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  1. Basically everything you learn tiers 5-7 changes when you hit tier 8-10. Probably the most drastic things being accuracy and damage of guns followed by concealment mixed with consumables like radar. A good example is American cruisers where their concealment range is equal to their radar range. Meaning if you outspot them all they have to do is activate radar and if they have a the radar module it gives them roughly a minute of keeping you lit for the enemy team. Obviously if you aren't positioned correctly you just die. Because of this how you approach caps is a little different than at lower tiers. You have to go into it with a mindset of already knowing what you'll do if there is radar or hydro or multiple destroyers on a cap. Which islands can shield you from damage and which can't. Gets pretty tricky at tier 10.
  2. Saw one in my Khaba yesterday and his attempts at dropping me were not successful. In part I don't think he was leading me enough plus his planes felt a bit squishy as my AA was able to account for 14 of his planes. Naturally I burned him to death for his insolence.
  3. When Kiev was tier 7 I actually got a CQC ribbon once dueling another DD at close range. lol
  4. So spec into manual secondaries?
  5. The thing that confuses me is everything I've read on the ship historically speaking indicates 4 x 2 turrets, not 3 x 2? What gives?
  6. This is a sample of the kind of shooting angle I was talking about where you can wreck cruisers with Mutsu AP.
  7. Depends on the range really. At extreme long ranges I've gotten double cits on BBs like Fuso and New Mexico. At close ranges I've cit wrecked cruisers, however the trick to that is to hit them at an angle to minimize risk of overpens. Flat broadside actually isn't ideal for these guns when shooting soft targets.
  8. I got one in a Christmas box too, however my experience has been pretty good so far; 7 games, 71% WR averaging 79K damage 1.7 kills per game.
  9. As I recall, the Colorado and Nagato can overmatch each other's bows so if you don't have any angling it's possible to eat a citadel from the front.
  10. Operations are nice sometimes to just blow off some steam and not have to worry as much about brain dead teammates.
  11. Yeah the GC is a strong ship, so if you got one for free good on you.
  12. This plus a lot of times if there is a special crate event it checks to see what's in your port and re-rolls for a different ship. This happened to me twice this event with the medium boxes probably because I already had the Leningrad and Scharnhorst. Got the Ohotnik which is meh and a Perth, which is fun, but hardly OP but also got a Kutozov which by itself is worth the $47 I paid for the 20 x $3. Everything else I got is just gravy at this point.
  13. Yeah, I guess I wasn't clear with my earlier comment but I do agree with your point that how the scene was assembled was heavy handed. Too much lead up. I liked the concept of Kylo getting the better of Snoke because that was something Vader never managed with Sidious. So in essence although Kylo feels inferior to his grandfather he actually isn't so it's a nice contrast; Anakin was arrogant and that led to Obi Wan maiming him where as Kylo feels inferior and aspires to be a worthy successor but has nagging doubts about his abilities. But even with that limitation he manages to assassinate Snoke which potentially means he might be stronger than Vader was even if he doesn't believe it himself.
  14. The Last Jedi is a very uneven film with a lot of the sins originating in the writing, most of which have been touched upon earlier in this thread. There are a couple additional points I'd like to make. I think the Poe mutiny sub plot was also pretty terrible and kind of goes against how he was set up in TFA. He was the guy entrusted to find Luke's map. I doubt they would have sent their 'loosest cannon' on such a critical mission. I understand the need to have character faults but why not go the 'loyal to a fault' route instead of 'guy who does his own thing no matter what' especially when it goes against the logic of the preceding movie. As an aside I think Kylo getting the better of Snoke is fine because one of the most powerful darkside abilities is clouding force precognition. That was one of the great things about Darth Sidious in the prequels. None of the Jedi suspected him until it was far too late. Unfortunately there isn't even the barest of nods as to how Kylo tricked him, not even a throw away line ex post facto. Something that would at least tie it to something in canon. So in that regard I think it was also mishandled as was Snoke's origins/back story. Overall it's a fascinating film in the sense that you have an exquisitely crafted film with some great practical and CGI effects, excellent fight choreography, set design but some bafflingly dumb writing that hasn't been seen since Episode 2.
  15. I got 20 of the $3 boxes and 20 of the $1 boxes and got an Ohotnik, Kutozov, Perth and Mutsu for ships. Got 30K free xp, roughly 6K in doubloons and a wide assortment of camo and flags. Pretty decent result.