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  1. Is it just me or the stats are not shown on the forum anymore?

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    2. kukis12345


      I didn't, but not everyone is a statpadder

    3. WhatTheSkara


      Don't worry, you're still bad :gachi:

    4. kukis12345


      Still way better than u :jebaited:

  2. E5 is still a good tank. If u want to press W and be unpenetrable , play type 5 or a Maus instead
  3. I don't wanna be rude, but if the tank comes live with fucking 750 alpha and that armor on tier 8, the whole balance department (if there even is any) can die of cancer. The game is slowly turning into a joke and strongholds on tier 8 will be even more cancerous (like its not already bad enough with defenders and vk Ps for credits) .
  4. This tank is still good, just not mongoloid proof anymore
  5. Idk i just dont like derpy guns in general and jesus, u still have 490 alpha, u are going to outrade all mediums, and most of the heavies even on tier 10. But to each of their own i guess. Even if its 1 game outta 10 on proko , its enough to give me cancer from all the bounces and misses
  6. I find 12.8 still better. Epic pen with APCR , much better shell speed, easy to snipe and hit and pen targets in general. Dpm is better too. Tried the 15cm and got prokorovka ofc and all those misses and bounces triggered me so i changed back to 12.8 masterrace. The overall line is really nice apart from the cancer Emil , easy stock grinds and tanks are awesome for people that love well behaving guns.
  7. Awesome advices Liberty75 and Jaegaer
  8. Fuck marking tanks but this tank deserved it
  9. Conqueror is love Conqueror is life


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    2. DirtyACE7


      That's what I did with my E75. I skipped the tiger i and ii using free xp and am so glad I did cause the E75 has been nothing short of heaven, 90 ton heaven :)

    3. WhatTheSkara


      vkb imo is more fun.

      E75 stands in the way of the glorious true Fascist Box Tank..

      jk, i skipped part of the tiger 2 as well :jebaited:

    4. kukis12345


      I skipped caravan as well that shit is fucking horrendeous but black prince wasnt as bad as people say the turret and gun were both decent for its tier

  10. Well this was one special team, tier X boys


  11. Sell : wz-111 and cdc I sold the wz-111 and got the fv4202 since i have all other good premiums anyway. Fv is still kinda shitty but its miles better than the wz, i cant be asked to play that damn thing especially with 175 pen which nowadays is a complete joke on the tier 8
  12. Bought the lowe today and damn that gun is like a e50m on tier 8. 

    1. Matross


      Yeah, but at 320 alpha, and reload is sh*t. E50 gun is better imho.

    2. kukis12345


      Ofc E50's gun is better, its a tier 9. That gun would be completely OP on tier 8.

  13. So tier 8 brit heavy needs around 150k xp to elite. Nice meme, Im gonna enjoy 150 alpha gun on tier 8 

    1. HapcDave


      And after that, there is a ~100k exp grind with 240 alpha on Tier 9 before you can use the 120mm

    2. kukis12345


      Just when u thought black prince was bad :serb:

  14. If you care only about tier 10, go definitely for the tvp.
  15. Fuck arty subhumans.