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  1. Before I knew that the 183 was going to be on track I spent some gold (During the halloween event I "won" two P.Victorias... which I had already bought.. so I had some extra gold to be foolish with. ) to buy the 183 while it was on 15% off. I'm just using the tort to keep training my crew and see if I like it. It looks like it should be fun.. I just want to learn how to not suck ass in it.. the armor is a lie so it cannot be a t95(hit w laugh while you slaughter them while they pee themselves in panic). The only way I've made it work is to guess where the engagement is going to be AFTER the one that is happening to try to either kill the pushing enemies or retreating enemies.
  2. I'm a handful of games into the tortoise... In my hands it has been a feast or famine tank. Either gloriously hilarious or grossly frustrating.. Maybe I need to kemp with it more. I do not think this will be a keeper tank for me, too bad .. I was sorta looking forward to playing it.
  3. yay, another night of all blowouts. win or lose all lopsided shitfests

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    2. CraBeatOff


      Easy. The first pubbie to fuck up in a given small area causes the enemy to snowball, and its exponential, so its fast as fuck. 

    3. kreigermann


      LOL the reverse advantage model... gross incompetence of one side translates into a large, scaling advantage coefficient compounded with an eventual advantage by numbers.

    4. DirtyACE7


      I'll be completely honest, I read the OP as "yay, another night of all blowjobs..." and then was wondering why @kreigermann is unhappy.

  4. Holy hell the HWK is good!

    Bought it back on sale this weekend to try it out.. moved up my SPIC crew..


    1st game:


  5. ... pubs.. when a JPE, T10 and an emil II all suicide yolo just to kill a tort... surrounded by friendlies.. fucking hell.

  6. Veterans Day Sale: This weekend Nov 10-13

    50% off on camo, crew training, re-training, garage slots, and skill resets.

    AND 15% off on tier 8-10 tenks... gonna blow a little over 50 mil credits on tier 10s this weekend, ooh yeah.

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    2. kreigermann



      Nice! I unlocked the 5a a month or so ago but I’ve been waiting on an on track or sale.  I think this sale will complete all of the lines I was even remotely interested in. 

      Gonna buy all the T10 LTs and garage them to wait on buffs. Bye bye creditstash.

    3. Vindi


      And here I'm standing with 11 648 credits and 68 gold. oh its time for some fort knox.

    4. TohtoriP


      I sold Tiger 2, VK 45.02A, T54E1, Pz3/4 and Pershing today. Tried to sell AMX50/100 but computer said no. 10 million credits waiting to get new proper tanks.

  7. Long ass day at work... trudge through traffic.... on the last stretch of highway...... I get flashed by a bunch of women in a limo ...totally made my day.


    Thank you whoever you were. 

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    2. Errants


      Fair enough.

      In compensation, pics of the Mustang?

    3. kreigermann


      lol, 2008 GT/CS convert... red.I'm home now, it is dark and I'm lazy...and she needs a wash.. so...

      This is not mine, but it is from what I can tell mostly identical (though the drop top is black and mine is tan)

      funny thing I don't have any pics of my car.. I'd rather drive it than take pictures of it

    4. hazzgar


      This is the most american thing I have read all day. No flashing in catholic Poland :(

  8. Oh man, the status updates are filling up with wants... so here I go!  I just want a consumables, sale... equipment might be nice.. but I'm running out of all the stuff I stocked up on last time..  I'm a simple man, asking for simple things.. I'm not even asking them to fix the stuff they broke!   Just feed us plebs distractionsales.   XD  

  9. I think the US cancer line is ideal for the missions. I probably did all of the 55a/260 missions with just the t9: 53/55 and Bert. This combination was the least painful to use(for me) Granted I did all but 4(?)of the 260 missions pre SPG buffs I think almost all solo. The 53/55 is stupid accurate and rather mobile with a turret.... so map rotation doesn’t screw you quite as much because you can relocate and push out to angles you can’t with the slower SPG. I did the missions by relocating as often as possible between shots, loading full prem HE(extra blast radius), cola. BIA, gunnery, camo. I know you said you only have the Soviet spg but if you really want to get them done reliably as quickly as possible this is how I did them. The US line(especially at T9) seems to have the best mix of everything needed and the HP pool in matches to do the spg 13-15 solo. Good luck.
  10. Ugh.. I may have to play tanks exclusively tethered to my phone if last night's test run of my new internet service is any indication of what to expect..

    Bouncy latency(100-600 ping)  and 5 DCs over 20 games. :(

    It also didn't help that the potato laptop I borrowed to play overheated and the framerate dove to 7-12 fps. guh..

  11. I needed an accurate dynamic penetration indicator when I was in my teens....
  12. I've been using the Logitech G700s for a little over a year and I really like it. It can switch between wired and wireless have had no issues with it. Would buy it again when I need a new mouse if it is still in production.
  13. Moving really sucks and it is expensive as hell... that is all.