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  1. Managed to get it yesterday. I have yet to play it though. Heard great things about it, I suggest others get it aswell since there's nothing to lose. WHO DOESN'T LOVE FREE SHIT?(unless it's a WG game )
  2. Isekai Shokudou Fate/Apocrypha Aho Girl Jikan no Shihaisha (bit generic, but still fun) Kakegurui Knight's & Magic All of these are definitely worth a watch this season @MagicalFlyingFox
  3. TFW you accidentally spend all 36k of free xp training safe stowage on a tank that you barely play and one which doesn't even get ammoracked that often. FeelsGreatMan

    1. sohojacques
    2. Errants


      You can send in a ticket for that, methinks, it'll use one of your exceptions.

  4. You log into WoT, wanting to 3-mark a tank but then you see this. Your only premiums are T8 and you fucking despise being bottom tier literally every single game because of new mm:


    What would you do?

    A: Give up and uninstall                                                                                        B: Give up and pad at tier 3

    C: Not give up and try to do the mark without firing any gold                          D: Sell all but 1 of your tanks                  

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. zapyoug



      already have game uninstalled so you cant even see how poor you are due to gold spam

    3. WhatTheSkara


      SHs are dead tbf, t6 is the only one surviving because it's fast and doesn't really require gold spam (unless 6 OIs and a T150)..

      Look for the teams at the bottom of the list, they always take the guys with higher PR than them, and while they tryhard, you can just farm easy damage (cuz skill mm) and make credits...

      If the tank you want to mark is the t29, you can do it without firing a single apcr shell with the new mm

    4. HemanathanRX7


      join a random stronghold farm credits man

  5. ^ Agreed. You said that you can afford a 1080ti. That's one of the few cards that's actually being sold at MSRP at the moment. If you can afford it, you might as well get it. The rest of your rig seems pretty strong. If paired up with a 1080ti, that PC of yours could very well last 4-5 years without needing any upgrades (though, as flyingfox said, your PSU could be a problem)
  6. That monitor has a 60HZ refresh rate, which means it can't display any more than 60 FPS. A 1050ti is definitely going to be fine for tanks at max settings at 60+ fps, but you might as well get a 1060 (if you can afford it) just to be on the safe side. The graphics update that's coming soon might be a bit more taxing on the GPU, and you'll also be able to play most other games at 60FPS with max settings
  7. Higher is better, obviously. A 1080ti is going to perform far better than a 1050ti, but that doesn't mean you need to buy it. What monitor do you have? What is its resolution and refresh rate? Will you only be playing WoT or other games aswell?
  8. I believe Krugg is trolling at this point. You probably shouldn't take him seriously (he's a fucking furry after all )
  9. Welcome. Here you will find players who are far better at doing replay reviews than I am, but they don't bother because this game is dead
  10. I can see why he's the best TD player in the world :fish:


  11. Yeah it's currently airing. Watched the first episode. It's kinda.... weird. The characters are batshit insane, and they'e going a bit too ham on the ugly-faces IMO. This isn't Konosuba ffs
  12. I didn't say the IS-7 changes are gonna make it overpowered. They still haven't even fixed the main problem with the tank i.e the godawful traverse speed, cancerous gun handling, DPM, and the weak APCR penetration. A 0.2 sec aimtime improvement will barely make a difference, especially when compared to the 5A's 2.4 sec aimtime. I merely said that these changes are ridiculous (better power-to-weight than most meds) and unnecessary. Only decent and needed change is the increased HP.
  13. Was hoping the IS-7 buffs would be excessive like the Maus', and they are
  14. >Play tier 6... bottom tier every game
    >Play tier 8.. bottom tier every game
    >Play tier 10...... get T10 dumps full of Mauses and Type 5s
    Every. Single. Fucking. Time

    1. DHP


      Play tier 9.

    2. robosapieo


      Don't have one, and I can't grind creds because...... tier 8

      I'm thinking of selling the IS-7, but apparently it's getting buffed soon so I guess I'll have to wait