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  1. So I got back into WoT yesterday after taking a long ass break. This was the first (and only) battle I played


    Gonna go back in, since I need to grind creds. Wish me luck bois cuz I'm gonna need it, if this is what most of the teams are like

  2. Spoilers jeez EDIT(14 hours later): Just found out this is a thing that's happening Kill me pls
  3. GuP was also my 2nd lul BTW are the OVAs actually worth a watch? They've been sitting on my PTW list for over 17 months (man I really need to rewatch GuP). I'm thinking of watching the Azio-sen 38 min special and was wondering if I should watch the other OVAs aswell
  4. Didn't you previously say that Code Geass was your favorite anime? JK. My favorites change all the time aswell
  5. 499/500 episodes of Naruto Shippuden watched. What a a journey it's been. (of fillers mostly LUL)
  6. So,it seems the T-25 pilot is just another prem tank that is better than the standard T8 counterpart, except its "free"this time. GJ Wargaming, props for fucking up the game balance this bad.

    "Premium tanks are better than stock vehicles,but worse than fully upgraded vehicles of the same tier".......nice fucking meme :MingLee:

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    2. Jesse_the_Scout


      The Pershing has better turret armor, better hull armor, a superior APCR round, and some other minor advantages like +10 view range. This is hardly an example of a broken premium, it basically trades armor and pen for mobility and gun handling.

    3. WhatTheSkara


      T25 is only better than the Pershing in credit making potential..

      It's worse in everything else.

      So no, it's not broken/op, and if you play a few battles everyday (which isn't really a huge effort) you get a 30€ tank for free..

    4. MAJEST1C


      The turret on pershing is bad enough

  7. Ranked gold with these stats Sample size doesn't matter TFW you forget to blur out the number of games played...
  8. Me whenever I decide to jump into WoT,hoping to not blame teammates and focusing on my own mistakes:



    1. RC_Tank


      Reminds me of a retard I just met in his T-44

  9. I agree.Root A ended on such a painful cliffhanger.I wouldn't mind if the show got a reboot which follows the manga more closely.I would love to see how the story continues but don't have time to read the manga
  10. @WG do the same with IS-7 plox .Switch around the T-10 and IS-7.Don't even buf the T-10's armor or gun or anything.Just give the T-10 more HP,the IS-7 a bit less (well,it already has trash-tier HP at T10 anyway lul) and I will love you forever and ever.
  11. When you've heard the song so many times that you can sing along perfectly.Finished both seasons in oct. 2015 but I go back and rewatch the last episode of the first season quite often.It's so freakin good. This song brings back all the feels
  12. When a full-health Defender driven by a 750WN 47%er goes up against a 500HP IS-3 and a tier-7 light (Warning:You might lose a few braincells)

    Guess I should've carried harder JxXEss3.jpg

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    2. Fianii


      That last part was unfortunate

    3. Audax_Bellator


      Maybe he just bought it and forgot to check the auto resupply button @robosapieo 

      I enjoyed how the IS-3 auto aim bounced 2 shots then amost blocked the light from shooting, amazing 

    4. robosapieo


      @Audax_Bellator Okay,it's understandable that he might have forgotten to load consumables.But still,how do you lose a gunner by taking just *28* damage like wtf (Nothing against the guy,but that's gotta be some mad RNG)

  13. Little Witch Academia is definitely my AOTS.
  14. @XXCaptainUnicorn I also recommend playing that weeb trash rythm game called "Osu!".It helps improve reaction times and accuracy.