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  1. My 2c I found the Arizona very good for tier 6. Tanks for a BB with good range and accuracy. CVs weren't much of an issue on the Asia server. The New Mex is similar but trades accuracy and armour for better AA. Warspite and Bayern have 15" shells so they can overmatch other tier 6 BB bow armour, but are more suited as brawlers rather than standoff BBs. For cruisers, there are a few choices. Aoba as a generalist, but DPM is poor. Torps are good though. Either of the Russians (Budy or Molotov) appear to be a good fit, but I haven't played them in ranked. Cleveland would still hold up in a heavy CV environment. For DDs, gunboats generally perform better in ranked than torp DDs. Anshan would be a good choice, having a nice balance of concealment, guns and 8km Torps. Edit: average player as well
  2. Will it have red seats? Also, after the debacle of trying to get my internet sorted, Optus are now billing me twice. Useless fucks...
  3. The chieftain is too historical for WG to bring back, plus it has weak spots in the form of its hull, both of which go against WGs balance policy.
  4. Jeebus http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/73842-moderators-are-match-makers/page__pid__1636106#entry1636106
  5. I gotta get myself a 183. The potential to farm salt on both teams seems ENORMOUS.
  6. Because using the 105 and assuming you do 350hp a shot on average, you're taking approximately 70% of a medium's HP in one shot. 8 seconds later, you do the same again, so you're potentially 2 shotting any tier 5 med you meet withinh 8 seconds and one-shotting many equal tier TDs. Let's extrapolate this to tier 10. 70% of a tier 10's HP would be around 1400 HP, so you're running around with a gun doing 1400 damage every 8 seconds. Do you see any tier 10s doing this? No - they run around with 400 alpha guns with a roughly 8 reload, requiring an average of 5 pens to kill an equivalent tier med. But yes, you're right about the T67s - these things should be killed at first opportunity.
  7. I gather we're happy with George Clooney being the face of discerning tankers everywhere?
  8. Detps should be removed from the Panzer 4 and Sherman for this reason. Discuss...
  9. Nah, camo sniping is cool. Thats why 45%ers do it in their top tier heavies.
  10. 4k is far easier to do in a Borsig. You ideally want a game with only two tiers (where you're top tier obviously), lots of heavies for the HP pool and they're easy to hit, and nice sight lines. i did TD 15.2 on sand river where the enemy team just trundled all up (down?) the river.