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  1. I must say it's a big underwhelming compared to other lights in the same tier. Like it has been pointed out already, the view range is pretty bad and so is the gun handling, the shell speed is atrocious. I was eventually able to get to grips with the tank but it does not perform nearly as well as other lights of the same tier. It just has a number of drawbacks. I was happy to be done with it as soon as I unlocked the 132.
  2. Wanted to do the 121 on track. Started from tier 5 and was quickly dissuaded to not go down the MT line. Decided to grind the LTs instead and then unlock the tier 9 MT that way. However, the Chinese guns are just making me pull my hair out. Just unlocked the WZ 132 and got the top gun. The alpha is nice but it’s like a complete lottery on whether you will either hit anything or pen anything. Played about 5 matches so far in it. Penning less than 50% of shots. One game was 12 shots fired, 1 pen. FML :(

    1. MagicalFlyingFox


      Step 1: Load full gold.

      Then go nuts.

    2. DirtyACE7


      But mah credits :(

      I'm actually running 50/50 AP/APCR loadout on the 132.

    3. Hellsfog


      The Wz 120's gun will troll you until you weep. 

  3. This is what I was afraid of too. The tanks being difficult to play as they require their own special play style but they seem to have agreed with me so far. I started to get the auto loader play style with the AMX 12t. You have to pick your engagements differently. You always ask yourself whether you can clip out your potential target and then you use your great speed to close in for the kill but trying to stay more or less unspotted doing so as you are made of cardboard and will die easily. Also you have to be more opportunistic and if you see a distracted target, get on their flank or back and unload your clip into them, then get the hell out as you will be extremely vulnerable during the reload. The overall style is very fast and furious at times and at other times you are biding your time, being kind passive, waiting for an opportunity to strike.
  4. It's not bad except being one of the biggest piece of trash seal clubbers that I've personally ever seen. That is all.
  5. Why are Chinese tanks such an exercise in futility? It's like pulling teeth trying to do something with them. Currently on WZ 131. WTF is it with this thing? It's like the gunner is blind folded. Shots constantly going into fucking space.

    1. Unavailebow


      China = Rusha without Stalinium Shell Guidance System

    2. DirtyACE7


      That is how it feels. I sure hope 132 is better than this.

  6. I'm trying to like the Chinese lights but currently not having much fun with them. I'm on the 59-16 and can't figure out which gun to use? The 76 feels very derpy. Is that the right gun to use? I did so well with the French lights but this feels kind of shitty to be honest.
  7. Yeah it seems to be a big difference. The BC feels underpowered for its tier and 13 75 feels overpowered for its tier.
  8. It's a big jump as others have already said and it depends on your mental game more than anything else. How well do you analyze lineups and situations during the battle. The margins between good decisions and bad ones are very slim and that's why it's so challenging. You're almost balancing on a knife's edge sometimes but some people just have really good balance.
  9. So I’m close to finish grinding through the BC 12t and unlocking the AMX 30. The BC 12t has been a bit of a disappointment in all honesty when compared to the 13 75. It loses more than it gains. Worse gun handling, worse clip reload time. Your alpha gain is measly to say the least and you gain a bit more speed. In all honesty, I’d rather play the 13 75 in same matches than the 12t. I will definitely be selling it and definitely keeping the 13 75, that thing is awesome!
  10. Looking to enrich your blacklists? Look no further than this douchebag: If he for some reason doesn't like the way you play, like being a light tank that doesn't suicide by scouting, then he will push you out of cover to be killed by the enemy.
  11. Hey @Reluctor! Sorry I couldn't platoon with you the other day. Still grinding through the BC 12t. Almost done and soon I'll have a shiny new AMX 30. However, if you want and don't mind playing tier 8s, you can help me finish the grind
  12. Keep having games like this and only 54% win rate :(


  13. Unfortunately this is the case the vast majority of the time and you have to make up (while being two tiers below) for the brain-dead mongoloids that are your top tiers.
  14. That's kind of what I was leaning towards too. It's the same setup I used on the 13 75 and it worked very very well. However, on the AMX 12t I had to use the GLD because it felt like the gun would aim for ages. Thanks again @8_Hussars!
  15. I bought it but haven't played any games yet as I can't seem to decide on equipment. I got the vert stab mounted but then can't decide between vents, optics, and gld for the other two spots. Any suggestions? Also, what's the typical ammo loadout did you run?
  16. That's good to know. I think I'll go ahead and play it through then. Still have quite a bit of time until the end of the on-track event. Thanks @8_Hussars! I
  17. Would you say it sees tier 10s less often than other tier 8s?
  18. I've just unlocked this tank while doing the On-Track to the 30B. Is it still worth playing or better to skip it straight to AMX 30? I absolutely loved the AMX 13 75 but am not sure about BC 12t, especially not the way the MM treats tier 8 tanks currently. What do you guys recommend?
  19. I personally love my 13 75. I'm a really novice player when it comes to light tanks and especially French ones but this tank really made me fall in love with them. It is such a beast regardless what match tier it is in.
  20. I'm grinding the 30B line right now and started the grind with this tank. At first the going was a little rough but once I figured out the general style of play, then things really took off. I finished it with my highest ever WN8 of over 5k. This tank is quite capable and strong for the tier that it is in and the AMX 13 75 that follows it is an even better version and really nice too.
  21. Hey man, It seems that M-I-T is still around somewhat but it has been integrated into FIFO, a clan which I'm a part of. This is just what I've heard. Perhaps someone else truly in-the-know can fill you in.
  22. Really loving this tank even though I'm a novice light tank player. It just does what it does so well. In fact, I've probably had my best ever game in a light tank with the 13 75. Here's the replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/3700766#serene_coast-dirtyace7-amx_13_75 I actually ran out of ammo this game but still won. It was a 16k WN8 game
  23. Here's probably my best ever light tank game. I actually ran out of ammo in this one and still won: http://wotreplays.com/site/3700766#serene_coast-dirtyace7-amx_13_75
  24. I've never posted my replays here so I hope this thread goes well. I'll post replays when I think they're good enough for others to see. I also welcome any observations/criticisms of my play as I'm always looking to improve. Hope you all enjoy! First replay is on a Ravioli. Ever since they have buffed it I really can't get enough of it. It just feels like a completely new tank in really good way. http://wotreplays.com/site/3182199#pilsen-dirtyace7-m4a1_revaloris