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  1. "To differentiate 30B from Leo 1" they say Proceed to make this a STB-1 with better aim time, better bloom, better DPM, better max speed Well done WG
  2. Definitely, just because there's always smart commie wedge drivers around going "reeeeee overangle and pwn that E-100", then you either waste HEAT on skirt armor, or bust his fuel tank with AP. Also AP is much more reliable dealing with batchat/fast moving cunts. "Better" velocity & normalization and all that.
  3. Basically what @CraBeatOff said, he took the words out of my mouth. Personally I don't find DPG/WN8 alone to be very credible metric, once you've reached a certain skill level. A lot of dat shiny damage comes from cleanup, whereas the actual battle is influenced & won by those 2-3 key shots placed at the right time. But don't get me wrong: DPG output is hella important. If you're good at outputting damage, you should be proud of that. Most pubbies can't outstrip their hp pool, and rising DPG means you are walking further away from that swamp.
  4. Same, honestly I don't feel the attraction any more. I used to love the mind games/rapid decision-making situations arisen from the camo/flank meta. But sadly, no more endlessly fascinating & unique puzzles in corridor games, and hence no actual intellectual depth. Might as well just go pick a popcorn FPS if I just want some quick surges of adrenaline/WASD-and-yo-down moments.
  5. My personal experience is: to just do it, when you feel like it. If you wanna improve, higher tier battles are leaps and bounds more punishing & valuable. Also high tier games are more intellectually challenging & fun for me now, but I remember being a noob and feeling lost at the gruesomely rapid pace when I was first exposed to it.
  6. link: OK... a south spawn game, and basically what happened was, I went mountain (9 line) instead of brawl zone (1 line), and we weren't able to push either of the flanks. Looking back, I'm not sure what I could've done. Here's my thought process: (1) Both teams had 1 top tier heavy, and the enemy had a slightly "heavier" comp. Should I go brawl? TBH, I have irrational fear of 1 line, because I don't know any good position for it. Hugging to hill exposes either my LFP or cupola, and ppl in front usually block backrow's line of sight. I didn't want to trade punches with E-100 -- he can just take his shot, get back and let teammates cover him during reload. That ditch on the left seems tempting, but it's arty triggering and most importantly a waste of my armor. (2) So I went 9 line, and I didn't push mountain top. I feared my 20km/h ass would be busted on the way to the top. So instead I went to the slope by the bridge, hoping to cut off ppl poking there and escort my teammates climbing up. However they didn't reach it, and I found myself flanked. (3) GG after 2000 dmg, and that ebola feeling of "could've done better" Any suggestions & opinions would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
  7. lol that's not wrong at all, yet when you chai-snipe, does it really matter if you have bad bloom, since you can sit down and aim forever....? Accuracy, shell velocity, camo, alpha and max speed are in my mind the most important sniper metrics, where type 61 is mediocre at best while AMX dominates almost all of em. AMX30's bloom is hnnng and turns like a shitwagon, but playing like a grille with turret, it's freaking awesome.
  8. Yep, I'd say it's exactly like that. It's capable of long-range engagements (0.35 acc + apcr), but lacks expertise against pro snipers (like amx30 or leo proto). Can't abuse ridgeline peeks because everyone autopens your tumor, which negates your aim-time/exposure edge. STB-1, on the other hand...
  9. Pley safe, learn red line sniping and farm dat WN8 But seriously, don't worry too much about consistency at this point. What you need most is situational awareness/positioning, something that you want to develop from a shit ton of deaths. Yet, WN8 doesn't like a shit ton of deaths: it's a solid metric, but rewards a damage-farming playstyle and, dare I say, penalizes map-control efforts and exposures. Now, you may want to ask: "But when I watch streams/replays/youtube, I know exactly why that guy owns the game! That's my situational awareness, isn't it?" Thing is, there's a HUGE gap between knowledge and actual application. You need to internalize and condense what you've learned into habits and intuitions, so that you can call upon them amongst the heat of battle. Not every one is capable of that: tinkering your own intuition and recognize your own bias is much harder than you thought. But the learning experience is a reward in its own right. So you want to git gud? Then die a lot, on every map during every possible scenario, and reflect upon why you died. Don't get discouraged by dips in stats and NEVER, EVER try to pad numbers by being a damage whorelord. It's not that playing for damage is bad -- mature players do it all the time. But as a prospect, you WILL miss out on the possibility of growth, and then you would never realize there's so much more beyond damage. It's not how I like my game plays out, and neither should you
  10. I would appreciate a gun handling/dpm buff, otherwise the tank felt quite bland and tasteless. I didn't have much love for the tenku back when I got the 3-MoE during the grind. As a top tier, I could leverage its amazeballs camo and workable armor against t7 and t8, but it was mentally taxing to compete in high tier battles. The pen is insufficient (235 apcr = no snipe) and gun handling is bad comparing to all those snapshot monsters, so I was pretty much stuck with camo + flank. But then again, some light tank would fulfill this role perfectly.
