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  1. Wargaming just announced a brand new rear turret branch is coming to Supertest with three new vehicles: IS-M, Object 705 and Object 705A. First one is tier 8: Personally I'm intrigued to see the higher tiers...
  2. I already see the next cw meta.. 10 type-5 + 5 badgers and gg /like yesterday in ruinberg at campaign when we attacked and lost against a 1300 wn8 "clan" whom were using nothing but 5 e3's and 10 type 5's.. it's a joke../ In randoms: losing a game against a camping badger; after battle check stats: 38k 47,3% .... always.
  3. Just free xp this pos
  4. well for 23 euro I will buy this especially because i love my sheridan
  5. I need someone who has 3 marked the 121b and also has replays or stats / tips of some kind.

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    2. Vindi


      i have 2k dmg and 48% wr in it since 1 year i hasnt touched it when i was way worse so.. waiting it is

    3. SaintLaurentius


      Skill is marking it right now, maybe there's gonna be a video about it later

    4. Fulcrous


      carbonward is probably the guy to ask for tips

  6. I'd be very happy with a 50% 1 year premium, but on EU -15% is the best I can hope. But on the other side, I wish that I could be more chilled towards the entire game and just play it for fun and not raging when a type 5 heavy snipes / oneshots me in my sheridan from 400m like yesterday... I wish: this game would remunerate individual accomplishments more... this is the only game when I get frustrated as a result of carrying inadequacy. You can't do sh*t if your team melts away in 45 seconds and this didn't changed since I play the game.
  7. they are like 48%ers... first when t10 grille came out they said its mediocre and "good" etc I tried it on TS and made 9k dmg... its always a joke I just dont get, why they didnt recruit testers from the top clans...?
  8. Victory!
    Battle: Erlenberg
    Vehicles: XM551 Sheridan
    Experience received: 3 780
    Bonds received: 7
    Battle achievements: Top Gun, High Caliber, Confederate, Brothers in Arms, Mastery Badge: "Ace Tanker" 6800k dmg, 1800 spot and surprising help from a 49%-er player. Basically we carried the game and won by 0:001 sec cap. Wrote a poem to him after game. These playes together are the reason I still play this game. There is hope. Replay link:

    1. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      I love the tank, just had a 7k 7 kill game the other day with it. 

    2. nabucodonsor


      1,8k spotting in a tier ten LT? Boooo camo sniper stat padder booooo

      PS: ill watch the replay later

  9. Caern is op-ish, the only literal downside of that tank is that its slow as fuck and its engine power equals with a snail. Turns and reverse' horribly sl o o o o w. Other than that in tier 8 I usually do 3,6k avg, in tier 10 if you get an open map where you cant hulldown or get jumped by higher tiers you die with 2 shots of damage. This tank - for me - heavily relies on team which is, as we know is a non-existent thing in wot. On the other hand players like Carbon and some several superuni streamers can maintain 3,5k+ dpg's in every game but that's not my level (yet)
  10. Holy shit this tier 10 new french heavy hits hard. 560 alpha and almost 40km/h speed, it has armor and 12,5 secs reload with the big gun, especially great support heavium. Plus the 2 gun variations are awesome. Tier 8 has 325 prem pen though:MingLee:

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    2. Vindi


      Well no, because of the cupola weakspots but in certain situations will be more than viable.

    3. Fulcrous


      Gun handling, pen, etc?

      either case I'm saving a french female crew for this.

    4. Vindi


      Well I already trained a 5 skilled crew for this tank, all girls. Bought and sold tier 7 m4 though. That tank is so trash I will free xp the tier 8 like nothing.

      Very good gun handling, pen is shit (280) gold ap, has no heat (big gun) but can snapshot, etc. Also has very good armor, most of the front is 300+ in different angles, of course normal players will not find any problem to pen it.

  11. Getting excited to play the Sheridan. First day a good run, 2900 dmg, 68% wr. Enter game yesterday, in first game got oneshot by enemy t49 derp gun from 400m, second game got clutchshot by fv 183 while poking a ridge for half second, left games were all losses because our team melted away 0:8 in 40 seconds. Damage dropped to 2500. FFS:babyrage:

  12. Confidently peaking at sand river middle ridge in my IS-7 (attacking), get lit. Reversed fast. 2 minutes later got back into western ditch, instantly got shot by all 3 enemy artys, 2 O-Ho's HE shells. Permastunned, then rekt from full hp only but various arty shots. Seems like for these players the only goal in the game is to focus the unicum and they are happy when they succeed hence the messages after game: "haha u ded not so good player ya" There is not one time when these guys are above 48% wr and 400 wn8.

    *whine off*