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  1. Yeah the Kutozov and Belfast aren't for sale any longer. I'm not sure if they still drop in super containers or not. Maybe my well heeled brethren can answer that question...
  2. Sometimes unusual team compositions can throw you for a loop especially if it's the first time you're encountering it. I call it the 'wha da fuq?' effect.
  3. I would say that at least a 3rd of our clan hasn't been able to participate because of the time restriction. WG could expand the window by an hour or an hour and a half and I think we'd be able to get everyone in.
  4. I know a lot of people bitch about the Khaba however you can make a strong argument that the Fletcher is the best DD in the game; great concealment, great ship handling, fast torpedo reload. It's a great all-rounder that can do work on any map in any game mode.
  5. Not worth it. The kinds of things you shatter on now you still won't pen reliably and you're giving up fire chance which is already pretty low on US DDs.
  6. It's a very troll ship. Yesterday I was brawling with two BBs and I had 50% health and they were pretty much full health and I killed them both by being a filthy HE spammer and keeping good angling vs their AP. Picked up Arsonist after setting 3 un-repairable fires on a Konig and burning him to the water line. lol
  7. Yeah, it's kind of funny when you're rock and you dev strike paper.
  8. The Hindenburg is amazing. You will be pleased!
  9. Back when I was more of a noob than I am now I bought an Atago. And yes, high tiers are pretty punishing if you don't know what to expect. Unfortunately I wasn't as quick to realize how inexperienced I was and probably played 85 games or so before realizing my error.
  10. Only if I'm bottom tier fighting bow on BBs. Otherwise AP all the way!
  11. Maybe it's selection bias on my part but it always seems to happen in clutch situations where it's do or die time. lol
  12. Probably some narrow focus on spotting and dropping torpedoes into smoke. It'll be risky because there will probably be 2-3 radar ships per team that could potentially catch you out.
  13. If you're fighting higher tier BBs and aren't able to penetrate you can always aim a little higher and hit the superstructure. You won't get citadels but your damage will be consistent at least.
  14. There's definitely a lot of territory in between between the past generosity and the current stinginess. Clan battles should be doing everything possible to attract the interest of top players and the only way to do that is to offer rewards that are commensurate with the effort involved. In fact, if they want to maximize participation then there should be some rewards for low tier clans to keep them hitting the 'Battle' button because if queue times are too long this mode is going to go the way of team battles, fast.
  15. WG has been rather stingy with some of their WoWS rewards as of late. It's kind of strange because it's not like there's high production costs associated with in-game items. Especially where Tier Xs are concerned you could afford to be a bit more magnanimous considering the time investment to unlock multiple top tier ships let alone becoming proficient in those ships.