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  1. T-10 is my second favorite tank so the grind itself will be easy and if the tank itself will be decent: even better.
  2. how to use charioteer top gun? should be glorious but with food+ gld i cant hit shit, even an is2 have shorter aim than i do. plus the turret traverse is just atrocious. i tried to play as passive as i can but i have 1400 avg currently. having 10/9 games in full tier 10 is also not helping. i want to enjoy this tank but you cant hit shit:( im very sad

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      its a bush kemper sniper TD period.

      i to often see people try and play it like a medium and snap shot shit, or fire on the move. 

      it wont work 99% of the time.

    2. Vindi


      ahhhhhhhhhh. okay i play it as an strv then.-.-

  3. Just hit the new low since 1.0; 1k wn8 with 33% wr, all teammates 28k 45% and we lose every battle within 1 minute to 0-15 because enemy had 47% and thats 2% better. All tiers unplayable from 6 to 10, every battle I got rekt by 6 tanks nevermind the location or type. The loses are so fast I played 1 hour and lost 15 battles.. 4 minute/ battle time. Yeah. Going back to read something.

    1. Dr_Hilarious


      I feel your pain. I realize skill-based MM won't work, which is fine by me. But balancing the 45%'ers (and under) that have more than 5k games would be great. Those are the people who try to mess up the game and are not merely learning.

    2. nabucodonsor


      Play SHs for a while and wait until the hype goes away, idiots leave and we have a new meta. Also you are playing on a weekend

    3. Gryphon_


      They should require a minimum PR of at least 5000 to play tiers 9 and 10. Then at least the matches wouldn't be predetermined by the number of bads in top tier tanks.

  4. The Return of Camo Meta?

    TD meta is not going to come back, but if there is a game with a semi open map - hence all maps got +15 bushes plus got flattened - and some tank destroyers (usually jpe100 or grille) they can easily kill you at the endgame because they simply don't move. Camping became a more serious issue, mostly because the bots don't know where to go on the new maps, so they just camp but so hard they won't move 1 m. I had 3 battles yesterday when I farmed 6,5k dmg on average in my 430u, but got killed every time because a: -tortoise -wt pz IV -jpe100 -in 2 cases 2 tier 10 mediums in platoon camped full game in one corner of: fisherman's bay, paris upper corner and abbey base on full hp. It's very delicate because as someone said before, you can farm more, but you can lose more. Plus if you know the new map best imbalanced spots well.. Nevertheless, since 1.0 came out, I managed to do two 5k average sessions and I have never managed to do that - constantly - in the past.
  5. Jesus they fucked up the maps really bad.. flat surfaces and bushes everywhere and like fjords south.. excuse me? Yeah I can sit in my strv all day long to farm 6k but what for..

    1. Marty


      Have you seen Erlenberg yet? :jebaited:

    2. simba90


      please tell me they didn't leave that farming spot in the south

    3. Vindi


      they multiplied the camping spots by 3

  6. I haven't played in 1.0 yet and won't till tonight but seeing the bug reports flowing in and the description of maps (+200% camp / map) and gameplay well.. Seems like I'll play 59-16 and cromwell for now but no higher tiers.. I'm afraid..:notlikethis:

    1. hazzgar


      Maybe i can finally mark my Even if the meta shifts to campfest. 

  7. Another T8 French Premium

    tanks. gg wont help me, still I can't decide if I need this next to my lorraine. probably yes?
  8. WoT Encore results!

