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  1. M35 mod 46 Semi-automatic Penne shooter

  2. I like the way this thing is unpredictable in its mag size, never know how many shots its going to land makes deciding whether to flee or stay much difficult, I mean even I have one shot in mag I can scare people off
  3. Question on my head. I wonder if this vehicle, I mean this mechanism actually allows the vehicle to achieve higher percentage of their listed DPM much more frequently than other vehicles? Is correct use of clip potential sort of compensating the lack of listed DPM and as a result higher effective DPM in terms of percentage of listed DPM
  4. In my case that includes the 120-FT as well. Speed + Gun and tiny bit of camo. Even just redline sniping can get a nice profit simply they don't have to take risk and get up close, especially after 1.0 Map changes, bushes are so convenient or occasional Derpenberg. Getting close announce to everybody where my tank is, more importantly where the gun is aiming at and giving chances for others to react before so. It is far more safe to be in a mobile platform that can escape from danger and spot for themselves, and do damage wherever opportunities are and that makes them so profitable and enjoyable. If I have to pick I'd pick a fast-med with decent pen over T34/Lowe, so fast that armour is not the first priority because running away from things keep me in the game and makes more profit, Lorraine, Victoria, 4202... Pure-bred heavies are just too passive.
  5. Unavailebow

    9.20.1 2nd CT Updates

    Turret ring still 101 - check. Okay I move on
  6. Unavailebow

    9.20.1 2nd CT Updates

    Any translation errors because I saw sth different on Rita's blog?
  7. Unavailebow

    KanonenJagdpanzer 105 Supertest Stats

    Press X to doubt Calibre increase resulting in firing camo drop while 122-44 still driving the derpy 122mil with 6% firing camo
  8. Good and Bad situation. When SPG had AP rounds it can punch in through the UFP, Roof and Deck, now we have splash that can do more frustration points from bombing few metres away the LFP or side armour. Since the patch landed SPG are certainly do more harm the nominally thin targets. And dont forget the UFP cannot protect you from 330 HEAT. Also in a less probable situation there is a driver's view port to worry... But I agree it looks gud
  9. Not even close, the turret is not impenetrable on level LoS. Don't forget the side armour is made out of tea bags
  10. Unavailebow

    British TD changes

    Losing half of a circle of traverse worth it ? Not like you can pull back by driving forward anymore
  11. Unavailebow

    British TD changes

    4004 Loses some traverse angle no ?
  12. Am I the only one thinks the old 4202 model looks more closer to reality, at least for the turret size
  13. Reseaching Shells on the techtree ? Deja vu~ I like these ideas, but one thing certainly get into my head is how are they going to make these knowledge delivered to the mass shitters that holds up the pyramid base? How should a normal 15-year old handle ballistic behaviours of APDS, APCBC, APFSDS, and if you bother... HEAT-FS was a thing in the 60s