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  1. Nope! You do not want to give enemies shots at your "cheeks", since it is egg shaped. If you angle more than 20 degrees or so, it drops to 280 or so, so susceptible to 330 heat (and remember - heat has 85 deg ricochet angle, not 70).But actually yes. if you angle it just 10-15 degrees, mantlet can reach 700-800 mm, so best to wiggle slightly. But too much angle, and you are just giving the enemies a larger non-mantlet area (mantlet goes well above 700 mm if shots get just a bit from side). Angling the turrets work better for boxy ones than for round ones. but most important fact is to simply wiggle between reloads. KV-4 for example has a great mantlet (with bad parts of just 180, but good are better than 300), and turret sides are super thick - 150 mm, so 500 effective frontally. If you angle it like E-100 you get the turret sides down to 250 , but you increase turret (non mantlet) to "just 200" or so - but you cover one side of it. If you add wiggling, you get a lot of troll bounces...especially since ppl think you are overangling all the time, and shoot the sides - while you do not do it. same with hull, you must do a perfect diamond angle - sides are 150, front 150 (yes, 160 is the LFP everyone shoots at anyway). Fun fact: penthouse on the roof actually has stronger sides than the main turret, it is 180 sideways and frontally*, not 150. I like when ppl shoot there. One more reason to (over)angle KV-4 turret. *Both turret and mini turret are hexagonal, and while the main turret is 180 frontally, 150 mm on edges and just 120 from behind (weakspot for lights if 90 mm ass is up to the wall), mini turret is 180 on not just front, but also on the two frontal edges. Two rear side edges and behind are 150 mm. So it is never weaker than the main turret, but it has no mantlet - so a good target for tier 9s, but not for tier 8s and below. It is also more angled frontally, so hitting the top and bottom of the angled penthouse frontally can reach 250-280 of effective armor (thus troll bounces)
  2. more like E 100 one, Maus has stronger sides, so you can overangle with KV-4 if you do that kind of an angle.
  3. Yup...this is not the Persh...fighting higher tier heavies is a pain in the ass...welcome to the world of normal tier 8 meds... On the other hand, better gun handling makes killing softer (and faster) targets easier...and since it is a prem tank, you wanna farm dmg anyway...
  4. Playing almost exclusively the Pilot, Persh and Patriot these days, I can feel the pain.
  5. 105 was buffed a lot since release, but 88+stock turret is still a way to go if you: 1. do not have mad crew skills fit for a tier 10 tank, but fresh 2 skill crew you started to grind the line, with bare bones in camo and rep, so your vision abusing is minimal unless top tier. 2. do not run food - it improves 105 more than 88 due to diminishing returns on 88. I liked 2 rep kits simply due to shitty modules. 3. do not have that much experience with tanks with bad gun dep, or simply want a easier grind. 88+ stock turret fits more into playstyle of a generic, shitty tier 8 med. pop ridge and shoot for pew-pew. can permatrack, and 88 apcr+nice aim time works quite good. my setup on Kranvagn is exactly the same as yours...i am trying to do the same - spot when my shitty gun does not add up...or when i am reloading with no arty. P.S. you should have used optics, especially if you ran food even with 88+stock turret. you have gimped your vision too much. That thing alone would have given you quite a few % WR at least in 1st setup. I got similar WR/ less dmg as you at 1st setup, and i am a scrub. 105 mm was shit, I grinded it in 1st patch since release+had 1.5 skill crew+no food. TVP VTU Czech MT 8 185 56.76% 1477 68.68 1.15 1.12 77% 622 115009 3rd Class 2413
  6. I got 1.35 armor efe...on O-Ho. I think ppl are shooting angled tits way too much. That track link on O-Ho turret eats E 100 gold shells quite often. So, Type 5 Godzilla setup if I have understood correctly: ramm, vstab, spall. No vents/optics (i run O- Ho with standard setup of vents+food, but O-Ho can not aim too much against more than half tanks it sees) 2 rep kits+food? I like optics more than spall...not sure it helps enough (I have Maus...), since HE dmg is not all that often when going city...but again, I run medkit in Maus. Does it ever burn? Or type 4, too? O-Ni burned from time to time, O-Ho not at all. I am thinking of dropping medkit for 2nd rep kit in O-Ho for ammo racks...but they are quite rare since i actively hide them.
  7. how much gold you fire? l100 is better here hands down...if you are cheap Both guns will not make a shit tank any better...but l100 is a better chai sniper...and gold round can actually pen E 100 lfp...just to scratch him, true...
