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  1. I'm the same, grinding slow super heavies at same time and pulling my fucking hair out. 20kmph can suck my ballbag
  2. Cheers dudes, decided against it. Spent 25 on t92 which is great craic, and spent free xp to skip playing tiger p again and unlocked vk100. P
  3. View range is about 480 on mine with optics. Very nice tank to play, no food, havent fired a single apcr, making 100k profit per game easy
  4. just bought it now.... have the blackdog, i like it, particularly the hep rounds but the camo is a joke. blackdog is borderline op since the lt rebalance. i think this will be more of a light tank with my female t49 crew i have less than 450m vr. my sheridan crew pushes 500+ but id rather train these bitches up and use them. vert stabs, rammer and binos or optics? can see myself being more mobile, so optics?
  5. Cheers crab, my t49 Is most played tank, might pick this up instead of the heavy.
  6. So the t92 is a no go? Back in calendar today. Love my lights, this for 25 or the 60 mauerbrecher bundle....
  7. 24th is alst day btw. no 25th, so one more tank. maeurbrecher probably
  8. Haven't spent any money on this game over Xmas, no need to yet. Could this be worth spending my hard earned Europeans on?!
  9. I thought the same, to cheap to run cola, but I rarely lose credits now on a premium account.. And it's way more fun to play, smiles per gallon, not miles per Gallon
  10. And I was also a non cola user, now I couldn't play it with out it.
  11. I said it way back, i carry one gold he round, load it for my first shot in each game, when your likely to meet other light tanks and that tiny extra bit of pen can be the difference between a 350 and 950 roll
  12. im iffy, with the giffy, so wotlreplays link. quick game, 10k combined on Karelia. (title should be 10k, not 11k) that rng shot on the wz
  13. Was hoping they would just remove the deathstar tbh. One hit me across the map on erlenberg in my 50bae for 1750hp through the turret frontal.dank
  14. Cool, can the camo only be used once on one tank? So I have all the stug missions done with honours, does that mean I get the camo to apply on one single German tank?
  15. its currently 2 alright, stupid mission, if i play tier 10 meds i get 8 or 9 tds on the other team, play any other tier, maybe get 2 +1 tds if im lucky, such rng bassed mission. completed twice but not wirh honours.