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  1. Is it even physically possible to carry these teams? If so, then could someone please teach me



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    2. Fulcrous
    3. RC_Tank


      It's extremely difficult, some games you just can't/won't win, this is within the 40% (losses) for the average purple. Remember, you can play perfectly and still lose because you're stuck with 14 potential retards and you can't (directly) control what they do.

    4. robosapieo


      Hm that makes me feel a bit better. Fenks guys

      *Presses F to pay respects to @Fulcrous*

  2. Just finished Neon Genesis Evangelion....................................... idk
  3. It's all ogre now Now, if only they'd get their shit together and start FIXING THE FUCKING GAME
  4. aaaaaaand now the biggest English speaking WoT youtuber is quitting. GG WG you REALLY fucked up big time


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      Sorry for spam. I just Fukin love internet drama

    2. Wanderjar


      oh fuck.

      Jingles resigned his CC status because of the kotaku article basically. because WG NA/global isn't WG EU

  5. QB sneakliy talkin shit about Foch :MingLee:

    Tho I kinda feel bad for the dude. He's probably been getting a lot of hate just because he didn't call the Chrysler "completely OP"

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    2. Whole_Nutmeg


      9 minutes ago, Hellsfog said:

      I didn't think New England would come back against Atlanta either.

      That night was as painful as going 1 and 15 during a tanks session

    3. saru_richard


      @Whole_Nutmeg oh god i remember that night.... how the fuck do you blow such a lead?

    4. HemanathanRX7


      Rip the CC program 

  6. TFW you re-read your text after getting some sleep and notice all the mistakes you made
  7. I'm really bad at this whole replay review thing, but here goes..... Replay 1: First thing I noticed is that you're not carrying enough premium APCR rounds in your tank. You should have atleast 15, preferably 20 in the KV-1. I usually wouldn't advise a beginner to carry so much prem, since it makes one..... complacent (for lack of a better word) but it's with all of the ridiculously armored tanks that have been added to the game, I think it's necessary. As for your initial positioning on the map, I think it was fine. An argument could be made that you should've gone to the left of the hill where the ELC got spotted and you could've had more of an impact there, but that would've probably put you in a crossfire. The big problem is saw here was just how complacent you were. You should've kept pushing forward and gone hull-down behind the little mound (what the enemy M4 was doing). The KV-1's turret armor is quite trollish. The PZ. IV and Sherman would've had trouble penning you with their standard ammo. The next mistake you made was that you didn't immediately load APCR as soon as you spotted the O-I. You have 120mm of pen, and that thing has, at minimum 150mm of frontal armor. You can use sites like to view the armor models of tanks, though it does take a lot of time, as well as trial and error to learn everything (You have trouble penning something in battle, so you go look at its armor model). The last mistake was that you didn't immediately repair your tracks after taking that shot from the O-I. It has a 20 second reload if its using the big HE gun (which I think it was). You can fire nearly 5 shots in that time (not that they would've done anything, since you were firing standard xD). All in all, I don't think you could've influenced the outcome of this game no matter what. The team melted far too quick. Though, you might have gotten some more damage if you'd been a bit more aggressive. Replay 2: I really like what you do at the start of this match (not sure if it was intentional or just by accident tho ), and that is; waiting at the start of the match to see how your team deploys on the map, and which positions they go to. It's a shame that you didn't utilize this information though. You went to the eastern flank even though there was NO backup there. Always look at the minimap to see what your teammates are doing, and try to play around them ( you can use the + and - keys on your keyboard to increase or decrease the size of the minimap. I'd recommend using the size of one increment below the max i.e hold down the + (plus) key till the map doesn't get any bigger, and then press - (minus) once). The ability to read the minimap and make decisions according to the positions of the enemy and your teammates, is the key to winning in this game. Pretty much 60% of your time in a match should be spent looking at the minimap. Getting back to the replay itself, you were a bit too aggressive this time around xD. The title of your replay suggests that you were surprised by the positioning of your teammates ( "Heavies go middle?!). One lesson you have to learn VERY QUICK in this game, is that your teammates will do dumb shit all the freaking time. You just have to work around it. While their positioning wasn't exactly optimal, it actually wasn't too bad either. New players seem to have this misconception that certain tank types should only go to certain places.Truth is, it's not as black and white as that. There are some heavy tanks which are better at sniping than TDs, and there are some TDs which can do a medium's job better than most mediums. The eastern flank on Redshire is actually not all that important. The middle is the most dominant position, which easily allows you to defend your own base as well as put pressure on the enemy's. The match actually seemed quite close. I think you could have tipped the balance in your team's favor if you'd followed them instead of going on a Rambo mission by yourself in a bottom tier tank Replay 3: You went wide around the cliff to the rock on the far side. This is a bad idea IMO. You should stick close to the hill as it provides you arty cover, and allows you to sidescrape easily.It also prevents you from getting shot by tanks that are on the cliff itself, which is what got you killed in this match (more on that later) You again had the issue of not being aggressive enough at the start. Looking at the enemy's team comp, they didn't have any top tier heavies. You should just poke around the corner of the cliff to spot some targets and then pull back. Though, in this case, there wasn't even anything there to spot so I guess it's fine. You did the right thing by killing the thunderbolt, but this is where you would have significantly benefitted from sticking close to the cliff. You wouldn't have take that shot from the Pz. IV on top of the cliff. This is also the point where you become extremely indecisive about what you want to do. You drive forward, further into the line of fire of the Pz. IV and the enemy arty, instead of getting under the Pz's gun, and into arty cover (close to the cliff). Quote from your description of this replay; "I know it did NOT help that the Churchill 3 and OI Exp went into TD alley without support from our own TDs.. ¬.¬;" Again, it's not just a black and white case of "They're heavies so they shouldn't go there". The enemy only had two TDs, one of whom (the IKV) died almost instantly, and the T67 which is actually the best tier 5 medium tank. I think they expected the T67 to go the middle of the map, instead of down the western alley( That's what I would expect a T67 driver to do).The people who went to that flank were actually the first ones to kill anything, and your team was up 3-0 at that point. Contrary to what you believe, those guys actually contributed to the team a lot. As for what YOU could've done to win that game, it all comes down to just staying alive for longer (Stick close to the cliff. The cliff is your friend). One of the best general tips: don't expose yourself to more than 1 enemy when firing( only if possible ofc). Try and make a 1v3 into 3 1v1s. Notes: Please remember that I'm not the best player (far from it actually xD ) and you shouldn't treat my words as the end all be all. Though, I did try my best to explain how to do better in these situations, from what I've seen and experienced. I also apologize if I went into unnecessary detail. I'm tired AF right now and this is the best I could do Extra tips: You can hold down the right mouse button (if your cursor isn't over an enemy) to lock your turret in place and move the camera freely. This is extremely helpful and allows you to be more situationally aware. Get into the habbit of holding down RMB and doing a quick 360 around your tank every so often (took me more than 2k battles to figure this out. FeelsBadMan ) Remember to adjust your graphics settings and turn off "grass in sniper mode", and if possible, turn your overall graphics down a bit. This will help improve your framerate (which seemed a bit low in the replays) and also reduce visual clutter. Make sure you have the right aim sensitivities. Your sniper mode sens. should be relatively low for precise shooting, and the arcade sensitivity should be a balance between comfortably being able to look around, while also maintaining some aiming precision. EDIT: Holy shit I just realized how much of a massive wall of text this is. I'm really sorry but I can't do any better.
  8. While I do really like Foch's content, I believe he had his removal from the CC program coming. He's been shitting all over WG for the longest time (even though I think his complaints are justified). The thing that really pisses ME off, is how they made Circonflexes remove his video, even though he was just making a harmless joke. How fucking sensitive do you have to be to take something like that so seriously. Far worse things are said about other CEOs/game directors such as GabeN from Valve or Jeff Kaplan of Blizzard, yet you don't see THEM going around censoring people. Hell, Jeff actually promotes it. They never even issued him a warning or anything. Just " Yo fam. You're no longer a community contributor because you hurt our feefees. RIP" I'm glad he was able to talk it all out and get his C.C status back, but this whole thing really shouldn't have happened in the first place.
  9. RIP


