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  1. lavawing

    SU-130PM - Ruski Scorpion G

    Feels more like a faster RHM with a worse gun than a Soviet Skorpion Also the gun is in practice less accurate than the 53TP's 122mm and another similar guns and is generally unreliable. Best success I've had with it is to play it like a WTF IV with the 150mm.
  2. lavawing

    What affects mobility?

    I don't think it's HP/T, seeing as the IS-7 has better HP/T, same resistances, higher top speed, and still ends up stalling once it's past the 30 km/h mark, while the 277 rockets from 30-50. Wouldn't hurt to test it tho. @Jesse_the_Scout Another example of weight not being a direct factor is the M4 49 which is faster than the 65T on almost all terrain despite being heavy, having a lower HP/T and what should be worse traverse. IMO there's probably some sort of coefficient for engine power that's designed to model for gear differentials/RPM, which varies at different speeds. For example the 277 would have a better low speed and high speed gear compared to the IS-7, while having basically the same mid-speed gear, which explains their difference in speed. Tanks like the 65T and 130PM would have to have worse gears on most probably every speed so that they perform magically worse than hard (and soft) numbers would suggest. Hence despite WG's claims that the SU-130PM's mobility is 'slightly better' ( it actually isn't.
  3. lavawing

    What affects mobility?

    @Lethul 8:26 transmission (!?) stat at play
  4. lavawing

    SU-130PM - Ruski Scorpion G

    can you look up how much pen the ap round has at 500m? cuz the Chinese 130 gets like 220 pen at long distance, the Polish 230ish while the German and Soviets get 240 ish usually.
  5. lavawing

    SU-130PM - Ruski Scorpion G

    250,000 EXP in ten days wtf WG I guess I have no choice but to grind out two arta lines simultaneously
  6. lavawing

    T-50-2 Returns

    feels less like the old T-50 and more like a better MT-25
  7. lavawing

    T-50-2 Returns

    If anyone's on SEA rn please PM if you want to do some T-34-85M toons
  8. lavawing

    T-50-2 Returns Like getting a bouquet of roses when you were expecting domestic abuse
  9. Some people delete their gacha game accounts and burn everything inside just in case to completely wipe the game off from their minds, despite probably having spent enough money to buy a Mercedes Benz with. Seems drastic to me too, but if you really feel tormented by a game, deleting it permanently is often the only good choice you have. IMO diversity matters. If you play like 3 or four different games or have 3 or 4 really engrossing hobbies at any given time you're unlikely to get addicted to any of them - just all of them at once. It's healthier than getting hooked and feeling bad over one shitty game, at least.
  10. lavawing

    IPIP300 Personality Test

    Aint this just big 5?
  11. lavawing


    Asia MM is semifixed and tier 8 is basically a contest between the best premium tanks. The 432 is pretty dominant as far as lights go but because of the sheer amount of UDES/STRVs/Kanonens plus Progettoes and heavies you can't really pen, it's not as crazy as one would have thought either.
  12. lavawing

    What affects mobility?

    No, tests were done in a straight line, albeit sloppily. Besides irrc neither the 277 nor the IS-7 can neutral steer ingame.
  13. lavawing

    What affects mobility?

    A summary of my findings (cross-poast from reddit) After some testing comparing the IS-7 and the 277's mobility, I've just about figured out how the two's mobility are different, and how (but not yet why), despite better stats, the IS-7 is slower than the 277. Basically, (on flat ground) In the 0-10 km/h range, the Obj appears to accelerate twice as fast as the IS, i.e. 0.25s to reach the 10 km/h mark. From 10-30 km/h, the acceleration of the two tanks are nearly if not exactly identical: both tanks take roughly 1 second to power from 10 to 20 km/h and 2.25 seconds to accelerate from 20 to 30 km/h; From 30-50 km/h, the Obj again accelerates twice as quickly as the IS-7, taking roughly 10.5 seconds to reach 50 km/h (from 30). The IS-7 never reaches 50 with my crew but takes 18 seconds to reach 49 km/h. In other words, the Obj accelerates at this speed range at about 1.91 km/h/s whereas the IS-7 revvs up at the rate of about only 1.05 km/h/s. The Obj is able to reach 55 on flat ground, the IS-7 is not. The Obj and IS-7 climb hills at nearly identical speeds/accelerations. On slopes, the IS-7 accelerates from 0-10km/h at exactly the same rate as the 277 does: in roughly 0.5s. Transmission seems to be the most plausible answer
  14. lavawing


    how does it play with SEA mm?