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  1. Turret ring still 101 - check. Okay I move on
  2. Any translation errors because I saw sth different on Rita's blog?
  3. Press X to doubt Calibre increase resulting in firing camo drop while 122-44 still driving the derpy 122mil with 6% firing camo
  4. Good and Bad situation. When SPG had AP rounds it can punch in through the UFP, Roof and Deck, now we have splash that can do more frustration points from bombing few metres away the LFP or side armour. Since the patch landed SPG are certainly do more harm the nominally thin targets. And dont forget the UFP cannot protect you from 330 HEAT. Also in a less probable situation there is a driver's view port to worry... But I agree it looks gud
  5. Not even close, the turret is not impenetrable on level LoS. Don't forget the side armour is made out of tea bags
  6. Losing half of a circle of traverse worth it ? Not like you can pull back by driving forward anymore
  7. 4004 Loses some traverse angle no ?
  8. Am I the only one thinks the old 4202 model looks more closer to reality, at least for the turret size
  9. Reseaching Shells on the techtree ? Deja vu~ I like these ideas, but one thing certainly get into my head is how are they going to make these knowledge delivered to the mass shitters that holds up the pyramid base? How should a normal 15-year old handle ballistic behaviours of APDS, APCBC, APFSDS, and if you bother... HEAT-FS was a thing in the 60s
  10. I thought they have mentioned about technical limitations. Same gun from the same nation cannot carry different ammo set, Chinese TAs are 175 AP, Rusha's are 221 CR. So they have to change the gun completely or it will buff 112 as well. IS-6 however is different, carry unique gun.
  11. D25, buff one gun, buff all guns
  12. Ah... I see the derpy 34-3 is getting a buff! Meaning less reason to not skip the 34-2. Da.

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    2. SchnitzelTruck



      T34-3 Aim time from 3.4 to 2.9.

      hull and turret armor get copy pasted from type59

      also type59 gets 30% better gun handling and 0.6 better aim time (2.9 to 2.3)

    3. WhatTheSkara
    4. Unavailebow


      No because It is a D25 Da.

      Buff this one buff all da guns comrades:kappaross:

  13. It is a logical way to handle the weight of the gun, if you want a lighter platform to support it. It will be fun to see the heavies from the nation (IJA) can one shot its nation own TD tho.
  14. Maybe. For these low calibre low alpha guns effective dpm is unstable. Since we are talking about BP here, the platform itself does not support the gun enough for continuously firing, e.g. the hull armour requires constant hard cover, yet too slow to move. Also everybody can take a shot a run away before it can do anything worse, two shots are only going to be ~300 dmg anyway, and it takes 4 more seconds than a T29 to do it, providing it can penetrate. And there is also module dmg... I was trying to comment it does not lack DPM as a slower tank (hopefully well armoured) rely less on their DPM. They are only few occasion where the listed DPM can be unleashed to full. Small alpha is worse to be with a slow platform. Surely the more DPM the better, but it does not have the reliability to unleash it (hard cover brawl), or create chances for itself to unleash it (re-position). Mle45 has less DPM but still less painful to drive because it higher alpha guns require less exposure to achieve their listed DPM. But if your point is to buff its alpha to achieve higher DPM, yes I agree that would work, way better.