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  1. VK100 penned me in turret face. 




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    2. BlackAdder


      @SchnitzelTruck care to share some replays?

      If you want to hit with this tank, you need to stop and aim (long), while you do that, enemies aim at turret face (250) or cupolas. And then you fire, most of the time you miss, and they fuck you up. Hulldown isn't that possible because of mentioned turret damage. 


    3. Fulcrous


      literally spam apcr because you'll make credits anways. only use ap for meds/stuff you are guaranteed to pen.

      then its just about playing almost-full retard to put you in cqc engagements so you dont need to aim but not retarded enough to get cucked by T10s or yolopushes.

    4. BlackAdder


      APCR doesn't solve anything because the gun is so retarded often you don't hit the target at all. 

  2. ANd ping is good?
  3. Let's not forget shooting from the security of camo. I mean I get that TDs are super armed, but insane camo is so wrong towards support class like LT. Since the beginning they were spotting part of the game, and if you gimp VR and CAMO what else is left. It should be rewarding to play smart/aggressive in a paper thin tank and contribute as much as you can to your team victory (besides 22 penning HTs and MTs).
  4. Yeah because it's fun to have 103B shitting on your team @300m get a grip, LTs hardly can match MT and CHAI SNIPERS at T10. LTs are for scouting and swift flanks, not facing tanks directly. But with WG buffs (dmg instead of accuracy) they force you to meet head on super HTs and shit.
  5. How is that good thing for support class? LTs (at least in wot) are support scouting class. Being outspotted by 103B or BC25t is crap for LT.
  6. And VR. We don't need medium clones. Superb VR and nice gun handling and you have really fun class. But WG
  7. Damn, Skorp G with improved equipment is so dank. 

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    2. BlackAdder


      @hazzgar it just turn some tanks in beasts, BC25T with improved equipment is a different tank. Bonds will be very wanted this fall :D 

    3. Fulcrous


      13 57 with improved equipment would be so busted :serb:

    4. hazzgar


      @Fulcrous somehow 13 57 doesn't seem like it would benefit from improvement equipment. It is already best at vision games in trier + it has that clip and the gun handling is good. Defender on the other hand, Jesus. All the problems of that tank dissapear. 

  8. They are still useful but not priority over camo/rep/bia/gunnery skills.
  9. I live fot the day when @CarbonWard will release videos/replays of his epic games. Especially for approved tanks like Skorp G.
  10. I think not, still you have to recharge kit’s and if you have spare skill I always invest in JOAT and armorer. preventive is useless.
  11. EU is still good considering population, but players are shit. I always wonder why is so hard to make a map for them???
  12. Man Nazi tank with Nazi band Yesterday i saw few poor souls with this thing i can say only I wasn’t afraid in AC46 or Leo. I even set on fire someone.
  13. Nationalist bigots are always best players on the team. Fuckin croatian scum. 


    1. saru_richard


      i see that the EU server is as divisive as always...

    2. BlackAdder


      @saru_richard i’m from Croatia, but when i see country tag i know something is fishy. Assumption that one country or ethnicity is better and you need to highlight that in nick usually leads to retarded players. Especially when I’m from Country that sided with Nazis, I mean how much stupid you are when you think you are supperior than others (and blame others for anything wrong).

      So yes EU is devisive, despite all efforts to unite us all we still manage to shit on each others. 

  14. Whole circon family???