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  1. orzel286

    Polish Tier 8 Premium (Project 51)

  2. Me 2 years ago: cvs are like arty, they don't belong, they don't work, they won't work. #removecarriers

    Now: wg is reworking carriers, but it won't work, because a)it's wargaming we're talking about; b)this class is inherently broken and can't be balanced EVER (just like arty). And ofc official eu forum went full autistic screeching when I said this XD Oh well...

  3. Been loking for an internship for about 2 weeks now, it's just impossible. And they say that IT people have it easy? Really? Pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

    Or is it just Polish thing maybe? It definately seems like this. It's easier to find a fucking unicorn than a job here, but I've never thought that interns are fucked as well. I'm done. Fuck this shit, I'm out. If I somehow manage to finish my school Im going to... I don't know. Mongolia? North Korea might have a use for IT guy with their nuclear programme... Ah, well, even Shitholeistan will do at this point.

    1. mistervanni


      best of luck on your search man!

      in italy too its hard in many fields:(

      keep strong:D

    2. nemlengyel


      I didn't see any internship openings on our site but I'll ask tomorrow if there is anything!

  4. Me, last evening: damn the planes (as I live quite close to airport) are flying really low recently. O, wait... It's my cpu fan. :doge:

    This morning: my pocket knife has a screwdriver - took me 30 minutes for 3 screws, so I gave up and looked for a proper screwdriver XD and after I took a look at the heatsink and the other side of the fan... Holy shit. No wonder it's like 120 decibels. If I posted a pic of it here I'd get banned for gore.

    But is clean now, no noise at all. Early summer - general cleaning (especially the psu) and applying new thermal paste! Yay!

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    2. hazzgar


      Well you're not one big traffic jam with morons buying cheap (or expensive for no reason if you count Wilanów) flats far away from the city center and then going to work by car, expecting wide roads from tax money (funny thing wide roads don't kill traffic jams) and developers are building on air channels that were designed to take shitty air away from the city. Still I checked and for some shit reason Gdynia has no PM2.5 sensors so you can't check all important factors when it comes to air quality and being close to the sea doesn't guarantee good air (look at NY and LA especially). You are in a greener city still but I think it's more us having different standards of cleanness ;)

    3. orzel286


      Air here is clean enough, I don't have to wear space suit or Darth Vader-like breathing mask whenever I go outside. It gets worse if the wind is coming from Gdańsk tho :P

    4. hazzgar


      @orzel286 but "feels clean" doesn't mean it is clean. You get wet air from the sea with the wind so it will feel clear and I'm sure it's clearer in Warsaw but Poland as a whole has shit air since we have way too much cars in big cities since every moron needs to drive his car even if his commute is 3 stops of a tram/bus (I knew an idiot who drove 1 km, in the summer too). The thing is it's hard to check if all I can see from Gdynia is PM.10 and not PM2.5

      @orzel286 but "feels clean" doesn't mean it is clean. You get wet air from the sea with the wind so it will feel clear and I'm sure it's clearer in Warsaw but Poland as a whole has shit air since we have way too much cars in big cities since every moron needs to drive his car even if his commute is 3 stops of a tram/bus (I knew an idiot who drove 1 km, in the summer too). The thing is it's hard to check if all I can see from Gdynia is PM.10 and not PM2.5


      Plus the air can't be perfectly clean if it nearly killed your PC

  5. PC bulding simulator, available on steam early access, kinda tempted to buy it, but! If there aren't any leftover screws after you're done building the pc (happens to me EVERY TIME) then I'm afraid it isn't immersive enough.


    Also, fun fact: in my class I'm the only person who understands how to correctly plug in all the cables into the front panel header on the mobo. Well, lol, guess the less competent IT technicians out there, the better for me :D

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    2. BedakCoa


      Can't wait to call support center one day, and to have some of your "less competent" mates answer me, because he was too incompetent to get an real IT job, and to ask me: "Have you tried turning the device off and on?" :MingLee:

    3. orzel286


      @BedakCoa Hey, that's my line! I always wanted to say this :/ "Did you plug in the power cord?" is next :3

    4. Folterknecht


      "Did you plug in the power cord?"


      While it is annoying for those that have a little bit of tech experience, there are reasons this is the first question at every tech-hotline: pets, children, enthusiastic cleaning ladies ... .

