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  1. Hot in here.



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    2. BlackAdder


      @nabucodonsor when did you swim? They are cold in winter :D

      Right now sea is about 22C-23C which is bit hot for me. And might get bit worse if heat continues... 

    3. nabucodonsor


      Summer XD, but i am bit sensitive to the cold. Tough I love Croatia, the islands are so beautiful and the water is amazing. Shame I will be going this year. 

    4. BlackAdder


      @nabucodonsor summer is pretty hot, i don't know where are you from and how cold is for you cold, but 23-25C in summer maybe 26C around some islands is way to hot. 

  2. Mrs svi na polje. EDIT KAZE luda s Otvorenog I got išijas
  3. Dobra means a lot of things, like good ass, good game, good night... it's basically good in English. About link, famous Kusturic's movie with very hard too understand gypsy slang.
  4. 1st time this year. Sea is almost perfect (bit warm for me)


  5. RIP BAT. I expected some more love in terms of gun handling but they butchered little assasin. Shame. But hey maybe they overbuff 50B.
  6. Is E36 on profile yours? 

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    2. BlackAdder


      @GotTank big bimmer fan, in fact I'm thinking about E36 track car. Soon tho.

    3. GotTank


      Ah nice, E36 is a great platform for fun. If and when I get a new M, I'd like to keep this one for the same thing and strip it out. Not a bad DD though, just wish i had the 6 speed ZF instead of 5 speed. Got the S50 manifold, braces, all new bushings and tune + raised redline; when I've gone against S54s it comes down to who has a passenger and full tank loses... Want the 3.5 TB/HFM, cams and 24# injector combo in the future. 

    4. BlackAdder



      For daily i must use diesel with high mpg because expensive gas... 


      but for fin e36 is strong contender, currently looking for mint coupe for project. Strip out everything, get in cage, better suspension and brakes. After that maybe some engine upgrades. 

  7. Very nice collection. Feeling suicidal now.
  8. Went full retard, and fgt locked himself in car. Don't honk your horn if you are not man enough. 


  9. I know, but I'm not playing on my account so I'm not super composed. Thanks on numbers.
  10. How mich for 3MOE? I'm floating around 88% because i lose my shit when JPE100 snaps me in cupola @ 300m. when i do 5k combined MOE starts to go up, but problen is I can't force my self to play like that for 20-30 games...
  11. Emil is turd, only good is turret armor. Everything else sucks major balls.
  12. 3 times damaged ammo rack from shity WZ-132 (in the same battle), penned by IS-6 twice. I'm one fuckin click away from selling E-50 turd.