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  1. Any notes on the coqueror's gun handling in the server test (even shittier than the super conq)? And what about the movility?
  2. IS-3: 40 + 1 = 41 The glorious march to the west continues! Löwe: 39 Patriot: 18 Defender: 10 - 3 = 7 A shitier IS-6 (in contrast to the IS-6's glory days) for a shitier meta.
  3. The only shity prem i would buy would be a Carius Tiger.
  4. Look it's a fatter S8!
  5. I don't care really after playing the Conq. i've seen the light, every other gun is shit, i like it even more that the russian hovertank machineguns. Once you go L1A1 you CAN'T go back.
  6. Wait so you now will have to play EVERYDAY to get a chance at getting bonds. It's like they're actively trying to kill another extra worthless mode.
  7. They nerfed the lower plate (it still fucks with a flank of baddies but they will fuck your pretty little lower plate) but quite some time ago.
  8. IS-3: 38 + 1 = 39 Just doing my part voting the IS-3 Löwe: 36 Patriot: 24 Defender: 19 - 3 = 16 This 4 tanks show the pathetic state of the game, the absolute paytowinnes that WoT has became, but of the 4 this one has the most annoying gun handling and costs realmoneydollars so...
  9. I don't really care about the tier X, i mean i will get it because i want an extra ten, but i'm more worried of what will they do to the conqs' gun. It's the best gun i've ever used in the game. It would terrible for fucking WG to destroy the best part of the tank to make another shitty superheavy that just forces everybody to press 2 and takes 3 dark ages to shoot. I hope the tier IX nerf, at least, is minimal (but knowing WG i'm sure the slight dpm nerf will be nothing in comparison to the probable soft stats destruction they will implement).
  10. It's waaay too big for my hands. Same reason i got the regular 8 instead of the 8 plus (or however the bigger one is called).
  11. More prem spam! GJ WG!
  12. I don't know i hated the churchil VII, but i liked the BP, slow as molasses and shitty armor. But though turret + good dpm + people ignoring you in high tier games = 62% WR. I did free xp the Caer, 54 games 37% W/R was too much for me.
  13. @CompeAnansi I know, it was a mistake D: IS-3: 32 + 1 = 33 What else can be said, the game is in such a sad state that i praise and hope for the russian bias (at least it's not P2W). Object 416: 4 - 3 = 1 I would rather fuck with the prems, but you're simply less effective little pancake. Lowe: 36 T26E5/Patriot: 33 Rhm. Skorpion: 13 Obj. 252U/Defender: 29
  14. ???
  15. Yup, but they crossed the "rubicon" long ago. The patriot, the chrysler, the defender, terrible P2W tanks, the removal of frontal weakspots + buffs to armor + nerfs to acc (forcing everyone to press 2), the bonds (to a lesser extent). WG knows it's killing the game they just want to milk it until they accidentally make another huge succes or can retire with as much money as possible. As for the tank itself, it's just ANOTHER obvious credit sink, you must load full heat if you want to pen anything (248 apcr on a PAPER MED at the current tier X, hahahaha) and then bounce or miss 3/4 of your shots (i mean the 416 has 330 heat a tier VIII but the 30b is fine against Mice and Type 5s with 300).