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  1. Friendly reminder that you neg (-3) one ship and pos (+1) one ship. No more, no less. Also, its essentially a given that the elimination order goes Midway, Shitty CAs, shitty DDs, etc etc. The Tier 10 BBs shouldn't even be considered for elimination until the end when they have to go up against Hakuryuu....
  2. Without DFAA, I don't really think its worth it to spec into AA...
  3. what are you referencing here?
  4. this is just a general trend I've noticed. Blitz, PC WOT are both just fucking disintegrating right now. PC is getting autistic premiums 24/7 and Blitz just got mega fucked by a 'improved' equipment system. I swear WGHQ is so fucking awful at game development.
  5. If you think the PC version is cancer, wait until you hear about the latest Blitz update. The newest update introduced three tiers of equipment in three categories, allowing you to fit up to 9 pieces of equipment to a tank. Sounds great, right? Haha, fuck you. Fully equipped tanks were only given the three tier-1 equipment slots, you have to wait for a long ass TIMER (or, of course, spend gold) to unlock each succeeding equipment slot, Vertstabs was nerfed and put in tier 3, and they gave you like a 1 to 20 compensation ratio in the new currency "spare parts", which mostly can only be earned with the retarded daily missions. A friend of mine calculated it would take him >two years of nonstop grinding to fully equip all his tanks again, tanks that were fully equipped and tournament ready just before the update. Fuck wargaming, turning perfectly playable games into utter cancer with just a single update.

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      WoT PC needs to steal the health scaling from blitz TBH. But yeah that sounds shit.

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      What on earth?! That sounds horrendous..

      Rip Blitz


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  6. Ha jokes on you, wargaming made Blitz completely unplayable with the latest update
  7. The armor (and HP pool) is actually quite poor for a heavy - its one of the few tanks in tier that can eat frontal penetrations from KV-2 HE. No, what makes it retarded is FOUR HUNDRED non-derp AP ALPHA AT TIER SIX with not-that-bad gun handling and EIGHT DEGREES of gun depression with a turret and high speed. The trollish but unreliable armor isn't even a primary feature of the tank. With the prevalence of cover in blitz, its extremely easy to just roll around a corner, blap some poor tier 5 noob for well over half his hit points and then just pull back - theres very little counterplay short of getting circle jerked by one of the OP tier 7 mediums or something.
  8. Can confirm Concealment + AA is the best. I also suggest accuracy mod on Iowa and Montana rather than ROF mod.
  9. We have shit loads of fake tanks in blitz. The Nameless is a decent tier 7 heavy, but tier 7 is ruled by a whole load of fake ass tanks so....
  10. Once I oneshotted a Iowa from 80k in my north carolina lol
  11. As long as the tier 6 KV-1S is a thing, every other tank is underpowered kek
  12. For sure, a lot of the tier 6 meds are fun, enjoyable tanks, and the Steve is no exception. I would love to play one myself but...
  13. The essential problem is that it faces an abundance of excessively high DPM tier 7 tanks such as the Comet, T23E3 and others that reload nearly as quickly as the autoloader loads shells, but don't have to deal with the clip reload - this is the same thing that makes the T71 useless. The essential problem of medium tank duels in blitz is that almost every single medium tank fires on reload. Thus the only effective way to reduce incoming damage to your team is to bounce or dodge shells, since if you fire your three shots and retreat, you may not eat the damage but your fellow pubbies sure as hell will. The "steve" may thus farm damage, but it likely will not be the best tank to win games.
  14. Reality favored American Ships - the American combination of long-range focus with reliable, powerful superheavy shells, great overall design and metallurgy, and insanely good fire control along with exponentially better AA than any other naval power made its ships excellent overall. America's advantages lay especially in the 'soft' factors that don't translate/arent modeled/actually work against it in the game. An Iowa would shit on Yamato IRL, to say nothing of the monstrous Montana. But look at how the game ended up - Japanese ships dominate, second only to fantasy russian ships with guns firing at ridiculous barrel pressures and completely made up shells that ignore all laws of physics along with literal, absolutely unrealistic armor on a paper DD and engines that would blow up in seconds under quality Russian maintenance.
  15. penetration looks awful-359mm at 5km can't pen most BB belts, while Moskva's stalinium shells can pen 500-600+mm at the same range
  16. they should buff the turret to 250mm frontal like they did on blitz for shits and giggles
  17. Atago best tier 8 stealth battle cruiser -has heavy firepower with great HE and powerful AP -Has better torpedo armament than same tier DDs with great arcs -Has pretty decent armor along with a HEAL -Has something retarded like 9.3km concealment, can literally stealth fire guns and torpedoes -is very fast
  18. Mind suggesting a Atago and Iowa build for me? I currently run stealth on both, and use AA/accuracy build on Iowa. 15pt (soon 16) on Atago, 16 on Iowa.
  19. I have the old KV-1S on blitz with 400 Alpha, though thankfully HP pools are larger and MM is +1/-1 so it doesn't get to one shot things. Its still HORRIBLY overpowered though
  20. A hull Stealth Mogami w/155s is one of the most fun things to play in the game, TBH- consider going for that next as you can probably stealth fire from stock without even upgrading range
  21. we should run KV-1Ss when I get back from Glorious Red China(tm) and try to beat the 98% W/R / 100 battles record
  22. Perhaps its merely a familiarity thing, as the best players all racked up 20+k battles before the introduction of KBM.
  23. if you've ever played on a phone, the auto aim actually 'locks on' to whatever point you take your finger off at, meaning you can use the auto aim to track weak spots such as E5 cupolas and the like. This and the smoother aiming in general of a touch screen mean that the expected advantage of KB/M and big screen isn't very large at all, if it exists whatever - all the best players are still mobile or tablet tryhards.
  24. The blitz PC auto aim is awful-I think you have to perfectly hit center mass for it to engage (at least sometimes, other times autoaim is great). Honestly playing blitz PC is actually a disadvantage against the mobile OP autoaim that lets you lock onto weakspots