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  1. With the amount of power creep that has been the norm for this game since it's removal, I wouldn't expect it to over perform. Heck, I bet the average pubbie could solo one with a TVP VTU.
  2. Praise be to bearcat78b12. In this game an enemy 44% Maurerbrecher, instantly upon spotting me, jammed with "W" key, rammed me, and didn't let up until I killed him. He only did 1 hit of damage (more than his average DPG!), but he did pin me against the wall with his retarded brick tank, such that I didn't have the engine power to remove myself. Luckily, bearcat78b12 got me out of there, and I managed a mastery badge in this tier 10 game because of it! Good show, good sir! http://wotreplays.eu/site/4093217#teams
  3. 3rd 3-marked tank today. Quit while I'm ahead?




  4. >Casual pair of 3 marks while grinding the Christmas damage blocked mission.




  5. You all don't give WG enough credit in the brains department. These are the people who got ya'll to buy premium-HE ffs. 10^5 IQ indeed.
  6. Here's a small sample of what I put up with during my last session of tanks. First image was taken when there was 1 second left on cap counter. IDK why I couldn't spot anything, but we lost to cap, and our VK was VERY mad at me after the game. The sad part about it is, I'm beginning to think that he's right, and I completely fucking suck at this game. The same session: 3.5k WN8 and the winrate of a bot. Shame on me I guess. I must have been a literal drag on my team all those games...or something.
  7. I'd like the same, for the opposite reason. I'd like all the old-guard players in this game to play tier 6's with no prem ammo against IS-7s and tell me with a straight face that the gameplay is fun, interesting, and competitive.
  8. First *sub 100 game* 3rd mark!



    This was my first game in this tank since marks got frozen!

  9. First tier 10 3rd mark!


  10. WG: "We want to make armor relevant again. Therefore we're introducing a tier 9 tank with 395 HEAT pen. Also, tier 6's will now have to face a tank with 271 base pen. Also we're nerfing the pen on the ISU-152, because that shit was broken and you've already given us your money to free XP that thing." Seriously tho, the tier 8 looks like cancer to play against.
  11. Oh boi, the Lee is gonna be an interesting tank when they bring it back as a tier 8 prem in 4 months!
  12. I fucking quit.


    1. Errants


      Kin eye haz ur stuffz?

  13. WOT in 2018: 15 IS-7's face hugging 15 Maus tanks in the first minute of the match, followed by 14 minutes of HE spam from both sides. Is balenced, comrades!
  14. Oh good! Those Centurion tanks really needed this buff! After waves of nerfs due to HD remodels, there isn't really a single Brit med with half decent turret armor, despite the fact that they're all essentially ridge line snipers from tier 7 up. Kudos to WG for fixing this issue! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck....
  15. One of my long time goals in this game: 60% solo winrate. It's hopelessly padded through Type-64 spam, but you gotta start somewhere.