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  1. The Newdaloi is kind of like the mirror image of the Fletcher and by that I mean that the guns are better but the torpedoes are a bit worse because of the limited range. 8KM with the radar/hydro/CV meta at high tier means you won't be using them outside of self defense or the occasional ambush. It's kind of like a mid range support ship in that you don't engage with your guns as close as you would in the Fletcher. 8-10km is the sweet spot using either smoke or cover to avoid return fire. It's also a soft ship in that it starts to eat AP normal pens pretty easily from BBs or Cruisers, especially at an oblique angle. So you can lose 2/3 of your hp in a single salvo. IMHO I think CE is worth it because it allows you to get into position without detection plus it can help in the middle or late game with back capping. Your DPS is enough where you can easily eliminate low health DDs without losing much HP yourself. Hope this helps.
  2. Well, I'm definitely not at that level of comfort with the New Orleans where I can make plays like that without getting focused and killed. I predict many more deaths before I get the feel for it.
  3. I'm at the develpment stage where I usually end up trading my ship pretty early for an enemy destroyer. Last night it was detect benson, shoot benson, benson smokes. Pop radar. Finish off benson. Minotaur and Roon wreck me before I can fall off of detection. I'm probably too aggressive and not positioned correctly to effectively 'shoot n scoot' in most of these matches.
  4. Yeah getting way too close is easy to do especially if you're trying to actively hunt/deter DDs at caps. I don't think it's a bad ship, it's just got very little margin for error and that takes getting used to especially since I'm used to playing DDs and pushing caps aggressively. I need to tone it down in a glass ship.
  5. Yeah, the ambushing is a strength for sure. The positioning has to be on point though. If you're detected early it's no bueno.
  6. I recently unlocked the New Orleans and while I don't think she's bad per se she is definitely the trickiest tier 8 cruiser to use especially when up-tiered. Very sensitive to map position and enemy team composition. Seems to continue the trend established by the Pensacola of AP based glass cannons. Every match you pretty much have to bring your 'A game' to be effective or you risk immediate deletion.
  7. I didn't pay real money. I just had some free xp to spare. So it wasn't so much rewarding WG as it was rewarding/not punishing myself.
  8. It's the only RN CA I skipped because it's awfulness is legend. The Leander however is great and the Fiji after that is very strong at tier 7.
  9. lol you forgot how UK has 'auto-ammo racked' on many of their tanks.
  10. The Kagero probably feels inferior in part because it used to be a tier 9 that got slightly re-worked and bumped down to tier 8. I never played it in it's current state, only the tier 9 version. What I do know is it still has top level concealment and you'll have to leverage that to get into positions to attack without detection. You'll have to keep a close watch on any radar ships and planes on the enemy team and get used to evading them. Sometimes it means having to fall back, temporarily, from a cap because you're more valuable to your team alive than dead and at high tiers sometimes all it takes is getting spotted once to get focused and killed. Hope this helps.
  11. Hi community, I've recently unlocked the Kagero and so far the experience has been rather underwhelming. Right now I'm running the stock torpedoes and have the B hull unlocked. She feels a bit sluggish and unresponsive even with the rudder shift upgrade and the guns have lol range. Feels very much like a downgrade from the Fubuki. Any tips, advice, thoughts welcome. warm regards, Rod
  12. After about 5 minutes of CV gameplay I'm /wrists. It's like all the frustrating bits of the original StarCraft with none of the payoff. lol
  13. I could see it doing pretty well in T10 comps because of it's utility, but in randoms that utility doesn't reach it's full potential.
  14. As I recall the first Kongo was built by Vickers UK and then they shipped it to Japan and the rest of the series was built and refined off of that starting point.
  15. WG loves their paper ships/tanks. I'm glad I got it on sale a few months ago. *seal clubbing intensifies*
  16. I don't remember to be honest. It was a long time ago. I had 19 games in her before moving on the Kongo. (Even with an awful 37% WR it was all things considered a pretty fast grind for me.)
  17. Fixed underwater tubes would be hilarious to try to aim with this ship.
  18. @ncc81701 This still doesn't beat our 9 game losing streak. lol @FlorbFnarb send me a friend request if you want. I'm usually on most evenings 7:30-10:30 PST. P.S. the Kongo is a pretty great tier 5 to make up for the pain of the earlier BBs.
  19. As a DD main I approve of this message.
  20. I don't play CVs at all but based on watching CCs live stream it the x3 TB was pretty OP. Every sortie was pretty much an instant kill on BBs and a lot of CAs with weaker AA. But in true WG fashion they overreacted and pretty much nerfed it to the ground.
  21. How about a 'First Strike' button on IJN CVs with the sole limitation being that it only works on the Arizona?
  22. French BBs should have a special 'Scuttle' button that allows you to sink that ship but bring in a same tier US or UK ship to continue the fight.
  23. Nagato can be easily punished showing broadside. It's imperative to keep your armor angled.
  24. Khaba had it's torpedoes reduced to 6km recently. Gearing has 16km torpedoes, though sometimes the spread is hilariously wide at those distances. Grozovoi can stealth torp with 10km torpedoes but the reload is pretty long; Almost 2 minutes if I recall correctly. The Z-52 is kind of your anti DD-DD in that if one get's the drop on you they have their hydro and smoke combo that can be difficult to escape from. They also have quick reloading torpedoes with decent range. They don't hit as hard as other nations though.
  25. But it's not Russian!!! lol