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  1. Can confirm, the assumptions on how the orders are automatically commited to skipped 15th missions are true. Also, free 260 for me
  2. The T55A uses Russia camo AFAIK, so it might also be 3 Germany, 3 USA, and 6 for Russia. At least that's how it worked with CW camos if I remember correctly.
  3. Great, with these buffs the AMX 13 105 will have more potential damage than the BatChat. 33x390 compared to 30x390... They should buff the Bat Chat ammo capacity as well!
  4. Maybe these are the vehicles for the new tutorial/"bootcamp" that is also part of 9.19.1?
  5. Is the turret fully traversible or only limited like the 416's? I think I did not see this stated anywhere explicitly.
  6. It's now hardwired to the Auto-Aim key... From the Patchnotes: 12. Changes to Controls Changed the operation logic of the button that locks turret rotation: the Auto-Aim button is now used for locking the turret. Previously, the default button for locking the turret rotation was RMB.
  7. It gets 2 instead of 3 seconds activation delay with the boost.
  8. I am kinda tempted to swap the T28 HTC for a Panther/M10...
  9. Emblems and stuff are always locked to the tank that you bought them on. If you want to use the same emblem on another tank, you have to buy it again for the other tank, even if you dismount it before.
  10. yes, exactly. you can remove them from the vehicle, but they still remain owned and you can just buy another set.
  11. Bulldog and LTTB took their camos with them from T7 to T8 on the CT AFAIK, so they were not reimbursed. M41 90 GF does not even have any customization options and remains completely unchanged (except better MM). One more thing, if it was not clear to everybody yet: You get refunds not only for camo/emblems/inscribtions that you currently have active on the vehicles, but any that you own for them.
  12. On the CT I got the full price for my camos refunded. I only buy gold camo when it is on sale, so it seems like they do not only compensate for the price you paid but the normal value.
  13. AFAIK Type 62 could always mount Vstab already. So it only benefits from better MM and further nerfs of it's T7 Light peers.
  14. It gets put back to the depot and you can apply it again to a vehicle of your choosing. I can also confirm that this happened on the CT.
  15. I did not see any info on this yet, but what will happen to the T2 Light? Will it also no longer see Tier 4 matches?