  6. orzel286

    Armored Loot Box Warfare

    Old physics (where tanks couldn't roll down the hill on mines for example) with tier 5 kv2 and completely broken kv sport? Count me in!
  7. Hey. Hey you! Want sum.... Sweet. Eurobeat?

    1. Action



    2. RC_Tank


      Wow, I'm loving these.

      I find similar music to have a great influence on my performance in games, I'm so listening to this while I play.

      Also not sure if this is the same but I love this.


      The 1:25 and 2:17 marks <3

    3. orzel286


      And what most people remember dj bobo for? Chihuahua. Kind of sad.

  8. Finally, 10 hour version of cuteness overload.

    I have no regrets.

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    2. Marver95
    3. orzel286


      So, errrrr, Shad yes?... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    4. Marver95


      Shad, no D:

  9. "Randomly generated maps for cw are a great idea!" - wows eu forum 2k18

  10. Eerrrr..... Really? I watch Jingles subnautica playthrough, so I get it how did it end up in my recommended tab, but that someone made a vid like this? o_o

    inb4 I start looking for subnautica lewds

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina
    2. PlanetaryGenocide


      absolutely haram please delet this from my internet

    3. orzel286


      I thought about this for a bit and decided that big tiddy leviathan gf > big tiddy goth gf. Because there's no guarantee that goth gf would swallow everything. :doge:

  11. Would be nice if site from which I take wallpapers fixed their "small technical problem" (lost entire database lol) as fast as wotlabs.

    1. Marver95
    2. orzel286


      Desktopnexus. What, do you think I'm some sort of pervert!?


      Oh, well, I guess I actually am a perv.

  12. My favourite sport.

  13. Hello and welcome to todays episode of What Really Grinds My Gears! Anime edition, I guess... Anyway, on with the show!

    You know, whenever I see a "I cried a lot when I was watching anime [insert title here]" or similar, I just hope the guy (or whatever made the post) would just drink a gallon of cement to toughen up. Or bleach, to end it all.

    Because guess what - congratulations fag, you just played yourself and proved beyond any doubt that you're a pleb with a shit taste. Well done!

    Ooooooooooh, noooooooooo, (let's say for example) clannad was soooooooooo saaaaaaaaaad! Yeah, every fucking arc! Like, every arc, kyoani never failed to zoom into some crying moeblob (they even straight out copied twins from their own lucky star into clannaids, but changed their names, so nobody will notice) and play sad violin/piano. Woah, it really take skill to drown in a really shallow puddle, so I'll give you that. Moreover: the whole fucking anime is a copypasted kanon. Even moreover: it's a copy of every fucking vn out there: completely flat mc gets a harem of generic moeblobs just because, insert forced drama and completely unfunny comedy and there you go, perfect 10/10, because most weebs are actual autists with a memory shorter than their last masturbation session.

    "B-but muh after stor-" no you dumb cunt, after story is garbage. For many reasons, but the main one is: DEUS. EX. FUCKING. MACHINA. I'll let good old Dusty Attenborough explain a bit further:


    Yep, an actual masterpiece and timeless classic that is legend of the galactic heroes fired a salvo of laser beams and scored a hit for massive damage. How will pussies ever recover? Idk, I think they're just going to cry...

    Also: if you watch new anime for a plot, you're just doing it wrong. As Mad Dog Mattis would say: "there"s nothing new under the sun" and for 20-30 years every new anime out there is practically the same, you watch one from each genre and you've seen it all. Or, you can just watch legend of the galactic heroes. You either don't watch "new" anime at all, watch for the memes, or for the ACTUAL PLOT. "Actual plot" means of course fanservice. And yes, there's bad fanservice - repeating every overplayed scene just because is bad and you should feel bad, unless you like - ehem - beating to a dead horse. You fucking degenerate.



    1. Deus__Ex__Machina



      u need to go out more 


    2. orzel286
  14. Over 100 races, several facepalms, at least one attempt to reach absolute zen and all I've got for completing juiced 2 was a "Congratulations!" screen.

    Oh, well, time to move on...

    Ooooh, and this:

    This... Uuhhhh.... I don't even. Too bad it's kinda stuck in my head.

  15. Final league in juiced 2 unlocked :3