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  1. It always seems like when a friendly CV says 'I'm running AS' that the expectation is that they should be able to keep enemy planes in check but usually the opposite happens. lol
  2. For whatever reason I find the random distribution of MM invariably ends up with streaks of being lumped in with either total shitters or super competent players. Honestly there have been at least 4 games this week where I did the carrying, but I don't feel like it's because I'm an awesome player just there were so many potatoes on both sides that I didn't have any other option.
  3. same; I have the final task for 5, 'deal 240k damage' and then the missions for set 6 + the final task and 'boom' one OP 0 skill point captain AND a tier 8 BB.
  4. He seems committed to being bad at CVs. lol
  5. On sale this weekend. Is she worth the $8?
  6. I couldn't get the Bayern to perform. If I'm going the brawler route I'm bringing the New Mexico even if she's slow. Getting to a central position mitigates the speed issue some.
  7. Well, I think DDs have experienced a slight decline in representation, however, that might have more to do with the Bismarck campaign then a meta shift. Some of the missions are just easier to complete with different ship classes. Hence the big uptick in BBs in the queue. But as someone that plays a fair amount of DDs I don't mind being one of two or one of three DDs in a game. It's definitely easier to evade detection and plan ambushes with fewer DDs.
  8. For me the standouts for the Bismarck missions have been the Shimakaze, Anshan, Moltov, Schors and Gneisenau. In particular the 'Deal 120K in torpedo damage' was just one Shimakaze game and 'hit ships XXX with main guns' is a breeze in the Schors with it's dank RoF and accuracy. The Anshan was good for 'spot x ships' because for it's tier it's fast and can get early detection easily on a flank. Anyway, as far as the Ibuki is concerned she's just 'meh' for her tier. Kind of like the Hipper is at tier 8. And I still haven't psychologically recovered from THAT grind to want to take the Ibuki out again. lol
  9. I didn't see a lot of them the last time ranked was tier 6 but the few times I did I was in my New Mexico or Fuso and was able to punish them pretty easily. I think one of the reasons people haven't mentioned it yet is it's only really strong in pretty specific situations and doesn't have a lot of survivability if it does get caught out of position.
  10. I've been enjoying the Molotov lately and you're right in that it's a brutal killer of cruisers. I'll probably give the Molotov a whirl for ranked.
  11. The Roon is probably a good choice for getting used to the high tier CA meta because it's not as soft as other cruisers. You can work on learning positioning in tier 10 games and although you'll get punished for mistakes you're not as likely to get instantly deleted as you are in an Ibuki. The one significant draw back on the Roon is the turret placement can be a bit awkward at times but if you played the Konigsberg/Nurnberg a lot it's not too hard to get used to. On the plus side it's great at kiting/playing defensively.
  12. There are a lot of potentially strong tier 6s for ranked. Because there isn't radar just hydro I feel like ships bringing smoke will probably make a strong showing plus ships with torpedoes will be deployed as a possible counter. CVs might do well if only because the number of ships with savage AA isn't very large at this tier. If CVs do appear in numbers I expect a surge in Clevelands and possibly New Mexs as counters. Probably ships that have utility in a variety of areas will do well because they have the flexibility to adapt to different enemy team compositions. I expect the Farragut to be a popular choice in this regard for DDs for it's strength as a generalist and ability to cover teammates with long lasting smoke. The Leander too for similar reasons will probably be well represented. BBs will probably split into those who brawl and those who snipe. So Warspite and Fuso and Arizona will likely be popular choices.
  13. The Ibuki seems like it was never an amazing ship, but now with power creep it's probably easily the worst tier 9 cruiser IMHO.
  14. Ok. But has the addition of clans and the ever evolving player base made this viable yet? Or will WG have to incentivize participation should Team Battles be re-enabled? (Unique Missions, campaigns, rewards etc...)
  15. Yeah, I don't understand why team battles hasn't returned yet. The actual functionality is in the game already. How difficult would it be to re-enable it?