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  1. 121: 23 113: 20+1=21: amazing when it works; however is situational AND RNG dependent. I wish it had a harder UFP or a front mounted turret, or a hull that wasn't as long as some superheavies. It's a different flavour of the T-10 that IMO is harder to drive but still extremely rewarding.TVP T 50/51: 23AMX 50 B: 21Bat.-Chatillon 25t: 21AMX 30 B: 11Jg.Pz. E 100: 11 Maus: 24 E 100: 21Pz. VII: 20Grille 15: 22E 50 M: 22 Leopard 1: 17STB-1: 23 Type 5 Heavy: 25Centurion AX: 21FV215b (183): 14FV215b: 20T57 Heavy: 20T110E4: 18T110E3: 20M48 Patton: 23 T110E5: 24Obj. 263: 20T-62A: 20Obj. 430: 20-3=17 without food you are at the mercy of RNG. with food you get set ablaze every now and then. with best in class armour and DPM, the tank does not want for potential; but nothing about this tank is consistent and this hurts it so much. I'd rather have a Soviet E50M with buffed frontal armour and a railgun - than this RNG wagon. The tank would be better if it had best gun handling out of the Soviet meds and worst DPM - not the other way round.Obj. 140: 21 IS-7: 17IS-4: 12Kranvagn: 17Strv 103B: 20
  2. Wait for the twin gun Tier 10 version
  3. Put it this way, a Panther II with the L71 is a shitty version of the 90mm NATO meds which are already pretty bad to begin with; a Panther II with the L100, while still pretty bad, is at least unique in its capacity as a sniper.
  4. I expect them to turn all arty into derpguns with a small reduction in calibre and double or triple their current HP. There will be three or four Type 5 wannabes each mach and armour will be more useless than ever.
  5. I reckon it's a matter of time until they give it 560 alfa and IS-3 bloom. Also the mantlet needs to be invulnerable or it isnt Soviet
  6. 121: 22113: 20TVP T 50/51: 21AMX 50 B: 20Bat.-Chatillon 25t: 20AMX 30 B: 17Jg.Pz. E 100: 17Maus: 22E 100: 21Pz. VII: 20Grille 15: 21E 50 M: 22 Leopard 1: 20-3=17: camo sniper in superheavy corridor meta. also derpgunsSTB-1: 22 Type 5 Heavy: 24+1=25 i iz skillful in this tenk and aim weeksport and do daaamageCenturion AX: 21FV215b (183): 17FV215b: 20T57 Heavy: 20T110E4: 18T110E3: 20M48 Patton: 23 T110E5: 24Obj. 268: 11Obj. 263: 20T-62A: 20Obj. 430: 20Obj. 140: 21 IS-7: 17IS-4: 14 Kranvagn: 17
  7. Inb4 L7 with 3 shot autoloader @ tier 8
  8. There are some people who will tell you that load gold whenever it gives you an advantage - that means on tanks that have APCR you will fire full gold. That isn't wrong. But my wallet can't take it and I suspect yours can't either. So, my rule of thumb is you load gold for tanks which have shitty standard rounds. For example, playing the 113 with more HEAT than AP made me appreciate the gun handling more now that I wasn't bouncing AP off E100 LFPs and E5 cupolas. There are other tanks where HEATspam probably doesn't do much - like the E5 - the only times you want gold is when you face superheavies: because of the nature of superheavy guns, I'd rather slam HEAT at their general direction than aim for a few pixels. One other thing is that I find gold better for high alpha guns. A fast reloading gun like the 430 takes no time to switch from APCR to HEAT; but an E75 takes more than twices to do the same thing. For these big derpy guns it generally helps to load APCR for the first shot. You can shoot at range a lot better and you don't miss the early damage. Finally, it goes without saying that if you're loading anything but full gold in your Type4/5, you're doing it terribly wrong.
  9. 704 should still be decent but the Waffles/Swede pancake/American burgers should be more consistent.
  10. Lights have been shit and are likely to remain shit; maps are shit to lights and are likely to remain shit. I say that it will make more sense to make a mini elimination like with the Swede heavies. Hovercrafts like the T-100 will be fun to drive, but unless they bring back the vision meta they will be worse than meds in 9/10 situations/. 121: 21 113: 20 TVP T50/51: 21 Foch 155: 20 AMX 50B: 20 Batchat 25t: 20 AMX 30B: 20: 20 Jagdpz E-100: 20 Maus: 21 E-100: 21 Panzer VII: 20 Grille 15: 20 E-50M: 21 Leopard 1: 20STB-1: 20Type 5 Heavy: 22Centurion AX: 20FV215b 183: 20FV215b: 20FV4005: 5T57 Heavy: 20T110E4: 17 T110E3: 20M48 Patton: 20T110E5: 21+1= 22: probably no longer the best, sadly can no longer pretend to be a fast superheavy - all things considered its still extremely potent and can still bully everything that isn't a German/Jap brick. I would play this tank exclusively if arty didn't exist. Sadly, it does, so I run my T-10 instead.Object 268: 17Object 263: 20T-62A: 20Object 430: 20Object 140: 20IS-7: 20-3 = 17 it says something about the tank when your average T9 heavy can bully a T10 with minimal hulldown/angling. the gun is bad and the small HP pool makes the tank more squishy than you'd expect. needs allround buffs to be effectiveIS-4: 20Kranvagn: 17
  11. There was another part in his stream when he got penned in the side by a Type 5. That was in the new T-100. With the arty alpha nerfs, I look forward to the day Glorious Nippon Steel will hurt more than skycancer.
  12. doesn't the top gun get worse bloom or something irrc?