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  1. Listing of April sales is up - not sure how accurate it will be, but thearmoredpatrol seems to think it's legit: https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2017/03/29/wot-asia-server-leaks/
  2. Got a little bit carried away with my battle buddy resets yesterday. Still blue...
  3. The irony will be a game in which the Hood detonates a Bismarck...
  4. I have a solution if WG still want to keep arty: The only map it can see is Mittengard: - it only sees other arty - no MM restriction, tier 2+s can see tier 10s (imagine a little su-26 trying to pump shot after shot before a GC try's to nuke it) Alternatively, if WG *have* to keep it ingame: - it can only damage Defenders / 252Us* *and T67s because fuck em
  5. Lel. I see what you did there. I remember when the t-54 mod 1 came out, people said it was OP when top tier due to it being frontally immune to 175 pen guns, which was all 6s and a lot of 7s unless they fired gold. Fast forward, this thing is effectively immune to 220 pen guns, more if angled meaning that 6&7s will do jack even with gold, and 8-10s will struggle with silver. Fortunately to counter this, WG are going to introduce a premium Swedish TD with 299 base pen, .28 accuracy and 2800 DPM.
  6. Fuck me today's mission took longer than expected. Either I'd come 4th on the winning team or get top 3 and lose.
  7. Here's me thinking that the titles were "Geez these Aussies and Kiwis are retards for not going beach..."