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  1. If you think the PC version is cancer, wait until you hear about the latest Blitz update. The newest update introduced three tiers of equipment in three categories, allowing you to fit up to 9 pieces of equipment to a tank. Sounds great, right? Haha, fuck you. Fully equipped tanks were only given the three tier-1 equipment slots, you have to wait for a long ass TIMER (or, of course, spend gold) to unlock each succeeding equipment slot, Vertstabs was nerfed and put in tier 3, and they gave you like a 1 to 20 compensation ratio in the new currency "spare parts", which mostly can only be earned with the retarded daily missions. A friend of mine calculated it would take him >two years of nonstop grinding to fully equip all his tanks again, tanks that were fully equipped and tournament ready just before the update. Fuck wargaming, turning perfectly playable games into utter cancer with just a single update.

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    2. Graf-Eisen


      WoT PC needs to steal the health scaling from blitz TBH. But yeah that sounds shit.

    3. HemanathanRX7


      What on earth?! That sounds horrendous..

      Rip Blitz


    4. Luna