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  1. Yeah, sorry about that....Pubbies were really bad last night, guess all the decent players left after ranked was over....
  2. I wish , had my team actually yoloed properly into their cap before they even realise it , we could have won , but oh nooooooo , that one cent AX looks so scary , the lemming train of 13 tanks can't possibly take out one cent AX.
  3. Man , what's going on in those fucking pubbies' minds , pushing north flank in karelia when you don't have the hill ESPECIALLY when you spawn north , don't they fucking realise they'll just get snipe to shit if they push the enemy base.
  4. Got kicked from -1ar- , guess they finally found the true baddie
  5. 250+ turret armour , balanced MT with good gun depression
  6. Dafug , when was he such an asshole :/ , maybe he was less outspoken when I was in SMUG....but still
  7. Edit : I guess I should be happy since that wasn't me kek
  8. @Flying_Elite You didn't come back after getting your food?
  9. Probably with memes , anime to trigger the aussies especially reaps , and maybe some lewd pictures so people actually come to my channel or at least click on it.
  10. That ain't my channel, but I want one.
  11. Dafug , did neokai joined pbkac? Or was it just someone conveniently named Neo?
  12. Yeah , I wonder whose account was it. Still though , that account is cursed , even being top damage and exp can't save tier 10 teams.
  13. Welcome back to tanks , enjoy your nightmare
  14. I was wondering why I was getting pen constantly playing this tank last night , and now I do. wtf why Victory! Battle: Airfield Vehicles: FV215b Experience received: 3,000 (x2 for the first victory each day) Credits earned: 82,814 Battle achievements: High Caliber, Confederate, Steel Wall, Master Gunner, Sharpshooter, Mastery Badge: "II Class" 5.4k dmg and 50k profit , could have much more if I didn't pussy out against an IS-7 who was penning that weakspot that I didn't know
  15. Fucking hell hellvn , this made me laugh loudly in the middle of lecture haha , now all of them are looking at me