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  1. Getting a Radley Walters on Prokhorovka in a Conq and losing while a friendly Type 4 and T110E4 camp in the very back of 1-2 lines the entire freaking match and then try to defend their actions by arguing that they were holding up a flank against an entire horde of two enemy tier 8 TDs. Please drown in your own piss and blood. These two ass wipes will have a very special place on my black list.

  2. Victory!
    Battle: Tundra
    Vehicles: Conqueror
    Experience received: 4,512
    Credits earned: 78,126
    Battle achievements: Top Gun, High Caliber, Steel Wall, Reaper, Radley-Walters's Medal, Mastery Badge: "Ace Tanker"


    What number of HESH shells should I be carrying though?

    1. HowitzerBlitzer


      I don't think the Conqueror can carry HESH shells, though?


    2. flare_phoenix


      like 2, it and the 215b are not endowed with an overabundance of ammo

      @HowitzerBlitzer it's he has 120 pen, thus it's referred to as hesh (at least colloquially) even if it is not designated as such in-game

    3. ThomChen114


      I carry 3 HESH on my Conq, since there are a lot more flimsy tanks to run into than for the FV215b 

  3. For me personally I would say yes and no. I have began enjoying the game more and more as I got better but at the same time it also soured the experience for me because I started to see more and more of the flaws (RNG, MM, majority of the player base) of the game. Flaws that you have no control over but they effect your own performances and outcomes of games. That makes me pretty annoyed (to say the least) some days.
    1. SchnitzelTruck


      I found it pretty decent. More fun than the other tier8 LT's ive played.

    2. DirtyACE7


      Yeah it can definitely carry it's own weight even as a bottom tier from what I've experienced. I'm really looking forward to the 13 90 also.

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      1390 is beautiful. Wasn't a grind at all.

  4. An EPIC Bat Chat 12t game. Literally goes to the very last second: http://wotreplays.com/site/3775586#malinovka-dirtyace7-bat_-ch_tillon_12_t
  5. Enjoying my BC 12t despite what I've said before about it. Check out this game I had. Probably my most epic game in a light tank and one of the most epic games I've ever had http://wotreplays.com/site/3775586#malinovka-dirtyace7-bat_-ch_tillon_12_t
  6. He's just really bad at the game. Give the lad a break... with a crowbar.
  7. Finished my Caenarvon grind and have all modules unlocked that carry over to the Conq.

    I don't get this tank. The top gun feels very comfortable but I had so many games where it feels like you are just always firing, almost non-stop and then you see the after-battle results and you have like 1.3k damage. Like WTF???? The tank seems to be completely bi-polar. I either had fantastic games or absolute horrible games with little in between.

    I've been doing 3k recents and in this thing I could only get 2k and I was trying fucking hard. Just such dog shit.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. DirtyACE7


      Oh no, I do not intend to play my conq until I have the top gun. I've had enough of Caenarvon's shit.

    3. saru_richard


      start saving that free xp then

    4. DirtyACE7


      I am. I am.

  8. Caenarvon, thou art a piece of trash.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Raj


      it's decent. Has a very high skill cap, but the output of the tank is just average.

    3. FavreFan4ever


      Hit me up, we can plat together! 2x Caer is gud, right?

    4. DirtyACE7


      @FavreFan4ever lets cry together ;) 

  9. Hmm... I'm not sure how to feel being called a reroll by a shitter from the Cartel clan. He has 50k battles. According to him I must be a reroll because I have less than 20k battles with 3k recents.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Fulcrous


      I mean, you either have to be a masochist or idiot to want to play this game.

    3. Errants


      Can I be both?

    4. DirtyACE7


      @Fulcrous, you are all too right. I will pick masochist, although I feel like an idiot some days instead. Just kind of back and forth, stuck in a limbo, or as I call it 'my journey to purple'.

  10. Yes, I can definitely see how this tank is pretty one dimensional but it definitely shines when top tier as I'm finding out. It's just that I'm pretty rarely seeing these types of games with the current MM.
  11. I’m currently on the Caenarvon. Have the tracks, top turret, second best engine and second best gun unlocked. It’s a weird thing. I almost like it because the gun feels pretty good, reliable but kind of low-ish alpha. It’s slow which I guess can be either a good or a bad thing. I am also surprised just how bouncy the armor is. I seem to bounce almost 2k practically every game. Anyway, it’s just a weird feeling that I get from this tank. When I’m playing it feels pretty good but I just can’t seem to put in consistent good performances and am at just over 2k WN8 with it even though my recents are just over 3k. When I have good games in it they are really good but when I have bad games in it they are really bad and almost nothing in between. It just doesn’t seem to have average games. Either excellent or absolute garbage. I have a question though. Is it worth it to unlock the top gun and/or top engine or should I simply grind towards the Conqueror?
  12. WG proving yet again that trash can always be more rotten if you try hard enough.
  13. Umm... what? Did this really happen? How is it possible to have such an absolute train wreck of a team at tier 10? How are these people still alive and have not been claimed by natural selection? My toon mate got ammo racked very early hence 0 damage the rest are... I just don't know anymore.
  14. So there I am in my E 50 in a tier 10 game. Somehow end up TOP damage with 1.5k. Not a single tier 10 managed more than 800 damage. These teams :(. Jesus wept.

    1. Raj


      I once did top damage in a tierX match using a hetzer with the 105. Did 2000 damage before horribly losing. ;_; iktf