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  1. It was buffed exactly one year ago in micropatch 9.17.1 by exactly 10% base dpm. And there is no "yours Panther". Right now it has 2,111.79 DPM. In comparing tanks you always use base dpm, since you can mount the same equipment on every other medium and get the same % bonus. before the buff it had 1919.81 DPM. Still insufficient buff. Meta changes alone ditched the tank more than a pitiful buff could save. 8,8 cm Kw.K. 36 L/56 had received way more love over several buffs (along with the buffs to the wielders to a varying degree), and now is a potent weapon...in tier VI. You can push the theoretical DPM to 2,558.57. So what? Comet in the same setup still gets 200 DPM more, and is (still) a better tank. Both are garbage...and I was a great fan of panther. Considered several times to rebuy, but in this meta, no chance. Even 240 alpha in that tier feels anemic. But let's be honest, even in the times of vision (read camping) meta, you needed speed and/or camo, and this one has neither. besides, TDs wrecked mediums in pretty much every setup back then. RHM with 400 m base view range(some tier IV TDs had that much!) and better camo than it has now...after firing. Imagine E-25 camo after firing with 128 mm... It was seal clubbing, since most tier 7 tanks sucked even worse than now. Now you can at least trade (and try to track), before you would lose half your hit points and never knew where from. Also, since the death of vision meta, arty is now cancerous to anyone, not just to meds and heavies that expose. TDs are getting their fair portion of skyshit.
  2. Use the huge discounts on purchasing selected tanks if you do the holiday ops missions - you still get 50% of their nominal price (normal price for same tier tank) if you sell them. Pick the most expensive tank in tier (generally heavies), buy them and sell straight away- you can get credits for free, just by buying them on a huge discount (for selling tier 2-7 you can get a handy sum, since 2-5 is costs almost nothing to buy, 6 is on 80% discount, and 7 on 60%. You can net around 800 000 silver, enough for 3-8 pieces of equipment on sale. better than last year, when you had to suffer through the swedish TDs...and you got the useless crew...you had to retrain (and pay gold). P.S. Last year I posted in the swedish vehicles, but this topic has no specific place...if mods think different, feel free to move it.
  3. Not interested in an IS-7. i like T-10 sweet gun handling/ pen a whole tier lower, and derps made IS-7 armor too dependable on MM. besides, armor creep meant that the main problem of the tank is the penetration. What was gained by corridor meta, was lost on Maus spam. And fights between Maus and IS--7 are one of the most boring (and expensive) things in WOT. Now the fucking Badger... WG made the armor creep together with introducing new tanks with shit penetration, besides Chinese TDs every new tank since 2014 had just enough worse penetration not to be able to engage frontally. That works with Skoda T50, but not the POS Kranvagn, post-nerf Grille...when they remove JPE100 you will literally have better pen in a tier 9 that 10. badger already has a worse gold than tortoise, and a proper heavy like Maus just shrugs it's shells most of the time. I am against removing high pen guns in this stupid corridor meta. That is why heaviums work the best. They most often have the better gold shell than superheavies (and TDs) , along with the ability to flex,. I am ashamed to admit, but japanese heavies actually became something good for meta, not bad. they are inflexible, and negate a lot of armor, but they are the only thing that can dislodge a dug-in badger/superheavy. And they are relatively easy to penetrate, although you need to press 2-2. True mediums suffered the most...proposed pen nerf of about 20-30 mm from like 2 years ago would be nothing compared to this armor creep. Go with the flow, or die...
  4. I bet it is worth restraining myself from grinding a 5A back from 111 1-4. CCCP must get a new sweet tier X heavy soon...
  5. E8 was powercreeped a long time ago. Strv 74 does all of it much better (hill poke, shooting on the "move"), with the added benefit of laser acc and usable penetration on both shells. You either fastbois in a crommie/Type, snipe in VKM/Strv 74 or slap ppl for 180/220 alpha.
  6. Of all the tier X tanks I have bought, all were way less fun to play and I regretted buying them, except 3 - Maus (after the 1st superbuff), Type 5 heavy (same), and E 50 M. MM is shit way too often without HEAT. My stance on this was the same a year ago, but armor creep (and physics change) made E 50 continuously less enjoyable to play. Now that the T54 has a accurate gun, why bother? It got armor buff, too.
