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  1. Hi, Wotlabs! What's the Tl;Dp for the World of Tanks metagame now? Are players better at the game on average now than they were 2 years ago? What kind of premium tanks are a threat now that I should at least be aware of? Lastly, do any of you guys play Wargame: Red Dragon? Many thanks!

    1. Fulcrous


      A lot of tanks compensate lack of skill for unbalanced amounts of armor/mobility/firepower or even all 3 in the case of the 268v4.

      Also, a lot of weakspots are only weakspots if you use premium rounds. even then you will get rng'd

    2. Assassin7


      overall skill is probably a little bit higher than a few years ago.

      but the overall gameplay is a hell of a lot easier and more idiot proof. and a hell of a lot more unbalanced tanks. because giving everything unpenetrable armour is a trend over the last like year and a half

  2. Playing World of Tanks once more, I noticed that a significant amount of the battles I participated in amounted to steamrolls as many of you might note on a personal scale. Not only that but action is quick to ensue whether it's getting right into the thick of it in my HT's or dawdling around the map, trying to score long range shots. Making positional or aggression-based mistakes (likely) entails a really quick death no matter the tier that is being played whether it's a tier 2 pace car or tier 10 E5 out in a field for a few seconds. What exactly defines WoT as X-pace?. Would it be the aforementioned description above or is it something else on a technical scale perhaps? If it is X-paced then would you say that the characteristics of X-paced WoT are more negative than positive or vice versa? What is your ideal WoT in terms of pacing? Which X-paced version of WoT would best? Or would it be possible to satiate both fast & slow? Which X-paced version of WoT would offer the most room for development of in-game features? (rather than interface features (AKA: WoT's "promise" of "fixing?" the game) This is thread is more than inquiry but rather a thread of discussion on the subject of pacing. I imagine the ideas exchanged here will enlighten newbies about what WoT is at a gameplay scale and allow veterans to learn tidbits of the game that is oh so loved <3. Have at it and thank you for the replies ahead of time ^_^
  3. Casas5591

    Why I play without XVM - and maybe you should too

    I believe you should take your own advice and try to see things under different lens. Your counterargument to the points Rexxie brought was "I have morals and you don't, therefore...". What this shows more is that what people value is subjective especially so with the importance of morals and standard of one's morals. Is being morally correct the "right" answer? What is "right" exactly given we all coalesce in unequal hyperreality via competitive gaming arena? Why wouldn't your argument apply to people with better PC's, people who have time to learn, OP tanks. This game is innately unfair. With that being said, this is a bit of a untenable ordeal. I don't value meek good/strong bad. I value strong good/meek bad. It's my opinion and everyone has one that varies. Which one is the most right while recognizing better the actualities of the game being : everything is unfair and not all people cannot be prevented from using XVM. I also value better players as the meek's meekness seems to be their own fault as no social factor or exclusion of information by the elite is present or pay-4-XVM. In that sense, the game offers a fair base to grow as a player.
  4. Casas5591

    T110E4- Because it Was There

    I think the E4 will get powersurged once they finally implement the bee mechanics for the big ass beekeeper hive at the rear of the tank.
  5. How long does it take until WG starts giving "baby come back" gifts for absentee players? Is it still even a thing, nowadays? 

  6. Casas5591

    Exactly How Much Armor Does the Super Pershing Have?

    About 160mm? effective armor @ turret cheeks considering most people here aim for the weakest point just to be a smart ass about it. Nevertheless, knowing the LFP/UFP cumulative armor values @ angles would be useful to know if one has no choice but to 2 key quick shot SP's to reach victory.
  7. Casas5591

    Unconventional WoT Opinions 2

    In some regards, yes. For starters, the PZ 1 C has mobility on par with the RU 251. The slight differences seems only to be km/s/s and the turning radius at max speed. The gun handling is really good for the PZ 1 C. The dispersion on the move seems better than average and the final accuracy and quick aim time make it abnormally comfortable for it's tier. This general characteristic of course applies to traditional T7/T8 LT's. The scaling of firepower tier-for-tier is the last consideration. Typically, T8 LT's get suited with highly-capable 90mm's which have a stronger penetrative power and higher inflated DPM values. Is it safe to assume T8's LT's are the most potent in dealing damage in their tier class?This triumphs 105mm's derps, 57mm's, 76mm's of China, and even 85mm's given the gun depression is a indivisible hindrance. The PZ 1 C gun is exempt because of peculiar conditions: +2mm, prevalence of paper vehicles at T3 - T5, 320 dmg clip potential every 5 seconds which bears semblance to the RU 240 per 5 seconds. This means the PZ 1 C can carry it's group as well as a T8, perhaps? I like to ask what defines sniping? Is it range specific or can it be specific to the maximum gun range of your vehicle. Or can adhere to a playstyle which involves not getting hit whilst being the hardest target to successfully damage. I think I've sniped in my PZ 1 C before within 300m just trying to deal risk free damage from a reasonably safe location. Same with my SP 1 C albeit with greater distances involved. Thank you for prompting the matter
  8. WoTBlitz is a glorified tutorial for all intents and purposes so I'll say that you'll reach blue/purple steadfast! Mandatory PC masterbate race beats Apple iPad peasants? ...Welcome to the Labs
  9. Casas5591

    Hello all!

