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  1. Skorpion g is still doing fine, no surprises. Dez had a video last week and it's the most played tank in Europe. Found that unusual.
  2. Need ht 15.3 to get my t55a. Don't. Play much heavies, I have a few though and could rebuy some. Don't have maus. Is the maus and type 5 the way to go? Have enough free xp there to unlock any tank line, could unlock the Japanese heavies. Only played it up to t6. Or would the soon to be nerfed maus still be a better choice. Would have to unlock just 8-10
  3. Ht12 I done it in the tier 6 Japan heavy. Oi is it? Took about 20 games, had tried everything before. Td 15.3 I done in jt the first time. Died though. Don't play arty so managed to do it in skorpion soon enough after also.
  4. I'm having a lot of fun in it, about 40 battles in and just peaking 2k damage now. Fast, big, but accuracy and gun handling are lovely *edit-this thing is a dream for. Me. 2200 damage which is decent enough for a tier 10 light for me. Accuracy is v good. Loving it
  5. Had 1200 games with the 152 when tier 8. Just swapped rammer for optics. Will try another few hundred games
  6. T49 and Sheridan share the same derp, so you don't need to rebuy it for Sheridan. Just switch between the two and save 250k credits. Yes, I'm cheap
  7. Don't need the optics, maybe swap the rammer out and run cola.
  8. Tried the derp after a few hundred games with the 90mm and just wasn't feeling it. Not having as much as an impact. Running same setup for both guns, vents, vstab and rammer. Have 455m view range currently. Drop the rammer for egd for derp?
  9. Unlocked it today. If I buy it I'll probably put the 105 on it and put the derp back on the t49. Tried the t49 today with the derp again and just wasn't feeling it now...
  10. Please god they don't make it a light tank, there is a tier 10 fucking French light tank. Leave it the fuck alone you whale harpooning bastards
  11. A shit player in any tier 10 will 9 times out for ten do fuck all and is a waste, that's no more obvious in a batchchat. Tanks fine and fun, leave the fuckin thing alone. Unicums will have a shitstorm...
  12. Benn grinding to the Sheridan with the 90mm and I'm deffo doing more damage than I was with the 152mm, but its deffo not as much fun! I was planning on using the derp on the Sheridan.. But im missing it too much now...
  13. I honestly can't see this game mode surviving beta, not like this anyway. Dropping 30-40k per game is crazy and would make the average Joe like me stop playing straight away. Not limiting it to tier 10 would be.nice also, a tier 6 or tier 8 would be nice so we could use premiums. We know the mm is more than capable of dropping same tier games across the board. Or maybe this whole game mode was introduced so WG could bring out tier 10 premium tanks.... Kek
  14. So, few weeks old, what's opinions on this now? Is it worth buying?
  15. On the 132 I always used the higher alpha gun. On the 131, of the 2 below, if firing a.lot of premium ammo go with the higher ROF, if not firing much premium I would go with the higher pen.