  11. lol that's so true, doesn't make sense to me either. I still prefer this to one-shots though. At least now I can carefully play against it instead of praying to RNGesus
  12. Wew, so many ppl talking shit about arty stun. But I for one think WG is (finally) on the right track with it. Now with stun and better rof, arty is actually able to intimidate and dig out tanks staying in a critical position. (As they were supposedly designed to do so, 6 years ago...?) If I am getting focused by multiple arty, i don't think it's because "arty is op": its because I am making myself an easy target. It's that same logic when I'm focus fired by multiple TDs, but ppl seem to think it's acceptable to be punished by TDs.
  13. I really concur with what Rexxie said, it's quite hard to imagine why would anyone prefer Emil I to Emil II. Compared to traditional clip dmg dealers, it's much more similar to a heavium IMO. Cruising speed is around 35-40, and that sweet 54 max speed is easily achievable on slopes. The ability to (reverse) sidescrape + invincible turret + autobounce UFP + crazy small silhouette gives it insane gud staying power. Like Rexxie mentioned, the turret is a no-go zone even when off-angle. This is handy when fighting multiple targets. Combined with acceptable view range, this enables you to spot "is-7 style" from time to time: opponents will be attracted to shoot you, and you can profit from it. DPM is lacking for a heavium, but who cares about DPM in a clip tank More often than not, you will be able to grab early-game positions and assassinate an overextending opponent with little HP loss. When you are reloading, just stick your turret out: HE does a meagre amount of damage frontally, and the amount of dmg you soak will keep your meatshields, I mean teammates, alive -- which is a crucial aspect of any clip tank. Solo in this thing is so so satisfying. Being a scrub that I am, I am able to pull off a 68% winrate ~200 game, which is tryhard in any other clip tanks for me. The tank let me down a few times with its 300 HEAT pen and slow turret traverse, but I can't complain. One thing to take note is that I was properly balanced by arty many times. You need 10 sec to unload all your shells, which is within arty aimtime. HE will splash into your weak side and melt your tenku like a butter. But once you get moving, the small silhouette will cause a lot of trouble for skycancers. Imagine 155 58 had you locked on when you are poking, and you wiggles your way out and get splashed by ~200.
  14. Okay.. so I'm now back to this grind of Soviet hovermed line, and 3-marked this tank 100 games in. Sadly, it's dogshit in its current state. I haven't played much since December, and I think my rusty gameplay might've worsen this evaluation. But still, the gun handling is cancer and firepower doesn't stand out by tier 8 standard. dmg hoarding is not an option (especially considering NA West = compete with T10 all day). I couldn't get it to work until I play it like a med/light hybrid. It's moar fun than t54mod1 tho IMO. Not necessarily better, but the mobility/vision+camo edge gives it extra juice when facing higher tiers. I find t54mod1 lackluster in the credit earning category -- need to spam gold to guarantee pen VS t8 heavy. One thing good about this tank, it has the versatile package to dominates lower tier battles. ~430 view range + workable armor + light mobility + -7 depr means its not limited by map, just like its big brothers.
  15. Just some random thoughts, but I think the new hydraulics might be the game-changer for this sexy babe, if WG decides to give the historical configuration. -12 depr = reliable turret (you can try it on sand rivers, bounced heavy HEAT like crazy) + insane exposure. Suddenly this thing have gud staying power and can utilize its DPM like a boss. The hydraulics raise your tank slowly but you have to spend that bit of time aiming anyways.