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  1. -OR there was someone on your team feeding them info on a drop-in. I'm pretty sure I've been on the receiving end of that a couple times. OH look... two platoons from ClanXYZ, playing cancer... on each team.... and how fucking lucky that they are both blind firing the correct bushes/targets before anything was lit... shocking, I know. The question of whether it belongs in the game is valid(but its already been done to death)... and its here, and a part of the game.. and they put good bait in the missions to get people to play it. 4 extra girls(and easy honors tokens).... was all the incentive I needed to ruin other peoples games. The question of balance, and whether the mechanic is stupid is separate.. I wanted mo' chickies, so I ground out mo' chickies. that's that.. second easiest of the whole group for me, especially since they buffed the accuracy. I almost hate to admit it, but It also gave me a better idea of where I was going to be screwed by the godlasers and to some small extent improved my risk calculation(both pitching and getting fucked). (Removal of XVM would solve a LOT of the bullshit issues with godlasershitterhate... if it prevents me from camping, oookay.. fine.. if it prevents a major push because of shit-on-you supporting fire?.. fine-ish.. but when it is used to specifically single out players, not fine)
  2. I can't wait until they nerf the shit out of the new yolowagon. 

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    2. FavreFan4ever


      I own the 430U, and while I haven't played in a few weeks I easily could've done 3k if I'd been half awake. I was literally sitting in the open, bouncing stuff and tunnel-visioning. Absolutely ridiculous.

    3. Tman450


      I have no problems with the 705A. 430U needs a gun handling Nerf. 268V4 needs to be fucking smashed into the ground.

    4. kreigermann


      I can cope with the 705As, also with the 430U... shittytrash play mitigates those two to some degree. When a platform allows goddamn morons to hit W, cross an open field to yolo into your face(FOR REASONS) with zero chance to escape or flank because it reverses faster than some heavies go forward combined with bullshit frontal armor, and a high alpha gun... I have a severe problem with that one in particular. 

      "there's no fucking way they'll yolo me here playing second line support in a mid tier heavy, right?"  oh boy was I fucking WRONG! again... and again.

  3. .... is the 430 very flammable now? I got set on fire the first shot in first game in it at t9..

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    2. kreigermann


      I guess I got lucky when it was at tier 10 then.. I don't ever remember getting set on fire playing it. 

    3. Darvek


      I don't think we have access to fuel tank health stats, but I suppose it's possible they changed dramatically. But Russian meds catch fire. It's just what they do.


    4. simba90


      I;ve been set on fire once in 22 games. And that only because I didn't repair my fuel tanks in time. I noticed they were damaged and literally half a second later i'm burning. FF directive and 2 bonds a pop and repair fuel tank and you will very rarely burn. Running food noticeable improves the gun.

  4. Did almost all of them in US tier 9 + BERT for the cancer missions. The M53/55 has enough mobility to push into positions to get angles that slower pigs can't hope get to, it has a turret so you can mount vents along with cola+GLD+BIA+full premHE = you will actually hit almost every shot thanks to recent arty buffs. Hits hard, accurate and if you can read minimap and predict activity the speed lets you reposition relatively easily.

    FYI: Apparently the bonds event is closed now

    1. king_spaniel


      i logged in and the mission still shows up, so looks like u can still nab an extra 250 bonds for today (at least).  Yet another wonderful incorrect lazy post by WG

    2. kreigermann


      The first two games showed the mission counters for me but then it disappeared all together for me. Was strange.

    3. graukatze


      Same here. At least the grind is over....

  6. Finally got an ace in the EVEN 90.. while not as comfy as the T92, the camo on this thing.. 

    They must have switched over to server stats for A.T. reqs. rather than the insanely high bar they had set on release.



    1. monjardin


      1,624 is base XP is pretty damn high. Congrats!

    2. kreigermann


      @monjardin I agree that's pretty crazy high for an ace tanker.. I thought I read somewhere around here Crab got a higher XP game that was not an ace.


    -Buffs Arty


    what the shit is wrong with them.

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    2. Fulcrous


      its a simple matter of optional restricting api being drawn by 3rd party sources and limiting tds per side.

      WG is too slow to know this, though

    3. kreigermann


      they know, they just don't care enough to change it. 

      shitty prem tanks >>> fixing game

    4. hazzgar


      Considering no one in WG is good at the game and supertesters are straight up tomatoes what do you expect?

  8. I thought this was a lost game for sure.   with 5 or 6m left I had to kill a BP(oneshot), SkorpG(oneshot), and a full health T20.

