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  1. At peak load my CPU&GPU temps are 50 degrees celsius (~120F), which feels a bit colder than anywhere outside. I'm melting.


    inb4 winter and complaining about cold.

  2. I mean... Seriously? People still defend this scam? Ok, let's look at it this way: scam citizen has reached 190M in funding - "game" is nowhere near being finished; falcon heavy project development took 500M+ and you have a REAL WORKING SPACE ROCKET.


    Fucking hell, some people...

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    2. PlanetaryGenocide


      3m 40s to teach someone how to mine lmfao


      eve online? click rock, lock it, press f1, boom ur mining

    3. NightmareMk9


      Sunk Cost

      It's how stupid people get scammed out of $200k from trolls on the internet

    4. orzel286


      X3 best space game confirmed!

      Not too complicated, not too simple, lots of ships of all sizes, moddable as hell, looks good even today. The only drawback being that it uses single cpu core. And its devs didn't sell .jpg ships! :doge:

  3. So, f1 2011 has a nasty bug - sometimes saving just doesn't work. Neither auto or manual. Already had to do european gp 3 times before it saved.


    Now, after one hour and fifty minutes race (just race, I'm not counting in practice and qualifiers) at hungaroring the game decided that saving is for pleb yet again. Joke's on you f1 2011, I know where the uninstall button is!

    Now I'm just waiting for test drive unlimited mod that's in the making: https://forum.turboduck.net/threads/w-i-p-test-drive-unlimited-platinum.35193/

    1. Marty


      Damn, I had no idea TDU modding community is still somewhat alive. I sunk quite a few hrs into that game, and installed ton of mods (still remember tweaking handling in some handling editor to make cars handle like I thought they should lol). Might revisit it at some point with this mod.

  4. Plenty of fouls (first half was especially dirty), 3 corners, off-side where there wasn't any, come on... How many kilometers of dick did croatians suck to get fifa on their side? English didn't play all that well, but if refs are against you as well then there's not much you can do anyway.

    1. Ham_


      If they sucked FIFA off they would have finished the first half with a penalty

    2. orzel286


      Maybe they don't swallow?

  5. Playing through f1 2011, 4 win streak now, yay! Last one - Monaco. I hate it. Barely any places to overtake, lapping backmarkers is super hard, and it's so scary. T_T

    Got a bit of luck this time around, safety car deployed and I just managed to catch it when it was time for my pit stop, and got puncture entering pit lane :D perfect strats, 100% tire usage.

    Also: playing realistic length (whole racing weekend and 100% laps for race), and damn, I'm spent every time. I don't know how racing (or rally) drivers manage through this, they must be aliens or something. Endurance racers are even more alien!    

    1. nabucodonsor


      When I used to play F1-2006 I always challenged myself by playing the what I called "the Hell": start last on Monaco under full rain and  win, with car damage on. Never managed to end a race.

    2. orzel286


      If I ever feel super masochistic I'll try that.

  6. Finally first points in my f1 2011 career!

    After that complete heartbreak of a first race (starting from pole, just a few laps after first pit stop two punctures, somehow limped back to pits, couple of laps later - another puncture, went to pits again, got the same tires I started with, after giving chase anyway, 2 laps to go, clawed my way back to 9th place and then rear lost all grip, I could barely keep the car in a straight line, finished 14th) this is a nice change.

    Made a bit of a mistake - should've gone for the option tires just like everyone else instead of intermediate, I didn't know that the track went completely dry until I started losing 10 seconds per lap; last pit was spot on though, just as it started raining again I changed those useless, blistered intermediates to wet, started to gain massively and finished 5th. Started from pole again, so it's 4 positions lost, but hey, at least I got points this time.

  7. >Duh, I want to play some racing rame

    >hm, I still have f1 2011, I wonder if it works...

    >works! But holy crap, this is so difficult...

    The most interesting statistic of mine so far? Highest speed crash: 315 kph. I blame Jimmer. His channel, if you're interested: https://www.youtube.com/user/jimski10/featured

  8. Wg announced their plan for new resources in wows, clan-less players starting shitstorms already. Feels good to not get a shitty end of the stick for once XD

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    2. NightmareMk9


      I wonder if I/WE get the coal for oil already spent on the Clam HQ

    3. orzel286


      My guess is: it doesn't matter if oil was spent, only that number shown on player list matters.

    4. NightmareMk9


      A while back they moved the oil from the players into the clan screen.  I can't see how much oil I have, all I see is the clan oil (2810) and I have earned like 95% of that.  I spent about 2k on the 10% off in the shipyard for tier 5-7.  OK, I found the total I have earned in the clan (3250).  I hope I get 16k coal out of that.

  9. >coop doesn't get missions, they would be too easy to complete

    >new indy marathon missions, get 1000 hits, 8 citadels PVP ONLY

    How the fuck is this even remotely challenging? Or are pvp players mentally challenged and can't get this done without maximising their autism? Fuck.


    pvp shouldn't be called pvp but tvt - it stands for trash vs trash.

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    2. Haswell


      As always, it's easier if you don't think of players as humans and just view them as bots. Or monkeys. Or whatever subhuman variation you fancy.

      Everything makes more sense if you convince yourself they are always far far below your expectations.

    3. Jaegaer


      I do co-op for some missions - especially secondary hit ones. These are borderline automatic in co-op and quite hard in random.

      Apart from this the bots in co-op are ultra easy to kill so WG limits mission to get important free stuff (like ships) to random only. A much harder (in terms of kills, damage, citadels...) variant for cop-op would be nice though.

    4. orzel286


      https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/101678-would-you-like-co-op-battles-to-be-made-8v12/ - and since this thread got noticed, I want to believe that wg will do something to shake things up in coop.

  10. orzel286

    Fallout 76, Online Survival RPG ?

    It will be battle royale. :v
  11. Gotta love initial d community. The story began with this vid:

    Waifu war! Grab popcorn!


    Love her face, but wait! It's not over yet!

    Wait, what? This is not waifu war anymore... O_o

    Water? I mean... Mizu-chan? O_o

    I sort of hope that this will continue, but at the same time I also want this to stop.

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    2. orzel286


      @EndlessAgony Admit it, you just can't comprehend it. Or maybe you do and it's your guilty pleasure? :v

    3. EndlessAgony


      You are right, I can't comprehend how someone can look at badly drawn potato and pretend it's his waifu while drifting in what is, based on the "physics", a track somewhere in outer space.

      You have seriously low standard...

    4. orzel286


      You need at least 300 IQ to understand.


      And this thing is still going... Places.


  12. orzel286

    Murazor is kill

    inb4 wg hires someone worse than murazor
  13. How do I compliment bot for trying to carry in wows coop? Bot bismarck, top of the team, almost won against enemy bots in a 2v1 (another bismarck and memeotaur).



    1. hall0


      your ui needs more anime girls. 

    2. orzel286


      Even more? I already have a - coughcough - hard... Time focusing on playing.

    3. Medjed


      That literally looks like cancer

  14. Shiratsuyu coop grind from 0 to elite took me 171 games. And my main problem was that her kancolle counterpart doesn't have many lewds. Oh dear.

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    2. orzel286


      But I wanted Shiratsuyu specifically. Guess she's just overshadowed by POI :poi:

    3. Assassin7


      ooooooh I thought you just meant Yuudachi xD

      and yeah. the poi is too strong. (and I hate myself for it but I actually really like yuudachi in the anime qq)

    4. orzel286


      I guess it'll get sort of balanced out, since I bought akizuki and ELEGANT LADY.


  15. Finally broke 200k dmg barrier in wows. In coop. In tier 6 game. Hm.