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  1. do people still run food in the BC? I know AFE is a thing currently

    1. Fabunil


      Yes, it helps a lot with the shitty gunhandeling of the BC, though fires from frontal penetrations are a thing on it.

    2. CarbonWard


      thats why you max FF.

    3. Wanderjar


      yeah i figured. just making sure I wasn't totally offbase

  2. once you learn how to aim through bushes and trees that arent transparent, it's not a hard shot. yes it was RNG lucky but thats about it. esp if you were lit there previous
  3. at least he's honest about it. I'm just shit
  4. welcome to the Labs!
  5. well, jingles said he was just resigning from the CC program, not ceasing WOT/WOWS videos. but he is diversifying as well. Aging Jedi is doing the same thing
  6. aging jedi is gone too
  7. i hugged one in my e25 today and laughed as he tried to scrape me off and failed at it.
  8. you know, i was writing a post to say you are wrong, but after doing some research on this site and others, I'm no longer sure of what wotlabs is tracking because it's not my prem Lorr (i have way more games in it than it might be showing), nor my old Lorr. ( FWIR the AP shares its ID with the old lorr) wotlabs tracks tank stats via a unique tank ID# from the API, each tank has it's own and as far as I remember, the prem Lorr has a different # from the t9 one but I'll have to double check it to be sure.
  9. in what specific areas do you suck in? map knowledge? crew skills? vision/camo mechanics? weakspots? pen/range dropoff? knowing what areas you lack in is a great starting point. like for me right now I suck at judging when to relocate from a failing flank or to reinforce another area to get the overmatch. it's a process. I know more about accuracy than most here but reading team comps? hellz nah.
  10. oh. they haven't added it there yet. mine doesn't show yet either but the original tier 9 one does (under the name F75 Char de 25t ). Not sure who to ask about that one, but they will get around to it shortly I'm sure. Most other sites already have it and are using some odd expecteds for it but (real) v30 is already out and I haven't read the change log yet on it either. until it gets fixed here, just use a few other sites (like the ones I linked) and you can get a decent idea of your performance in it. according to wotstats you are holding a 2363 wn8 in it with a 59.7% wr over 355 games. very respectable
  11. which site are you looking at friend? http://www.dpgwhores.com/players/?player_name=Silvers_&v=recent&server=na and http://www.wotstats.org/stats/na/silvers_/ : or did you mean ingame?
  12. I saw your post in the other thread about it with the .1 modified but I was wondering if you had found anything else. I looked through that file and didnt find anything and chalked it up to my incompetence. Thanks for the clarity!
  13. you know, I have this question too on the efficacy of spall liners on stun time and module dmg now that arty has a special list for its module dmg ability. @StranaMechty (I spelled it right this time!) any clues/pointers?
  14. I'm bad that this game. I know a lot about it but I cannot make the knowledge connect with the gameplay. it's frustrating to see such a small improvement over time. Suggestions?
    I already watch a fair bit of YT and some streams and I'm vanilla since Xmas16

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    2. Wanderjar


      whole bran? blueberry? warmed? toasted? buttered? lowfat/unsalted? omg so many options!

    3. SchnitzelTruck
    4. Wanderjar


      Chocolate muffins are OP. noted. chocolate milk is not. got it! :D