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  1. Looks like it will have horrid DPM
  2. TFW you cannot extinguish a fire by pouring gasoline all over the place
  3. INB4 Supertest finds the armor irrelevant and they give it the VKP 200mm UFP
  4. Who is even this cockfag with an annoying voice?
  5. Thread derailed
  6. Do you want my adventures in crayonland replays?
  7. WG went full Oy Vey SHUT IT DOWN!
  8. Askin for weakspots implies the tank has strongpoints...
  9. i said times 5 weekend.... that implies 300 is what i would've gotten with the 5x multiplier
  10. I sure love getting 300XP because of a fast cap in a times 5 weekend. Oh wait.....
  11. is there someone so fucking bad that is capable of achieving such feat?
  12. I just go middle ridgeline and poke over for a couple of seconds, or just chaisnipe the hill from the very edge of the draw range, otherwise i get cucked by invisiwookies if i go 1-2 lines or end up in a 3 way crossfire if i go hill.
  13. You could have a 3 million games sample size and some cocktard will jump in and claim hurr durr samplze sizez too small durr