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  1. Oh, so there's a music replacing tool for most wanted 2005.

    *laughs in EUROBEAT*


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    2. orzel286



      *snaps fingers*

      Wild 86 appears!

      Yeah, that was a great scene. :D

      LOL @Kolni that was surprisingly accurate.

    3. orzel286


      ONE MORE THING! Eurobeat is not just initial d sountrack, there are hundreds of albums, so if it's your thing - keep digging! Sooner or later you'll find a true gem (and there are plenty of those as well):


    4. Assassin7


      Oh I know about that, i love Eurobeat as well

  2. What's the big deal with UMU lately? Dafuq is going on?...

    N-nani kore... Fate/ with likeable characters?


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    2. orzel286


      @EndlessAgonyBut some series are animated only tho (if you know what I mean).

      Oh, I forgot! Anime shitposts are a thing too.


    3. EndlessAgony


      I know some series are animated only. However, by the virtue of being anime they are automaticaly cancer anyways. Just go read a manga of the same genre, faggots.

    4. orzel286


      Hum, hum, hum, so it seems I'm actually a man of culture since I read plenty of doujins on almost daily basis! :doge:

  3. ~~D A N C I N G Q U E E N~~
  4. I didn't even want to touch new bbs, but got bretagne and normandie from missions... Well, the first one is finda fun with all those secondaries, the second.... So far, found her guns to be a bit mixed bag, armor is not so good, aa is good against low tier planes only, kinda fast, looks... Weird. But damn, she's got the moves! Turns like a cruiser, with a rudder upgrade SHE'S A DANCING QUEEN. Damn, I... I think I found myself a new waifu. And she's a 3d as well...
  5. Need for Speed Underground 2 >>>>>>>>>>> most wanted (2005). Underground 2 was the last good nfs. Really. Why am I writing this? Bacause I'm having another go at most wanted. I've never, EVER finished it. I completed underground 2 (100%) a dozen times.

    Bayview>Rockport, Rachel>Mia, you could PIT ai cars - in most wanted ai cars weigh at least 5 tons (and still somehow can stay on your tail), tuning was better, police chases were better in Hot Pursuit and High Stakes (without bullshit rhinos). And in underground 2 you could get a hachi-roku (which was hilariously broken, guess someone in ea went full initial d fanboy) and r34 skyline.

    A good underground 2 remake when? T_T


    PS - passed work safety exam. The test was so easy it took me 20 seconds. Yay!

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    2. mistervanni


      cant imagine nowadays 2 brothers 1 keyboard like old nfs XD


    3. orzel286


      @mistervanni If 2 girls 1 cup was possible, then 2 brothers 1 keyboard shouldn't be much of a problem :v

    4. mistervanni


      ya me and my bro used to do that with top split screen WASD/arrows but it seems so silly now :D

  6. Every day....

    >play wows

    >foobar playlist set to shuffle

    >eurobeat starts playing suddenly

    >get carried away and massively overextend

    >get focused to death

    Ah, well, at least my fails have a damn great soundtrack.

  7. >final exam of this period, work safety

    >pffffffffffff, how could anyone not pass this one?

    >made it to school, checking the schedule posted on the wall for classroom

    >it was moved a whole hour earlier


    1. MAJEST1C


      Final? In February?

    2. orzel286


      Since I'm going to something that would be called "trade school" in the west and it's a weekend school basically (you have classes like 2-3 weekends per month)... Yeah. Next semester/period/whatever you call it will be starting in march or smth. Polish education system is kinda difficult to explain. :D

      And it turned out I'll get another chance! On feb 10th. Yay! :happyfish:

  8. >discussion on Polish 9gag-like site

    >guy post weeb lyrics "see if anyone knows what's this from"

    >post jokingly "boku no pico"

    >"you're a winner anon!"


    >copy-pasted lyrics into google

    >yup, boku no pico opening



  9. So. Damn. Catchy.

    RIP Replay button.:music:


    1. DirtyACE7


      This is the theme for the T49 ;)

  10. Hmmmm, touch the tail for reset? Or tailgasm...:3
  11. 2 defeats in wows coop today so far. Can braindeads go back to pvp please? Also: fuck you wargaming for not giving anything for coop players. Guess you don't want my second rate money as well? inb4

    >mimimimimimimimi coop is easy mimimimimimi

    Yeah, fuck you too dumb cunt.

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    2. NightmareMk9


      LOL, I would say I have MASTERED Co-Op in <66 games.  You have a BIG ASS chip on your shoulder dude.  Maybe chill the fuck OUT.

    3. orzel286


      >only 92% wr, over totally insignificant number of games at that



      Fucking hell, not only you bring your stats up for whatever reason, assume expert position, get fucking triggered when I point it out. Like I said: stay in pvp.

      t. 98% coop wr in over 3k games


      Also: why do I bitch about coop getting constantly neglected? Because staying silent gets you nothing, so maybe, JUST MAYBE if I keep on bitching someone will take a fucking notice (made a thread about this on official forums as well). Oh, and these are my status posts, so I think that gives me some right to throw a bit of salt every now and then. You have every right to kindly fuck off.


    4. DHP


      I believe you are taking coop games a bit too seriously imho.



      Now where is the unsubscribe button to  status update.

  12. wg official forums, the tl;dr version: 0 bantz, no sarcasm, everyone has 100 meter steel pole up their ass whil being absolutely autistic at the same time. If it wasn't the only way to get wg attention to something I wouldn't post there at all.

    1. hazzgar


      Funny thing is when I send a ticket about decoration generator to WG they told me "they don't handle that stuff, go to pub forum" The thing is they banned me on the pub forum for the reason I posted above.

  13. Wew, and I wanted intel for my next rig. Guess I'm cured of that. Also: some people went ahead with updating their windowses to get some ban-aid for this issue and get into trouble when running amd. Or so I've heard.
  14. >writing long ass op on wows forum

    >whew, looks nice *self-five*

    >click to post

    >I got logged out




    I'll try again. Once I eat enough sweets to get my rage level back to normal. :nmad:


  15. And if they played the objectives (stayed in caps intentionally not by beaching themselves by poor pathing) they would win A LOT more games. As for ramming - well, that depends from what I've seen, if a bot is high on hp and in something heavier than their target they would go for it and try to avoid otherwise.