  8. Put paint first. Feel the difference...it is not 7.4% but 10.4...worth it...I have about 50% overall camo, and that is about 15% camo on the move (only thing that matters, you camp bush if you are not moving). Highest you can get is 17.5%. now, crew camo will give you about twice as much. I have Camo as my 4th skill, after BIA/rep/vision/gunnery skills. If you are not using meth chocolate, you are doing it wrong. Tier 9 gun handling and dpm makes you easy meat in dogfights...that is why the gun feels derpy - but if you aim all the way in, and play T62 afterwards, hovermeds feel derpy with 0.34 vs 0.3. But choco+vision skills lets you burn more camo from enemies...on shit base camo tanks, SIA+recon are worth more than camo on those ppl. Safe stowage is 2nd perk on loader, just after BIA (and before camo). You can always play safe and stay away from vision games if having shit crew...and that means less than 450-460 m VR in randoms.
  9. It was 3 years ago, way less gold ammo was around...KV-4 was a beast...i got more dmg from arty than other tanks. It was before Japs, Czech, and OP tier 8 prems...when top tier (despite cancer gun - like 2 y before the buff) i was sure in winning if arty spared me...if not a vision map and 3 rhm in bushes. I also had a shit crew with only full rep... But yeah...KV.4 is the only tank where it is worth if (if no FF crew)...you have enough hitpoints to burn twice and still have 800-1000 hp left (and live to kill more tanks if you survive two roasts)...and so thick side armor (and poor traverse) that lights/same tier meds) simply have to flank you to pen you... Oh, yeah, angle the turret in a KV-4. About 30% angle makes it stronger.
  10. I thought I am using the white painted hit zones mod. Mod is not banned, not myself... Webium modpack does not have any illegal content anyway... I shoot ammo racks all the time...hit O-Ho today with my Persh, it said "crit hit" right after I hit him in that zone...I thought that time...maybe it is my lucky day...next shot same spot...ka-booom. Today i put a KV-4 on fire...twice...he had fire ext (not AFE, burned like 300 first before activated), but I had him sideways...after 3x240 pew pew he burned for the rest. Just a thought...no, bitch, you have no second fire ext, now your ass is mine... P.S. I carried 2 in my KV-4 days...and a rep kit...when your team melts around you, you can live to get lit up twice...way too often, from arty splash, too.
  11. I have no issues going full HEAT in my E 100, so full gold+discounted onigiri (and 2 rep kits I suppose?) is OK, too. Doing enough strongholds in my Patriot anyway. Playing medium tanks is actually getting way more expensive - shooting 330 HEAT feels ghetton by todays standards, and bringing down a single superheavy simply bankrupts you...since you bounce 50 % of gold shots...so you need 8-10 k credits to do 330-390 dmg in that kind of engagement... My Maus with 2/3 of goldspam makes more money than my tier X meds...true story, bro. I simply have issues with unreliable armor at O-Ho Ho (OK, it is reliable - I KNOW I am getting penned as soon as tier 8 tanks switch to gold or facing higher tier guns)...so hp trading, gun depression, etc is fine with me...picked a lot of neat tricks from ho ho ho motherfuckers thread.
  12. Gold on FV 183 is a big mistake against quite a lot of tanks...nothing is better than getting 500 splash in a shitty tier 8 heavy (like O-Ho Ho) and then putting 2 shots while he reloads... Tier 10 HEAT is great if the gun is super accurate, and the HEAT flies fast (1200 m/s in the E-50 M) - you nail not just the E-100 huge turret face, but also smaller weakspots, like pre-nerf E5 cupola, E4 whole turret, etc... Maus full apcr is a given...Löwe not that much...when toptier...
  13. i hated O-No too. Sry for derailing the topic (it is kinda dead, anyway), but if you had to choose one of them, which would you choose? I have just one yap crew, and plenty of both tier 8 and tier 10 heavies. I rly like O-Ho. You can answer here, in a message or in some of your Godzilla loving treads.
  14. They are where they are painted on tanks. Still not banned...
  15. Well, you can always derp around in a M4 for some low- tier clubbing...with that same crew...No need to powergrind the line, it is not going anywhere...this is not Grille/TVP/E5/Maus...nerfed or pending... I have got the Pershing 2 months ago after breaking with USA meds for 2 years (stopped at T20, and used the crew when they buffed E5), and was pleasantly surprised at this marathon. Good to even out the crew skills with x2 crew exp on lowest crewmember.