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  1. SocialFlaws

    WoTlabs still the thing?

  2. SocialFlaws

    9.20 Armor Changes

    these changes are so fucking retarded
  3. SocialFlaws

    Is 4k the new 3k?

  4. SocialFlaws

    Locking turret / gun not possible anymore?

    I have used Q for autoaim and RMB to turret lock for years and years
  5. SocialFlaws

    MoE on T9 LTs

    you have a leakage in your excellence manifold, you're gonna need to take it off and replace the percentage gasket and then you'll be good to go
  6. haHAA stop using illegal teamspeak aimbot mods haHAA
  7. SocialFlaws

    French superheavy line confirmed?

    it's 2017 (somehow), which means i've been waiting FIVE years for the second french HT line with actual armor what have i gotten instead? amx 48 as part of new OP premiums, WT e-100, japanese derp super heavies, swedish cuck tanks, and now THIS KILL ME
  8. Saw your twitch stream (LaXNTiGA), great games man. Helped me remind myself of a lot of things I have been doing wrong in mediums, and supporting the team with their engagements in efforts to win matches.

    1. SocialFlaws



  9. SocialFlaws

    Need more NA West friends.

    NA west BrokeBack
  10. SocialFlaws

    Guide on how to Solo at 86% WR

    Hey guys! I don't mean to hijack this thread, but I just thought I would contribute with some tips on how to play the STB-1, seeing as how no one else has so far. So what you want to do with the STB-1 is to find a hill and try not to get shot, but shoot your enemies as much as possible. That's about all it takes! Thanks for reading my guide and below is some proof that I know what I'm talking about.
    1. KruggWulf


      :rage: WOOF

      Gay stream is gay.

  11. SocialFlaws

    AMX Foch 155 | 3 Mark Challenge

    gonna be really hard now without our accounts LUL