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  1. Yeah for the most part I enjoy the Sims more because its MM deals with less radar + hydro. You can use the guns all day in those conditions. I do well in Fletcher and Gearing because their fast torps can still play around the radar bubble of ~10km in high tier. I think I'll just retire it until ranked since it just isn't fun in T10 MM
  2. Top tier shima player who will fire unnecessary torps into friendly smoke to ks a 20k hitpoint monty The best part is he actually bracketed all his torps around his indicator, covering 2/3rds of my smoke. He saw nothing wrong with this at all.
  3. I really used to like this ship, but now I can't stand it. I think its a combination of the bad MM and the way I've gotten spoiled by Fletcher & co. I have problems either landing torps, or getting in a position to land torps due to radar outranging the 55kt potato torps Could use some advice
  4. The official forums are only useful as entertainment.
  5. That's mostly because everything and everyone at T3 is bad. The skills, camo, and prem consumables are very noticeable at T5+ Still, they did a good job with these. At 22k a pop, it doesn't exactly scream "P2W" I'm more worried about their plans for signal flags. They've already heavily nerfed the ranked rewards for them
  6. Recently got this spaceship and I love it. The thing is that TA make the torps even better than fletcher imo. At 71 kts and 13.2km they catch so many people off guard. Dev strikes against complacent minotaurs/neptunes are hilariously common because 71 knots don't give any shits about your hydro My one complaint is how sluggishly it turns compared to fletcher.
  7. Zao isn't emasculated. Stealth fire was just one aspect of a ship that is still very strong without it.
  8. Just remember that the Ibuki is possibly the most boring ship in the game. You may want to save some free XP for it.
  9. I don't mind toxicity. I quite like flamu because he says what he means without dancing around or surgarcoating stuff. That finnish bluntness iChase just seems to be an annoying idiot though
  10. Sadly expectations have changed. Really the conversation should be "does it make money, does it do well if you aren't retarded?" and so on. A good example being Sims, not exceptional, but not bad by any means. Now everything is judged by whether it measures up to the likes of Tirpitz, Atago, MK, etc
  11. Its probably a fun ship as long as you dont face a saipan
  12. If they removed standard battle for high tiers, it would improve so much. The maps...well they're probably here to stay. WG seems pretty insistent on having us experience shitty open maps. I had an Ocean game a few days ago in my Zao, no idea why that piece of shit is still in the game.
  13. Its not the gameplay of high tiers, its the maps and modes.
  14. Oh no doubt about that. I just enjoyed wows low tiers far more than I ever did in wot. Its still pretty mindless compared to high tier, but that can actually be a positive quality after a day at work
  15. See I could sort of imagine doing that because WoWs low tiers are 10x better than WoT. To actually play cripple tanks over and over, there's got to be something wrong with you.