  7. Ditch almost all of the AP shells. They are useful only for one-shoting arty. AP pen is almost the same as HE, use it only against paper targets - when you wanna be sure not to hit the tracs (sky cancer). You will rarely need more than 10 HEAT, since you will not spam those at range, but rather use them for side-shots on tanks like Tiger...or frontal engagements when you rush same tier meds (be vary of T-34, if they angle they can bounce low roll HEAT) HE carry a lot, i need at least 40. They are useful for house-destroying, for instance Prokhorovka city, when enemy cap. Shoot HE and you can destroy 2 houses with every shell if you hit straight between them. Also, some tanks with strong turrets (like T29) will take like 30-50 dmg, and O-I not more. This tank does not have a strong role in meta, T-34 with 57 mm can buzzsaw through heavies with APCR from (safe) range, you can derp-snipe (sometimes hilarious, mostly frustrating), vision kite on a few vision maps left, and in city flank heavies and HEAT (or snapshot with HE). Basically, try to inflict as much pain as possible on T67s, Hellcats and paper TDs (once spotted). derp has actually a mild gun handling, it is not a russian one. A much better gun than German "2nd class guns", i.e. those with middling accuracy/pen and alphas, like 75 mm l 48, 8,8 cm Kw.K. 36 L/56 , 10,5 cm Kw.K. L/52 ... If you do not have a prime german gun (long 75, 88, 105 mm, or 128/150 mm boomstick), derp is the best option anyway. Mid-tier germans have trash guns. just compare 75 mm l 48 with 57 mm of soviet fantasy...an example of bias. This. from an ugly duckling to a serious contender in its own tier in one patch (buff somewhere in spring of 2017...). It was previously a downgrade from Pz. IV, notw it is my keeper.
  8. IS-7 got some love recently, but how to deal with the crap pen? If only we could change nationality of the crews for 1000 gold a pop, i would make a new girl crew for 5 A. 130 mm boomstick is sexy with dat nice slurpy HEAT.
  9. I was also out for more than 6 months, and the mediums were going out of meta almost 1.5 years ago. now even the heavies nobody played (Japs) or everybody laughed at (Maus) are OP...Even the brits finally got a good one (Super Conq-sry 215B lovers, but that tank was for masochists, at least before the arty nerf) does somebody have an suggestion for a Soviet heavy? I have a spare 3 skill crew (from my ISU which I sold after the recent nerf), and i already have: T-150 IS-3 T-10 I am looking for a tank that fits the meta, and is fun to play. any tier suggestion, I am actually not looking for a tier X. How is the IS-7/4 feel like right now? I kinda like my broken box tanks like the Maus or Type 5, so not sure if the ruskies have anything to offer top tier. I have an E-100, 113, Kranvagn and assorted CW shit that is no fun at all in pubs. But suggestions in range of KB-3/KB-4 or something like that would be nice. I also own an E-75, and from tier VIII there are the WZ-111 and Patriot, so not sure if I need another tier 8 heavy, despite the KV-4 troll factor (I would buy VK 100.10 P for that anyway). Tier 7 i have Tiger and T-29, so not sure if KV-3 would be worth it. any thoughts? I am open to suggestion in buying a good med, too, but they are not the meta...and I have plenty of them...like Obj 416/T-34/T28, T-54/T62A...
  10. Well, close range can be tricky, due to gun arc limitations/bloom when traversing/aim time. After the nerf, the primary role it had (and a role more important now than before) - the counter to the super-heavies, is now out of the question. Hell, you can take a RHM (with either gun), and get a turret, acc, aim time and penetration, or in case of 15 cm, the same alpha, too. even the dumbest super-heavies will slap you by the time you get out of cover (hard cover, since bush camping with this shit pen is out of a question. and how many bushes are left?), aim their weakspots, and retreat. Best pen was the thing that kept it alive, and one of the rare tanks I was happy to engage tier X heavies. There were many games where my support won the tier X match, with me winning Halonen medal, even killing 3 tier X super heavies, along with removing massive chunks from other tanks. APCR as prem also means that it is now at just 242 mm pen at long range fire (same as AP), a penetration not sufficient for even some same tier tanks. hell, as close as 200 m it drops to 280 mm, and with that tier 9&10 heavies just laugh their faces off. It lost the "low drop APCR" thing it had previously. Now it is just another gold shell efficient at medium range at most, so I would pick the 15 cm RHM heat over it any time. And RHM can pop out and fire in 2-3 seconds, even with some aiming. Long range, HEAT is better anyway with proliferation of Mouse Family, and bento boxes in higher tiers. Ferdi is now literally better at anything ISU could do (like, not evaporate from a single arty/derp hit as RHM), along with being able to go aggro and meet heavies in city. it is not even slower, and gun arc makes you so much more efficient. ISU is killed by meta, powercreep,view range nerfs, and this is the final nail in the coffin. Just so WG could sell more OP heavies - now you need other heavy to counter them efficiently anyway.
