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  1. How to balance the 268-4?

    Remove it entirely and bring back the 263 to tier 10
  2. Winning is now more RNG based than ever?

    for NA peeps change it to Brazil
  3. that LOAD/TYPE5 faggot called Tamagakure_xd Pls eat shit mixed with glass shards
  4. Is there a mod that allows you to cap the fps at 30? so maybe i wouldn't have frame drops all over the place.

    The one in aslain's mod pack doesn't work btw.

    1. Tarski


      I don't know about mods for this purpose, but are you able to use RTSS (Riva Tuner Statistics Server)? It's a program that's available standalone or bundled with MSI Afterburn that allows you to set CPU-level fps caps for any game. The resulting delay is supposed to be <1 frame. 

  5. They asked the Blitz devs if they could have the K-91 lmao
  6. A Guide to True Botting

    Those DPGs can make carbonward blush
  7. The game does it for me by shitting itself down to 10 fps
  8. TFW total trash On the other hand running the game at 20 fps and stuttering all over the place might've to be a factor
  9. Tanks for SH tier VI VIII

    I played with NICO in a IS-6BLM with 50% crew and no equipment just for the memes and we still cuntpunched shit clans
  10. Tanks for SH tier VI VIII

    Tier 6: nonshit premiums Tier 8: Whatever premiums you have.
  11. i just play my Type 59 and shit credits and WN8 as well 2k damage apparently gives you 3.1k Windows8
  12. Mods in 2018

    The only mods i would run is the mark of excellence % mod and that one mod that shows where bizarre shots hit you after the battle. Other than that almost every functionality mods had has been implemented into the client
  13. WN8 vs WR correlation

    play the WZ-111 1-4 Win EZPZ