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  1. Speaking of piss, I wonder how @Scrubba was feeling morning? He had to leave TS to chuck. Twice.
  2. Jesus, how much damage did the top damage guy do? Unless you've missed a decimal point somewhere here Adrian.
  3. I ended up at 55% for the night somehow. Would have been closer to 30% if foxy and outcom didn't carry me. I did finish the night with a Radleys though when I was soloing in the Matilda IV. Now up to 93% MOE in it.
  4. Just added the last bit for you. Interesting to see if the AUSNZ server has a different meta - I'm thinking it will be less campy, but the 46% racist tards will be out in force blaming MM and everything else for their shit play. edit: completely ninja'd by Siggy
  5. We got there in the end. Despite sturm...
  6. I ammo racked a vk100 the other day. In an e25. Glorious.
  7. Yeah, that's poor form... Is there a CRD thread on the 'fishul forums where you can raise this?
  8. Don't forgot to put me on a retainer as a "creative advisor" if this happens.
  9. Nice review Adrian. I'm off to see it tonight. im pretty sure Neuromancers been optioned, just stuck in development hell - just like Dan Simmons Hyperion. i think the problem with Banks is that the books are too complex to translate to a film, with all the plot intricacies. Maybe work better as a mini series maybe? Although a movie adaption of Excession would be awesome.
  10. That's Siggy and JOC levels of seal-clubbing right there
  11. @Saffee just stood to attention seeing this
  12. I'd imagine that it would be easier to at least coordinate pubbies if everyone spoke the same language though. Here it's: Me: "don't go beach!" pubbie 1: 555 pubbies 2-4: [][][][][] pubbies 3-7: Con do mi máy pubbies 8-13: silence pubbie 14: stfu noob pubbie 15: why not? Me: sigh End result: Everyone goes beach