  11. I have not played a game in more than 6 months, and was not so pleasantly surprised when i came back this weekend. The issue with chinese is that i have only 2 chinese crews, and russians are plenty...especially since i have a feeling that the number of fun tanks in russian three is lower than 2 years ago (which was basically at least one medium/heavy in tiers 5/6/7/8, both heavies in tier 8, and 9, both meds in tier 9,...tier X hovercrafts...). I will have to adapt, but I will probably simply stay out of higher tiers altogether. meta seems slower to change in mid-tiers, especially after the bento boxes are put back in place. And anyway, Chinese TDs got 750 alpha boomstick 2 tiers higher than CCCP ones. 9 instead of 7.
  12. Well, ISU is now way more on the mercy or RNG with this pen values. You roll 230 and bounce an IS-3. Otherwise, I think you missed the point (or pain of) playing ISU; derpastic gun makes you wish every shell that even remotely touches the enemy pens, and simply aim for center mass. Ferdi was becoming better anyway thanks to meta changes, but this kills any reason to play it now. A bad thing, because BL-10 was one of the rare things to balance the Defender and overbuffed 8-10 heavies. With more lights (unlikely to hit at all) and overbuffed heavies (unlikely to penn), and being blind and turning like a beached whale, it makes even more sense to simply downgrade to SU-152, and balance things with 250 HEAT . As a history aficionado, i will miss the "zveroboy".
  13. I have both, and since I am spamming Gold in my maus all the time, why not do the same in Type (for arguably better results). Speed is also a good deal better in Type...But when you Play E-100 after those, tank feels like flying. Type is fun, but nothing beats Mäuschen/Maus for pure, raw WR solo as it stands. Yes, you ruin ppl day, and get better dpg...but Maus alone can chew so many opponents that it yields spectacular solo WR. Bottom line: I Play type 5 10x more than maus.
  14. Using +100% experience boosters bis much more efficient than just doing daily doubles... especially in a tier 5 - you can do 60-65%down there solo, even with shit crew, carry potential of a tier 5 is great...thus you actually save on your nerves. And free exp cost of modules is negligible in tier five...
  15. You forgot the wholesale buff of German super bricks. They are getting more common by day. Especially against E 75/ Mäuschen you stand no chance if they switch to gold. Maus YouTube cannot even scratch...and while it is not expected of you to take him alone, you can be a nasty customer. Enough go to live through 4 shots, and you can be a great support in taking him down...that end matches, especially if your team has just a few tier X, and noobs driving them
  16. It is a fine tank. It just has limitations you need to account for, or you will achieve nothing. Try my advice regarding equipment, and food is great on this one (makes more sense than on Strv 74 since that one has a tier 9 acc gun handling). Anyway, why you cry for a tier 5 stock grind? It takes just a few games to elite, especially with experience boosters you are getting all the time now, it seems. From events, missions and top of the tree. Wait for tier 9 stock grind!
  17. They did that with Defender...at least for strongholds (and Patriot was a CASH COW as it has enough silver pen to deal with IS-3s without gold, and it gets plenty of kills due to great ROF + spotting and tracking dmg once scouts die), Patriot makes meagre profits if they roll with 3-4 Defenders or more (the usual setup now). Right on money. In pubs, at least, especially solo, Patriot is still king.
