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  1. Mods in 2018

    I just want a working GuP mod.....
  2. 35mm sides so rip
  3. just 1000 times more, seems balanced
  4. AMX 50B Fan Club

    Fucking turd of a tank, would rather play the M4 than this shitwagon, 50 120 is leagues better tier for tier
  5. AMX M4 mle. 54

    Holy shit what happened? I'm tempted to run the 130mm in ranked myself just to screw over my team, having reached Rank 10 with the 430U
  6. I have been unable to verify this, although the IS-6 on Blitz can mount the IS-5 gun in exchange for 1 RPM less. I would take the IS-6 without pref MM if they gave it the Defender's gun with IS-6 DPM. That would be dank af.
  7. Object 268 version WTF were they thinking?

    Except Serb has self awareness and didn't introduce broken tanks every patch + actually played his own game.
  8. Obj 257 - the Armored Catamaran

    122mm has good DPM and a good gold round. However having played the tank a bit more (and people learning its weaknesses), it seems a lot less dominant now esp since it's obvious now that it can't even fight frontal engagements as well as a T-10.
  9. Ranked Battles Discussion

    The 430U seems gud so far. Up to rank 8 atm without a hitch. Can tank like a heavy and flex like a med. I thought about the IS-7 but it really does not make sense to bring that over the 430U: since everyone has 270 pen or more so, there is simply no difference between a 180mm vs 230mm effective weakspot.
  10. Forum Software Updated

    Dammit my stats are fucking shameful. I want to die a quick death.
  11. T-44 undervalued

    You return to garage and come back as the 430U as you slaughter rebel scum Tier 8s and the enemy Leo 1 gives up and tells you to strike him down.
  12. 113

    Unfortunately I am irredeemably trash in my 113............
  13. 113

    The armour doesn't really work unless you're in static engagements, so most of the time it plays like a really fat and rather awkward med with a shit-tonne of HP, except you can hulldown + sidescrape in some select situations. The 430U is a better med because of size and camo and bloom, and it's a better heavy because it can bring its armour to bear so much more easily. Still, the 113 has a lot of strengths, it's just not exactly comfortable to play.
  14. Not really, main problem is 3 5 7 prioritisation. Even prefs get a lot fewer top tier games than before.