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  1. inb4 deathstar is also turned into tier 8 prem with slightly nerfed mobility and gun handling. :v
  2. USN carriers, just.... No. I give up. IJN carriers are more versatile and that's all I need. WG why not let me choose what planes my carrier can - uh - carry?

  3. Me in iron duke, gneisenau ~10km away, ah well, HE salvo away... over 6k dmg.

    What the fuck.

    Me in orion vs some tier 3 or 4 cruiser, we're both bow on to each other, he gets citadeleted. With HE. Because why not... :facepalm:

  4. Dem chinese tds, FGTs, all of them!

  5. Went for a job interview yesterday, it all went well, I'm starting on monday. There was a thing tho, since this is a cosmetics company there were some nice ladies there...

    Boss: Ok, so I'll introduce you to the team.

    Me: Hello team!

    *two world class ladies sitting by their desks*



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Haswell


      Ugly things turn you on? :kappa:

    3. orzel286


      NOT. FUNNY.

      One day you'll understand what an "unwanted erection" - ehem - stands for. :cri:

    4. Haswell


      You may not want it, but your dick surely does. :frenchy:

  6. Pve also highlights why ijn carriers are so much better: if you're the only human on your team and your bots fuck up it's still winnable in a hentai carrier, while 'murican carrier is most likely completely screwed.
  7. Yeah, 6.10 hits the eu server and wrecks it, new superb aaa graphic effects = 2d sprites, so I actually have LESS fps now.


    Wargaming can you FUCK OFF and stop destroying your own games??????? JUST FUCK OFF!

    1. Folterknecht


      You didn't miss anything - played one game in Scharnhorst, burn't down within ~5min by british Battleship HE spam. Closed game righter it - I'm done.

  8. Yeah, pve in dds and anything that has crap armor is painful. Oh, and I'll just repost this here...
  9. Ranked players losing against bots, that's a new low....


  10. Most human players worse than pve bots confirmed?
  11. Aaaaand back to cold waters!


    Tried oscar in a new campaign, but.... Those big ass ssgns are just not my thing. :/ Next! Akula.... Huh.

    Fast, quite stealthy (for a vodkaboat), ok-ish sensors, maneuverable. That's my boat!

    It even got blessed by rngeesus (he must be Russian), since during the very first campaign mission I got to sink a kiev.


  12. Yay, new mission to get british bb: destroy 5 bbs in everything except bbs. Result: no one plays bbs.


    Gee, who would've thought? :facepalm:

    1. SaintLaurentius


      How about dem CV missions? I dont even own any CVs....

    2. Mnemon


      Wait a day or two. The average shitter will be unable to resist going back to his BB sniping after being wrecked in the more fragile ships, and you can kill him then.

  13. I2LCAS2.jpg

    1. EndlessAgony


      Nice MSPaint writing fam.

    2. orzel286


      I'm a bit more advanced tho, I use paint.net. :doge:

  14. tfw top tier bbs keep spamming he at broadsides of enemy ships, and it turns out they have less than 30k avg dmg playing mostly tier 8 prems :facepalm:


    just wows coop things

  15. If I like cake and cake is a lie - does that make me a liar?