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  1. yes we do: and the files you can verify it in is: res/scripts/avatar.pyc it's unencrypted but you do need a tool reader to view it. Also the lang is python if its not obvious. File path as relayed to me from RichardNixon and personally verified. My Blog article with more info if you would like further info (and the source of this quote) and some spreadsheets to view how it shakes out
  2. good luck sir!
  3. FWIW I don't have the Jagtig but I love my T30. It's basically my primary US TD crewtrainer/mission tank and has been for a while.
  4. I will weep for you, little one so that others might know your plight
  5. yup: https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2017/04/02/wot-new-spg-missions/
  6. HAHAHAHAHAHHA make QB Great Again
  7. @BadLuckCharm It's less about 1 bad opinion and more about bad judgement. The fact that the IS3(s) pushed out stupidly into heavy fire from known positions says more about the IS3 than his words in the heat of the moment do. Being in a clan, or tagless or being in one of the top clans doesnt convey good judgment or better playing. Making good judgments in a match is what makes you a good player. @Steel_Six How much HP did you lose 'Getting into position" from the UDES? were you facing him? or turned? on the First received shell, or even when your 6th went off, you should have bailed from that area fast. Taking exposed routes or even getting lit early (I'm assuming by the RU) is a massive hazard for a heavy and should be avoided if at all possible. Out of all the players he described, his decisions were probably the best which isn't saying much here. Being in a position where you can be easily pinned down was a bad call to start with, esp in a 103 on the 1 line. Talk about a shooting gallery. Reading the team comps better with some map knowledge would have probably told you not to go that way, or at least to avoid such a known firing lane. You spawned on that side? so? your tank can drive across the map just fine and it would have probably only taken 90 seconds to reposition. This was probably the best call you made all match. Not knowing what the center and 0 lines did, nor your team comp, I can't really tell you how you could have played it better other than to not go 1 line in a soft-ish tank and get lit early. To paraphrase Nemlengyel: Gib Replay plz
  8. Studying or taking and failing? Which is basically what v29 did. its a temp fix till v30 hits in a month. Welcome to 8 hours ago
  9. Yeah but I wanted to make it obvious as hell to this guy since math doesnt appear to be his strong suite.
  10. Stats don't make you a good player. Making solid decisions in game makes you a good player. Good stats =/= good player Good player = good stats One doesn't equal the other I'm a fucking Green and I know that.
  11. ah. I didnt realize that he was referring to the earlier one. RIP my reading skills. I've done missions from that bush from the N side before, but not the south. Yeah that's ballsy as hell with such a recent light but they didnt have any coverage on the N side so it worked out. 1390 baws camo ftw Good play.
  12. Well, I wouldn't rush it early at all but a move at that time was a good play. On the other hand, his initial position with the river bush, I felt was horribly overextended and near YOLO levels of parking. A run through there, maybe. maybe. but never parking. Way WAY more risky than the passive spotting bush he took afterwards. Thanks for the explanation(s)! keep up the replays!
  13. I don't get this statement at all. That's my favorite bush for passive work in a 1390. Is there something I'm missing entirely from that video? I generally don't shoot from that bush at all but it's great for Mission work if you have good support fire. The hill was handily won by the heavies so there was little threat from side lights from the hill area. Unless the RU went for a risky ridge surf or a yolo run then there was very little threat from him as well. What am I missing? or are you referring to him camping by the waffle4 and the near miss blindfire? in which case yes ew no no no y u do dis? camping next to a TD? in an obvious spot? RIP camo.
  14. hiya. Here's my writeup on crew skills. It's not specifically made for any tank but its a solid place to start from. start by asking yourself "what is this tank good at?" and then building crew skills to buff that or, failing anything special to work on in that category, mitigate the weaknesses. Research the tank (or whole line) on youtube or here on wotlabs to see how opinions differ on how they play. The same concept applies to equipment selections as well.