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  1. Mines.
  2. I see arty post, i downvote it mfw @Frenzier speaks.(although they may differ? brasilv vs portugal akcent)
  3. Played zero games since, I'm working on some new deal with big foreign company so I didn't have time. But i'll try today if i scrap some time.
  4. 252U is joke, i just wanted Maus levels of armor @ T8. Waste of money. 

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    2. Grister


      It's basically the new IS6. Run them in a triple platoon and watch the pubbies melt away. 

    3. BlackAdder


      @FavreFan4ever all the hype and Tiger 1 can pen your LFP. I thought this is P2W when you sit infront of enemy and shot them until they die. @GehakteMolen was right about IS-3 comparison, way worse gun in exchange for similar armor.


      I should have trust QuckyBaby, he wasn't happy about it on stream. :doge: 

    4. GehakteMolen


      Ofc, Iosif Stalin - 3 forever #1

  5. Dunno, maybe. Although it's weird because model is pretty much essential to the game. It's hard to believe they don't have in house 3D modelers. But it's WG so fuck logic
  6. Maybe some content blcoker, that's why I suggested ubuntu as temp OS to check at least Windows configuration.
  7. Because some companies (i could name few) have their own VPNs with lots of ristrction. Ubuntu is only to eliminate VPN / Windows problem, if there is any... Pristupas priko njihove mreze? Svasta san vidio da korporacije blokiraju od DNSa pa do VPNa...
  8. For me IS-3 is quite opposite of IS-7.
  9. Some VPN filter maybe? Can you run Ubuntu/Mint from usb stick? Koja firma btw?
  10. I don't what are they waiting for, T-44-100 is already done, just strip those side skirts and release it.
  11. A bit of gun handling on both would be fine, but just a bit.
  12. But hen again if I remember correctly STB has more DPM, stronk turret and lower profile... I played both few battles and both are equally frustrating in some regard.
  13. Not so big fan of newer mercs, but this is pure 2000+ kg porn.
  14. Pay 2 Pay 2 Win 9.19 rumors are out while EU awaiting for a current patch...