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  1. My cat is back from the clinic. Without half of his jaw. At least the cancer is gone and hopefully he'll live. :feelsbad:

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    2. CoolOff
    3. orzel286


      @MacusFlash From what I've seen - quite normally, he can eat and drink just as well as if he had a normal jaw. It would've been better if he didn't have a collar around his neck, since it's a bit too long and he has problems reaching food, but other than that - it's not that bad.


      Damn, he really had a beautiful face, it's a pity the vets had to ruin it. :damn:

      @RC_Tank The vets said: if he lives for a year - he'll live. I just hope for the best.

    4. RC_Tank


      well here's hoping the next year goes well