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  1. Copeyhagen

    On Allchat

    Some of those posts above are hilarious. All chat was great for stuff like that. I used to rage way too much on it though...
  2. Copeyhagen

    Object 268 V4 Supertest Nerfs
  3. Copeyhagen

    The Czech Kolo-Hose - The Tier 1 Abomination

    Wait.....there's tiers below 5 in this game?
  4. Have been using personal reserves and been having v good games, getting about 250k profit on a loss. I can't play randoms now at all after playing this. Rip randoms, wg have destroyed their own game by mistake. Haha this will have to be made permanent
  5. Really fun game mode, hopefully they make it permanent. Tier 9 only would.rock also. And tier 10. Lpt, if you have one crew that you use in more than one tank, only one tank will be pickable from the list. Happened me with lorry and ravioli
  6. Copeyhagen

    The return of Province

    Almost as much fun as erlenberg 1.0... almost....
  7. Copeyhagen

    Spend free xp where?

    LOVED the 132, had it for a long time. Hated the tier 9 so much, just abandoned the line. Might rebuy the 132 though, great tier 8 scout. I actually always preferred it to the t54lt when both were tier 8
  8. Copeyhagen

    Improved Equipment Picks

    Ressing this again. Do people expect them to sell tanks for bonds anytime soon?! Better to stockpile or spend now on ie? Still haven't bought anything, have about 6k. Still contemplating the ivstab for batmobile. Can anyone who has mounted it confirm it's a decent improvement? Or would ivents be better for bchat?
  9. Copeyhagen

    Tanks for SH tier VI VIII

    Tier 8 is mostly defenders or patriots or whatever for the credits. Normally one elc90 as the spotter, maybe one t44-100 for resets etc. That's more or less what we would run for sh or CW when taking them seriously. The is3 of course is a fine alternative to the defender. Wel also use a number of vkb100s depending on the map, although the t34 is actually a great counter to the vkb, goes through them like butter.
  10. Copeyhagen

    M35 Marathon Megathread

    60e for the tank before discounts... Good try wg, not for me....
  11. Copeyhagen

    Object 430 Appreciation and Boasting Thread

    I was enjoying the t44 itself, but every game was fucking tier 10, and I was too excited to get my hands on the tier 9. The fact there is no stock gun or turret, why would anyone play the wz120 when it has an AWFUL stock grind when this exists. I'll rebuy the t44 for the odd clam war when we don't have a 100. But absolutely no regrets jumping up to this thing in tier 9 with the free XP.. love it
  12. Copeyhagen

    Object 430 Appreciation and Boasting Thread

    Put 60k free XP from the t44 to unlock this last night, feels very comfortable. Sold the t44 but should have kept it, we use it for tier 8 clam wars. Will rebuy it maybe but the 430 I'm really liking.
  13. Copeyhagen

    How to balance the 268-4?

    Impossible to pen frontally 99% of time, reverses faster than some heavies move forwards, gun soft stats are a lie. Just kill it, send it to hell...
  14. Copeyhagen

    Update 1.0.1 world of tanks

    What about the bug where u get shot but there's no sound, you do get the text notification popup. Anyone know anything about that one
  15. Copeyhagen

    Conqueror OP

    bought turret and gun straight away. tis nice