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  1. Uhhh.... something's off here guys... FV4202 is the highest net credit earner now...
  2. Saw your twitch stream (LaXNTiGA), great games man. Helped me remind myself of a lot of things I have been doing wrong in mediums, and supporting the team with their engagements in efforts to win matches.

    1. SocialFlaws



  3. "blunicum" Is that what greens call us? Cuz... I just get called a "teal sh*tter" from the uni's. Moral of the story, there will always be someone better than you. I have the other problem XTC, I always get yelled at for NOT doing what I was told to do, because my team mates just create all these opportunities for me during stronks. It takes a good 4-5-6 games of yelling to get me to fall in line and do what I'm told. Thats why, I try to make stronks, the LAST THING I do before going to bed -.-"
  4. Yes, but before it dies, if you press the "F" key fast enough, can it transform into a Russian Gundam?
  5. Done playing on East, at least, until lag issues are fixed. I swear, 1/2 the players on west are bots, some of the teams... 0.0

    1. DirtyACE7


      East vs West

      You're damned if you do vs You're damned if you do

      Maybe it's time to try to migrate to EU

    2. Matross


      Will AT&T cooperate? Hrm HMMMMMmmMMMMmmmmm

  6. + Try to look as innocent and unimportant as possible, behind the biggest rock/building/wall possible. #TYxvmcamo #notmenotmenotme #dontyoudarearty
  7. This, but only, if you know you're not going to get spotted. More shots fired is better, ONLY IF, you KNOW, you're not going to get return fire or attract a lot of attention, especially from tanks within your vicinity. Also, assume arty has a hard-on for you too. I concur with the "skill" shell (assuming it's not HEAT, for tracks of tanks... or space armor).
  8. Sounds like some uni's gonna go out to 3 mark it before selling it? kek
  9. ^ got shut off on the 13th apparently. Imagine... having 1 server, with like 5-6 COMPLETELY different languages... all script just popping up as boxes and symbols... LOL Time to turn off game chat HAHA. Just toon up with a few uni's and shove a flank down their throat. Well... I worked my way up to this, from... what.. 1400 wn8? light green? Whenever I drop below 2k, I have to start try harding and limit the yolo. Eh, at least I got much better at reading the team comps down and guessing where they'll be going. My toonmates still yell at me when I'm the first one to blow up, and make fun of me for my 30% survival rate -.-"
  10. No doubt, he's a good player, plays heavies and big gun TD's pretty well ("Professor tank" - Ferdi, lelz). Has the minimap watching down pat, and thinks like a unicum. Gets his damage in, and affects the battle too, but when he plays on SEA server...... lelz, I watch him on the weekend mornings while eating my cereal, it gets pretty serious, lolz. IDK what it is... I enjoy others going through the same pain I go through. Just he can squeeze out another 2-3 shots usually which launches him into purple land, while I'm stuck a "teal sh*tter" (nothing against you, talking about myself, inside clan joke).
  11. Yay for credits!
  12. Yeah, one of them has a USA server account, and has been in the top USA clans. I watch him because I can understand Korean (ABK = American Born Korean), and it's just so funny to watch him chew out some people (or bots?) in Korean. His streams start nice and happy, and then... well... ya know... the sh*tters eventually get to you and you have to go do something else.
  13. Thanks for the post, I was thinking about buying back the 7/1, NOPE. The DPM increase doesn't justify the gun handling. The speed is interesting, but still... that aim time... also when RNG is in full effect and your shells go no where where you aimed... reminds of trying to snipe with M46 Patton at times.
  14. I platooned with capt-jay, and he does pretty much everything you ask for, and then some (sometimes over commits or does rush a shot, and doesn't get the kill in when it's critical). He's one of the better toonmates you can ask for. He can take the criticism as well, so you're not going to hurt him. Also, Capt is one of the nicest people you can toon with, will gladly rotate shots and share HP. It probably comes down to retaining the things he learned part, possibly, information overload. Capt, pick a tank class, and select a few tanks that are similar, and get it down pat, and then try another group of tanks. I have trouble when I go between heavies, lights, and mediums... I just get angry and play arty -.-" Also, in terms of rushing shots, when I toon with @DirtyACE7, he can't stand the 122mm guns. The 122mm guns give you the alpha, but only if you hit and pen. If that's not your thing, you have to go to the 105mm or the 100mm's. DO NOT go to 130mm (WZ-111 1-4 or IS7). Hit me up to toon if you see me on anytime.
  15. Korea population was low, I follow a few Korean streamers. They nick named their own server the "hell" server. Koreans love dem arties, and it's not uncommon to see 3-4 arties on each side, nearly every game. There are a few really good players, and then then a lot of meh players, and then... I swear, half are bots. Imagine going into game after game, where 1/2 your team camps, then, you have 3-4 arties on each side, and you are the only unicum on your team. It's either 15 mins of blowing up tanks, or 3 mins in, and you get artied to death. Following the streamers, they talk about the different play styles, and that the USA is actually a lot more organized, people go to normal flanks, people have brains, sometimes even help each other. Mean while, on the SEA server, everyone's a vietcong, and camp, and when someone comes in, they all swarm to kill that 1 tank that over extends. Interesting to watch unicums rage-out. Eh, it's just a different way of playing I guess? Personally, I welcome them to the USA server, better than 1/2 the S. American's that drive into your tank, and won't let you even get out of the cap for 20-30 seconds... and then runs around the map when they are the last one alive, and you just want to grind that one tank. I un-installed XVM, so I might be wrong.