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  1. only difference will be that now you will not die to a camping grille 15 at the end of the battle but for a wz or bc which will outspot you every time
  2. fuck her instead
  3. this tank looks sexy asf but still its empowering kemp bush so..ehh nah for me
  4. quite the opposite: farming assisting and actual dmg, especially in the early stages of the battle is essential, and you can actually do it with a semi-decent /half-ass crew (like 2 skills) too, you just have to learn the good positions and reach in them in time then retreat in time when that flank falls. with this method you can impact the game much better (and also rack up a decent amount of dmg) rather than die on e.g. malinovka hill when 5 heavies and arty shits on you at 1-6. and btw camo is a joke, only actual tank which can profit from equpping it is the swedish td line atm
  5. 1 token is 2 euros so yeah, I will buy a few and thats it.
  6. wg: is4 is weak in its current state, what should we do? wg: 880 alpha, 16 sec reload, 2,4 aimtime, 3,2 bloom, 450 turret armor, 45km topspeed ez katka
  7. New emerging reason for consecutive loses in WOT: one or two players whom are camping in one position near the base in some bush in an strv / grille or type heavy / maus just appear on full health at the final moments of the battle and you stand there with 2 mins, 7 heat shells and 670 hp left. And then you lose. I know this was a common phenomena before too, but seems like since arty / bad players sense the big changes (mm rebalancing, arty nerf, etc.) somehow they slowly started to realize they have to enjoy their final moments of tomatoness with this campfest. Last 500 battles I noticed that in both teams we have 4-5 incredibly passive players, whom are not bots (ahem, they are like 30k 51% or so) but they are just standing still for 8 minutes then decide to move but as like I'm watching an Attenborough movie, lizard speed shit.. Oh God I'm waiting for 2.0 like heeeeeeeeeell.

    1. WhatTheSkara


      Man, the amount of retards playing TDs tonight is astonishing.

      just had a match with 7 (yes, SEVEN) fucking tds on swamp, guess what, we lost. all the TDs moved less than 200m from their spawn, and all of them were 47%ers.


      I enjoy a few TD games, but i've never, ever camped the base unless forced to (big zerg cap rush)..


      This is just too much for a normal human being to handle.

    2. DirtyACE7


      Amen brothers, amen. It's a fucking shit storm of retards out there right now and it's been like this since new year.

  8. my favorite video of the week. arty is hard to play indeed.

    1. nabucodonsor


      Just think about the people that are bad  even at playing arty

  9. casual ace carry, 6,4k, but could i get an opinion of which could've done better?
  10. i will buy the strv-s1 then wonder why i cant put the crew in neither of my swedish tanks
  11. Löwe 3-3 ->0 rekt winner t26e5 patriot 29+1 -> 30
  12. question @Xits : I'm at 3k average in e50 which I consider good at my current level, but what do you think, is really worth it to buy the 50m? Per tier the e50 is should be better and is, because half of the time I got only top tier in tier 8 and I farm 6k ez, but the sluggish acceleration and missing heat ammo - also the limitations of the top speed are often cause that I must play on the verge of extra caution / chai snipe. I studied the tank, also the other mediums like m48 and action x but I hesitate to buy it and somehow does not see the real advantage of the tank - armor is a plus sure but errthang pens the turret anyway so..