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  1. Solono, hope you get better and everything turns out for the better. Eat well, ok? Steak money sent through via paypal (fire up that grill friend!).
  2. Is wotlabs chat gone?


    1. CraBeatOff


      Yes, patched out of the forum software. There is now a discord

    2. hallo1994


      But you gotta be zuper nice to Enroh.

  3. This mode pique's my interest. Will this create two different types of player base? Putting the rewards aside, if you think about it... there are race track drivers and rally racers. They both drive cars, but the way they drive them are completely different. Is WoT trying to distinguish us? Like WoW... There are hardcore PvP'ers and there are people who want to do the missions, raids, and general PvE stuff. I have seen this concept in other games... WG could make more Tier X reward vehicles, and do whatever they want in a separate mode, and it would be up to the player to dabble in that game-mode or not. Just like PvE vs PVP, in each other game mode, taking OP tanks & setup (kind of like armor/weapons) would be pretty much useless? I.e. if you had "super equipment" all lined up and ready to go in your T57 and your a hardcore ranked player, if you come do regular random battles (pubs), your equipment would be equal to just regular equipment, which everyone has. If they made it this way, I could see people who are bored of kicking puppies (seal clubbers), try out the new game mode... Also, what does this do for re-rolls? Does the blues and purples want to fight with blues and purples only? Exclusively? I think there would be a reduction in re-rolls, or, original accounts coming back and being played more? Either way I think it's a dumb concept for a person to have to grind/spend massive hours on playing the new whatever-the-developers-came-out-with, to stay competitive. If they need to make more money, they need to make some more damn new maps. Add a line, add a few premiums here and there. If you're going to go game-mode, make it specifically, for that game-mode IMHO. Please, use your brains when making and implementing sh*t, not just throw garbage at us, and let us "figure it out", throw us a bone will ya WG? Learn from your mistakes?
  4. They butchered the USA voice. So bad, so so so so bad. I think the Chinese one is like a 12 year old girl (I speak it). Japanese sounds like an anime character 100% It would feel like I'm playing Girls und Panzer in my STB-1. Swedes... poor them. Czech is pretty scary, I thought the guys talked a lot... holy moley. The best ones are... UK, French and German. Russia's is pretty good too. If I had my choice, I would get... 4x Japanese (into STB-1), 3x French (Batchat), 4x German (Leo 1), or grind one more, for 5x in (50M). I put 4x Chinese into the 113, I'm regretting it. I love the 113, but I wish I got Japanese females for them, for the STB-1 instead of the 113. They were originally in my 121, but -3.5 gun depression gets old, really fast. Although, the UK sounds nice, Action X just isn't my type of tank. Maybe throw them into a FV215b? USA, if the voice was better, I'd consider for a T57, not 100% sure. USA is really, just that bad IMHO.
  5. Reshiki farmed me in his, dat bastard *sigh.
  6. @TanagerI'm out of upboats, but thanks to your fam in the Pacific. I hope it was entertaining, I hope my pains is not your struggles. I have done so much stupid chit, I try to help others from making my mistake. Ask @SchnitzelTruck, he see's me derp out, and I swear he's just shaking his head silently at me. I too, was stuck where you were, trying which medium to get. Run AFE, just do it. Jumping into matches without it... yeah only 12% chance of fire, but if you lick the toilet seat at a pitstop in your closest major city, only 12% chance of getting aids/cancer/gonorrhea/syphilis/chlamydia too, so.... just carry it.
  7. I honestly didn't think I had to run fire extinguisher, but... holy sh*t has it saved my ass so many times... ESPECIALLY in close brawls. Yes, you hide your right, but what happens when some random lowlife hobo fxck appears out of no where, who made a beeline zip to your location to try to kill you, when your trying to hunt down a clipped batchat? Yes, you kill the batchat, and then you turn your attention to get revenge on the stupid fxck who came to try and go after you, and is trying to track you and shoot your butt (say it's another French tank with a clip!). Secnario 1. No AFE? Probably get tracked/ammo racked, and your engine eventualy starts a fire. You get fuct. Roasty toasty fuct. Nothing you can do, except maybe try to ram your useless burning pile of sh*t tank now (since everything is broken, and don't want to spend 20k to repair everything, knowing you're dead in the next few seconds, and probably can't kill the French tank, since everyone and their mother is now shooting at you), into the enemy to get extra damages. Scenario 2. With AFE? GET-SOME-B*TCH, DINNERS ON, GET SOME.
  8. Yeah, you can always pick up the 140 afterwards. I play my T54 just like I play my T62A, since the shell velocity is sh*t. On, 1 pro tip. DO NOT, absolutely, DO NOT, show your right side of your RU MED's. I even put inscriptions on the right side, to remind myself DO NOT SHOW THIS SIDE TO ENEMY. You will get ammo racked and/or set on fire. I carry 2 repair kits, and an automatic fire extinguisher. Yes, it's THAT bad.
  9. I went for T62A. The 62A just feels more... like the T-54's bigger brother IMHO. Yes, the -5 dun depression is just meh, but you can shoot on the move, have a invincible turret, and it feels just more capable in a brawl. The 140 is no slouch either, I just find myself pew pew'ing more, moving, cover to cover in T62A, while in 140, I have to hold my shots and pew, until I get into cover. The 140 is slightly faster, and has better camo, and lower profile over all. The hatches are penn-able at close distance brawling. For the T62A, if you're going to go with -5 gun depression, there is the Obj 430... which gets higher dpm than both of these tanks, just less gun handling. Also, has even better camo, lolz. The snaps I have hit with my T62A.... man.... I love it. I get in peoples faces and can do knife fighting in it better than my 140, since I don't have 2 hatches to work with, and on the move accuracy is just so nice (although, I do let the gun settle when I can). If I could do it all over again, I would buy the 430, and be done. I like to pew pew on the run. If this sounds odd to you, get the 140. Hope this helps, sorry if it made it harder with the 430 comments.
  10. Sent you some monies (spared what I could), hope it helps brotha!
  11. I need a "fxck off" button to hit, when I get arty focused. I'm fekking green... not even blue... why me. Why me?! Shoot the Tier X E100, not the 113! (The game I got hit 9 times by arty, 3 other shots missed, still got stunned, we won dou...).

