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  1. Still not a 215b
  2. You can damage superheavies, do more consistent damage (i.e. no troll bounces off the buffed Tier 9 med turrets), and dont need to aim for half as long.
  3. Basically the TD equivalent of the 430UFOs
  4. three letters: CDC
  5. 110 had armour. It cannot do shit in the age where Tier 8 tanks are 9s in disguise and every game is a Tier 10 game.
  6. I wonder when they will make a whole line of derp TDs, because that time seems closer than ever before
  7. More like 0.245 when these things hit live
  8. I remember the Version Four as one of the proposals in the new T-10 book. Still, the second TD line should be about finesse and armour, not camo and alpha like the other one. IMO they should just buff the 263.
  9. Net-juu no susume is quite relatable so far. It's basically about investing in an MMO (which happens a lot); and it actually paying off (which happens not at all). The cast is as realistic as animes get, and as likeable as realistic characters go. Yet at the same time it's more escapist than even the most idealistic of isekai works. My own memories of MMOs were tainted by perpetual war, cash-shop whoring, and 10 year olds killing my ears; quite different from the Arcadian adventures in this anime.
  10. Use the 15cm. Go to the brawling zone. Seek out engagements against slow and heavily armoured targets, the slower and more heavily armoured, the better. Stall for 3 minutes and laugh as you rebalance the front of IS-7s, Mauses and E-100s.
  11. This thing is officially retarded. No tank should have this mix of armour, accuracy and DPM - at least not without getting completely fucked in mobility or some other stat. As it is, the tank has TD levels of DPM - more than the E5 @ Tier 10, is the 5th most accurate tank in tier, has the best on the move accuracy of any Tier 8 heavy. The thing is effective DPM, and the Caern is truly devastatingly effective. Tanks like the AMX 30, the STB-1, and the 430 pay for raw DPM with low accuracy and bad bloom - not so the Caern, which is more accurate, with comparable bloom, and a turret that lets you aim all the way in. This means, in a decent position, the Caern can and will out DPM most Tier 9s you see, not to mention some 10s. The armour is also better than it needs to be. The turret is tough, rightfully so, at 250 EA, with strong zones at the centre and around the edges. The UFP remains unchanged at about 220 EA. The problem is when one takes into account the gun depression of this thing, which gives around 280 EA (against AP) when only taking into account of the vertical angle, which means that the tank can sometimes resist the now ubiquitous 340 pen HEAT. At Tier 8, the number of tanks that can defeat this protection is....worryingly few. Let us not even bring up the retarded side buffs and the removal of the turret ring weakspots which makes the tank one of the better sidescrapers in tier. Finally, tying it all together is the mobility and flexibility of this thing. For some reason, it retains decent-ish mobility as well as agility. It is not the fastest thing around, certainly, but it is no Lowe. I am averaging 2.1k dpg so far - unimpressive for any good player - but more than some of my 10s. It seems irresistible to conclude that with the Caern, Conq and 215b changes, the entire American heavy line has lost what role it had been left in the game.
  12. I forgot the KV-13 leads up to the A44 now. Well, in that case, the KV-13 is a serviceable medium with high camo and decent mobility. Just don't expect it to bounce stuff (it will surprise you), and do expect to be bullied by Tier 8 mediums.
  13. Play the 3001P or 3002M if you like mid tier heaviums
  14. For those on EU and NA, how is the Conq doing in 9.20.1? With the UFP buff and the gun dep buff, it seems to be that the tank should now play like a super M103 than a Tier 9 Tiger I. Just as the T32 (and Patriot) have become a worse Caern, the E5's has more or less had its niche completely taken by the Super Conq. In effect, the entire American heavy line seems at least to me to have been rendered redundant from Tier 8 and upwards. Sadly, since ASIA is still ASIA, everything I said is just theorycrafting.
  15. True, and at least you are playing real tanks, not arta.