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  1. Wow... it took me this long to get a chat ban. OK then.

    1. GloriousPotatoes


      I am convinced WG's system is broken 

      *gets tinfoil hat*

      The only 'insulting' thing I've ever said was that I hoped anyone anyone who went beach on overlord would drown slowly and painfully as the tides come uo early. At the start of every overlord game.

      And I get banned forever, without any warning, anywhere.

      Meanwhile there's people throwing direct insults at peoples mothers with actual intent to cause harm, and they roam free, ready to plunge on another with all their mean-spirited teeth.
      I even bet your chat ban isn't permanent, whatever you said.

      I even pay WG loads emoney and yet...


    2. kreigermann


      Well, I'm not saying I didn't deserve it. I'm sure I did.

      Funny thing is I'm an even tempered person IRL, something about this game makes me petulant and I lose my shit.

      @GloriousPotatoes it was a 24h ban first strike. I never threaten directly, 'cause that makes no sense, you know,.... anonymous internet game, though I've received my fair share of direct threats to myself, family and pets.  Direct threats are really laughable and pointless. 

      Pubbie: "I need to find you you and beat your face in" (truequote)  me: "good luck with that, on both counts, I highly doubt you'd be capable of either" he went on to graphically describe the kind of abuses he would subject me to. (I thought it was funny).  So, I suggested that he either lay off the 'roids or get castrated to help him manage his anger.

      On overlord I refer to the beach goers as the medical waste that washes up on beaches.

      I try to structure my insults creatively though, and encourage pubbies that insult me to do the same. Might be the first time they are motivated to actually use their brain in the game.

      I suspect it was someone in arty I PMd after the game to ill-wish his whole family. They had spent the whole fucking game hitting or splashing me over higher tier out in the open teammates, for... you know... reasons.  Well, I guessed by the clan tag that they were Chinese.. so I may have structured the ill-wish in a culturally appropriate way to have impact.

    3. GloriousPotatoes


      Exactly, someone who gets me!

      Indirect insults are the best insults.
      Especially so when you're directing it at your team, which has an average of about 10 condom accidents. 

      I miss being able to sarcastically answer back PM's post game, people calling me either gud or yet another reason why NASA wants to leave earth. That I miss the most, alongside giving the game a slightly more happy attitude, by shouting random stuff into All-chat, when that was a thing.

      At least I can still curse WG publically through platoon/skirmish invites, they haven't quite figured out that's a thing...