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  1. Last game before 1.0.2

  2. IMO 113 is inferior to the 430U, not the 5A. 113 can do things 5A can't and vice versa. 430U can do everything the 113 can do better, and do more.
  3. Irrc legolas suggested some armour changes to give the Types 5 no cheeks, better UFP, but actual pennable LFP. I.e. strong parts stronger, but with actual weakspots like a silver pennable cupola.
  4. lavawing

    The P.43 Bis, 240 alpha ? Yes please !

    IMO a bit absurd to run food and gold on a tier 6, but .35 acc with 2400 DPM doesnt sound half bad...
  5. It's about as fast as the other Soviet meds, except the 430U. Not going to win races.
  6. IMO nerfing the Type too much will just make it useless. Instead, give it the same 900 damage HE shells as the O-Ho but with something like a 10 second reload. Then it will have to expose itself constantly to do the damage as opposed to outrading everything. Just picture triple Type 5's platoons spamming HE every 3 or so seconds. Glorious. Anyway, 183s, Jagdzillas, 4005s are common these days because of too much armour. Take away the overarmoured tanks so that meds have a proper role again, and the meds will naturally make it much less viable for the high alpha TDs to be run. Almost everything since the E5 nerf has had too much armour, turning Tier 10 games into a hulldown corridor HEAT/HESH/HE-fest. We need armour to be toned down except on the superheavies, then med guns to be buffed, then maps made bigger. That will probably end in a medium meta, but a medium meta is fine. Right now, the meta is to carry gold-resistant armour while going 50s, while packing 340 pen HEAT or above. Barring that you carry absurd HE alpha damage that fucks up everything your shots connect with. It's simply not fun for everyone else, and tier 10 burns more credits than ever. IMO so long as tier 10 remains fucked, incentive to grind lines beyond tier 9 will be low. The problem of people not grinding new tanks is a problem with tier 10 balance, and WG really needs some sort of global rebalance of 10s before adding new fucked up tanks to the mix.
  7. lavawing

    AMX M4 mle. 54

    I think it's more like the rest of the tank (and MM!) carrying the shit gun, rather than the gun actually doing the work. The 120mm doesnt lose much alpha but can pen superheavies, and is better at everything at all ranges unless you're trading.
  8. The T-10 is a well-rounded package yes, but it has quite a few tricks up its side skirts which are unparalleled in its tier and class: turret armour, DPM, HEAT pen, speed, side armour. It's a generalist that does most things as good as, if not better than most specialists IMO. The 430 is a brawling med which gets fucked by superheavies; the T-10, with its HEAT, doesn't. The Conq gets fucked by arty and can't flex: the T-10 can. (also the T-10 gets 250 pen at 500m which is like 15mms better than the Conq's AP, for some reason).The Mle 51 is a mammoth and has trouble against high tier gold; the T-10 is a low-rider that has slabs of spaced armour and a sharp pike, not to mention it's much faster. The T-10 can also reverse sidescrape when you need to manfight superheavies. Long story short: the T-10 can do almost everything, and it can do everything as good as everyone else. Coming back to the 277. I just think that the abundance of broken and gimmicky tanks makes it much harder for a generalist to survive in Tier 10, especially in the 277's nerfed state. Unlike the T-10, the 277 winds up being worse than the specialists in most departments except speed, and it loses out especially on the gun. I think the 277 is fine, for the reasons you mentioned, and it's good that WG didn't go full Bobject with it, and its pure speculation right now: no one's played the nerfed 277, but I can't shake the feeling that the T-10, all things considered, will be the better tank than the 277.
  9. I think youre underestimating the nerfs theyve slapped the 277 with. The thing is, this tank has the exact same accuracy as the T-10 and not significantly better aiming stats, same 340 pen HEAT, and the DPM is only 200 more than the T-10, resulting in less DPM than the E5. All in all, the firepower isn't much of an upgrade tier-for-tier, compared to the T-10's nearly best in class bloom and DPM. It has a higher speed limit but is significantly less agile on medium terrain due to soft stats, so about the same as the T-10 I guess. The armour is the one thing that is clearly better than the T-10 tier-for-tier, it's even more troll, is easier to abuse, and has even smaller weakspots. But since the current measure of Tier 10 armour is how well it stands up to 340 pen HEAT ammo, I don't think the armour of the 277 makes that much difference, especially since tier 10 is full of broken tanks. As a result of all this, it's really a sidegrade to the T-10. I guess, this is more of a testament to how strong the T-10 really is than the 277's fault. However, the fact remains that tier 10 heaviums has become a very crowded niche as of late, with the 5A, the IS-7, and the 430U (and 268) all occupying irreplaceable roles. I don't think the 277 in its nerfed state will be able to compete with any of them - it will be more of a play for fun tank like the E5 or the Mle 54, except better than both, I guess. PS I forgot the 260
  10. Meh, with 340 HEAT this thing is little better than the Mle 54 to the T-10's Mle 51 Edit: also faces stiff competition from the 430U come to think of it
  11. 3VBK shd be HEAT going by Soviet nomenclature Not exactly, the IS-7 can pull off stupidly aggressive plays that would be suicide in any other tank, and win games with them. The only other thing that anything remotely like that is the Bobject. The 277 is the better generalist for sure, but I doubt it can fill in the same role that the IS-7 can, i.e. yolowagon.
  12. Ludicrous speed APCR with 340 pen and middling accuracy/aimtime is still going to be better than 340 pen HEAT with gud accuracy/aimtime, it just requires you to spam gold to get that comfort.
  13. 277 is still comfier, esp as it keeps the APCR.
  14. nerfed
  15. lavawing

    The hidden gem, Obj. 430 II

    I'd play the tank if it got like .28 accuracy without food and something like 1400 shell velocity with AP. As it is, NO.