    1. robosapieo


      SirFuck :serb:

    2. Assassin7


      everyone is reaaaaaaaaaaaally pissed about this. 

      and I don't blame them. I don't like seeing my favourite game going down the shitter this quickly and stupidly either...

  10. Would you mind showing us some of your replays where you try and do these things? Would be a lot easier to tell what you're doing right and what you're doing wrong that way.
  11. I give up


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    2. robosapieo


      @Kolni Because there were 2 tanks with me, but they died at the mound around K7 without me realizing. I'm trying to get 3 marks on the T29 (that tank I was playing). I had a hunch that there wouldn't be any damage to get if I went valley (which turned out to be true) and I figured that I could hold out in the town with the help of those two friendlies with me and get atleast 2k dmg. Turns out it was just wishful thinking. We won that game, and the highest damage on the team was like 1.6k or something. I managed to get two shots off before getting ganked :feelsbad:

    3. Kolni


      3 tanks is nowhere near enough to hold that side from south :serb: 

      unless you have literally 7-8 tanks crossing it's impossible

    4. robosapieo


      Lesson learned, I guess :minidoge:

  12. M48's biggest weakspot is how insecure it is about being called fat
  13. As others have said, I'd recommend going down the IS-7 line. Though, you might want to stop at the T-10, since the IS-7 is a massive credit sink and a bit trash-tier IMO. DO NOT purchase a T8 prem until you've grinded out a standard T8 tank and have played atleast 100 battles in it. I would recommend getting the Lowe as it's quite simple to use from what I've seen. Get the ez8 Sherman and play it to death if you want to learn the medium playstyle One general rule of thumb I've come up with is that all the odd-numbered tiers in this game (3, 5, 7 and 9) are mechanically the most challenging as compared to the tiers before them and after them. It feels like you have to learn a new skill when you get to one of these tiers or else you'll get rekt, (e.g armor angling at T5, general map positioning and situational awareness as well as weakspots at T7, and then the more advanced stuff such as vision mechanics etc. at T9). These are the tiers you should spend the most time in. Watch your replays and see if you can spot any mistakes you made. If you can, then learn from them, and if you can't, then show the replays to other people (there are some youtubers out there who do replay reviews. You can also use the "tape study" section on this site)
  14. I couldn't see any mistakes in your play, but I'm a shitter so what do I know xD. Though one question I have is, why did you continue that awkward exchange with the T-62A at around the 11 minute mark? I would've tried to relocate to where the enemy STB and 50B were (basically what you do at around 9:30, but earlier). That would've also baited out the IS-7, though you might have received one 490 shot, but I think you could've gotten atleast two extra damaging shots of your own. I'm not saying that what you did was wrong, just curious as to why you did it. I've been absolutely SUCKING at this game lately, so I too am looking for some feedback