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  1. want easy windows 8s?? go pad a T-127
  2. did it in the T95 and the T110E3
  3. Some boosts might be useful for competitive modes such as tournaments, CW or Advances tho so you might want to learn those.
  4. I'd suggest to learn the 0 Line boost in sacred valley to go chase boosted shitters
  5. My thoughts exactly. Why OP?
  6. 2 birds with the same stone


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    2. Strigonx
    3. Errants


      Whelp, congrats, then!

    4. Archaic_One


      Very nice!  Congrats.  I'll never ever get there . . .

  7. Its like what tier 8 mediums wanted to be. Workable armor to bully low pen D-25T guns. Retarded DPM with good penetration on the standard rounds ensures you'll almost never have to 2 2, or at least not every single time. Decent mobility ensures you can move around. Heavy tank HP pool.
  8. 1. kek 2. kek 3. kek 4. kek 5. kek 6. Strv 74, Cromtard, M6, T-34-85, Rudy 7. kek 8.lmao 9. most of them 10. all of them
  9. You're implying pubbies have the ability to do just that.
  10. tumblr_osf7s7NGQW1th4op5o2_1280.jpg

    1. saru_richard


      i see you bum rush field in Malinokov

  11. But if WG managed to remove XVM from pubs how would the retards feel good when they won't be able to throw matches like mongoloids in exchange of a single shot of damage to a decent player?
  12. Out of my past 670 games in tier 8, at least less than 90 have been in top tier.
  13. When QB outrights tells the new weebtank is OP as balls, you know you fucked up.

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    2. favorius



      10 hours ago, saru_richard said:

      ok who in wargaming allowed the WoWS dev team to make stuff for WoT?

      That is not a fair comment for WoWs team. In WoWs you have option to disable them and they are exactly same ships present in tech tree (only with ugly paint job)

      -fanboy mode off

    3. Sgt. Pepper

      Sgt. Pepper

      13 hours ago, Evelyn said:

      There's already a precedent for nerfing premium tanks though. When they did the first changes to the Super P they offered people refunds for those who wanted it.

      That was in 2013. This is 2017. Have you noticed that, upon release of a premium tank, it has not been nerfed? I honestly would like to know the last premium tank that got nerfed and when it was. I know for certain it wasn't in the past 2 years. In the past few years, they've only nerfed premiums while testing them. Once they go live, they're guaranteed to never be nerfed. I knew that, buying my T26E5, it would never be nerfed because WG didn't nerf the M4 49, WG stil has not nerfed the 252U or anything else. They've proven that their wallet is more important than player retention. No refunds to give if we only distribute OP tanks.

    4. Assassin7


      IIRC the last prem tank they nerfed WAS the SP.  Then they started releasing trash prems and buffing them later  then they started releasing more and more OP prems. 

  14. Mission Accomplished


    1. saru_richard


      good job... now do Art 15 :nyes:

  15. Memes aside, your clan management needs to gas themslves. Also i concur with shifty, i hav a lot of W members on the blacklist for being massive cunts