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  1. Don't be surprised if it's just a mongoloid minus being a 0.1% player.
  2. No worries dude Well, I realize that I don't have very many battles played so that's why I kind of leaned on that as being part of my problem, however, I also felt that way when I had only 3500 battles and suddenly I made a leap from being a green ~1500 WN8 player right into just about 2500 WN8 and increase my WR from 52% to around 60% recents. It feels like I have played for a while and should be farther ahead than where I am now because I know I am capable of much more. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to enlisting your help but it will have to be in June. I really hope you can help me nail down my consistency issues. Here's just a sample of what I'm talking about. My games today. This is one of the worser days though as it's better usually but you can see how inconsistent I can be and it drives me crazy: I've also been watching your streams. I gotta say, they are very entertaining, especially your moments of rage and imitations/impressions. It all brings a light-hearted atmosphere to the stream. Keep up the good work man!
  3. Have started watching your streams lately @SmyleeRage. Love them and in part due to your style of rage which I find hilarious Keep up the great work dude!
  4. Averaging almost 3k damage on E75 for the first 90 games. Suddenly the last 10 games struggling to even do 1.5k and win rate is plummeting. I don't know what to think. I feel like I hate the kind of player that I am. So freaking streaky. Finding consistency feels almost impossible and I cannot stand it :(

    1. cavman276


      I do that shit every time I get a new tank.  Average 7 million damage the first 50 games and then be sure to fuck it up the next 50.

  5. I think the WN8 range for the bottom 95% is tighter than it is for the top 5% which has a considerably greater range (greater variance). This is from my own observations though so don't take it as the truth or fact of any sort.
  6. Thank you @TAdoo87! This is very helpful
  7. Common, give us all more credit. We are all shitters here Seriously though, don't worry about it. I'm asking because I need some advice and just because your stats are one way doesn't mean that you can't have good ideas. I appreciate it. My thinking was kind of along the same lines as yours.
  8. Report and send in replay with player's name. If you just report in-game, then nothing will happen. You have to open a ticket and provide a replay for some actual action on WG's part. As much as I hate arty, this guy is a trashbag in my opinion.
  9. I found an older thread from a couple years ago discussing this map but wasn't sure how accurate the meta is still for heavy tanks. I'm mainly referring to the slower moving heavies, not the heaviums like fcm, t-10, and the like. I was playing my E 75 and got this map a couple times. First time I went into the middle from south spawn like I usually do when I play with mediums and it felt ok. The second time I decided to go hill from the north spawn and it was ok-ish except that I got overrun due to like 2/3 of my team deciding to just camp the 1-2 lines. I probably should have stuck with them and just camped as brain dead as it is. So what is the current meta for slower moving heavies on this map? Did I have the right general ideas about going middle and/or hill?
  10. Awesome! I may need to enlist you services soon. I'm having issues with consistency which is something I really want to get to the bottom of. It's by the far the biggest gripe I have with my own game play. Perhaps I simply need to have more games under my belt?
  11. HE spam is the bread and butter of your average pubbie... but so is sniffing glue. Bring along some HE (4 or 5 rounds) for those very thinly armored TDs but keep firing AP/APCR at everything else including other light tanks.
  12. Well, for it's officially a terrible patch as far as MM is concerned. I really cannot play any tier 8 without being bottom tier at least 90% of the time. I played this weekend and it was a gigantic pain to try to grind credits in any tier 8 premiums. You are almost always up against tier 10s and so need to shoot a lot of gold which takes your profits way down. It just sucks so much. This is a huge fail on WG's part. Maybe this MM works as they intend it on larger populations but it is certainly struggling with NA's population.
  13. This game irritates the living shit out of me some days. When you are doing 4k damage, then 1k, then 4k, then 500, then 5k, then 800. Fuck you WG and your dumb ass RNG mechanic.

    1. simba90


      I had to get up and take a walk yesterday after watching the last three shells in my bat 25 clip through a bat 12t after the first two flew off to strange new lands.

      I got rushed by 5 tanks roughly 5 seconds later.

    2. DirtyACE7


      Yeah, same here man. I had to just walk away for a few and get some fresh air. I'm playing the E75 these last few days and while I'm enjoying the tank a lot but the RNG can be so brutal on it because the rate of fire is low and if you miss or don't pen a shot, then it's kind of a long wait until you get to try again.

    3. Raj


      It's some RNG sure, but I try to account for RNG. Different play styles such as mine heavily influence it too. I am a extremely defensive player, and although that means my top DPGs are far less, I also have way less shitty games.

      Back when I played I probably did something like this for tierX

      5% >6k dpg

      60% of matches >4-6k dpg

      30% of matches 2.5-4k dpg

      5% below 2.5k

  14. The weekend teams as usual The prototype weekend player. A moron wrapped in an imbecile.
  15. Anyone know if the IS-7 is scheduled to receive a buff in the near future? Better gun handling would be nice.