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  1. which site is this? i need to see the % of apes in NA
  2. ELC EVEN seems that might suffer from the Scorpion syndrome, aka getting slight lovetaps from your allies and losing 500 hp just by leaving the base.
  3. welcome, the first advice i'd give to you is not shoot me in the back maybe?
  4. naming and shaming this subhuman piece of shit the map is erlenberg so he jumps off one of the bridges and drowns, proceeds to trash talk everyone for the next 7 minutes
  5. stop rigging this election man.
  6. what's with EU and their aversion to HEAT???
  7. youjo

    come join nico, we totally kkk nazi pedos
  8. don't have light tanks don't have Maus free T 55A
  9. you can't tell clickers on the enemy team to go die of anal rupture anymore
  10. you could use wotzilla. it tracks every second of your existance and even tells you the amount of farts per hour.
  11. ¿? does not compute
  12. Where?
  13. completely irrelevant due to dispersion stats being shit