    I  almost feel bad for the skorpG.. I think he trackshotted me twice(LOL). 




    1. kreigermann


      forgot to mention in the post I was one shot to all of them...GG

  9. Thanks @CraBeatOff, bottom line though- more fun than not?
  10. sigh.... that moment when you accidentally drown on a carry-able game because reasons... :(

  11. Right now there are only two tier 8 LTs I'm considering as "keeper" tanks. LTTB because it is hilarious to go a bazillion kph, bounce JPE100s because you're juking like a cat on crack and it has a good gun if you can play with the bad gundep. My go-to when I just want to hit W and not stop hitting W. Weak-ish VR but with a strong crew/consumables you can make it work. The Bat12t, I'm using as a crew trainer for a set of femcrew I've set aside for the 13-105, took me a long ish adjustment period(30+games of dogshit) for me to figure this tank out and now I'm having a ton of fun in it. Great package, that hunts other lights very well. I run binocs over optics and it has been a good counter spotting anti-LT for me. The HWK is great fun, but the gun can be really frustrating. The shell velocity on it is so lazy it reminds me of shooting HE from the pz4H derp. The gun is surprisingly reliable in putting the shell where you want it to go but your prey might have already taken a nap and moved on before the package arrives. Great size/view range/camo package lets you really abuse lower tiers and still be useful when you get strings of tier 10s. I Do not recommend: I de-crewed my poor bulldog, I was sitting at 98% or so mark when it got the 6-shot autoloader taken away and it became completely un fun for me. I played a handful of matches with the changes and just gave up. Still fast but gets counter-lit easily, the ROF is bleh, and unless you want to active scout every map(which is what I keep my LTTB for) it is now just a decoration in my garage. Too bad, too.. the bulldog is what really got me into LTs, and I've trained several crews through it. -Don't know about the WZ, haven't bought it back after tier shift. I've heard some people like it in T8 SH. I know its a tier8 thread buuuut I think a lot of people mainly go-to the 9s since they are in a very good place(T8 MM sucks) and have been mostly playing those over t8 LTs. 13-90 is TONS of fun; and well... <3 T49 zoomzoomlandcancer butthunter <3 another alternative for my fun has been T7 LT.. I've also been enjoying the CMCD because the autoloader is great and the whole package just clicks with me. *edit ^ For whatever reason I couldn't edit my post and since I failed at counting and/or justifying my opening statement.. I'm considering those three tanks but if I were to keep two I think it would be the LTTB/bat12t since the HWK is training up my GER T10 crew.
  12. So, with the changes to cammo rules with that last micro patch.. Do the special holiday cammo sets permanent like the clan cammo, or can you swap them around? 

  13. @CraBeatOff thanks for letting me perform some chemotherapy on Karelia last night. If that damn  skorpG didn’t get lucky on me I was planning on sui-splattering myself on your E75 hull while doing a parade style barrel salute. 

    1. CraBeatOff


      I didn't notice it was you, but i did honestly have a thought like "oh a LT in the back...hrm we're gonna win but I'm glad this arty is dying"

      I would have been very confused if you rammed me, until i saw the tank and then I'd have been gleeful

    2. kreigermann


      I only noticed and made the plan at the very end when I quick-checked the team list after killing them.  I knew the skorp turdchased me across the whole goddamn damn map, and was cutting up the mid incline.. he would have(and in the end did) ruined my fun plan and needed to be dispatched first.  Was the only way to Valhalla full of shiny and chrome. 



       ah well, that team was freaking awful, story of my entire solo experience last night.

  14. there's a show off your 3 marks thread I recommend: Nicely done though.. I lost patience with my turtle and stopped playing it. :/
  15. Well, I'm just shy of 180 games in this thing now and my opinion of it holds. For me, this thing is a lot of fun. Most fun I've had with a premium since the 90mm Bulldog. The combination of small size, great camo and good view range is good. Do I wish this thing were 5-10kph faster? Yeah.... but it already seems to benefit from the tiny size and I've noticed lot of misses during my escapes that maybe some players may not be aware of(or remember happened) . The warning I'd give to people is that I've accidentally suicided by getting bumped by arty end game a few times.. mainly to crusaders.. I forgot that those stupid things go backwards really fast, this thing absolutely will take lots of collision damage over any bump. Most scouts can take a small nudge to get behind cancer but if you don't have at least half your HP left I would absolutely not risk it.
  16. FFS Can I please stop getting city maps over and over when I actually try to mark a LT...  


