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  1. The tank is OP. The firepower is OP. The armour is workable, as is the mobility. It works as a package. HOWEVER. It's still a tier 6, and the measly 720 health pool makes it frustratingly unforgiving to play. Many tier 7 guns can two shot you, and some will one shot you.
  2. My question is: is this better than the Tier 9? I can justify keeping an extra crew for the 113 seeing as its so different, but for the 5A's case it seems to be a pure upgrade over the 1 4. In any case, I only have two crews, and have no time to grind any more. I would be loath to part ways with the 111 1 4 after so many battles and fond memories, but if the 5A really is that good that might just do it. Both tanks have that 490 alpha. The 5A gains gun depression and DPM but faces tougher competition. I suppose I'll have to grind the 5A and see for myself. There's a X3 victory event going on for the Chinese tanks.
  3. IS-3: 22 M26 Pershing: 2 T32: 20 Object 416: 23 AMX 50 100: 11-3 = 8 infuriatingly inflexible. only marginally useful for CW Emil I: 3 UDES 03: 15 VK 100.01 (P): 20 Lowe: 26 T26E5/Patriot: 25 AMX M4 49/Liberte: 20 Rhm. Skorpion: 19 Obj. 252U/Defender: 24 Strv S1: 15 Lorr. 40t: 23 Chrysler K GF: 14+1=15 holds up against high tiers decently while absolutely stomping Tier 6 and 7s. Would be actually good if MM didnt screw it over PS: wheres the weeb shit?
  4. would apcr help?
  5. Being bottom tier 6/10 games is hardly conducive to one's sense of control, now is it?
  6. T95E2 has a stronk UFP. If it gets the new turret it would probably the the toughest medium tank in tier, Type 59 included.
  7. Still no news of IS-6 buff...............
  8. Wasn't it at least proposed for the A45 to carry a 4.5 inch gun? I remember a proposal being mentioned in the passing, but not sure about the specifics.
  9. IMO they should just give it better turret bloom and terrain resistances to differentiate it from the 5A and the 113: both heavies are slightly less mobile, but have far superior armour profiles and better gun handling for some reason.
  10. It's 300mm of spaced armour with nothing beneath it. HEAT will slice through it quite nicely but not standard APCR. IMO you're better off just dunking HEAT into the hull, but trading with a hulldown 5A seems like a dumb idea given the choice. BTW is it just me or does this thing completely obsolete the T110E5? This thing has no tumour, 90 more alpha, AND, for some reason more DPM, turret armour, side armour, is not locked at 37 km/h, does not have a retarded reverse speed, is even more agile It has about the same amount of effective gun depression thanks to turret placement, and all of that in exchange for: slightly worse pen (who shoots AP anyway? its the cykaheavy meta) aim time worse UFP
  11. The 5A has like 50mm thick armour on the lower rim of the turret which becomes a problem when hulldown, it does have an otherwise stronger turret face, however. 113 is still kind of bad for brawling given that its UFP loses effectiveness the closer you are. It's better off sidescraping around mid range or hiding its LFP, both of which it does much better than the 5A. The 5A OTOH is much better for fighting on terrain with its frontal turret and -7 frontal gun dep.
  12. I mountain goat as arta so my friends can't TK me
  13. god this formatting is cancer, have an upboat
  14. Why not play the E 50 instead of gimping yourself?