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  1. so the e50m will be totally useless in 9.20 because it has 0 turret armor or what?

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    2. hall0


      Did they change the E50M once again or what?

    3. simba90


      They didn't change it. I think that's the point with all of the other changes to mediums happening next patch.

    4. ThomChen114


      the German MTs got their buffs a couple patches ago when the Panther and Panther II got theirw model changes and some of the MTs got new guns and some gun handlng buffs. 

  2. whoa. I was crying over the fact that I have to grind both the wz120 and the 131a with the 132 but now I see it will be worth it... only problem is I have only 1 set of 4 skilled guys not to mhmhmhmhm
  3. I'm at 60k xp but man this is going to be painfully loooong.
  4. I loved this tank - when I killed 10+ of them yesterday in t10
  5. somebody make me a fucking script to reset my full blacklist pls....

    1. Android25


      Open contact list

      Go to settings

      Uncheck "show offline" (this should make your friends list considerably smaller which will make things easier. If your friends list is still too large to see the top of the list and the blacklist in the same screen, throw your online friends temporarily into a new folder)

      create a new folder, call it anything you want

      drop down your blacklist and start dragging contacts into the new folder (careful to not drop them into the friends list). You can't do this /super/ quickly but it's better than constantly right clicking

      Once everyone from your blacklist is in the new folder, delete the new folder and check the box to delete contacts as well


      It's not as good as a macro, but you'd need a mouse macro that would be specific to your computer.

    2. Fulcrous


      you can probably use a mouse recorder and do it that way

  6. 9.20: m48 or 30b?

    1. kukis12345
    2. ThomChen114
    3. SchnitzelTruck


      m48 by a long shot, but 30b will also be decent

  7. HOLY SHIT AMX30 .... I will rebuy this first thing in 9.20....

  8. I was thinking about that in the past months since this tank got "leaked" and if thats gonna be the case, I will buy this 100%. But probably will curse the mm in every game to get into tier 10 with 0 armor - again.
  9. Oh? mod1 was one of my favorite premiums before, maybe I will remount equipment on it after the buff.. on the other hand, I potentially will sucking on a big willy in tier 10 99% of the battles so
  10. FV4202 – Engine power increased from 510 to 650 – Specific power increased from 12.26 to 15.63 – Improved armor: • Upper front plate of the hull increased from 50.8 mm to 76.2 mm • Turret front armor increased from 170 mm to 240 mm. Centurion Mk 1 – Turret front armor increased from 152.4 mm to 254 mm. Centurion Mk 7/1 – Changed description – Turret front armor increased from 152.4 mm to 254 mm. Centurion Action X – Turret front armor increased from 198.1 mm to 254 mm.
  11. I swear Wz-132 is one of the worst tanks in this game. And I'm supposed to grind out the Wz light and the 121? h o w:babyrage::babyrage:

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    2. DirtyACE7


      I'm actually going up the Chinese lights too to unlock the WZ-120 and 121.

      WZ-132 actually feels pretty good to me even though it didn't at first. For me the biggest problem was the top gun. It felt way too derpy as I was trying to snap shot tanks but ever since I've decided to let it aim in fully I've been having much much better results. Currently managing almost 72% win rate.

      What troubles are you having with it?

    3. Vindi


      I have problems with the dpm, the accuracy and the zero armor. Basically - as you said - I have to aim fully to hit shots, but it's annoying hence in most of the cases - like Cliff middle - I need to snap shots to farm the moving heavies and slower mediums. The penetration value (189) is just trash so I am losing credits like I'm sitting in a tier 9/10 med. Also, any more of a decent tank can easily outspot me which is a joke, I have 3 skilled crew now and 428 vr, potentially I will demount optics for vents and hoping for better games... With the smaller brother, 131 I could more easily carry battles even in tier 9 but in this I have to focus twice as much.. wr and wn8 are both fine, its just harder to play.

    4. DirtyACE7


      Well what I've realized is that you have to be more patient with this tank. In all honesty the 189 pen works the majority of the time as I pick out targets that I can pen or if it's a heavier target then I try to get onto their side or back and then penning is pretty much not a problem. My crew is only 1.5 skills. I run vert stab, rammer, and optics. You have to be picky about who and when you engage and don't sit still too long, always look for ways to get into better positions. I can show you a replay once I get back from work to show you how I play. Just had a pretty great game on Sand River which I think shows the tank's strengths. You are a pocket medium as you have the firepower of one but are more mobile with no armor.

  12. you don't answer my platoon invites anymore
  13. why they had to cancel command and conquer generals 2..