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  1. I don't get this ranked battle mode. It's 100% luck if you will get a rank or lost one. If you are very lucky you can remain on your rank or from 10 case 2 times you can even be the top 1 player but all the other times it's extremely irritating. I get the bonds and the other gifts are tempting but I can't bear this 10 camping td vs 10 camping td in every 2nd game. For me, playing 10+, or even 15+ battles around a rank (lost 4 token, get 2, lost again, etc.) just does not worth it.

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    2. Assassin7


      the thing is, sometimes it ISN'T your fault for getting screwed. sometimes some retards screw themselves because of the hardon they had for you.

      I.E some moron in a TVP drove past like 3 other tanks in front of me, to yolo in to me and dump his clip into me. he legit ignored the tanks I was behind and went for only me. 

      of course he died and he probably lost chevs that game, but I was crippled (luckily not dead) in that game as well. if he had killed me I would of lost a chev if we didn't win that game, because it was at the start of it.

      and thats not the first time thats happened. its rarer than in pubs, but still. its another one of the problems with ranked. 

    3. monjardin


      ...but you got a chevron, right? ;)

    4. Archaic_One


      I have had some very good games and some very painful games but all in all its an improvement over pubs and the bond pay out has been pretty good so far.  I've not noticed it being campy at all, more like hyper ultra mega super aggressive lemming rushes.  9-10 heavies and 2 arty most games, not many TDs  or LTs and only good meds.  Its very obvious what the meta-tanks are right now - S. Conq, 5a, 113, IS-7, Type 5.  TDs are E4, V-4, STRV.  Not a lot of hipster tanks or pub stomper tanks.  Except for Type 5, most of the slow stuff is staying home.

  2. I'm sure that everyone noticed the pattern of teams turning from bad to worse and games becoming even harder to carry. I don't care about wr that much but playing 5k+ games and losing became a noticeable pattern in the last half year. I don't know the exact reason nor the specialist at mm but I'm sure this "could be" a part of some sick good-bad team balancing factor. When I played my friends account with 1k wn8 / 51% I went up almost 1% by 30 games, of course that could be luck too..

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    2. Vindi


      I didn't say that

    3. crapcannon


      Don't be a dick @Raj He was making an observation. One that I've noticed as well. Players with 40,000 games & still haven't bothered to learn anything. I walked away after playing 4 games where no one even bothered to cover a flank and left the map wide open. And I spam pinged the map from start to finish. 

    4. nabucodonsor


      I noticed this too but I do not understand why. People just seem to die very early which is wierd because staying alive should be easy enough.

  3. Probably I will play 1.0 at low or semi-medium settings at graphics, these effects and lights are just distract me from the actual battle.

    1. Tman450


      Yeah, I found that I actually prefer WOT as it looks now. Sounds crazy when I say it, as it does look very good, but It's going to take me some time to adjust to the new look and feel, which will probably negatively affect my gameplay.

    2. monjardin


      I don’t like the new lighting. It’s very dark and orange. I may need to fiddle with the gamma. 

  4. This. For me it was very hard to focus and decide within the matter of seconds if a tank would 100m away or more / less without constantly looking at the minimap. Sniping in my light tanks unspotted became very easy, in each and every game I could find a spot where I can hide and farm (except massive city maps ofc). All the maps feels vast where you could either yolo into the middle of the battle or try some sniping from 300m which exactly feels like 50. As Kolni mentioned, shells are now visible thus I was distracted when heavy tanks shot me from longer distances but the bullets just swung near my tank. Of course every player just starting to exhibit the maps and redesigned elements but I can tell that this will bring a huge change into the gameplay. With less elements to hide behind, more bushes and campy spots this also will narrow the skill difference between players as mentioned above too. I will not know, but 1.0 I went back to my first days of playing wot, specifically excel in TD's. Only sad thing however is that now in my strvb played 5 games, randomly selected some bush which I couldn't recall which position was in the current patch, sit behind it and farm 7k+ every game. Wandering medium or heavy tanks got punished instantly for full hp and while I know that this is like an alpha test server state - I don't like the road wg stepped on.
  5. I L O V E T H I S T A N K
  6. I’ll take my t-10 over this pos anytime.
  7. imo they won't touch it for now. wg usually leave alone those tanks which were needed a 2 round nerf / correction.
  8. Probably it's the best to play only 3-4 games until the fresh players go offline again after patch, the rage is not worth it especially when you met 3 47%-er 705A in platoon and such. Same goes for the new td line (although they are much easier to outplay.)

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      im not that worried about 705a/430U platoons

      its the 268 ver 4 yolo platoons i fear

    2. CraBeatOff


      T49 solves these problems!

    3. Vindi


      HE ammo best ammo.

  9. Excited for the new tanks but not excited for the 5 705A 5 257 5 430U setups in randoms. At least I can play all battles like I'm with a very shitty team with random tank selection against shitty players in good tanks who can't pen each other:feelsgoodman:Will silently grind something else in the meanwhile probably.

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    2. Vindi


      I except the opposite sadly. Few maps will increase the game time but only at certain locations and tank types (HT), like Redshire mini valley or Kharkhov main road, others will be a joke, mainly because 99% of the players will not pen the heavies neither the 430U, especially if they will be in a platoon etc. Games will suck hard, I'm trying to powergrind the tier 8 IS M but will be also painful if I will get tier 10 mm....

    3. hazzgar


      @Vindi yeah but those tanks wont be able to pen others too. Especially at range which means the effective DPM of anyone but HE spammers will be lower. I get that you expect steamrolls after recent bullshit meta shift on EU where all teams collapse in 2minutes but I think while the tanks are total bullshit and impossible to pen this might slow the game down so for example lights can have enough time to spot

    4. kreigermann


      LOL... first week of badgerspam was watching pubbies pooop pants, hit W and die in the first 2 minutes... then spend the rest of the match reading their crying about OP tanks.

  10. Thanks. I will survive the 3k average somehow.
  11. One thing remained which I don't understand: 430 picture, 6. fact: Marks of Exellence, statistics and medals will remain on the tier X 430. But on which tank exactly? 430 will be a tier 9 tank, 430U will be the tier 10 replacement. So which tier 10 430? We don't get it as a new premium like the 215fv (at least I didn't find that kind of information). Anyone?
  12. Tried on test server, cant sidescrape for shit, “armor” is almost nonexistent, worse soft stats than t10 so.. thats a no for me dawg Tried on test server, cant sidescrape for shit, “armor” is almost nonexistent, worse soft stats than t10 so.. thats a no for me dawg
  13. Sadly I don't have the time for that currently, playing 1-2 games per day or less than that because of work. So I thought of other people's impressions about it.
  14. Sooo... scrolling through the topic and stat sites the question is this: t-10 currently is my favorite tank, the 257 could be the new progeny? It has worse terrain and soft stats, dpm... armor wise it seems better with these glitches but I really don't know. I love the 705A already and will grind that line but I'm not sure that this 1 tank will worth my 6 skilled crew from t-10..