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  1. Santa hat me baby! or alternatively, xmas dreads in mah hair. or whatever. idk.
  2. a quick glance over the sites I linked, You just came back to the game from about a year long break. You love playing premiums (type64, e25, 100y, SuperP) but you're bad in them and probably don't understand the playstyle at all. You probably try to play them all the same way, given your average exp/dmg in them The only tech tree tank you are good not bad in, is the O-Ho. Overall I would say you like fast tanks but they get you in trouble while slow tanks give you time to think before the engagement. How to improve? eh.. play a lot of slower tanks and study your armor profiles on tanks.gg. watch some not shit youtube/strims etc
  3. give us replays of your next 10 games no matter what happens and we can go over them use a stats website (Wotstats, wotzilla, vbaddict) to track and identify problem areas (or program like WoTNumbers). Spend some more time on tanks.gg and study armor vs your favorite tanks guns
  4. you forgot the variable font size changes and color swaps. but spot on!
  5. It's more accurate to say that the variables become minimized when fully stationary. That's still the formula, it just doesn't have anything to chew on. It also explains why turret rotation is one of the biggest factors in the accuracy formula, followed by tank hull traverse. Yeah it only winds up as a 2.5 or some such. same as BIA/vents, but every little bit helps in the fight against LCM rng shitcode. which would be true if the visual matched the actual numbers instead of just bouncing off the upper bound. Not your fault and as we said, you aren't far off the mark. It's just been talked to death already so we're just catching you up. This is most obvious in Derp tanks (the KV2 and T49 famously) It maxes out fast visually but you may notice that after you stop moving everything it still takes a bit for the ret to start shrinking. That's the theoretical bound finally syncing with the visual model. With the Sigma rework it's actually a fairly accurate model of dispersion. Nothing in the game has less than a .3 disp (and that's to give the 25%RNG space to play in.... thanks WG) It's also worth remembering that the listed aim time(s) aren't until the Ret stops shrinking, it's to 1/3 of max.
  6. It's a good stab in the dark for sure but this is literally from the game files: and the files you can verify it in is: res/scripts/avatar.pyc it's unencrypted but you do need a tool reader to view it. Also the lang is python if its not obvious. My blog on the matter: 8_Hussars and my work on SR/Snap/Clutch:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TqvlcnQIdPpAzy3X0OK4lxdNjWoqo9ejcdRqu_HqIuc/edit?usp=sharing
  7. Haswell can probably verify this easily, But I remember reading a security thing 2 or 3 years (it was during the linux plumbers conf in NOLA) where they figured that you can technically thrash RAM into forcing a bad parity state by bleeding electrons into and through one of the doping layers (L7 i think. prob not.). It's also virtually impossible to detect since the ram doesn't think its there and can't zero it out anyway because of the bleed. You said it was an old PC build so if its older (and well used) sticks, that might be the cause. possible solution: swap Ram sticks with another PC and try to crash it again. (It's when they figured that if you only partially dope a layer that it was possible to force this easily. vaguely related to the NSA trying to find hardware workarounds. thanks Jon Snow(den) )
  8. Thanks for your observations! the tomato in me appreciates it! the camp digging was especially helpful.
  9. if you record the audio on a seperate track you can edit it out without jagging your video part. Audacity is a good starting place
  10. Which says everything you need to know about the playerbase, right there. (please dont look at my stats...)

    Triple Confederate. odd.6JpJrB4.jpg

  12. Obscure Necro had this match today and thought of this thread. Triple Confederate. Buh? none of the 3 of us had matching exp or dmg counts. apparently now it's just a 'if you meet the reqs you get it' medal. Wotreplays link for verification and posterity: http://wotreplays.com/site/3713499#murovanka-wanderjar-amx_30_b wonder if I shoud send this to Foch to see if it sets off a another rant
  13. welcome to the labs! im sure you won't catch cancer here at all...
  14. MIT is a good bunch of guys. Good luck to you LostSoul! if you ever want to platoon up, hit me up when I'm on!
  15. At 21k games, better late than never dude. Just a quick glance over of your stats and tanks, you are grinding quite a few lines and have several tanks in wildly different playstyles. This wont help you improve much simply because it will hinder your progress. a Super P doesn't play like an IS3 or a BC AP. You do significantly worse in un-armored tanks than armored ones. I suspect (but don't know) that the faster tanks let you overextend faster than you realize and can't recover from. Learn how to peek-a-boom in your t-34-1. Your heavy stats tell me that you don't know how to use your armor to best advantage and knowledge of how to trade properly is sorely lacking. Without playing with you that's about as deep as I'm willing to go. My advice to you: Pick a tank you like (the Super P seems an obvious candidate, also the Type 59 and 34-1) and try to do 1200 dmg a match in them. That's basically 1 or 2 more shots of dmg than you are doing in them right now. Learn how to flank and punish. tracking shots are a must. Please don't play clip tanks until you are pretty good at single shots. managing that exposure can be difficult. Same goes for scouts. they are support tanks, not combat ones (even though they are at the front) learning vision mechanics is a MUST. Play a LOT of tier 8. Don't move on to tier 9/10 until you are comfortable fighting most tier 10 tanks with your tier 8. <--- until you can do this, stay out of 9/10. Don't play anything below tier 6. I know this isn't much help for now but it's a start. I'll platoon with you if the contacts list gets un borked. Here's a good overview of your tanks: http://www.wotstats.org/stats/na/xlostsoulx/ it's a bit more detailed than wotlabs. If you need real-time feedback and don't want to use a session stat mod (I'm vanilla) I recommend WoTNumbers and VBAddict. As an example, here's my pages on those sites: http://www.wotstats.org/stats/na/wanderjar/ http://www.vbaddict.net/player/wanderjar-na The extra details and information can be priceless