  18. Feels like O-Ni after playing O-Ho. but not that bad. Same crippling reload that enables just about everyone to trade 2 for 1, even E-100, and you are very slow pulling back in cover. if ppl have balls and rush you, you are dead. If you track them with intention of retreating, they repair the tracks instantly, thanks to reusable kits. I hate that bloom on both, but Type 4 does have the armor to aim all the way in, at least against some tanks, and the aim time/acc, while still atrocious, are way better. 3.2 vs 3.5, and 0.52 vs 0.56. The tank itself (Type 4) can be improved drastically by shooting gold and running onigiri (the worse bloob/dpm/acc, the more effect of food, and gold helps a lot when hitting some bad spots for HE).
  19. I free exp the 14 cm, and played just a few games before getting the derp, too. Tracks...there is a module for that, bought at discount. Retrain crew for silver, use +300 boosters and food. in 4 battles up to 100%. Finished the grind with rly goood stats, near the end used up all the onigiris, and could not afford gold shells. Without the derp it is indeed trash. but with derp you are very, very useful to your team when not top tier.
  20. This Shoot gold at enemy super heavies, and just watch your WR (and DPG) rise. this is a good tank to do reliable dmg vs tier X overbuffed heavies, and you can pull way more than your weight regardless o tier. Dont use the 14 cm, Defenders will laugh at you. it also has shit gold, if you are dead on spamming gold, use at least use the derp. Poor mans shells are also better with the derp, just aim to splash engine decks or turret roofs.
  21. It is very susceptible to be raped by arty. Frontal engine + thin engine deck, and it burns often from arty/LFP hits. Bad gun depression as a trademark of rear-turreted tanks. Mostly map-dependent, less regarding enemy team composition. I would not recommend it to anyone. But if you are comfortable playing rear-turreted tanks, and have lots of experience playing them (VK-B, FV 215, Obj 430 V2...), go for it. New power-creep. This tank may not be the generalist like patriot, but it is a good source of frustration for Defenders, and limited mm heavies even more (dat LFP will make IS-6 cry even more than defender, the later at least have hatches). Gun is unusually accurate for a 90 mm, much less 105. It also has good gold pen, again, unlike regular USA 105 mm. Good soft stats.
  22. 15 cm has shit dpm, shit acc, shit shell velocity. This 3 things annoys me way too much. But it does not bounce. Only if you are a scrub and fire AP. HEAT vs AP has 85 vs 70 autobounce angle...again, 311 apcr is sweet, but it drops down to 270 on prokh. I would rather have 15 cm there, 334 all the way. 128 is best at mid-range, about 300 m. It needs 2x less aim than 15 cm, and there is still enough pen. Chai snipe with HEAT and you aim center mass anyway, actually much better chance of hitting than some weakspot with 128 + you tend to shoot slower, fatter targets + Chai snipe you aim all the way always. + on prokh enemies go towards you (+15 cm). hard to miss them, but dpm comes in handy (+128)...when top tier.
  23. 15 cm has lower dpm, acc and shell velocity. But beside alpha, it is a good deal lighter. RHM is so slow, and so fucking long, that, coupled with gun depression, you take plenty of shots back. 15 cm adds to survivability A LOT. Especially the longer reload - with 128 you are still spotted by time you reload. If you wait that 2 sec, and then go for a 2nd shot, you will be blind-fired, or blind-artied. I like 128 more, but it gets me into trouble, or i am too slow to escape it.
  24. I remember a time when 128 was clearly superior, because 400 m view range, insane camo (even when firing), and you could keep firing without getting spotted continuously on most maps. Karelia, sand river - defence and similar would be such a farm...it was sad to see the enemy meds getting shreded with 128. Both guns do well against heavies, but back then TDs could do everything better than meds, more viewrange, more camo, 2 tier better guns mostly... (hellcat)...in case you had an accurate gun (128), and DPM (128), while alpha is nice to have, but shell velocity in 15 cm is bad in hitting moving targets at range (lights, meds, fast tds), but 15 cm heat is better at firing at heavies (stays 334 at range, 128 apcr drops to 270ish). Also, draw range changes mean no longer 720 m shots, where you needed all the acc/shell speed you could manage.
  25. Caern better than tiger 2? Blasphemy! Caernarvon levels of ammoracks and dmg from derps (and arty) is hard to attain. before the arty nerf 80 mm of side armor at least protected from full pens most of the time, while 50 mm was full pen very often. KT turret is not good, true...but it s gun compensates for that with alpha, accuracy, and penetration. It even has more hp.