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  1. T26E5 Patriot - The new Freedom on the Block

    Alright, thanks for the input guys! I suppose what you guys mean is that the E5 is optimal for good players, whereas the E4 is good for beginners? Out of curiosity, how does it compare to a Type 59? Is the Type 59 still regarded as the best premium? I've seen plenty of posts saying that, not just on official WoT forums but here as well (but they've all been before T26E5 was out, so maybe this tank is the new king?). And one more question. I realize that obviously you're not working on the game, but any idea on whether this tank will be offered later on as well if you don't purchase it during the period?
  2. T26E5 Patriot - The new Freedom on the Block

    The question is, in terms of profit/tank capabilities, how does this compare to Type 59/FCM/IS-6 or other good prems? Also, is there any point in getting this tank if I have the Super Pershing? Or is there not a big difference between them?