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  1. Already done. Thanks :).
  2. I play mostly tier VI and up (yeah, I have fun in those tiers, but sometimes it´s frustrating) but I like to play with music or nothing at all. Don't get me wrong, the occasional TS chat is good, but I feel more comfortable playing like that. Add me in game if you wanna reckt pubs with total silence ;). DexFreak EDIT: Send in a PM!
  3. Love silent platooning too! Add me and spam the Invite button!
  4. How good is it so far? I'm thinking in buying it.
  5. youtube

    Got a new entry for you. Stay awesome!
  6. youtube

    Copy the link from the Share menu underneath from your vid, paste it here. Woohoo, it autoembeds! ^^ Like this: Thanks a lot! Btw nice vid
  7. youtube

    Got it. Thanks for the tip! EDIT: Also, call me a n00b if you want, but how can I put the videos here, like, you can see them "here"? Thanks for the help!
  8. youtube

    Hello guys, I'll be posting some interesting content (when I have time). I hope to see y'all in the conversation. As well, I accept tips for improving in everything (video quality, audio quality, gameplay quality, etc). And, last but not least, I upload some replays in spanish, mainly because I'm from Mexico (no h8 please!). Hope y'all have a nice time! The first one I'll be posting is in Spanish, so ignore the outro if you like :P. The title of the video says " E 50 - First Game" Hope you'll like it! Stay awesome!
  9. Grats on the ace! Really nice game!
  10. I am one of those who free XPed the 50 120, however, just as you, I do better in the T54E1. Just try to adapt what everyone said, be a support tank, and never do a spearhead attack, or else, you'll be dead in the first 5 minutes of the battle.
  11. It happens to everyone, I was playing with more than 3000+ and 65% WR sessions months ago,and I was about to hit the recent 2500+ WN8 and 60% WR, but then I left for about 4 or 5 months, and came back again a few weeks ago, and my performance has dropped as well (I think it is the worst I´ve been in months). I think that everyone has those times when they play like a potato, as well as the recent changes on the maps, something that I´ve noticed that has affected my stats. As well as you, I play WoT for fun, 'cause that's the main thing on a game, right? Try to forget about your stats for a while, and play different tanks that you may wanna unlock or try. Currently, that's helping me getting back on track. Maybe this can help you. PS:Btw, If you wanna platoon, and you see me online, ask me!
  12. t37

    Hello everyone, I would like to recive some advice on what I did wrong or what should I´ve done instead. Thanks in advance, DexFreak
  13. I´ll be there for sure. GL!