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  1. 17mm engine deck. BTW how does one endure a stock Conqueror?
  2. From blueprints, the tank is supposed to be about as squat as an IS-3, shorter than the T-10, and only slightly wider than either tank. No idea why it weighs 100 tonnes, but there you have it.
  3. TBH the 705A seems pretty fun to drive to me. Decent speed for a proper heavy and a tiny chassis should mitigate the accuracy problems somewhat. We also do not know the bloom values. If this thing is anything like the IS-7, it should be a laser in the <200 m snapshotting game. OTOH the tier 9 has the long 122 mil from the Obj 257 and the IS-7's 130 mil to choose from. With 340 HEAT pen on the 122 mil, it might, all things considered, make a better tank.
  4. 113

    Short answer: no. The 113 is better at being a heavy than the 5A ever will be. 5A's armour is still unreliable against HEAT unlike the 113, nor can it sidescrape. The 5A is straight out better at shitting out damage, however.
  5. Not sure I want another 130mm tank at Tier 10 what with the IS-7 and 5A. A 122 mil with laser pointer accuracy would be welcome, however.
  6. IS-3 leads up to the 257 and T-10 minibranches. 430 II will probably lead up to some sort of rear turreted medium tank, not the 62A. The Tier 10 of the T-10 will probably be the Obj 277/278 or the 770/777 (less likely due to similarities to 113 and turret placement.
  7. viewrange calculations are wonky
  8. Can confirm. I average 2 k in my other 9s and 2.5 k in the Mle 51. The armour may be unreliable against high pen, but with a gun that is effectively no worse than the Conqueror's, the tank is soo gud at limiting exposure that the raw armour or lack thereof doesn't hold it back. Also, arty has not been as great a problem as I feared: the tank has a 40 millimeter roof for some reason; as compared to the Conq's 17.
  9. The T92 is defos a full-fledged scout unlike the Black Doge which is more of a fast medium. I do not have the tank nor have I played it, but from my experience fighting it, it seems that the gun is less reliable than it should be, and the tank is so light and fragile so that it's fodder to any half decent medium. IMO it fits better at Tier 7 than 8.
  10. When I spam gold, I expect the shells to hit.
  11. Ground this out to complete my heavium collection. The armour feels significantly better than I expected, the gun significantly worse: 244 pen APCR is frustratingly low for this meta, but at least the it handles well. On the whole, IMO the tank might even be a keeper if they ever get around to unfucking Tier 8 MM.
  12. Top nit-pick a bit, the Chrysler, as strange as it may sound, is at least partly historical. As mentioned in Hunnicutt's book - this was a design spurred by the appearance of the IS-3, and perhaps not surprisingly, shares some features, e.g. the hemispherical turret, with its Soviet counterpart. What is most certainly unhistorical about WG's take on the tank is the grotesquely overbuffed armour (which irrc is almost twice as thick as was proposed historically). If WG had bothered to stick to its performance as originally proposed, then we might have had a Tier 8 430-II which went 45 instead 34, that would be pennable without spamming Tier 10 gold, and that would actually be fun for both sides involved. Instead we have this semi-historical bloated chimera of a tank which is as broken as it is overpowered. Not to mention about as fun as fighting a Maus with an IS-7 turret, with the E5's mobility and gun. I really hope WG tries something other than a line of retarded hulldown gold proof TDs with max viewrange. Otherwise, I imagine that this line is going to be just as popular as the Chinese line, i.e. not at all.
  13. The Chrysler has a shit tonne of raw power, it really does. In fact, I'd say in that respect, it would nearly be best in tier, second only to the Defender. It's ability to bully, and to hold its own against goldspamming, high tier opponents makes it feel almost like a tier higher than it really is, at times. But then again it pays for all that with size, turret placement and somewhat limited gun depression, it pays, in other words, in comfort. OTOH, the Patriot really isn't a tank that relies on raw armour or firepower. It's good because it works as a package as a whole. It's decent in many respects, and extremely comfortable in almost all areas. In most situations, the Patriot is the easier tank to play. But when you're dropped in Tier 10 or just Tier 9, facing that superheavy crawling up the opposite end of the corridor. The Chrysler works and the Patriot doesn't. Fortunately, it's reasonably easy to avoid those situations with the Patriot's mobility. At the same time, with average turret armour creeping up in the high tiers, playing the Patriot really isn't as easy as it used to be.
  14. There are two good things about this tank: the gun and the turret placement.
  15. Liked the E5, loved the M103.This tank is a dream come true for me.