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  1. DexFreak

    [NA] Silent Platooning

    Already done. Thanks :).
  2. DexFreak

    [NA] Silent Platooning

  3. I play mostly tier VI and up (yeah, I have fun in those tiers, but sometimes it´s frustrating) but I like to play with music or nothing at all. Don't get me wrong, the occasional TS chat is good, but I feel more comfortable playing like that. Add me in game if you wanna reckt pubs with total silence ;). DexFreak EDIT: Send in a PM!
  4. DexFreak

    Looking for Silent Toons

    Love silent platooning too! Add me and spam the Invite button!
  5. DexFreak

    Anshan is out

    How good is it so far? I'm thinking in buying it.
  6. DexFreak

    DexFreak's Potato Corner

    Got a new entry for you. Stay awesome!
  7. DexFreak

    DexFreak's Potato Corner

    Copy the link from the Share menu underneath from your vid, paste it here. Woohoo, it autoembeds! ^^ Like this: Thanks a lot! Btw nice vid
  8. DexFreak

    DexFreak's Potato Corner

    Got it. Thanks for the tip! EDIT: Also, call me a n00b if you want, but how can I put the videos here, like, you can see them "here"? Thanks for the help!
  9. DexFreak

    DexFreak's Potato Corner

    Hello guys, I'll be posting some interesting content (when I have time). I hope to see y'all in the conversation. As well, I accept tips for improving in everything (video quality, audio quality, gameplay quality, etc). And, last but not least, I upload some replays in spanish, mainly because I'm from Mexico (no h8 please!). Hope y'all have a nice time! The first one I'll be posting is in Spanish, so ignore the outro if you like :P. The title of the video says " E 50 - First Game" Hope you'll like it! Stay awesome!
  10. DexFreak

    sr360's Non-potato games

    Grats on the ace! Really nice game!
  11. I am one of those who free XPed the 50 120, however, just as you, I do better in the T54E1. Just try to adapt what everyone said, be a support tank, and never do a spearhead attack, or else, you'll be dead in the first 5 minutes of the battle.
  12. It happens to everyone, I was playing with more than 3000+ and 65% WR sessions months ago,and I was about to hit the recent 2500+ WN8 and 60% WR, but then I left for about 4 or 5 months, and came back again a few weeks ago, and my performance has dropped as well (I think it is the worst I´ve been in months). I think that everyone has those times when they play like a potato, as well as the recent changes on the maps, something that I´ve noticed that has affected my stats. As well as you, I play WoT for fun, 'cause that's the main thing on a game, right? Try to forget about your stats for a while, and play different tanks that you may wanna unlock or try. Currently, that's helping me getting back on track. Maybe this can help you. PS:Btw, If you wanna platoon, and you see me online, ask me!
  13. DexFreak

    Help with a replay!

    Hello everyone, I would like to recive some advice on what I did wrong or what should I´ve done instead. Thanks in advance, DexFreak
  14. DexFreak

    My Journey Through The Japanese Heavies!

    I´ll be there for sure. GL!