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  1. These days I'm simply free xping past any tier 8s as I really have no desire to be almost constantly in tier 10 matches.
  2. So I'm grinding the E5 line and only like 5k xp from unlocking the T32. However, I'm really tempted to just skip it and free xp to the M103 because I really do not want to be bottom tier in 90%+ of my matches. Is the T32 worth playing around with considering how tier 8s are treated right now?

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    2. nemlengyel


      TBH I think stuff like Defender, VK P and Chrysler have powercreeped the T32 a bit. With 105mm, you have only 248mm gold pen and horrendous 0.42 accuracy, and with 90mm, you are just tickling your opponents for 240 dmg, at which point you are better off with a Patriot or Pershing that actually has some decent mobility.

    3. DirtyACE7


      Yeah, there's just nothing about the T32 that makes me want to touch it right now. At least the M103 has a fantastic top gun and solid mobility.

    4. nabucodonsor


      Eeeeehhhhh the e75 is faster....

  3. Oh sweet! I'll try this out.
  4. He might have been in your game but mine was on Live Oaks. Myself and a platoon mate pushed the bridge with a few others including this idiot. We won the bridge and began the clean up phase and he started to push me out into the guns of two enemy TDs. He tried doing it three times to me, eventually my platoon mate and myself double-tapped him and he was left furiously raging in chat. I have a replay of the said battle if you would like to see. This shitter may very well have been in your game as well though.
  5. Tier 10 game and you end up top damage with 1.8k. Next top damage under 1k. 0-15 loss:cri:

  6. Hmm... I would be willing to platoon with you but it's kind of hard right now with the friends list being down in the game. I've never done any teaching within this game though so it might be a bit rough as far as explanations go during the actual battle but I can explain things afterwards. The main thing is the friends list though. I don't know how I could actually invite you to platoon without being able to find you within the game.
  7. I'm not sure what to think about my play recently. There's kind of a feeling of indifference about it.

  8. Hmm... I have a feeling that they do affect on the move dispersion. I might be wrong though. But the reason I have this feeling is from watching vids by 4TankersAndDog where he does very extensive tests on all equipment and consumables and their effects on gun handling. You should check them out (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuTii-cm-Ags3IV5CxXdsXWxrJoO944nC), they are very informative.
  9. Vents and cola do improve dispersion. I'm not sure what you mean by "otm" though.
  10. This pos. Purposely pushing teammates out of cover and into enemy fire.
  11. Day 1: 3500 WN8

    Day 2: 2000 WN8

    Day 3: 4000 WN8

    Day 4: 2000 WN8

    WTF. FML. I hate this game :(

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    2. DirtyACE7


      I totally agree that good play trumps all and I have noticed this every time I have a great day playing. I simply play to play, but do it well, and not thinking about anything else, especially not WN8. This mindset is what I want to have consistently but it's hard to maintain from day to day.

    3. CraBeatOff


      Well making frustrated WN8 status updates won't help :-D

    4. DirtyACE7


      :cri:I know. I know. I need help:cri:

  12. Thank you to all the brain dead Panther M10's rolling around today. Makes playing tier 7 and 8 a real joy. Kept getting top tier games almost constantly. And when not top tier, then mid tier at most. It's been a pleasure to be honest. 

  13. If you have a 40% win rate and more than 10k battles, your account should be locked to go no higher than tier 3. This person was not a bot at all :(

  14. It's a real bizarre mystery how WG even keeps track of these kind of things and why some people get caught for the smallest insults and others can throw out a dictionary worth of verbal diarrhea match after match and never be banned or even warned. WG is so inconsistent it just bugles the mind.
  15. Apparently animals are allowed to use computers these days and they are playing WoT.