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  1. Ozjasz

    Elimination: Removed Maps

    Dragon Ridge - 34.Hidden Village - 22Komarin - 12 - 3 = 9 The entire idea of this map is doomed to fail, no matter how many times they try to fix it. I hope it's gone for good.Northwest - 28Pearl River - 39 + 1 = 40 After the rework this map was really nice, it somehow felt less "corridorish" than most of the stuff we have now.Port - 33Province - 27Severgorsk - 12. South Coast - 25
  2. Ozjasz

    PSA: don't play tier 5 "for fun" in mid july

    It's a monthly NA only event, from what I understand.
  3. Ozjasz

    opinions on sirfoch being censored?

    Rather an typical for the internet problem with reading comprehension. In the very unfortunate (as Epic explained) statement from WG NA to Kotaku, they used "SirFoch" and "hate speech/homofobic statements" in the same message, with no connection one to another. Internet managed to put it together nevertheless. We could argue that this might have been intentional strategy by WG, to glue that kind of shit to him, but I personally don't get that kind of impression after reading their statement.
  4. Decided to have a last minute rush to RU 251 before 9.18 hits EU, to save some credits/xp and skip having to play HWK after patch. I was couple thousand XP (normal and free combined) from unlocking it, before the server went down. I forgot that they are turning them off early when introducing patch. Well, good job me.

  5. Ozjasz

    Upcoming MM Changes

    After reading the article twice, this is what I understand is going to happen. Overall, this sounds like a great improvement, but I wonder how they are going to adress some problems that already got pointed out in this thread. If they are aware of them of course
  6. Ozjasz

    Expected Values Updated to v29

    This thread is like my 13 90 ammo loadout. Pure gold. As a person siemka who lives there I can only say that I am so sorry that you have to go through that again
  7. Ozjasz

    T-34/100: All the 'Meh'

    Finished grinding through it in 68 games with around 1300 DPG. It was suprisingly pleasant to play for me, somehow. Alpha and pen combination of 100mm at tier 7 is really fun (I wonder how nuts T-34/85 with 100mm at tier VI had to be back in the days when it had it) and after all the things I read about it I expected gun handling to be less bearable. If it had that one or two extra degree of depression I would propably consider keeping it.
  8. Ozjasz

    Rheinmetall Skorpion G

    Pretty much yeah, play it like a coward support med at the beginning of the game, in later stages use your alpha and mobility to finish opponents. Mind that your camo is awful, so if you can be spotted - you WILL be spotted. I'm using Rammer, Optics and GLD to minimalize exposure time but binos also seem reasonable.
  9. Ozjasz

    EMIL I and EMIL II: tier 8 & 9 heavies

    Sounds like an example of awful balance. GG WG Still, is EMIL I a keeper anymore?
  10. Ozjasz

    WG posted a new Illegal Mods Policy

    It is indeed very suprising, to be honest I refuse to believe it until someone from other servers confirm this.
  11. Ozjasz

    Rheinmetall Skorpion G

    I'm so tempted to grab one of these. Loved the Borsig, the only thing that I didn't liked in it was the speed. And here comes the Skorpion... The only thing that stops me from buying it right now is that I own the CDC and still can't make it work reliably (around 50% wr after 200+ games). But I guess that bigger alpha allows you to expose yourself for the shorter time, so my lifespan should be better in it. Still fighting with myself should I spent 40 euro for that or not.
  12. Ozjasz

    Elimination: Tier 8

    Pershing: 7 IS-3: 98 Soviet tonk best tonk
  13. Ozjasz

    Elimination: Tier 8

    110 - 18 AMX 50 100 - 24 Rhm.B WT - 6 - 3 = 3 I love this tank, but it is the time to remove it from the list. Meta is without mercy for TD's. Jagdpanther II - 27 Pershing - 48 T32 - 34 Obj 416 - 33 + 1 = 34 In hands of competent player - lethal. It deserves to be in top 3 here. IS-3 - 68 EDIT: Sorry for the lack of colours. I'm not writing from the phone, I'm just stupid.
  14. GettingĀ Ace Tanker for 931 base xp.

    That's not even funny.

  15. Ozjasz

    Elimination: Tier 8

    Fixed the scores: 110 -16 AMX 50 100 - 27 Rhm.B WT - 20 Jagdpanther II - 24 Tiger II -10 STA-1 - 14 T69 - 18 Pershing - 40 + 1 = 41 That APCR makes it so comfy T32 - 34 ISU-152 - 10 - 3 = 7 Too sluggish and RNG dependant, least flexible of all tanks that are left Obj 416 - 34 T-44 - 14 IS-3 - 57