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  1. When you bounce of T-34-85M. :rngfu:

    1. Errants


      Especially tasty when I see that it is a Tier VIII HT or TD that did it. Between the Rudy and the 34-85M, why drive the 34-85?

  2. Remember you are 13# DPG on EU and 3# WR, so this isn't applicable to you obviously.
  3. With MM as is, you'll be most of the time at bottom. So you'll see lots of Type 4/5, E3's, JPE100's, E100's, Krangan's and so on. E-50 has better gun handling and almost twice DPM, so you can miss shot or two. On the other hand lowe can't afford missing and not penning targets. When you are top tier it's ok. But if you see that as strawing good for you, it's not that lowe didn't received quite some buffs to be competitive.
  4. I still waiting for @GehakteMolen twitch stream
  5. Let me illustrate. Do you need more? Also low base DPM requires hitting and penning targets! When teams are absolute shit i think it's worth it to spam APCR than losing battles. Not necessarily full APCR but still close to full. By that logic E-50 AP is sufficient. Which we all know it's a fuckin joke.
  6. I thought so, i give a Skorpion a big shot. But it just ended up in my hardware being destroyed. In fact I currently don’t have enjoyable premium tank. T8 TDs sucks for most part besides crazy invincible UDES, Borsig and maybe AC48 with AL. Ferdinand is pretty buffed now, and you aren’t auto aim for every single tank so that counts too! IMHO RHM is way better, you can sneak (this is spotted from moon) and slap them. There is no point of zapping around when everyone sees you and you are mouse with 20mm of armor. RHM brings 750/340 to close fights too. Gun handling is better by margin. situation from ensk today, i almost killed my lapto. FCM trading shots with me, which is favorable in my case until I literally hit the dirt at 150m range. With ferdy i could care less, drive into him and dump 490 bombs and he would probably bounce most of shells. Shere armor power. Also frustration of being circled by fast tanks like RU251 is too much for me. Again this is due to my overextended speed feel. Infact this is slug with decent straight line speed nothing more. IMHO best T8 TD is Obj 416. Camo, mobility and HEAT. And for all this reasons, i would like normal to premium conversation, so i could play less retarded tanks. Maybe Lowe is better or Liberte, but I won’t spend any more money on premium tanks.
  7. It’s problem that isn’t exclusively LTTB’s. Many tanks have this issue with shitty physics they introduce.
  8. Like WZ-111, FCM and so on. Good thing it’s camo and good dpm, but otherwise it’s waste of 50€ (that much they are asking on EU).
  9. Very good episode, can't wait for more. I anvy those three, driving around globe with all sorts of cars.
  10. That's what i said, it's a bad medium. It's shitty TD. Everything besides alpha and straight line speed is let down. Most of tanks are workable that doesn't mean it's good purchase.
  11. RIP G700s, time to open up Steelseries. 

  12. Yeah now i fucked up and get it down to 57%. Why this tank sucks: no camo accuracy is bad for no camo tank mobility is on par with shitty tanks (bad medium) shell speed is too low APCR pen drop off no armor mid mounted gun So you are forced to fight people in tank which has poor gun stats, no camo and armor. Which leaves you with chai snipe, and you can't chai because of shitty shell speed, poor accuracy (you'll hit the ground or space) and pen drop off on APCR is so great that you'll waste credits and still miss/fail to pen targets. In brawling areas you need peek with half of your gigantic paper tank, shot with moon sized circle and hope to pen. This leads to frustration and i might kill my new laptop. I wouldn't recommend this pos to anyone even if it is 5$. On the other hand borsig can offer you turret, camo and boom stick (750/340) or better DPM 128. It goes slower but it doesn't matter, you wont be on constant run because you are spotted 99% of the game.
  13. I envy you. Such a shit tank. It fails as medium and as long range sniper. Floating around 60% with such frustration. EDIT ~400m O-I (T6 heavy) bounces this rail gun with 246mm of pen. Imagine T10 heavys. You can't hit them reliable even with APCR. Making this shit TD.