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  1. Purple text is addictive. My loins burn with the fiery passion of a hundred thousand German panzerjaegers and all things Entwiklung. Brb rebuying my dear, the Hetzer

  2. lavawing

    Most Value for Credits TK

    It's actually apples, and it's an apartment, not a basement. Otherwise you are quite correct.
  3. I feel personally attacked @Assassin7 badmin benpls
  4. Dear Hopey, if there's anything you must be given full credit for, it's singlehandedly revitalising Wotlabs. You are a national treasure to us and don't let the trolls make you think any different. Lots of <3 Your well wisher
  5. am I eligible for a reward in spite of not being a KAC member> I could count myself legionnaire and do great justice
  6. lavawing

    SEA CW is ded

    per @Kuroialty everything above tier 2 is trash for an esports format; open your eyes sheeple
  7. Pardon my ignorance, but who or what is a 'Hopey'? (And how can I get rid of it?) @HoPeY you seem to be experienced, care to grace me with a few pointers?
  8. lavawing

    O-I: Derp 2.0 - The Derpening

    Agreed on firing AP/HEAT, but IMO SS and repairs get less important the higher the tier you get. The vision game is pretty much dead at t9/10, plus most engagements become 2-300m corridor gold fiestas. Instead, for a baddish crew, I'd rather maximise gun handling and comfort, i.e. smooth ride/snapshot, BIA, etc, etc, etc. I played through the whole line till the Type 4 without ever having sixth sense. There were less than 10 games where I felt it made a difference. You can pretty much assume you're always spotted so long as you're within the viewrange circle of enemy tanks, and it's not like the jeavies are even remotely good at sniping.
  9. Every day I try to quit the game and every time I find my resolve lacking. It's like Stockholm syndrome but you don't get pampered by your abductors. No, I think domestic abuse would be the better word for it. Battered gamer syndrome, even. I don't know exactly when it started, but lately it's been loads more fun whining on wotlabs about the 100 ways in which the game is broken than playing said broken game. 9.22?
  10. I can't help but feel your reply would feel more relevant if you'd actually read, understood and processed what I had said. Also fyi my S51's barrel only fires gold 203mm HE 1: surprisingly a good question Bots are probably necessary for the server to remain playable given the depopulated state of the asian and aussie servers. I was tooning up in my B2 the other day on the asia side and timed out three times - 15 mins in all - until I could get into a single game. I have been thrown into ths Australian server now and then and waited a few minutes to get into a tier 10 battle, so yeah For players instead of WG doing the botting, ideally, I would prefer there to be no bots in the game. I feel like it gives an unfair advantage in that peeps can skip abominations like Leo and T 34 100 grinds. That said, having suffered the displeasure of grinding through the WZ120, STI, I think botting exists for a reason. I dont think bots will break the game seeing as theyre functionally identical to baddish players - if nothing else they'll delay the game's demise at the hands of WG mismanagement. I don't think botting is truly acceptable, but it is at least more acceptable to me than arty, 4005s and xvm focus. 2: an emphatic Yes!, but depends on context and the particular tos in question. If you followed that, you'll remember that WG has recently rewrote its toses so that they explicitly make us waive rights to virtual goods i.e. premium tanks. If it ever came to litigation such clauses would almost certainly be voided in EU courts. Another example of account sharing which is against the rule of keeping your account confidential. Routine account sharing is against the spirit of the game, but letting your kid brother/sister play and have some mindless fun is completely fine by me - not sure if that would be verboten to you. Then there are Korean netcafes which have special icons for shared accounts again contrary to the ToS but fine by me. the best thing about bots tho is that they dont xvm snipe - in this respect id rather all artillery players be replaced with bots
  11. Well then have fun with the 150 or so dedicated players on your thriving server I thought negrepping people because you're offended was reddit's specialty, but no worries. Your last statement though, I feel requires some explanation - on my part, that is. Botting and all forms of like third party software like aiming aids are against the ToS. True, but do bear in mind that there's nothing in the ToS itself that compels you or gives you any duty to report people who do break the ToS, so I can only come to the conclusion that it is a moral compunction take to its very furthest. Besides and in any case, I no longer care enough about this shithole game to worry about the ethics of being friends with botters. And what was left of my moral compass so far as WoT was concerned was flushed straight down the drain when I rebought my S-51 for the oh-so-lovely Excalibur missions. Seriously, you don't have take it so - I don't know - sorely? Half of the last 10 posts on this thread were about botting, without people actually having too much idea as to what it looks like. Here I am trying to help and I don't even know what to say any more. I mean it's like downvoting an artillery thread which sorts out the best (i.e. worst) cancer per tier. (I'd get offended too,) but information is information.
  12. lavawing

    Centurion Mk. I

    The only tier 8 medium that's slightly UP is the T-44, and that's because it's a tier 8, the P44/M46/416 are balanced and everything else.........not so much
  13. Fresh from WoT Reddit:

    Chrysler K is not and has never been OP because it needs goldspam to function

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    2. hazzgar


      @MacusFlash nope. If you go full gold it is. Yeah mm fucks it but it's op not because of the armor only but also because of the mobility. You can't circle it in 3/4 of meds. Yeah it's capped at 35kph but it goes at that speed 100% of the time because of 20hp/t and better ground resistances than 3/4 of the meds (that also have less hp/t). 


      So no weakspots + good mobility (even if low top speed) are a problem. 

      @leggasiini  you are actually supporting the stupid reddit argument? "It's op only if yu fire gold"? Then it's op. 

    3. lavawing


      tbf there are incredibly intelligent pubbies who dont fire gold in their Christ Ks because muh ethics. Helps with the gun marks a lot

    4. Haswell


      I don't fire gold in my ISU-130, does that make me not-OP? :doge:

  14. lavawing

    O-I: Derp 2.0 - The Derpening

    Don't rely on the armour, you're not a T-150, just use it to force favourable trades and you're golden/ also food + BIA help immensely on every Jap heavy
  15. Meh I was just pointing out that bots might not be as bad as people think, they may well be worse. one possibility is that they changed up the login code. previously i'd get thrown into the ozziiiiiieeee server for no discernible reason despite having like 15 ping on the HK server since I literally live next to it. it could be that the server code no longer throws people in the AU server, or at least not as zealously as it used to
  16. A friend of mine actually bots, and from what he tells me they play just as well as the average player i.e. 7-800 WN8, but with negative situational awareness, inhuman marksmanship, and an inability to panic. I've platooned with him while he was playing another game - it turns out that the same combination of strengths means that bots make better arty players than literally 75% of the playerbase: it effortlessly maintains something like 750 average damage on both the M44 and AMX 13 F3, all while shitting out credits and ruining real players' games. tbh bots wouldn't be a thing if the game wasn't so grindy, and if the grinds weren't designed in such a player hostile-approach, but botting artillery crosses the line twice and I feel bad for not blacklisting him
  17. This man is a legend. I have had the good fortune of encountering him on my team a few times before - I think he plays intentionally badly and fucks up in tier 10 superheavies to maximise his impact on the game. I messaged him a few times and he basically confirmed my worst suspicions. He literally aims sideways every time he shoots so his shots don't hit, p r o t e c c s arty, and is the cap circle's staunchest defender.
  18. lavawing

    Buffed Preferential MM Premium 8s

    Tried to try out the new buffs, WZ-111 can snap now | Still ragequit after getting 1200HP shaved off from 3 direct hits from arta (and there was only one in the game)
  19. lavawing

    Buffed Preferential MM Premium 8s

    I think unaggregated would serve the purpose better, i.e. tank winrate isolated by patch