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  1. I'll give the demo a go over the weekend - I do love a bit a civ.. Showing my age here but I remember paying the first one on the school PCs.
  2. NeotheWeebKnight does have an excellent ring to it. I'll fund the name change cost myself.
  3. It's not like to you need to be accurate with the T92 anyway. Hit the ground 50m and you still do stun. i was particularly enjoying being focussed by 3 arty yesterday - made for a fun and engaging game experience,
  4. TBF it would have any been one round as a warning to stop camping and get on cap, but then he had the temerity to fire back.
  5. I then got called stupid when I pointed out that i had 25k battles and WR which was slightly better than the server average - because that is the definition of a failed reroll obviously. pubbeh logic...
  6. Got called a failed reroll yesterday by a 48%er. top kek @JOC469 it was by that camping hellcat on highway who didn't want to cap
  7. Thinking a borsig with the 150 might be suitable. You should be able to 2 shot them and thus avoid turning blue with the 3rd shot. A Russian TD with the 152 should work as well?