    +1 cuz SS avatar Welcome to WoTLabs!
  10. Casas5591

    Unconventional WoT Opinions 2

    Okay, time to have a go at stirring the pot. - Arty can easily be countered with positional skill and makes the game more fun. - Taking a 500+ dmg hit in a HT by arty is a trivial matter at best since my class is meant to tank dmg and armor can substitute HP. - Any unicum/blue who thinks E-75 > ST-1 is someone who lacks the ability to come to comprehensive conclusions by themselves in some matters. - Matilda IV is the best tier 5 preferential tank in-game. Same Matilda MM with 2x HP/Alpha. - Tiger (P) is 95% on par with the Tiger I but requires much less effort to reach the maximum skill ceiling. 8.8cm don't do as much excess damage as Gehtake mentioned like 2 320 DMG shots at a 440 HP target. - SP 1 C is a sorely underated and underappreciated powercreep tank. SP 1 C > AMX 13 90 and it offers a very unique playstyle. - PZ 1 C play resembles high tier light tanks with the exception than scouting is actually viable. - This game is actually pretty easy and stress-free when I reached purple. I kinda got bored of it and the community's toxicity left a bad taste in my mouth so to say. - This game hasn't changed much these last 2 years.
  11. Just as a general question, what kind of guide/review/thought process threads would WoTLabbers like to see in the future that has yet to be covered in much depth?

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    2. Casas5591


      I think my personal preference put higher priority more on content rather than formatting. Most of the stuff I've read seems to be similar in structure and I had various reflections about those pieces. What catches my attention is the title; there also lie self made generalizations. Do I own that tank? Is that tank relevant to WoT in a way that understanding it will help me? What will this discuss that I do not know? 

      Everyone knows the CGC is trash for very apparent reasons. People thus care very little about how to use it or outplay it. More the same with wiki info. I believe to break this content rut, content creators need to infuse their subjectivity whatever that might mean. A intellectual lesson or supplementary information on their limitations/fortes in certain tanks, regardless of their skill, or anything else. 

      It's like Gas Stations. Patrons come for the gas and stay a bit longer for slot games, lotto cards snacks, sunglasses, whatever. The existence of these stations are dependant on supplementary material otherwise their would be traffic beyond essential needs or in other words, this site because WoT Wiki: Forum Edition/WoTBook


    3. zapyoug


      Seems like something worth bothering the higher ups abou

      maybe its something they have already gone over but I would certainly feel like this would be helpful if I was reading something specific to learn up on

    4. Casas5591


      I'm sure they're aware of the matter. The best thing they or some well established figure can do IMO is bring awareness to this period. It's okay to concide defeat, especially if you put a optimistic lens and think out what could win the next battle.

      I don't think there's much left from the previous generation of content producers both physically and mentally. Talent relies on passion with no absolute substitute. Even great artist get tired of their profession and a pessimistic doesn't help. Why that is, well I like to say that WoT has letdown a lot of people but I might be saying that just out of disappointment rather than rationality. I think it's up to the next wave of newcomers for WoTLabs to fill that void considering the old are not getting younger. Repeat what others have done as a responsibility consented with passion for WoT and do be afraid to write something, anything with semblance to deep content.

  12. Casas5591

    Just another tanker rolling in.

    Ponies in a blanket, fry them like like bacon! #minutethingsperturbus #wewantvealjustice Err...umm...I mean welcome to WoTLabs and best of expediancy to all that entails in your quest for knowledge ^_^
  13. OP, this thread strikes very close to home as I had those exact considerations and principals in mind when I finally sought light within darkness to reach poor purple quasi-solo. +1 brownie point/CC: Make content 50% shorter and insert some high resolution screenshots to put power behind words as would a professional poet would do. Share this with the WoT Official Forum since I'll be much easier for them to comprehend a picture book than actual words & profit???
  14. I'm curious to know if there's statistics based on membership with a assumed turnover percentage (tomatoes/blues to unicums) I'm also eager to hear everyone's opinion on WoTLabs influence on the WoT community both positive and negative from a empirical standpoint. And a bit of WoT history lesson from the tales spun from memory. Whatever comes from this thread, comes.
  15. Good spots exist both backwards and fowards, not just in the middle as we like to assume. Some good spots fluctuate in value per match situation because of how dangerous the middle can be. You should familiarize with and search the term "early damage" on WoTLabs as that correlates with ruik free positioning which will serve to help with you patience. It's a A - B - C - D - win type of ordeal. If you go A - D - win then you might find your survival rate to be a tad low hehe. I refer to damage as "brownie points". It's self serving. Don't get me wrong giving the D >_> is pivotal and there's a series of articles or threads by Chodeful and Garbad that kinds argue over the matter. Damage is important only if the damage you do is worth your time given you typicially cannot reach targets B & C who are hurting your weaker players whilst fighting target A hiding in A1 afk. It's simply like this, a pound of gold is worth more than a pound of feathers. It's up to you to comprehend what your team needs from you with damage application to snag the win considering every little thing seriously counts in this game