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  1. Old maps with the S-Tanks
  2. Is that player skill devolving insanely?
  3. Getting him to accept that double tapping 2 can save him more games could be a start
  4. Arty players can literally go get fucked by a cactus
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    2. Fulcrous


      No... That applies to some black holes... If you consider density to be uniform.

    3. TAdoo87


      The supermassive ones are not dense. The regular ones are (with the mass of a couple of suns) very very dense. It is because the mass of the blackhole is proportional with the outer radius of the event horizon, but the enclosed volume is proportional with the cube of the radius.

    4. hazzgar
  5. 13 57, Type 62, M41 90, PzB2, Blyatfender
  6. it does creates matches fairly quickly and uses the predefined MM presets, so i'd say it behaves decently enough. You're still going to eat shit in tier 8 tho
  7. But not really optimal, besides if he wants to run other things more demanding than WoT 4 gigs will not be adequate
  8. Add another 4gb stick, so WoT doesn't starts to give "insufficient memory pls restart game blyat" message and to avoid crashes, especially if you plan on running mods.
  9. I have 3.6 millions of convertable xp, i accept donations to my paypal account to convert all of that
  10. its basically a less gayer OW with less tits and colors