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  1. FFS now my STA-2 is also cursed along with the IS-7.Every game in which I do over my hitpoints in dmg,we lose.If I only do like 700, we win.Overall winrate has dropped from 52.12% to 52.04. WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME?!??!?

    1. Nekommando


      have you tried doing less damage to improve winrate :serb: 

    2. robosapieo


      Thinking about it.Though I don't have that many battles under my belt,so getting winrate up later on won't be that hard.I guess I could just redline snipe and pad *WIN8* since I'm usually the last one alive anyway :kappa:

  2. Overwatch is my favorite anime.
  3. Finally got a profile pic after over a year of memeing around on this site.

    Am I cool now?

  4. Full prem against someone of that skill level is freaking FILTHY. What'd he say after the battle?
  5. M48 Patton's ammo rack is more freaking fragile than WG's promises.

    Literally every shot to the hull is an ammo rack.Even with safe stowage.

    1. Megrin


      doesn't the same applies to literally every medium in the game?

    2. robosapieo


      I didn't notice it that much when playing the Pershing or T20 (M46 was a bitch tho).It also didn't happen to me when playing the T-62A on the test server.

  6. This match was pure cancer.Any help would be appreciated
  7. Don't go for the M46 if you care about your WN8
  8. Got fed up with IS-7 gun handling and DPM and decided to drop F.E for rations.

    First game I played:Set on fire by arty.Ammo rack and loader knocked out.40 sec reload.Died to 140 from across the map.

    Nice meme Serb.Nice meme.

  9. Pretty sure this is the wrong section of the forum for this type of question. Also,just saying that you're looking for a new line doesn't really help anyone.What kind of tanks do you like to play? Fast or well-armored? Gun depression,gun handling,turret armor,mobility.Which of these things do you prefer and which ones do you not care for?
  10. Is IBO a good point to return to Gundam? The only other Gundam show I've seen was 00,though that was nearly 5 years ago so I don't remember much of it.Are there any other shows that came out after 00 that would be worth my time?
  11. Dank memes are an excellent subsitute for caffeine in keeping you awake.


    1. Assassin7


      Not really because none of the memes for the past 6 months have been any sort of funny. They're all stupid and repetitive and boring. 

    2. robosapieo


      Classics can still do the job tho

    3. SkittlesOfSteeI


      Please, no one looks at memes because they're funny, everyone does it to be ironic. Some people don't realize this and unironically start to like them, causing memes to devalue and lose their spice. 

  12. Previously you were saying that people were being too harsh on you and criticizing you too much,even if they were just joking.The fact that you just played the "hurr durr I only come here for entertainment" card just shows how much of a hypocritical nutsack you are.Though,I guess I should have expected this from the Englishman who can't even spell "grammar" properly and who CALLS HIMSELF A CHAV
  13. Meh.Gasai was still able to keep calm under pressure.This guy gets triggered by the tiniest things,which makes him hella entertaining. That reminds me;I haven't made a bad joke in this thread yet. What's the difference between @kingadz and a Colt M1911? The Colt only has one trigger .
  14. Anyone else find it suspicious how the guy claims to be a native English speaker and yet,he doesn't know what "Teal" is.10/10 NICE MEME. He's probably been trolling this entire time just like Gasai was,and y'all took the bait.I refuse to believe that someone could actually be that stupid.
  15. I will admit the animation in the latest episode of Konosuba wasn't quite up to par,but it definitely wasn't unbearable.The writing and comedy are still on point.Imma just be optimistic and hope that they're saving budget to make the later episodes as good as they can possibly be.