    1. hazzgar


      Change servers. It changes map rotation

    2. kreigermann


      I used to do that when there were east/west US servers but now... :(  

  17. I want my... I want my.. I want my EYE-ESS-THREE
  18. I got the IS3A.. and hated it. It sits in my garage as a momento of wasteful spending. From what I remember playing it: IS3 benefits from amazing gun handling(dispersion values IIRC) decent mobility combined with good armor in tier. All combined it is a strong package that shifts well, shoots well, and bounces shots reliably. While the IS3A (more or less) keeps the armor of the IS3, it gives up mobility(making it harder to wiggle/shift and bounce) and gun handling(+some penetration). Would not recommend.
  19. WG listed this as being sold at a SPECIAL PRICE!!!(ermergerrd so special!) well, it was special for them I'm sure.

    I'm pretty sure they took a cactus to my bondstash-wallethole with no lube.. still.   shortbus is mine!


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    2. kreigermann


      I’m not saying the reward wasn’t rather lacking. It would have been better if the bond payouts were more in line with top 3k(hell, or top 1k even) gets 4K bonds, the option to buy the tank + fame/clanrank rewards. 

      I just knew what I was in for and wasn’t shocked that they didn’t budge. 

    3. Fulcrous


      6 hours ago, Assassin7 said:

      well, the problem is that the top 3K are supposed to get a tank, but apparently people in the top 500 aren't making enough bonds to actually buy one. people in MAHOU. the clan that came first! the payout system is ridiculous. 

      if you finished top 500 in mahou, you got a tank. stop the bs. everyone who participated in mahou got the tank.

      The lowest payout being 750 bonds with a 7x multiplier. that's 5250 bonds. You're literally being a shit pubbie by saying that.

      The part where the system is ridiculous is true but it wouldnt have been like that if RU/SEA and some NA/EU clans werent selling spots.

    4. Assassin7


      I wouldnt know, im not in mahou any more.  Thats what I read via slack, people were complaining that they werent gonna get enough bonds for a tank. 

  20. funny thing about getting provoked by and then TKd by an elite temper tantrum throwing asshole.... you'll forget me and wonder why I will drop a hot T49 load your ass in some random game way in the future because I'm just some random shitter to you... but I'll remember, and I absolutely hold grudges.

    1. TAdoo87


      This is pretty sad on multiple level.

    2. kreigermann


      yep. it is 100% petty shit.

  21. On the positive side though it is an excellent trainer for correcting my tilty playing habit, forcing me to actively choose good engagements. Just yoloing 6s and leaning on the strength of the tank is a good way to get embarrassed in this thing.... ammoracked,driver dead, tank hit, engine yellow Aaaaaaaaand I’m in fire GG.
  22. first 10 games... 3 fires... next 10 games.. 2 more fires... yeaaaaaaahh lol I've had to remind myself that this thing really only brawls one at a time... even pea-shooter guns penetrating will wreck the inside like a grenade went off in the crew compartment.
  23. I JUST got done watching that and was about to post XD
  24. \o/  First 2-marked Tier 10!  

    A minor accomplishment but an accomplishment none the less(for me anyways).



    1. kreigermann


      MANY thanks to the wotlabs community for all the advice along the way. 

    2. leggasiini



      More sooner than you think, you will 3 mark your first tier 10...eventually :>

    3. kreigermann


      Thanks for the "+"s in encouragement all.

      @leggasiini I hope so. I think I'm a bit of a ways off. I have yet to 3mark a T9... though I keep getting frustratingly close with my t49... 94.3% TWICE... then I get focusartied, tilted and I potato back to 87%. :( 

      The batchat just fits my playstyle as a light tank/vision game and yolo assassin style. Considering at the 150/160ish game mark when I was at some dogshit level 1800 or so DPG overall to now a mediocre 2700.. I'm pretty satisfied so far with my progress, and still slowly improving.

  25. lol.. first game in hype59.. get set on fire XD

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    2. kreigermann


      hm, maybe I just got pubbiefucked by RNJesus...

      I burned 3 times in my first 10 games though....

    3. Hellsfog


      wait until you get shot through the turret and your ammo rack explodes.  

    4. kreigermann


      @Hellsfog... this literally happened to me yesterday.. skorpG penned and I lost my top.. boom.. I wasn't mad mad because the shot would have killed me anyhow. but yeah.

      The tank is fun, but it is pretty bleh.. it shits wn8 and credits though...