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  1. It would definitely be abused big time. Instead of bots and bot-like players, good players would be the one's punished more frequently. I'm all for banning bots and players who ruin games for others but not like this as there's just too high of a chance for friendly fire.
  2. Get ready to enrich your blacklists with this fine specimen. He will threaten and throw the match as soon as you as much click on his location on the minimap and ask for help. One of the most pettiest pieces of shit on the NA server. I have personally made it my mission to ruin the game for him whenever I see him. http://wotlabs.net/na/player/montaillou
  3. My dilemma: play the T-10 and do great. Play the WZ 111 1-4 and do two shots of damage game after game and die. Two tanks that are practically twins but one screws me hard every time I play it.

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    2. Daerlon


      Gun handling and pen on T-10 is noticeably better.

    3. hazzgar


      @Daerlon check stats. Handling is close to being the same. 

    4. DirtyACE7


      The gun actually feels good to me on the WZ but for some reason I just can't make it work.

  4. Playing yesterday seem to have made me feel somewhat jaded by this game. Only won 50% of my 30 games but the way things seemed to go practically every match it felt like I won 10%. Even some wins felt like losses.

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    2. DirtyACE7


      I knew it! I could just feel there was something fishy going on. I'm going to run out and buy Warpack after work tonight cause I'm tired of this shit.

    3. cpraf104


      You played 30 games? I get tired after like 3... And these aren't 3 tier 10 games, these are like tier 6/5/3 shit because I just returned.

    4. DirtyACE7


      I rarely play that many games in one day, usually it's anywhere between 7 and 15. I've also been sick so I imagine that contributed to my misery.

  5. Is it still possible to get regular tanks back for half price by submitting a ticket or is that option no longer available?

    1. Meirzin


      No longer available, I tried to get the 430v2

    2. DirtyACE7
    3. 8_Hussars


      They ended that on Dec 31 with a change to the "exception" policy.  Cant link the official media release but here is the thread... 


  6. I got a Gulio Cesare as well to lure me back.
  7. QB summits the highest and mightiest of horses:


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    2. Hellsfog


      @TAdoo87  What makes him fake is that his response is exaggerated and feels like a ham actor reading lines.  You can keep a stream family friendly without the affectation. 

    3. DirtyACE7


      @TAdoo87, I totally understand keeping some sort of standard on your own stream as far as content which includes language being used, however, when one doesn't even adhere to their own preaching then it's just a farce and hypocrisy.

    4. Sapros


      QB a hypocritical twat! Other breaking news: water, wet.

      For real though, I see no problem at all in asking people not to use a term that's potentially derogatory. 

      Just like I see no problem in asking a fellow streamer not to post in your chat. 

      But QB being QB has to go about it like a twat with his trademark fake as fuck demeanor and holier-than-thou attitude. 

      At least he's not sarcastic when thanking people for supporting his terrible content. 

  8. Today the MM was just insane and I kept getting tier 10 matches constantly. This is when this tank really struggles with its 244 pen on the APCR. I had several games in a row where I couldn't even break 1.5k damage as I couldn't pen anything for the life of me. Even trying to flank and hit tanks in the side the pen still let me down big time.
  9. These shitters who got a Lorr 40t in the holiday boxes should be drowned slowly. They just yolo into you, lose 95% of their health but completely ruin the match for you.

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      despite the vast amount of truth in this comment, im honestly loving the lorr.

      almost never have to shoot gold and the mobility is great, only down side is the gun handling is mediocre at best.

      making 120-150k credits profit with this event

  10. I wish I had free-XPed past it too but then had a brain fart and ground out both the VK100.01P and VK45.02A back to back. Once I was done it felt like waking up from a bad dream.
  11. It is more than worth the slogging you have to go through to get to it. And in all honesty, if I had to choose only one tier 9 to keep it would be this one.
  12. Very first game in Skorp. Blind-shotted and one-shotted, at the same time by a Conq GC in the first 30 seconds without ever being spotted. FML :(

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    2. TheMarine0341


      Ah yeah, you're just asking for it then. Setup at the area where arty likes to drive up into that bowl, you can get the same shot into the road into the center without getting the same splash

    3. DirtyACE7


      Is this from the north or south spawn?

