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  1. Hate to say this but as soon as I finish 113 grind i will grind japanese ht anime autist tanks cuz all of my heavies like E5 and is7 are ,,bit" out of meta atm for advances, so i have to revive u @leggasiini and ask u if i should use the 105 gun on O-NI and how fucking bad the type 4 is .

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    2. DirtyACE7


      I'm just giving you a hard time dude. Sorry if I wasn't clear in that.

      Still, the entire Japanese heavy line starting with O-I Exp. are clown tanks imho. Meta or not.

    3. leggasiini


      More like O-I if anything. O-I Exp is OP, dont get me wrong, but it isnt really retard machine (shitton of armor + derp) like higher tier japs. Its completely different tank.

      ...though whatever, WG is making it like one next patch.

    4. kukis12345


      Yeah can't disagree, they are incredibly broken... And ridiculously easy to play.

  2. The grille 15 line
  3. Finally marked the redline tank. Victory! Battle: Mines Vehicles: FV215b Experience received: 1 847 Credits earned: 108 290 Battle achievements: 3 Marks of Excellence, High Caliber, Tank Sniper, Mastery Badge: "Ace Tanker"


  4. FeelsPadderMan
  5. Amx30/30B buffs are useless, anyone with a half working brain will shoot your enormous cupola and still pen like its nothing, so gg wg u fuck up its handling cuz it would be too good clearly with same gun handling (s).
  6. FV215B - Food or not? It burns quite often thats why im asking, also struggling with marks more than i've thought, was on 91% twice but dropped to 89. Also should i drop vert stab for vents? Or in the case i'd use food , i wouldnt have the need to run optics and could swap them with vents. Also the crew doesnt even have BIA yet, maybe i should retrain that and put BIA instead of gun handling skills? Thanks for all the input.

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    2. zapyoug


      I ran food over fire ext on mine but I also had full firefighting skills trained.

    3. kukis12345


      Yeah i guess i will have to go with firefighting skills cuz spot4ltu is not exactly my style of play :kappaross:

    4. flare_phoenix


      215b gets set on fire if you breathe in its general direction so I would not drop ext (standard ext/med/repair), also I dropped vstab and used both vents and optics. 

  7. Is it just me or the stats are not shown on the forum anymore?

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    2. kukis12345


      I didn't, but not everyone is a statpadder

    3. WhatTheSkara


      Don't worry, you're still bad :gachi:

    4. kukis12345


      Still way better than u :jebaited:

  8. E5 is still a good tank. If u want to press W and be impenetrable , play type 5 or a Maus instead
  9. I don't wanna be rude, but if the tank comes live with fucking 750 alpha and that armor on tier 8, the whole balance department (if there even is any) can die of cancer. The game is slowly turning into a joke and strongholds on tier 8 will be even more cancerous (like its not already bad enough with defenders and vk Ps for credits) .
  10. This tank is still good, just not mongoloid proof anymore
  11. Idk i just dont like derpy guns in general and jesus, u still have 490 alpha, u are going to outrade all mediums, and most of the heavies even on tier 10. But to each of their own i guess. Even if its 1 game outta 10 on proko , its enough to give me cancer from all the bounces and misses
  12. I find 12.8 still better. Epic pen with APCR , much better shell speed, easy to snipe and hit and pen targets in general. Dpm is better too. Tried the 15cm and got prokorovka ofc and all those misses and bounces triggered me so i changed back to 12.8 masterrace. The overall line is really nice apart from the cancer Emil , easy stock grinds and tanks are awesome for people that love well behaving guns.
  13. Awesome advices Liberty75 and Jaegaer
  14. Fuck marking tanks but this tank deserved it