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  1. I have both, and since I am spamming Gold in my maus all the time, why not do the same in Type (for arguably better results). Speed is also a good deal better in Type...But when you Play E-100 after those, tank feels like flying. Type is fun, but nothing beats Mäuschen/Maus for pure, raw WR solo as it stands. Yes, you ruin ppl day, and get better dpg...but Maus alone can chew so many opponents that it yields spectacular solo WR. Bottom line: I Play type 5 10x more than maus.
  2. Using +100% experience boosters bis much more efficient than just doing daily doubles... especially in a tier 5 - you can do 60-65%down there solo, even with shit crew, carry potential of a tier 5 is great...thus you actually save on your nerves. And free exp cost of modules is negligible in tier five...
  3. You forgot the wholesale buff of German super bricks. They are getting more common by day. Especially against E 75/ Mäuschen you stand no chance if they switch to gold. Maus YouTube cannot even scratch...and while it is not expected of you to take him alone, you can be a nasty customer. Enough go to live through 4 shots, and you can be a great support in taking him down...that end matches, especially if your team has just a few tier X, and noobs driving them
  4. It is a fine tank. It just has limitations you need to account for, or you will achieve nothing. Try my advice regarding equipment, and food is great on this one (makes more sense than on Strv 74 since that one has a tier 9 acc gun handling). Anyway, why you cry for a tier 5 stock grind? It takes just a few games to elite, especially with experience boosters you are getting all the time now, it seems. From events, missions and top of the tree. Wait for tier 9 stock grind!
  5. They did that with Defender...at least for strongholds (and Patriot was a CASH COW as it has enough silver pen to deal with IS-3s without gold, and it gets plenty of kills due to great ROF + spotting and tracking dmg once scouts die), Patriot makes meagre profits if they roll with 3-4 Defenders or more (the usual setup now). Right on money. In pubs, at least, especially solo, Patriot is still king.
  6. Feels like O-Ni after playing O-Ho. but not that bad. Same crippling reload that enables just about everyone to trade 2 for 1, even E-100, and you are very slow pulling back in cover. if ppl have balls and rush you, you are dead. If you track them with intention of retreating, they repair the tracks instantly, thanks to reusable kits. I hate that bloom on both, but Type 4 does have the armor to aim all the way in, at least against some tanks, and the aim time/acc, while still atrocious, are way better. 3.2 vs 3.5, and 0.52 vs 0.56. The tank itself (Type 4) can be improved drastically by shooting gold and running onigiri (the worse bloob/dpm/acc, the more effect of food, and gold helps a lot when hitting some bad spots for HE).
  7. I free exp the 14 cm, and played just a few games before getting the derp, too. Tracks...there is a module for that, bought at discount. Retrain crew for silver, use +300 boosters and food. in 4 battles up to 100%. Finished the grind with rly goood stats, near the end used up all the onigiris, and could not afford gold shells. Without the derp it is indeed trash. but with derp you are very, very useful to your team when not top tier.
  8. This Shoot gold at enemy super heavies, and just watch your WR (and DPG) rise. this is a good tank to do reliable dmg vs tier X overbuffed heavies, and you can pull way more than your weight regardless o tier. Dont use the 14 cm, Defenders will laugh at you. it also has shit gold, if you are dead on spamming gold, use at least use the derp. Poor mans shells are also better with the derp, just aim to splash engine decks or turret roofs.
  9. It is very susceptible to be raped by arty. Frontal engine + thin engine deck, and it burns often from arty/LFP hits. Bad gun depression as a trademark of rear-turreted tanks. Mostly map-dependent, less regarding enemy team composition. I would not recommend it to anyone. But if you are comfortable playing rear-turreted tanks, and have lots of experience playing them (VK-B, FV 215, Obj 430 V2...), go for it. New power-creep. This tank may not be the generalist like patriot, but it is a good source of frustration for Defenders, and limited mm heavies even more (dat LFP will make IS-6 cry even more than defender, the later at least have hatches). Gun is unusually accurate for a 90 mm, much less 105. It also has good gold pen, again, unlike regular USA 105 mm. Good soft stats.
  10. 15 cm has shit dpm, shit acc, shit shell velocity. This 3 things annoys me way too much. But it does not bounce. Only if you are a scrub and fire AP. HEAT vs AP has 85 vs 70 autobounce angle...again, 311 apcr is sweet, but it drops down to 270 on prokh. I would rather have 15 cm there, 334 all the way. 128 is best at mid-range, about 300 m. It needs 2x less aim than 15 cm, and there is still enough pen. Chai snipe with HEAT and you aim center mass anyway, actually much better chance of hitting than some weakspot with 128 + you tend to shoot slower, fatter targets + Chai snipe you aim all the way always. + on prokh enemies go towards you (+15 cm). hard to miss them, but dpm comes in handy (+128)...when top tier.
  11. 15 cm has lower dpm, acc and shell velocity. But beside alpha, it is a good deal lighter. RHM is so slow, and so fucking long, that, coupled with gun depression, you take plenty of shots back. 15 cm adds to survivability A LOT. Especially the longer reload - with 128 you are still spotted by time you reload. If you wait that 2 sec, and then go for a 2nd shot, you will be blind-fired, or blind-artied. I like 128 more, but it gets me into trouble, or i am too slow to escape it.
  12. I remember a time when 128 was clearly superior, because 400 m view range, insane camo (even when firing), and you could keep firing without getting spotted continuously on most maps. Karelia, sand river - defence and similar would be such a farm...it was sad to see the enemy meds getting shreded with 128. Both guns do well against heavies, but back then TDs could do everything better than meds, more viewrange, more camo, 2 tier better guns mostly... (hellcat)...in case you had an accurate gun (128), and DPM (128), while alpha is nice to have, but shell velocity in 15 cm is bad in hitting moving targets at range (lights, meds, fast tds), but 15 cm heat is better at firing at heavies (stays 334 at range, 128 apcr drops to 270ish). Also, draw range changes mean no longer 720 m shots, where you needed all the acc/shell speed you could manage.
  13. Caern better than tiger 2? Blasphemy! Caernarvon levels of ammoracks and dmg from derps (and arty) is hard to attain. before the arty nerf 80 mm of side armor at least protected from full pens most of the time, while 50 mm was full pen very often. KT turret is not good, true...but it s gun compensates for that with alpha, accuracy, and penetration. It even has more hp.
  14. Settled on type 64. Since I traded a Tog, even sweeter. Gonna buy 34-85 M, no need for a 2nd usa premium med, since pilot.
  15. T-10 can flex to other flank or uncap like a medium. E-75 cant. High dmg, but lower WR means you play mostly solo, without a medium to account for idiot pubbies. winning just one flank does not yield spectacular WR, unless you do it fast. And E-75 got no speed or ROF buff. You do make more dmg over given ammount of time (especially vs tier 10) because of better hit ratio/weakspot sniping, but still...it is a slow box with low DPM, and T-10 shells (and turret) is simply more effective vs superheavies. 340 HEAT vs 311 APCR means a lot if you manage to fire it on flat surfaces...especially on some mid range, like 150-200 m where your weakspots are harder to hit. 128 apcr drops down to 263 on 500 m, and 340 heat stays that. You are below 300 in most engagements allready, and you have just 2% normalisation from apcr vs HEAT that simply does not fail when you shoot bricks. Slower tanks end up fighting super heavies more than fast ones. T-10 has perfectly servicable AP round to evade trolling by space armor (12 mm more pen than E-75) on everything that moves, and delicious 340 mm, best heat on any heavy. Buffed 128 may be a better gun, but T-10 still has better shells.