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  1. Fucking Reaps is on point tonight. Also, doesn't Eternal Crusade have a shit connection to Aus on account of there being no servers remotely close?
  2. Geez Adrian, you need to get out more.
  3. Weekly set of missions / grinds for the Bellephoron, Orion, iron duke. Once you complete each week's mission requirements then you get issued a blueprint flag for the ship. Once the ships go live, then you get the ship in your port if you have the flag.
  4. Can't you get the 3/4 via the current blueprint missions once they are released?
  5. Against Siggy, the Stars tend to align a lot more. He's like some sort of celestial calibration god.
  6. Last night had a 44% in a SP1C scout valley on Lakeville. Encounter. He was our only light. Also had a full tier 10 CAX game where I did just over 3k damage (2nd highest). 5 players did zero damage including an E100 and a Maus. im going back to boats for a week, where I can rage about Carriers instead.
  7. 18 games in the Caernarvon: 2 tier 8 only 2 tier 8/9 14 tier 10 GG WG
  8. Angled, I find the furutaka is pretty good. The aoba is nice, although the DPM isn't great, it's a nicely balanced ship that hits hard and has an excellent chance to set fires. The Leander is excellent against cruisers and DDs but struggles and BBs. Had a recent game where I was shooting at the super structures on both a New York and Bayern and most of my shells still bounced. I would have killed for HE to start fires, particularly as the New York was on low health and on cool down.
  9. Yeah, it was 50% off German tier 9s only over the weekend. Sorry.
  10. You're welcome to replace Trunbull, but I'm not sure Barnaby's the best choice... We'll take Sam Neill though.
  11. He's probably been catching too many horse macks. I got some interesting messages from him too which I'll post once I get home. He seems to like you though Ezz
  12. Sounds like some nefarious kiwi plan to try and take over our country by stealth... I'm on to you Kral!
  13. Might be easier if the proposed buffs come through.
  14. Reading is hard. Bought the Caernarvon this weekend. All three games in played in it were tier 10.