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  1. Mr. Robot season 3, Mindhunter and CW today. Going to be a chill night.:doge:

  2. I hope it will, because that tank is the most beautiful one. Also, t-10 also is one of my favorite tanks, so this line will be good for sure. That was the first iteration reward of the previous cw campaign (instead we got 121b kappa) but was considered overpowered as phuck, mainly because of side armor, accuracy, speed, etc (slightly worse pre-nerf t-22 with more armor) so it got sent back for rework. I'm also interested on its updated stats but probably it will fit greatly in my playstyle :^)
  3. High dpm all-rounder heaviums are always a better choice than a seemed "op"-ish heavy tank, because you have more map control. Is-3 has a higher "fear-factor" but many average players will bleed out at the beggining of a battle because they will not notice that 280 avg.... So basically for SH and CW is3 is better for hulldown maps but in others, we will see many defender - 4 caern etc combos..
  4. 250 000 xp to caernavon well there goes my cw gold 5,45 s reload, almost 3100 dpm though
  5. So the line will come from the tier 7 amx mle, correct?
  6. M48: 8k dmg, lose. 9k dmg, lose. Can't even deal with these teams... 4,5k combined and 50% winrate. Seriously...

  7. Ragesold e50m and 30b, bought m48 patton. #Feelsgoodman :minidoge:

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    2. hazzgar


      30b is bad? I'm enjoying the 30 (somewhat) so I'm curious

    3. Vindi


      For me its ruined.. Its not a bad tank, but the reduced shell velocity (1000/800), the 0 armor (only turret mantlet parts were reinforced) and the higher aim time wrecked the experience which I had previously. Ok the dpm is very high but you can rarely use it in this current meta. Or at least I'm having 5k dmg in 1 game, after that 800. And this fluctuation is too random for me, E50m is better, but the turret is so weak that t8's penning you with no problem. So I went with door number 3, the patton, in which I had only a few games, but its clearly the best choice as a t10 med now.

    4. hazzgar


      Higher aim time? I thought now it has amazeballs bloom and it is the king of snapshots or sth. 

  8. EU servers dead, mid-battle. yeah, better go and read something : )

  9. they nerfed the shit out from 30b. .. it was a great tank before but now.. useless garbage..

    1. SchnitzelTruck


      I assume pen is your main issue? 248 apcr kinda sucks.

      Everything else about it bar accuracy seems massively better.

    2. Rspctd


      nice bait

    3. Vindi


      1. I can't hit shit

      2. I can't pen shit, and heat velocity is 800m/s (normal reduced to 1000 too)

      3. You bounce 1 shell with your turret in every 10th battle

      Sadly, I had high hopes with this tank :/

      I will grind some credits and possibly buy the m48.

  10. 30b instead, 1000 / 800 shell speed. L U L
  11. At least now I know that I will unlock the 121 then
  12. 4k wn8. 33% wr. Weekends.:kappa:

    1. hall0


      it is Friday. 

  13. Currently after 10 battles I'm standing at 3,1k avg dmg in wz 5A, this equals 1500 wn8. W H A T:cri:

    1. Fulvin


      is that from a session stats mod? it must be using some made-up values

  14. so the e50m will be totally useless in 9.20 because it has 0 turret armor or what?

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    2. hall0


      Did they change the E50M once again or what?

    3. simba90


      They didn't change it. I think that's the point with all of the other changes to mediums happening next patch.

    4. ThomChen114


      the German MTs got their buffs a couple patches ago when the Panther and Panther II got theirw model changes and some of the MTs got new guns and some gun handlng buffs. 

  15. whoa. I was crying over the fact that I have to grind both the wz120 and the 131a with the 132 but now I see it will be worth it... only problem is I have only 1 set of 4 skilled guys not to mhmhmhmhm