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  1. ~400eur here in Croatia (preorder) ~480usd. I don't think murica will break 450usd mark, there is no reason if we can get it cheap. Now I'm tempted to upgrade, just for fashion reasons
  2. AMD Ryzen Processors can possibly OC to 5 GHz On Air AMD SR7 vs 6900K ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RAM guide for Ryzen Warning about PCIe OC with Ryzen Folterknecht
  3. @spencer WRWhores? Is that possible?
  4. Quote


    Purchased: 'WZ-111 model 5A' successfully purchased. Spent credits:  6.100.000.



    This better be good. 

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    2. SaintLaurentius


      I've seen some ridiculously high DPGs with the 5A, so if raw damage output is the most important metric, the 5A is the best tier 10 heavy atm.

    3. Fulcrous


      Just be aware that gun mantlet is 40-50% pens against 340 heat. 80% with t10 td apcr

    4. BlackAdder


      @Fulcrous damn. I hate weak turrets. 

  5. Lowe is the winner.
  6. Mea culpa. I thought you talking about pre 9.20 stuff.
  7. How? That tank had literally nothing.
  8. I need money for 5A. That leaves me with utter dog shit Skorpion G. :nmad:

    1. hall0


      keep playing KV5 then

    2. BlackAdder


      @hall0 i can't. I have none :D But Skorpion is good for SH8. Unfortunately, bots can't start a game for ages. I might join some clan. 

  9. Isn't that kinda unfair to less good tanks? But i guess it makes life easier for devs (with new tanks).
  10. Preserving HP all game, on pos map called pilsen, looking for every opportunity. Type4 yoloed me, and took 1150 hp from even shitter Skorpion G.


  11. Why people overestimate WG and their incompetence. FFS their site doesn't have login for subpages.
  12. Because you need burn down that camo on STRV's and ghost BC25t's Also i find 3MOE easier with OPTICS than with VENTS for example. I never utilize that gain in DPM so, VR is nice addition.
  13. EDIT
  14. @Gryphon_ Are all tanks (same class and tier) have same expected dmg now?
  15. This is graphics overhaul only, tanks, corridors and bots are still a thing. But they did nice job bringing present to the tanks. Looks nice, FPS is nice, a few tweaks and this can hit live without problem. Only problem is how this works on low and mid range configurations.
  16. Nice, my faps is rock solid 60 with everything. @2K resolution! 4790K - 32GB - GTX1070 Nice job WG
  17. Yeah, same here. 2/3 games enemy team did not load in the game. Kinda sucks. And yes, maps look good, although I feel those generic rocks they've placed around are a nightmare. Also, guys look up for "EN Channel" in-game for online English speaking players.
  18. The server is online.
  19. maybe if we have actual voters it would make sense. this time this thread is filled with personal hate to some tanks.
  20. Bumped mine to 58%, I MIGHT push it to the 60% this week if RNG dont shit on me. Also i noticed big drop of pen on APCR (chai distances).
  21. Would be nice see you stream. Hype would be real.
  22. Is there bad tank for you? I wonder how games will take you for 20mil.