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  1. T8 arty does 800 damage to one of the most heavily armored TDs in the game,from the front,thus denying him the Kolobanov's.That's what we call balance komrade :serb:


    1. Nekommando


      cannot have unicscum padding their wins in J100

  2. QB always finds something to complain about
  3. SAO was also one of my firsts.I think that it's a show that every person who wants to get into anime should watch.I hadn't seen anything like it back then,so I enjoyed it.Now that I've seen a few more shows,I understand why some anime fans hated it and my rating for it has also dropped.I always try to find a good balance between subjective "enjoyment" and objective "goodness" when rating a show,which is why I gave AOT a 9/10 even though it's my favorite anime of all time.
  4. Last time I checked,510 is greater than 490.Sure the 510 rounds on the SU have less pen,but it's 4 whole tiers lower than the IS-7 and the pen is still higher than most T6 tanks which aren't TDs
  5. I wonder if shows like SAO are hated as much in Japan as they are in the rest of the world
  6. Shadder2k is like the Circon of Overwatch.Perfect balance between memes and actual skill:
  7. Just got accepted into sandbox.Haven't played it yet,but I already have terminal cancer just from browsing the forums :facepalm:

  8. They're nerfing alpha of lower tier 128mm guns,but not of the Maus (and they're giving the maus better DPM) but they never thought to increase the alpha of the IS-7's 130mm gun,which is currently less than that of the tier 6 SU-100Y.GG WG
  9. I was gonna get a skylake system,but I think I'll wait cuz this looks pretty dank.
  10. Looking for a new headset.My razer kraken 7.1 sounds decent and the mic is fantastic,but it's uncomfortable AF.Current options are:HyperX Cloud II,Logitech G35 and Corsair Void (headset must have a USB connector)

  11. Playing on the test server has made me realize how broken and unbalanced Sand River Assault really is.I've played it 5 times,always been on the defending team,and won every game with atleast 3.5k damage and 4k+ assistance

  12. Even bots agree that @Gasai__Yuno has shit taste in waifus



  13. Panzer IV has always been my waifu,but I love it even more now PS: Join the WoTLabs discord fgts
  14. IS-7 and IS-4 might as well not be in the game at this point.All other heavies apart from those 2 and the FV215B (which is pretty good as it is) have been buffed now,right? and the new ones that are getting introduced are also stronger than them.GG WG.
  15. Am I the only one around here who watches almost all YouTube videos at x2 speed?