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  1. This man is a legend. I have had the good fortune of encountering him on my team a few times before - I think he plays intentionally badly and fucks up in tier 10 superheavies to maximise his impact on the game. I messaged him a few times and he basically confirmed my worst suspicions. He literally aims sideways every time he shoots so his shots don't hit, p r o t e c c s arty, and is the cap circle's staunchest defender.
  2. lavawing

    Buffed Preferential MM Premium 8s

    Tried to try out the new buffs, WZ-111 can snap now | Still ragequit after getting 1200HP shaved off from 3 direct hits from arta (and there was only one in the game)
  3. lavawing

    Buffed Preferential MM Premium 8s

    I think unaggregated would serve the purpose better, i.e. tank winrate isolated by patch
  4. lavawing

    O-I: Derp 2.0 - The Derpening

    Jap heavies have flat armour weak to high pen, and kind of crappy AP guns. They only really get good when you get the derps since you then can afford to snap a lot of mid range targets and aim for tracks - limiting exposure - and making your armour effectively better.
  5. lavawing

    Buffed Preferential MM Premium 8s

    Move away T26E5 you're not super anymore
  6. lavawing

    Buffed Preferential MM Premium 8s

    They didnt pull the spersh's hatch, only added a big chunk of spaced armour around it + made it stronger.
  7. I think his point was more like that artillery shouldn't be able to rain fire to the point that people have no choice but to camp. Otherwise he should defos have played more passively.
  8. lavawing

    Elimination: Tier 9 - 2018

    Type/T30 shd be on the list since they check all the boxes to be gud in this meta. I expect all the NATO/105mm meds to go before the heavies, and that this Elimination will probably end up as a 3 way between the 120mm heavies, T-54, and the two Soviet heaviums. IMO so far as the heavies are concerned, a tier list would look like this 1: best in class generalists consisting of AMX 51/Conq and WZ-1-4/T-10 2: E 75, a strong generalist that always works but is let down by DPM 3: best in class specialists, i.e. Type 4 for corridor spam/50TP for trading/ST-I for being a bunker. These tanks are best in tier in a particular niche as well as having enough strengths for general purposes. 4: M103, a decent/workable generalist but also generally outclassed. 5: decent specialists: Mauschen/705/257/4502B. Great for one particular role and bad in all others. Notice many (all) of these are sidescrapers. 6: mediocre specialists: 50 120/EMIL II. Can only do one thing but not even that well, but because they can't do anything else are pretty much shoehorned into that role. IMO there's not much point in voting further on which heavy is the best in the 1st bracket because it's pretty much personal preference at that point. If you prefer reliability you'd want the Conq, if you like aggressive plays the 51, etc, etc. For most intents and purposes they are pretty much the same (111/T-10, Conq/51, I mean). That said, I'd expect the T-10 to come out on top out because of 340 pen HEAT and mobility compared to the 120mm tanks, and wotlabs in general overvalues mobility, and comfort compared to the 1-4, because wotlabs in general overvalues comfort.
  9. Tbh these days I only play pref 8s in toons cause being top tier in 3 5 7 is just no fun when half the games are stupid 7 minute yolofests, or when you try to actually play the game get focused down by at least two M44/AMX 13s. I've literally had multiple games in my 111 where I had to take and hold hulldown positions to avoid losing map control (low tier tards were camping as usual) and got full HPed from 3 minutes of arty focus. Same happens when I'm top dog in my IS-3 or Chrysler. The only thing that's worse is multiple M53/55s but those don't leave you permastunned like the M44 does. PS I used to rage TK arty about once every 50 games, now it's more like once in 15. Rip no battle buddy feels bad PPS when your tank has a long gun with good gun elevation, and your friendly arty has high (>700) alfa, you can still block their fire with your barrel and it will count as them being 'Lost in Battle'. They will even have to pay you creds for repairs.
  10. lavawing

    Tracking team WN8 over a series of matches

    why, tier 3 tourneys of course
  11. lavawing

    Tracking team WN8 over a series of matches

    tfw your xvm camo is so damn stronk that when you go hulldown in a Conq in Westfield none of the enemy team's 3 arta bothers with you Seriously, my mate complains that the 277 is unplayable for him with like 2.2k DPG. We're pretty much of equal skill and I pull off 2.7 because I don't have 2k WN8. Even when he's playing semi-conservatively, he gets focused down by skypigs from the millisecond he's spotted whereas I pretty get away scot free for mistakes. And this is Asia we're talking about, where 95% of people barring the occasional Viet and Aussie tryhard are the filthiest possible casuals. I don't mind if XVM exists but it has to go from the game. And I'm speaking as a benefactor of XVM not even a victim
  12. TBH 111 is the furthest thing from boring and lame among all the tier 8 prefs, and even before the buffs. It gets same/better armour than the tier 9, cruises around the map at 40kph, and the best/least bad of all the D25T clones among its peers. The AP shells were and still are shite, but the HEAT shells are excellent against most targets, and are great for tryharding. Personally though, it's the HE shells that push the tank into genuinely fun to play territory. Firing HE you become one of the best derp guns in tier, second only to the O-Ho, but on a much better chassis + shell velocity + sheltered MM. You can literally load 35 HE, 5 each of AP and HEAT, and I have no doubt that you'll be able to average at least 1700 damage with your brain turned off. It's true that the armour is unreliable esp for sidescraping, but when you're spamming HE you always get the first shot off, usually track people with it, and farm boatloads of assist and salty pubby tears. The DPM is truly and undeniably depressing, but since the game has devolved into essentially a giant corridor slugfest, you rarely notice it. Best of all, it's safe. The shells cost like 1/10 of HEAT while letting you reliably do 100-ish damage per shot against tier 9 heavies (and 200 against hulldown Conqs), and 150ish against most armoured tier 8s - you don't even half to expose more than a quarter of your tank to do so. It also does a fair amount of module damage esp to Brit/Chin tanks due to ammo rack placement. And the large number of Skorps, UDESes and STRVs running around due to the armour meta also make pens happen surprisingly often. I did try HE-spamming in the IS-6, and while somewhat effective (was able to maintain 85-ish percent on it with pure HE spam over 10 or so games), it doesn't hold a candle to an HE spamming 111, especially platooned 111s. The 111 is just so much faster and more flexible, while having armour that's actually resistant to tier 9 rounds. Being essentially a 111-1-4 with a broken gun, the 111 can dictate engagements with minimal effort, which, more than the gun itself, is what makes the HE-111 work. PS when in my tier 9 heavies, HE-spamming 111s are far more threatening than HEAT-111s. The damage is low at first but stacks up to the 500s very quickly. And being tracked every 10 seconds invites arty fire and module damage like nothing else. Fighting 2 HE-111s pretty much means you'll be crippled most of the game if you manage to survive at all. It's much, much more obnoxious than O-Hos and equally cancerous.
  13. I was once told that the Type 5 is better than the Type 4 tier for tier. If that has ever been true, I don't think it is now. While tier 10s are mind-numbingly strong, so are the new tier 8s in their own tier. The strength of new tier 8s is basically measured on how well they fight 10s, and many of them while not being a credible threat are still massive nuisances even for semi-armoured 10s. OTOH tier 7s are more or less in the exact same state as they were 3 years ago, while tier 9 meds/heavies/TDs that can shrug off tier 7 gold are dime a dozen