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  1. Question is that - while I have the 30b researched for more than a year but never bought it actually - with these changes could be actually worth a try?
  2. So I assume this tiger doesn't worth it huh? I don't have any german ht crews not tanks but idk.. Last few games were soooo irritating and ranked battles are pure luck.. I can barely tolerate t8-10 in its current state
  3. This game going down the drain faster than I thought years ago. Sad thing, I enjoyeth it many times back then 4 years ago..:smiledown:

  4. I need a command prompt for removing all 1k people on my blacklist thus I could start to re-add the new ones:kappa:

    1. Marty


      I'd like something that removes everyone inactive for more than 2 months. Sadly there is one issue, 9/10 people in my blacklist are still playing, I wonder why the playerbase is so bad :oscar:

    2. Assassin7


      I wish my blacklist worked. Or my friends list. Or anything.

      But *connecting*

  5. Exactly same happening to me when in platoon, so I avoided this via grinding the UDES, which has the best dmg farming chances when low tier. I was with the UDES and my friend in a Skorpion G, played 11 games which we had won 8 times, overall 2,3k dmg for me so it was worth it. But I agree, in the current conditions there is no point forcing to play tier 8 tanks. 9 I will try, but only the wz 111-4, for the xp.
  6. 150 euro package in premium shop
  7. question is would the new wz replace 113 in cw or not
  8. China

    • Added a new Tier X tank: WZ-111-5A. The tank will be available through WZ-111 Model 1-4.


    let the xp grinding begin:tanfiesta:

  9. Redline is boring, especially when you are lit from triple bush instantly after every single fucking shot. Tank is good for tier 8 sh and thats all.
  10. this shit cant hit shit
  11. I have exactly the same setup and loadout. I went super passive mode in the recent games, wait at the back almost at every map (except e.g. westfield where early pokes can bring 1,5k in the first minute of the battle) then farm later. In few cases when I can't pen the heavies (angled maus, type, etc.), I just try to keep them spotted all the time for the assisting dmg which method usually works. With this, I acquired 6k+ wn8 and good percentage on the marks, - and in a few battles I was really surprised how crucial hp preservation in this game. In 2-3 cases out of 10 I had like 700-800 dmg for almost an entire game then I could farm 4000-5000 because I could trade 3-4 shots for that amount at full hp. Also, I will send invites for you tonight, so we could elevate our game
  12. So let's make this clear: I grind my nerves in ranked battles for a month to get 5750 bonds which is going to be just enogh to buy 1, fucking ONE piece of equipment?

    Fuck this game.:MingLee:

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    2. Epic


      20 points probably wont even get you in the top50%... any one that is at least semi-serious with getting improved equipment will get a few tank ranks.

    3. Assassin7


      well, on NA I finished with 6 points and got in the top 300 players, so I dunno. 

    4. Epic


      EU top 10% at the start of stage 2 was less than 500 players with at least 10 points.