    I have 1070 and i5 6600k with 16gb of ram but based on my supertest and beta experiences with 1.0 I can't focus on shit because I'm looking at the water, trees, rumbling through fences etc. if I'm playing on max, high or even medium so the only option will be the pulling every settings on minimum so I can focus on the game itself. The harder part will be that I'm no longer can esteem the distances in the game so I will hug the redline in the first month probably.
  9. More changes: m60 Max speed changed from 48.3 km/h to 50 km/h Reverse max speed changed from 20 km/h to 23 km/h Changed penetration of the HEAT-T T384E4 premium round from 330 mm to 350 mm Changed aim time from 1.73 s to 1.53 s Changed dispersion from 0.336 m to 0.316 m Changed turret movement bloom from 0.096 to 0.077 Changed max. turret movement bloom from 4.03 to 3.22 Changed bloom at max speed from 4.63 to 4.79 t95e6 Changed DPM from 2744.4 to 3128.6 Changed reload speed from 8.745 s to 7.671 s Changed RPM from 6.864 to 7.821 Changed health from 2000 to 1900 Changed the penetration of the AP-T M358 round from 258 mm to 248 mm Changed dispersion from 0.364 m to 0.403 m Changed movement and turn bloom from 0.153 to 0.115 Changed bloom at max speed from 8.64 na 6.48 Changed max. turret movement bloom from 7.06 to 5.29 vk 72.01 Changed penetration of the Gr 39 H3A G premium round from 334 mm to 350 mm Changed health from 2500 to 2850 HP Changed aim time from 2.78 to 2.59 s Changed dispersion from 0.384 m to 0.364 m Changed movement and turn bloom from 0.201 to 0.173 Changed bloom at max speed from 6.65 to 5.7 Changed max. turret movement bloom from 4.83 to 4.14 121b Changed DPM from 2392.4 to 2 711.4 Changed reload speed from 9.781 s to 8.63 s Changed RPM from 6.134 to 6.951 Changed view range from 400 m to 420 m Changed penetration of the HEAT M456 premium round from 330 mm to 350 mm Changed turret movement bloom from 0.115 to 0.096 Changed max. turret movement bloom from 4.83 to 4.03.
  10. These "buffs" are literally making zero sense. 121b need to be more agile with either higher alpha or more significant dpm and some plus armor; m60 simply need the a3 turret instead of this joke; t95e6 umm hello? This one should be a mobile HT, more like an american version of 113 or some sort, its has a great potential but it will remain crap sadly. I seriously have no clue how they even get these kind of ideas and why.. These are perfectly showing how they are not playing their own game enough, why we always have to wait months and patches to remove an overpowered vehicle (now 268 4) or significant game changes and before that suffer the effect of the "ideas" of devs. I understand that they need people to shoot more and more gold etc, but still in several cases when this is not relevant wg seem incapable to implement ideas which can actually help the playerbase.
  11. I've read the same on some russian forum too so I guess it's some core information.
  12. Yesterday I played my FCM and well.. it became total trash.. so as the IS-6.. I guess I have to wait for the compensation or the "buff"
  13. How the fuck could I do my HT-15 T55a--  overall dmg 12k. I have only 5A an s conq:babyrage:

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Darvek


      A lot of the time it's going to come down to some luck, or farming one idiot for blocked damage. If you can get an E 100 to dump 4 AP shells into your armor while you kill him, you're almost halfway there. But finding that one magical idiot E100, in the same game where you find the other 6k is tricky. He's out there. He exists, but finding him in a game that otherwise goes well (but not too well, nobody gets 12k combined in a 3 minute faceroll) is the trick.

    3. mati_14


      is this a meme right? Because I got 260 HT15 with 113...

    4. MAJEST1C


      I was off by 100 damage in my VK4502P :feelsbad:

  14. Obj705A - No one really plays this?

    705 will get some minor buffs and suddenly everyone will want it so now I will just grind the line in peace and eventually get there. Italian line is good just even the developers didn't thought it out (who would expect that?) that the mechanics will be playable~ish for the better players, but for the masses this tank will be trash. Regardless the game will change greatly with 1.0 one way or the another, the reworked maps has many spots for hidden bushcamper td's such as strv's and hull down spots for heavy tanks. On the test server the meta was some sort of uber camping where no one could decide the enemy is 50 or 250m away and just shooting like a madman. With every setting on minimum/ very low it can manageable but for me even the medium values felt I was playing far cry 3 or something like that and that was - disturbing.
  15. they already developed it 5 years ago just forgot to remove it from the game and it spread like a virus now we are here