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  1. Word on the street is they're testing a new mechanic where firing guns from smoke reduces the duration of the smoke by a factor of gun caliber. I understand trying to find ways to mitigate smoke camping but this version as described sounds a bit clunky.
  2. First game last night I couldn't reliably hit a Nurnberg or Algerie giving me broadsides at 11km. Ended up burning down with only 10k damage. Next match I deleted a Belfast in two salvos, almost killed an Emerald, helped brutalize a Bayern and solo killed a Scharnhorst. 103K damage. The guns feel a bit like the Fuso dispersion-wise, only with 4 less shells per salvo, so the results seem a bit more prone to RNG.
  3. I picked it up on sale based in part on Biggie's recommendation, and I would say accuracy is definitely the biggest handicap. It should be sufficiently accurate to allow punishing broadside targets at the 12-10km range instead of reliably bracketing those targets. lol
  4. Up to La Galisonniere so far and they are super squishy. You're almost better off softening your angle against BBs because of overpens. Most of the time I've been citadelled at range has been at an angle. So far it hasn't been a super impressive line of cruisers. Not bad per se but not really exciting either. Stay at max range and spam HE, dodge return fire. Sometimes you'll be able to AP a ship showing too much side but it doesn't happen enough at higher tiers that you can rely on it for consistent damage. Hope this helps.
  5. This is an excellent summary of high tier meta and explains why I can consistently hit high damage numbers in the Roon but have an awful win rate. Generally what happens is I pew pew all match at about14-15 km racking up damage only to be one of the last people to die on my team. I've tried getting more aggressive early on but that just means dying earlier. Really it comes down to which team has competent BBs that can take strong positions early, evade torpedoes and efficiently manage their repair cool downs.
  6. I don't think I've been in any ranked games with you this season, however, I can tell you that frustration levels are high this season and that definitely has led to simple, avoidable mistakes on my part. I can't speak for the others but, I theorize that may apply to them as well.
  7. So pulling a Johnny Storm? "Flame on!"
  8. All you'd be doing is proving my point about outliers.
  9. The ranked meta this season hinges upon having competent BB AND DD players on a team. One for delivering alpha strikes, the other for providing smoke and spotting. Cruisers are nice for DPM but their fragility means they don't usually live long enough to influence the outcome. (There are obviously exceptions and I'm sure there are some really good CA captains who buck the trend, but they are outliers.)
  10. Another possibility is WG is looking to grow the PVE player base. World of Warcraft has a pretty well developed PVE 'Endgame' model so maybe they're looking to invent something comparable? (It's also possible that someone at WG looked at the PVE numbers and declared "These are too low! something must be done!")
  11. That actually makes a good argument for allowing some kind of division play possible if people are already trying to rig the system and end up on the same team anyway. A single two player division per team is probably good from a balance perspective. I'm just not sure how robust WG's MM is to handle it.
  12. I agree that the 'end game' content is pretty much non-existent. Which is a shame because there's definitely no shortage from the community on ideas, chief among them clan wars. In the interim you could re-activate team battles for tier 9-10, maybe some PVE scenarios for top tier as well? I suspect that the reason we haven't seen a lot of activity on this front is that wargaming's bread and butter comes from selling mid-tier premium ships and premium time.
  13. @ncc81701 it's too bad there aren't divisions for ranked because you in your BBs me in the Shinonome would be glorious!
  14. Plus damage saturation can have an impact too.
  15. When you're dumb I'm pretty sure you're not conscious of it. For example, if you call someone out in chat during a match for border humping in their BB and their response is something along the lines of 'STFU, I play the game I want to play for fun' they're too dumb to realize that playing the ship correctly actually feels way more rewarding than being a potato.