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  1. I thought the same, to cheap to run cola, but I rarely lose credits now on a premium account.. And it's way more fun to play, smiles per gallon, not miles per Gallon
  2. And I was also a non cola user, now I couldn't play it with out it.
  3. I said it way back, i carry one gold he round, load it for my first shot in each game, when your likely to meet other light tanks and that tiny extra bit of pen can be the difference between a 350 and 950 roll
  4. im iffy, with the giffy, so wotlreplays link. quick game, 10k combined on Karelia. (title should be 10k, not 11k) that rng shot on the wz
  5. Was hoping they would just remove the deathstar tbh. One hit me across the map on erlenberg in my 50bae for 1750hp through the turret frontal.dank
  6. Cool, can the camo only be used once on one tank? So I have all the stug missions done with honours, does that mean I get the camo to apply on one single German tank?
  7. its currently 2 alright, stupid mission, if i play tier 10 meds i get 8 or 9 tds on the other team, play any other tier, maybe get 2 +1 tds if im lucky, such rng bassed mission. completed twice but not wirh honours.
  8. Is there any one cancer mobile I can use to do the t28 and t55 missions? Have French unlocked to 7 Mother Russia unlocked to 9 Germany unlocked to 9. All from pretty arty nerf from like 2013
  9. Cheers. Feel like i have to go back and do scumbag missions now. Is there any merit in doing the regular missions with honors now? I went back an re done all regular missions with honors that I was missing.
  10. Play tier 8, get tier 10, play tier 9, get tier 10, play tier 10, get a full tier 10 dump... That's the new mm in a nutshell
  11. I'm still confused... Stug -all honours T28 - 4 honours T55a -3 honours, I need to redo mt15.3 with honours to get tank as it stands now. Can I auto get the tank next patch? I'm gonna go back to do arty missions maybe, fucking hate it though.
  12. The extra hp shoud help somewhat now, but it's just outclassed by literally every other heavy.
  13. got ht15.3 yesterday. dont really play heavies much, sat down and played about 6 games in panzer vii. got it with 7k damage done, 8k blocked and my 2500 also. lol so, i didnt realise i hadnt completed mt 15.3 with honours, so need to do that now. bought t20 last night to try it but with new mm its gonna be hard to get 2 higher tier tds to begin with. ter 10 is flush with tds, so im thinking of rebuying a tier 9. t54? e50 - no german crews spare, would ened to take crew from e50m temporarily. sell t20 and buy m46?
  14. Hating it. Gonna abandon it and start the 5a grind with my good crew. Will probably rebuy the tier 8 132 at some stage. THIS THING INDUCES HEADACHES.
  15. so it's for sale... sabaton crew with 'Band of brothers' 0th skill. 35euro tank only. 55 and 100e packages also. visually it looks cool but not for me, not giving these cunts more cash than is absolutely necessary. pointless tank until mini medium branch line released...