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    2. SynapticSqueeze


      Tag, Motherfucker!

    3. Driftin


      While that is annoying, the fact that you were still alive to get hit 7-8 more times is still better. You would have been dead and raging in the 1st or 2nd shot. Being focused over and over by anybody, not just arty is annoying, but it's the price you pay some days. 

    4. Archaic_One


      Shtahp kemping noob

  12. Who ever b*tched about arty... take it back. I would much rather deal with the old mechanics than this one. Fine, if we stick with this one, give them the stun, but nerf the damage, however, keep the old reload times, and decrease splash area to achieve the stun effect. Spending the entire game stunned because arties focus you isn't fun. Yes, we'll win, but... damn, being the sacrificial lamb sucks. I think my crew was having "shell shock" from the previous game before, I swear. Maybe I should just stick to medium tanks this patch... not sure.
  13. Thanks Gryphon!
  14. So... basically, moar giant french tanks to shoot at... that might have two turrets, so you might get hit 2x in a row or something? Idk, sounds gimicky, but eh, still new tanks to shoot at, okayyyy~
  15. Quick answer: No Just as lordy above said, just have it researched. If you researched the tank, but still stock (no other modules researched), you have to research them at more XP when they become one (1) tier higher (i.e. LTTB is tier 7, when it becomes tier 8, it's modules become more "expensive", experience wise, to research). If you have convert xp left over, research the modules on the RU251, 1390, and the T-54 LWT now, since they will become tier 9's, and then, their research (for modules) will become more expensive. If you have the tank only researched, you will start out with the tank, one (1) tier higher, and have to gind xp to in them at the higher tier, to research their modules for more XP after 9.18.