, being sort of useful. Another problem I have with the new mm is the queue time for platooning(Maybe just tier 10?? Or tier 10 tanks of the same class?). My friend and I both finished grinding tier 9 LT's and got tier 10 LTs yesterday while platooning, got kicked out of queue after the 5 min, and then took another 3 min to get into a game. I don't think we had any problems when playing the tier 9 LT's. We eventually chose to just count down to hit the battle button at the same time, which drastically reduced queue time to under a minute at worst, 1 sec and best, and we usually ended up in the same games. It's dumb that if you want to play with a friend you have to wait for ridiculous amounts of time to get a game. TL;DR: The old mm has it's problems, but was more enjoyable for me personally than the new mm.
  12. If the B-C really does turn out like this, I don't care if the AMX 30B gets buffed to maus level. I thought HD rework would be a good thing ffs...
  13. Considering trading in my Skoda T40 in for a Type 64. I have crews for both the TVP and the Skoda T50, and I've heard the T40 is generally a worse VK 3001P. Want to get the Type 64 for strongholds if it's worth it. Thoughts? EDIT: I remembered I have a TOG II so nvm
  14. I traded in the T28 for the Ravioli, and I'm really enjoying it despite having a lot of bottom tier games.