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  1. Dead XFX R9 280X

    My r9 270 dies last week. Picked up a 1050ti for 180euro yesterday. Cheapest I could find. Prices are gone silly in europe
  2. R9 270x dead??

    9 times out of ten it's just a black screen. Tried different PCI port, different 6 pin power lead, resetting the CMOS. Nothing.ight bring it to a shop beside me in work, get them to test it. They repair laptops etc.
  3. R9 270x dead??

    Its a cx600m I don't have another machine to try the GPU. And the mobo (Asus m5a97 R2) doesn't have a display port. F12 is just bringing me to startup repair, can't get it to boot into safe mode prompt If I select start windows normally, I get splash screen then screen goes black before login appears
  4. R9 270x dead??

    Think the PSU is a Corsair 600w. About 2 years old
  5. R9 270x dead??

    Don't think the mobo has display adaptor. Got it into safe mode once yesterday but wouldn't allow me to roll back drivers in device manager. Everyone I tried booting the computer after, I get post, then single beep but monitor just jumps from hdmi to analog, like it's not picking a signal up from the card. I'm in work now but I'll try boot into safe mode with networking later. Stupid question, but if I get there again and delete the current driver, will the card not be picked up by system and I'll be without display altogether?! Cheers dudes, originally I thought 100% hardware, but the fact I had only just upgraded the driver is a bit coincidental. I also don't update drivers often, so was on a year or two oldone. I'm on windows 7 also. Thanks again, Rob
  6. R9 270x dead??

    I'll try that first cheer, with the sound it made when it crashed last night I'm guessing it's not the monitor though
  7. R9 270x dead??

    I can't get the screen to read anything now, monitor jumps from hdmi to analog constantly and screen stays black
  8. Was playing wot last night, computer made weird electronic noise and game crashed. Had to turn off and on and when I did I got no display. Took case apart today and cleaned it out, moved card to other PCI slot, and I got the attached screen. I recently updated the driver's few days ago and I also installed a new game last night. Could that be software related or does it look like a hardware issue? I tried different hdmi lead also Current setup: CPU: AMD FX 8320 RAM: 8 GB GPU: AMX R9 270X
  9. AMX 50B Fan Club

    Lol wut. Great gun handling, decent mobility, depression AND elevation.
  10. r9 270x to 1050 ti

    thanks, ill have a look laer. just got from rank 5 to 8 in straight games playing amx 13105. lol. need to quit while ahead.
  11. r9 270x to 1050 ti

    i have same card, same cpu and same amount odf ram. i play at 60fps, never goes higher, but rarely drops. is there a setting thats ticked that means it wont go above 60fps?!
  12. Spahpanzer SP I C

    Why don't you tell us how you really feel
  13. Improved Equipment Picks

    Same question as above. Have enough piece. Was thinking something for one of the tier ten CW tanks. Or something for t49 as it's my most.played tank by a huge margin and most fun. Can they be.demounted like normal equip?
  14. The actual Q&A about the 268v4

    They will never fix gold ammo, but do people actually spend gold on premium ammo?!!
  15. XM551 Sheridan - Tubby Leopard

    This with the derp is great fun, had been playing with the 105 but the derp is almost as much fun as the t49 trollwagon... Almost...