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  1. IMO the governor is too much fuss to use and the rewards are negligible in most cases. You're better off diverting your attention to something else like actually playing the game and staying situationally aware.
  2. Why would you rebuy this when you have the Type 5?
  3. FTFY
  4. IMO the Ke-Ho is a straight upgrade in most relevant metrics. The Chi He isnt bad however
  5. I'd rather @leggasiini took the reins. there'd probably be like three lines of Bento boxes and French extra-long baguettes and everything would go like 20 kph and fire rubber bullets with 20cm naval guns.
  6. T9 Foch was OP when the roof and side hull was 50mm and the police bar 18cm thick. It's hard to be a heavium TD when Tier 7s can slice through your front. Edit: bloom was never changed...brainfart Edit 2: bloom was changed...brainfart
  7. I'd three mark the Valiant if i could.
  8. 110

    The 110 now has a worse UFP than the 4502A, less gun depression and is significantly slower. It used to be balanced around having the best in tier hull armour - obviously no longer true.
  9. IMO the T-44 is still perfectly serviceable on the sole account of its platform: it's got excellent camo, very decent speed, excellent agility, is a tiny, sloped target, and general is extremely flexible. I can't help but find the gun slightly depressing, however (and this is considering my only experience with the tank is in the 44-100, which already has a better gun).
  10. I can see the CK being a CW tank with its goldspam resistant turret and UFP and very generous mobility. That said it will still be limited to defence I'd guess.
  11. The point is getting to the Type 5.
  12. Having his CC status revoked is one thing, but threatening him with a copyright strike and or a defamation action is another thing altogether. Saying that Foch deserves what he got because he was rude, vulgar and demeaning is neither here nor there. As a youtuber, he should be able to get away with criticising WG because that's how free speech works. You could well argue that his saying WG were greedy scumbags is slanderous, and that might be true, but it seems to be an opinion, an honest comment, if you will. WG is perfectly entitled to revoke Foch's CC status. But AFAIK there's no contract involved, nor is there an NDA which would bar Foch from saying what he likes on what he likes. What seems to be the gist of the backlash is WG threatening a legal action where there was no basis to do so, and where doing so would amount to nothing short of censorship.
  13. Foch raved. WG took down the video threatening a lawsuit or something. Good times
  14. this would be a very belated obituary anyway id like to see this thing spammed in stronks like the O-I was at tier 6, except this thing isn't blind and prints creds