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  1. Me after watching flamu's video about new pve mode:



  2. "we fucked up, we're sorry. We promise it wont happen again" inb4 another major pr fuckup proving that wg will never learn.
  3. Is of a simple fact: if yuo don't remove kebab, then kebab removes you.
  4. I used to watch Jingles for wot, now I watch Jingles for Jingles. Dat voice, daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn.
  5. Also: WHO. THE. FUCK. Was that mongoloid "0,1% esl player" who mailed Jim. Just...
  6. Ayyyyyyyyy wargaming going full retard implying Foch using hate speech and homophobic slurs in his videos. FOCH YOU WG.
  7. Here's my 0,2 cents on the whole Foch thing:


  8. @120/144hz hype - no, you can't see the fucking difference.


    The end.

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    2. Siimcy


      How can't you see the difference is my question? It's literally night and day in smoothness, look at it like: watch a 60fps youtube video and then watch a normal 30fps one, that kind of a difference it makes. I get up to 100 fps on minimum in WoW in some instances and it literally feels like total absolute slideshow.  I notice it heavily in a not even reaction based FPS but a damn mmorpg just looking around.

    3. Fulcrous


      The reason is that people are different. Just because you or I can see the difference doesn't mean that everyone will.
      I don't know the exact reasoning, but it has to do with how the brain works. Sort of like when that photo of the blue/black or white/gold dress was running rampant.

      In your case, the main reason you see a huge difference between 144hz and 60hz is that your brain has become accustomed to 144hz. 60hz just appears to lag/jitter in comparison.

      The same perception applies with lag. In korea, it's common to have latency in the single digits. When they play in other places (i.e. the western countries or even get double digit latency), they can feel the difference.

    4. Kolni


      just do a series of reaction time tests on humanbenchmark


      my average with 144hz (10 attempts, so 50 clicks) is a reaction avg of 280ms

      my average with 60hz is 295

      not even a single of the full attempts were below the 144hz results (as high as 350 with 60 and as low as 240 with 144)

      15ms might not be much and probably never matters, but you sure notice that the screen feels smoother and i think it's more of a comfort thing than a performance thing is, just like graphics is

  9. Still shit at cs go, upranked to silver elite anyway. Yay, I guess?

  10. 2qbdifd.jpg

    Am I gettink gud at cs? Probably just "toggled" like soviet womble. :(


    Also that one guy one the enemy team, who had worse k/d than a bot, wow.

  11. Ok, last time I played cs it was 1.6, 10 years ago. Now, I picked up cs go, finally got through the placements and I'm a fucking silver 4.


    Such a fucking shame.

    1. Lockhart77


      CSGO feels not CS-y tbh :doge:

  13. >garbad >be polite Laughing too hard to continue reading, 10/10.
  14. inb4 I drop ded from waking up at 4am every day for the last month or so:

    Happy easter fegits!



  15. So, I was curious what was my political leaning was, clicked the first link that google gave me and, yeah, I'm confused a bit.


    Wut? I'm not really leaning in any way? I'm like... Centrist? Or what is this alignment called? Chaotic neutral? Dafuq?

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    2. bjshnog
    3. Raj





      Also What I mean by what I said earlier, is in US you would be considered left wing. I don't know how right wing or left wing Poland is in genera though.

    4. orzel286


      @MAJEST1C I'd call such country a "shithole" :doge:

      @Raj Oh, ok. And in Poland, well, there are options from the whole spectrum, but I'd call the two main parties liberal-left* (civic platform) and conservative-left (law and justice), both of them are equally crap.