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  1. lavawing

    Help me pimp out Obj. 430u

    Don't bother with optics. Without food you won't be hitting the targets you spot at the edge of VR; with food you might as well be running vents and still be spotting the same targets.
  2. lavawing

    Leo PTA. Diamond in the rough appreciation thread.

    the Russian is better unless its name is 430 II
  3. MAHOU is weak. Why bother with ranked when you can be cleansing pubs of vermin?
  4. It turns out that the 277 has worse pen than a fucking T-10 at 500 metres: the T-10's 122 mm shell still gets 250 mms of pen, whereas the 277's 130 mil is down to 245 mms, still respectable - but surprising. In other words, the 277's gun is a literal sidegrade, and it sits at the by far the more cancerous tier. 

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    2. lavawing


      340 pen is good, but the T-10 gets the same shell one tier lower without trading anything

    3. Ham_


      Object 416 has 330 HEAT as tier 8,  the German tanks have their tier 10 gun in their tier 9 heavies, it's not exactly special

    4. TheChang


      I agree with Ham_ that the IS-7's gun is a sidegrade, but I think the 277's gun is an upgrade to the T-10's. The alpha is better, the dpm is better, the handling is better, even the shell velocity for both ap and heat is better. The only thing the T-10 has, it seems, is less pen drop-off over range which, in my opinion, doesn't matter very much. It doesn't need to be special to be good, it only needs to meet current meta standards.

  5. lavawing

    Polish Tier 8 Premium (Project 51)

    Is this better than a Chrysler btw? Fun/credit factor aside, that is
  6. FCM needs better gun handling and/or turret armour to make exposure less punishing. Otherwise it's still going to be frustrating and stressful to play, much like the rest of WoT in general. The T-34-3 gets -6.5 gun depression, which is a mere 0.5 degrees less than the Type and the T-44. With a 390 alpha gun this is about as good as it gets. Not saying this will make the tank good, but it will be a better meme tank than ever. Defenders are upgraded IS-6s. The official designation of the IS-6 is Obj 252, the U on the Defender just means modernised. 182 pen is still shit and 225 APCR underwhelming. I was expecting something like 200 base pen with 235 APCR. Guess that was too much for WG
  7. lavawing

    Obj 277 - Just a worse 5A?

    IS-7 is a balanced 268 V4 that's a heavy and has weakspots. 5A, 277 are more like super mediums than anything else.
  8. lavawing

    Obj 277 - Just a worse 5A?

    U wot m8? IS-7 (LFP excluded) is pretty much immune to to T10 standard rounds, while still trolling HEAT and APCR something like half the time. The sheer amount of amour the tank hauls around together with the speed with which it hauls around said armour makes the IS-7 an assault tank without peer. The shit gun doesn't matter when you are able to dictate most engagements you come across - if not turn them around entirely.
  9. lavawing

    Potential Swap Leaked from CT?

    Two letters: IS
  10. lavawing

    Potential Swap Leaked from CT?

    IMO, it was less that the Japs didn't want to put such a gun on it, and more about their not having a good enough 88 mm gun. The 75mm on the Chi Ri already represented the pinnacle of Japanese anti tank weaponry, even if it was a rather low pinnacle. The proposed heavy tanks, meanwhile, were to be fitted with varying calibres of naval guns - known pretty much for their shit shell velocity, artillery arc, and poor penetration relative to their calibre. Put in another way, if the Japanese had a good 8.8 mm, I don't doubt they would have put it on the Chi Ri.
  11. lavawing

    I give up... (after 8 years)

    Protip: before the stun changes, you could kill arty by detonating their shells with your gun barrel. That counts as lost in battle and you can really only get banned by manual moderation or something like that. You can also kill a maximum of two arty without falling afoul of the auto-ban system so long as you do so firing no more than 2 shots. I have over 900 artards in my blacklist and have TKed, via various means, over twice that number of arty. Try crossout. Grindy and P2W yes, but kind of fun which is what matters.
  12. lavawing

    Need help with 704 in current maps/meta

    704 doesn't have an accuracy stat - just an RNG stat. You hit improbable shots and miss nigh-certain ones. Spray and pray during early game. Play with camo and the element of surprise in the mid game and basically outvision things in lategame. When forced, trade. You are good at it, just inconsistent. It's not as good a tank as the best in Tier 9, but it does have a role and is damn good at it at least 50% of the time.
  13. Does anyone know the pen drop off for the 277? I just checked the 430II's and its nearly light tank levels of ebola - 225 pen @500m

    1. mati_14


      Can't you check by putting your mouse over the ammo? If you don't have the tank you can try it with the tank comparison thingy


    2. rojo180


      just check with the tank preview...

      and last I checked the 430vII HEAT round stays at 330 pen :kappa:

    3. lavawing


      I don't own the tank, and the tank comparison thingy for some reason doesn't show pen drop off over distance - just the base pen for each shell.

  14. Last game before 1.0.2