    4. TheMarine0341



      Sadly, B4/5 doesn't have similar that I am aware of

  13. Decided to buy 3 modern crates, got a Hype 59 in one and a Skorpion G in another.

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    2. Fulcrous


      It's almost like crates are RNG.

      MFW people think drop rates were nerfed.

    3. favorius


      There goes your whole luck for the year 2018 spent

    4. leggasiini


      And I thought I was lucky for getting the Lorraine from 6 boxes D:

  14. WoT is best enjoyed with lag spikes that take latency to 999ms every 2 minutes in case any of you were wondering.

  15. This tank is quite nice actually. Feels like a good all around vehicle with great gun handling on the top gun although the gold pen can be a bit lacking at times against higher tiers.
  16. The highlight of E50 is not only the default gun handling but when it is paired with a vert stab. That's when it becomes truly awesome. Yeah drop vents if you want to but to be honest I'd keep them unless your crew doesn't have any vision perks yet.
  17. Dropping a vert stab (or rammer) is a cardinal sin.
  18. I would honestly remove the optics and put vents on as that will help with both hull and turret traverse among other things. You will get spotted regardless and no guarantee that you will spot any more or that you will spot them first with optics as you are giant and slow. I just finished playing this tank and my radio man had the situational awareness and it took the view range to like 430 meters which is pretty good for a heavy. And I noticed that I would actually get quite a lot of spotting damage consistently and in fact in one game I got the Patrol Duty medal and I was brawling the entire time. This tank is all about brawling. You are godly when top tier and still solid when mid tier. When bottom tier do your best to be second line and support your top tier heavies. Also don't be afraid to do some sniping in those kind of matches. I was surprised just how reliable the gun is even though the accuracy stat is rather average at best. Also premium ammo in good amount because you will need it. Yes, sometimes that will be your downfall as you will be on a team that is much better than the enemy and so they will kill tanks very quickly before you even get a chance to take a shot. I had a few games like that where I did no damage whatsoever. It really sucks but that's by far the main weakness of this tank. However, those games shouldn't happen very often and you should able to put your gun and armor to good use most of the time. Just head for areas on maps where brawls typically occur and if you're top tier, don't be afraid to lead the way for your team and push in. This tank can take a lot of punishment and will bounce a lot of shots. Sometimes when I played it, it felt like I could simply drive in a straight line and nothing could pen me. The other thing I found very helpful and important to be successful with this tank is to keep everything in front of you. Do your best not to let enemy tanks get on your side or behind you, especially when you're not top tier. If you think you may be rushed or flanked, then start to back up and put some distance between yourself and the enemy, keep all the action in front of you. Here's a few of my games as examples of how I played it: http://wotreplays.eu/site/4052942#karelia-dirtyace7-vk_100_01_p http://wotreplays.eu/site/4052947#el_halluf-dirtyace7-vk_100_01_p http://wotreplays.eu/site/4052956#el_halluf-dirtyace7-vk_100_01_p
  19. Thanks. I went ahead and unlocked the engine. So far played like 8 games and it's been pretty nice. A definite upgrade from the VK which was also a good machine apart from when you got tier 10 games and games where you were too slow to do any damage.
  20. What is the end date for being able to buy holiday crates and collect the ornaments to get the holiday camos?

    1. CraBeatOff


      15th i believe

    2. arthurwellsley


      15th January is stated end date as Crab says, but possibly at about 5am in the morning, so the evening of the 14th January 2018 for most folks.

  21. Oh really? Didn't realize you got better module health and lower fire chance. I have plenty of free xp but still want to use it wisely.
  22. I'm very close to unlocking this tank and the question I have is regarding the top engine. Is it worth spending the 50k XP on something that looks to give a very slight improvement? Is the tank noticeably better with the top engine? Because from the numbers it doesn't look like it at all and would be a very mediocre upgrade at best.
  23. I think he probably meant to use one of those pieces of equipment he listed not all three, cause you're right, the rammer and vert stab are non-negotiable. I suppose you can use a gun laying drive for the third slot but I think the vents give you just overall better bonuses and help with things this tank lacks like turret and hull traverse aside and gun handling.
  24. Happy New Year from the American West Coast!